What is the true religion – according to Paramhansa Yogananda


The true practice of religion is to sit still in meditation and talk to God, but you don’t get to that point of intensity, you do not concentrate enough, and that is why you remain in delusion. — Paramahansa Yogananda, “Man’s Eternal Quest”

Talk to God – is it a try talking ? Or just our imagination telling God about how the Traffic light delay upset us and how it would be nice to have that vacation I deserve it, ?

Those things by my interpretation is just an imagination of no value.

True prayer or talking is giving oneself to God. With love. No expectation or wants. Just a prayer GOD I am yours take me back to you. Here I am. No thoughts no wandering of the mind. Just pure love And in the deep silence God respond back instantly , with a divine vision or an explanation of how the Red Sea parted or the life of another Saint etc.

But first

  1. Sincere love to God
  2. Not asking anything
  3. Giving oneself to God
  4. Emptying the mind of all thoughts
  5. Waiting patiently
    And then what happens is talking to God

Takes time not to think. After all God knows what your heart desires, knows what’s best. What is there for us to say ?

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