What is your opinion of Yogananda?

This is almost like asking do you believe in the traditional Yoga with all the “miracles” or the modern day version of Yoga with all the limited abilities?

Traditional Yoga has 8 siddhis – it talks about the ability to make body very light, lighter than a fresher or heavier than a thousand elephants, very tall or short, invisible etc

It talks about making body survive for thousands of years

No one in the modern era talks about that. Neem Karoli baba did some of those things, reportedly. But who knows. And people say siddhis – it is wrong to run after siddhis. That is like saying I have no siddhis because I don’t want them. My response is you don’t practice yoga – true yoga – hence even if you tried you can’t get those siddhis

Of course I don’t have the siddhis. So I fall in the category of a believer in the traditional Yoga. Why? Because somehow, no matter how illogical it seems, I believe in Yogananda. His teachings are perfect. He started Babaji is still there, 5000 years or more are, looks like a teenager!

So it boils down to – if you believe in Yogananda believe in him all the way. Believe in Babaji. Believe that there might be a Guru – who has no need for advertisement- who can do all those things!

Such great people know all our efforts and if we are a 100% sincere they come to us. The fact that we have not met them means something in us is lacking. Work harder. Try to be more pure

There are a few immortal souls in the lineage of Vishnutirrhji Maharaj also. More than 10,000 years old. Lal ded is a few centuries old.

All we can hope for is their Grace.

I never mention my Gurudev. He has taken Samadhi

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