November 2018 archive


So what is the higher power ? Who is God ? Pure consciousness or Para shiv? Oh so it Shakti ? The error in the above statement is there are many levels above the root thought of I. Those levels are described by Yukteshwar Giri in the holy science. In mukta shastra it has been …

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My daughter visited Ambaji recently and asked me to comment on the story in the following link The story is true – but Sati is to be understood. She is the primal energy that is indestructible If God willing I will write about it in my other blog

What’s app – a medium that spreads nonsense

Of course it’s not what’s app but it is the ignorant people using it who spread utter stupidity. I recently saw a video about theory of karma and past life.. From what’s app. This video may spread like wild fire. All you have to do is add the word Guru or something like that and …

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