Desperate people and religions

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I have committed a great mistake in life. I dont know if it was destiny or whether it was accidental or pure foolishness on my part. Without creating much delay, and causing anxiety to those who are curious to know about my mistake, I should reveal it. However, before I say anything, I was hoping that you do not judge me too harshly. What I did, is absolutely horrible. No sane person does it. The only redeeming thing, I have is that I live in one of the arms of Orion Cygnus arm of the milky way – where there is a blue rock in a system of 8 planets and is called the earth.

So finally, my mistake. I could be a total jerk and continue to avoid the question, but those who know me, know I am not a total jerk. Absolutely not. May a total jerk plus, or total jerk plus plus -well you get the picture!

So my mistake. I am sure on this planet of 7 billion people there are about 8 billion people committing the same mistake. It is called – social media

I belong to a few whats app groups. My mistake is that some people added me to their channel and like a pathetic member of the bipedal species, I did not have the nerve to leave the group. As a result I see a lot of stupidity and ignorance and lies and hypocricy on there. Now, those were the good things that I see there. I dont have time to go in things that I think that are worse. Remember upto now, all I wrote was in good humor.

Earlier today, I read about a story of a lawsuit against the ISKCON in Poland. ISKCON is a Hare Krishna movement that has at times spread like wild fire. So on whats app, they talk about how they won something in Poland and brag about it. What is my problem with it? The whole story was bunk. A total fabrication. People forward those messages and keep forwarding.

This is what is appalling. I could be wrong, but I suspect that this story was spread by ISKCON. Or one of its members. How desperate are they. Or the members trying to spread total lies – applauding themselves on how they won a make belief legal case. Should I feel sad for them and sad for those who spread such lies? Should they not spread a disclaimer – and do it pronto- that the story about ISKON in Poland is a fabrication.

However, this is not only true for this instance. I find so many stories on Whatsapp that are total lies. Even in a medical classmate group, there are many stories about how – a microbiologist reassures everyone that Omicron is nothing to worry, etc. For Gods, sake, dear classmates, wakeup. Do you really have the MD behind your name? Stick to medical facts. Dont put up stupid things like – this cardiologist has given you an A to K ways to improve your life. Go read a journal and dont be foolish

Enough said. My message to you – use discriminatory wisdom. See if it makes sense. This world is full of deceitful people. People who for no reason are desperate to promote their religion. God, if he or she exists, does not care for your promotions. He would rather see you genuinely interested in him. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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