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Yoga Vasistha is one of the highest books ever. It has everything in it. Including details of life in other planets and universes. This statement is literally true. Few are lucky enough to experience immortality and nectar The book of course talks about those people!


How do you reach there? Non stop practice! Practice of? – not having thoughts! How do I stop thoughts? – proper meditation. Not the meditation that focuses on body or imagines things or imagines Chakra Help! I can’t stop thoughts – learn the trick. It is not in books. Universal problem. Takes time. Patience. How …

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How did Ramana behave?

From ~ A Sadhu’s Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi, P.22 Major Chadwick, a principal western disciple about Sri Ramana.; Bhagavan was a very beautiful person; he shone with a visible light or aura. He had the most delicate hands I have ever seen with which alone he could express himself, one might almost say talk. His …

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