In response to why not enjoy

“The universe is ours to enjoy. But want nothing. To want is weakness. Want makes us beggars, and we are sons of the king, not beggars.”

Excerpt From
The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda
Swami Vivekananda

Not only does want make us beggars, but when we want and don’t get it, we get depressed, anxious and frustrated. Like Yukteshwarji said “ thwarted desires causes anger”

Why live like a slave to desire? Wake up. Give up your desire. If there is anyone who has enslaved you it is your mind full of desire

So sad. So unfortunate. I don’t like people with so many desires and wants. Where can I find a pure person?

I play my act
and act in the play
but I live in divine rays
Where is darkness
There is always light
The word is right

Go deep within
Break the chains
Which are your thought trains
What fuels the trains?
Your desires – your life in vain

I revealed the enemy
Fight it
That fight is yours
The desire is yours
Lament not
Just be pure

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