Path of a yogi

There are many aspects of being a yogi. Many things are written but certain key things are just not written

There are 8 aspects of yoga

  1. Yama
  2. Niyama These two constitutes the physical and mental discipline. Without perfection in this all other steps are bound to fail
  3. Asana ( posture )
  4. Prayahar ability to go within
  5. Pranayama – mastery over life force so you can achieve next 3 steps
  6. Dharma
  7. Dhayana this is the famous word dhayana meaning meditation
  8. Samadhi. This is of two types. Savikalpa and nirvikakpa

These things are found almost anywhere

Then what you will not read in fine print is Lord Shankar / Shankar Bhagwan says without knowledge of swarodaya or shodash arhar you can never be a. Yogi meaning above steps will not be successful without some deeper knowledge

I wrote about swarodaya very briefly
The other necessity is shodash adhar. These are secret techniques of bringing mind in control

For these things meeting a Guru And learning from him personally is essential

Shodash adhar has been described in Maha yoga vigyan written by Yogendra Vigyani It is an incredible book giving all details about results of the process

One May ask why is all this necessary ? All i want is God. True. But that thought of wanting God is not consistent. Why is it not consistent? How can I make it consistent ? What is the defect that prevents me from seeing God everywhere ?

Those small Errors are slowly corrected by mediation and proper knowledge

I wish everyone luck.

When your ego wanes, you will have the desperate urge of finding a true Guru who can help explain , guide you on the path and awaken the shakti

Until then people will continue to stick to whatever person or place their heart is fixated on. And be self congratulate while in a broken car

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