Why do I not progress?

Gods Grace is everywhere. He really wants you to come back

If die some reason there is a delay – no problem. Find a guru. He can tell you exactly where your stuck. If you follow his wisdom progress is very fast

However your firm ego will prevent you from following his wisdom

Recently someone sent me a chart of the lineage of Babaji. Such lineage are promoted so the existing people can look great

I have scoured the world to find someone extra ordinary. They exist but not on public lime light. They remain totally hidden from everyone – but Grace the world constantly – saving the world million times over – and they at times they come out to help an advanced truly aspiring disciple. So advanced that he knows that all he knows and experienced was false or wrong

We are not there yet. We have strong beliefs which we cannot get rid of

Belief that you have a body. Etc

Very rarely do people come out like Yogananda or Vivekananda – or Ramtirth. Spread the word and disappear. Their mission was to spread awareness. Not really disciples.

I see many people trying to get there. But they already know too much. They cannot be helped. Sad.

That’s true for most of the readers here. I look back at realize I perhaps was the most ignorant, egotistic , worthless disciple ever. Those mistakes will not happen again

How great was Gurudev that he tolerated me knowing someday the diamond may come out

I will work hard for that

I know your faults. I have committed then a million times over.

May the blessings of the great ones fall upon all – for they alone sustain the universe

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