Adverse times TITIKSHA

“Neither seek nor avoid, take what comes. It is liberty to be affected by nothing; do not merely endure, be unattached. Remember the story of the bull. A mosquito sat long on the horn of a certain bull. Then his conscience troubled him, and he said, “Mr. Bull, I have been sitting here a long time, perhaps I annoy you. I am sorry, I will go away.” But the bull replied, “Oh no, not at all! Bring your whole family and live on my horn; what can you do to me?”

Excerpt From
The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda
Swami Vivekananda
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Such should be the attitude towards painful circumstances

Instead people breakdown. Resort to alcohol. Drugs. Medications. Anti anxiety meds. Antidepressants. Become forlorn. With draw.

Yoga. Hinduism. They talk about titiksha

Without this progress is not possible. That is what Vivekananda described.

Vasistha Maharaj , one of the immortals the Guru of avatar Ram said those who have titiksha – its such a powerful ally in Yoga – if they lose a finger a new finger will grow

In autobiography of a Yogi , there is a story where a fakir – strolled into the tent of women – who were part of the Harlem of a king. The sadhu was naked. The king was enraged. He cut the hands of the sadhu. The sadhu calmly picked or touched the severed limbs and the attached back instantly.

The king feel at his feet. He asked for forgiveness and asked for guidance.

The sadhu wrote on the ground, “fastest way to progress is do things your mind does not want to do and don’t do things your mind wants you to do “. This refers to desire not necessities of life

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