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Raunchy and rated R – but makes sense

This is from George Carlin. And funny. There is some truth in what he says About how terrible the world functions How can one say there is god with all the wrong things. The input question is – is it Gods fault. He gave us free choice. Some choices that we Make now or in …

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This makes sense – how to use your weaknesses

All those great guru and saints part 2

So the road to waking up is difficult. It is meant for the brave. The bold. The fearless. Those with trust and faith. An avalanche of trouble can be on your path. You probably don’t know the challenges all great saints faced They held on. Fearless. Many destined for perfection in next life endured immensely …

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All these great Guru and saints!

We hear and read about all the great things of the Great Gurus and saints Such as Neem Karoli Baba Shirdi Baba Gyaneshwar Babaji Lahiri Mahashaya and others in the lineage Trailoki Baba People go to their shrines. Close their eyes and silently call for them. Many times the cry in pain is sincere. And …

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The challenges of the mind

The mind is elusive. It is not easy to transform it into an instrument of peace and love Constantly the mind revolts against things that are unpleasant and constantly looks forward to things that are good. This preferential attitude is one of the Cardinal inimical covering of the mind. How do you tell the mind …

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Meditation , concentration, yoga etc

Any of them, all of them no matter what your definition is requires cooperation / control / cessation of the mind Not one in a million can do it Why? The proper technique is not used What is the proper technique? Read books, search blogs and talk with teachers preachers and a variety of seekers …

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Only for a yogi

People who are not yogi when they translate things – even if scholars in Sanskrit they royally mess up I do not mean to offend any followers or other learned scholars but my interpretation is different I refer to verse 73 of Vigyana Bhairav – a scholarly treatise by Abhinav Gupta. Two scholars have translated …

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A few descriptions of God

They were all disciples of Ramana. His grace have them the experience From ~~~ Day by Day with Bhagavan, 4-1-46. Among the letters etc. received was a small pamphlet called Divine Grace Through Total Self-Surrender by Mr. D.C. Desai. Bhagavan read out to us a few extracts from it, viz., the following quotation from Paul …

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A good reason to think about your body

So like most ignorant and vain people you may love the body and your own body But what happens to the body when it stops to function? The brain liquifies. In hours. Then bacteria etc Eat the flesh intestines etc. read it. Think of it. Now you have something to ponder? Is there a …

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True but minimal representation

This pic was made based on Ramana Maharishi teaching My picture which I drew a long time ago is as follows However there are many steps in between This is depicted for children