I am not hungry anymore

I am not hungry anymore
**I wish. It’s the farthest from the truth **
**We all love to eat. We may eat “sattvic “ food – food that is pure That has been described in Gita. **
**And in yoga texts. – essentially it includes vegetarian diet, milk, butter, but no fish meat eggs or alcohol **
**Yes it helps calm the mind. Helps in mediation. Other diets which include meat is more likely to cause gout, cancer etc Finally medical science has picked up. In Yoga they consider meat as Tamas – clouds the mind and prevents it from introspection **
So from the vegetarian items we prepare a hundred different items and if you are from india you make a million different items. All tasty and generally very good for the pockets of cardiologists
**So back to the story. We have a great meal. Love it. Have dinner. And then eat more We get stuffed. And then we say I don’t want to eat any more. I am not hungry anymore **
**And we mean it. But what happens the next day? We are hungry again ! And that is the problem. We constantly seek to satisfy the senses. They satiate us for a short time. And a little later we are back to it. **
**This is true for all senses. Alcohol. Food. Sex. Travel. Music. **
**And there the Hindu Guru discovered a great secret. You really can never stop looking outside. You will always say one more time There is no end to it. **
So we go through moods or settings. Eat. Satisfy senses and try to meditate. Go within. But we never find it alluring enough to stay within. A few minutes of going within and back to the pleasures of the world
**There is a trick to it. Go and ask your Guru. **
**So life goes on. For eons. Satisfy senses, take a break, think you are making progress and back you to the world **
However in all this maya has to about defeat. A soul can get tired of the senses. And it does. Even if only for a few minutes. But the joy in mediation can go on for thousands of years and you wake up and say that’s it? That was just a tease. I want more!
**How can maya fight that ? So remember this , the lure of the senses is fleeting. You will tire of it. And when you do quickly go within and find something great. **
I am not hungry anymore !

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