Death – the hindu vidhi

In Indian, hindu tradition, the following is done after death

  1. The body is cremated in 24 hours
  2. On the second day, the ashes are taken and within a years time deposed in Saraswati river
  3. Day 1-9, is known as Sutak.  (could be longer). Prayers are NOT done for those days in the house and no “diya” is done
  4. Day 10, the hair of the male son is cut. He becomes bald except for a “choti”
  5. Day 11 “Pret puja”
  6. Day 12 “Pind Daan” puja
  7. Day 13, Relatives are invited for dinner or lunch and the daughters of the family are given clothes, dinner sets, jewelry, etc
  8. “Besnu” where they relatives and friends come over is done on day 4 or 5.
  9. Daily from day 2-9 they do bhajan and either Gita recital or recital of Garuda purana


These are the traditions in Brahmin family.  It can vary from place to place, community and other variations based on resources available


These things do not hold true for a Yogi.  The above tradition is a reflection of the true death, where a yogi learns to realize his body is not real.  The same steps are followed in meditation.  I am unable to give the analogy in a public forum.  But if you have an accomplished yogi he can tell you.

Talking about an accomplished Yogi – I heard a video where someone explained the word Bharat etc.  What a joke !  Let them be…they want popularity and not God

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