September 2019 archive


Grace is always there! Grace is always there Then why is there suffering? Why is there disease? Many people believe in God ( Jesus, Ram, Krishna, Shiv, etc) But they still suffer. So is there really grace? You can convince yourself – maybe the suffering was grace. Maybe. But it sure does not feel Like …

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In Gita

A few things. Unwavering mind. A mind that has conquered mediation is the only mind that can be steadfast. That is rare. We may think we are steadfast but that steadfast creates an immense amount of love for God There is no expectation from the divine. Just intense amazement. Love. Merger. And that is samadhi. …

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Only an enlightened would know this

This is very powerful. Here not a single thought can arise. If a thought arises it that thought is materialized instantly in the world. Universes are created and destroyed by a single thought. Such people are very rare. However they do exist!