December 2018 archive

Are you a con artist?

Almost everyone I have met is a con artist. It is true. Even as you read this you may think your not a con artist but you maybe We have our own concepts about God. And on top of it we have our own thoughts how we can reach God. Beyond that we imagine that …

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About my lineage

Greatness should not be hidden. But one should not brag about greatness of wealth either. We don’t hear Bill Gates bragging about his intellectual or wealth “, do we? The same is more true about spirituality. There are a few – fortunately very few – who occasionally ask about my lineage and Guru. I will …

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Interesting but too lazy to verify

Elvis was touched by the peace of Yogananda. This is a blog. Like any blog it does not mean it is true. Including mine. Especially mine. But from the depths of peace within beautiful music comes out. Like the Vedas Corollary is those who reach peace find poems easy to create. But all those who …

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