How old was Neem karoli Baba?

No ones knows

Here are a few excerpts

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In 1962 an old woman came for darshan of Maharajji. When she saw him she exclaimed, “How can Neem Karoli Baba be alive? He must have died a long time ago! My father was a devotee of Neem Karoli Baba, and my father said he knew Baba for forty years before that. I am seventy-three now; I last saw Baba when I was seven and he didn’t look any different from the way he looks now.” Maharajji upbraided her and wouldn’t let others speak with her after that.
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Maharajji once said, “I used to come here to see that fakir who rides on a horse, that Gorashin Baba.” (Gorashin Baba lived some three hundred years ago.)
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Once in Lucknow an eighty-year-old Muslim arrived, who said he had known Maharajji as an adult since he himself was ten or fifteen years of age. Maharajji said, “Don’t believe him!” Another man of over eighty years said he knew Maharajji almost seventy years before, when the man was twenty years old, and that Maharajji had given him his blessing to take his first job.
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Several people were once discussing a saint who had lived some five hundred years earlier. Maharajji said, “Oh, I knew him.”
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In 1961 Maharajji made a pilgrimage to Chitrakut with several devotees. While there, he stood on the banks of a river and kept shouting across it for a certain Gopal, a shepherd. Over and over he would call for him. No one knew of such a man, but Maharajji said that Gopal was a friend of his who would bring him many things. After much inquiry, it was discovered that four generations back there had been such a person who was devoted to such a guru. Gopal’s grandson was eventually found, and he was a very old man.
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To one old woman who was confused by seeing Maharajji unchanged after so many years, he said, “Ma, I was dead. I have been reborn in the hills.”

— “Miracle of Love” by Ram Dass.

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