3 Sep 2019 archive

Like I have said before..😔

True mediation involves forgetting the body. Just like we do in deep sleep. If only you can go to deep sleep, forget body and instead of dreaming, experience yourself as pure consciousness, then all the debate is religions would go away. That is the one common experience for all. Atheists, Hindu Christian Jews etc. But …

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Bhavin Believe it or not

About Neem karoli baba There are instances when Baba has come out as an incarnation of Lord Hanuman. I have heard that once in Kainchi he decided to feed a bucket of milk to Hanuman ji. He admonished that all should look away otherwise whosoever turns, shall turn blind. I have heard that there were …

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Ego – it is not what you think

So the only ego that people understand is present after the body comes into existence From Ramana Maharishi If the ego comes into existence, everything comes into existence; if the ego does not exist, everything does not exist. [Hence] the ego itself is everything. Therefore, know that investigating what this [ego] is alone is giving …

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