Be sincerely interested

Blogs – they won’t help you at all. My blogs will not. Best is to leave it alone

When you are tired of the world. When you are determined not to have anything to do with the world , then you can read it and realize the need for a guru

Till then. Please enjoy the world. Don’t use this to teach or talk about god or religion. Nothing meaningful has been told here. Truly.

Without a guru it is like walking around with dead weight

Can you ever sit and pray to god for days together not wanting anything in this world?

All day. and night ?

Till then neither is this blog or a guru of any benefit to you


What is success in life ?

To find someone who criticizes you – and if you learn your faults – that is a successful life

It is rare. Most of the time we get angry sulk and hate the other person.

So to be successful learn your faults. Correct it. It does not matter if the person criticizing you is right or wrong

This is something very subtle. You have to be a very advanced yogi to learn in this situation

I know how most people react. They get angry. Avoid the person. Ignore the other person. Or lose self confidence. Or get depressed. Or revolt silently. Or take anger out on someone else. Of course there is drugs or alcohol etc or give up and say my luck is always bad

Do you have it what it takes to be a yogi ?