Someone had question about it

Shastras/ scriptures prohibit a disciple from sharing any part of his initiation.
If they do so, they develop ego and from there on progress is halted and the awakened shakti leaves them.
I have seen this happen many many times

There are many shastras that describe initiation. Devatma shakti has a nice chapter in awakening with around 30 pages on it. However , that is a compilation of all the different paths to advaita

In God talks with Arjuna, the first chapter has a detailed description of awakening. Those 100 odd pages describe the whole path accurately.

Anyone who goes with high expectations will he disappointed. Why? It is not the awakening that is needed. It is God.

The signs of awakening have been written so it gives confirmation – please proceed your on the right express train.

Please never let your ego that I have had an experience interfere with your love for God I only care for thee God

The road is far more intricate than you can imagine.

That’s why thousands of authentic books exist but they can never describe it fully.

I have asked many people who have been meditating for decades.
I ask them – can you describe your experiences in more than a page? Sadly they can’t

It’s a simple experiment.

On the other hand the great saints have written volumes. When will I be worthy of them?

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