Does Kriya cause memory loss and a blank mind?

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The entire process of meditation is quite complex. Aurobindo once had a disciple who complained to him – when I meditate, I feel stupid and my mind is erased. He gave up meditation. Aurobindo told him that this was part of the process, where the mind is first blank, then the mind becomes quiet, later it experiences calmness and then peace. There is a stage beyond peace which is the highest. It is called shanti atit.

However, this state is not associated with memory loss. In fact the memory becomes very sharp and keen. It retains things quickly, it quickly understands, in a flash complex relations of different parts of meditation and even in worldly matters.

The mind is constantly under the influence of the three gunas. They are

  1. Sattvic mind – a mind that is sharp and looking to go within
  2. Rajasic mind – a mind that constantly wants to wander in the world, unable to keep attention, drops one subject and goes to another in a flash, seeks pleasure
  3. Tamasic mind – a mind that is in a state of stupor, lazy, unable and unwilling to go within, and blanks out.

During meditation, the mind has to fight all three gunas. It has to overcome Tamas itself. So, these are the negative sides of meditation, a battle that must be won

True meditation cannot start till all these things are overcome. When they are overcome, then there is sudden joy, irrational joy in the mind. You could be hurting physically and still have intense inner joy. Few can reach that. Mirabai, Kabir, Narsinh Mehta etc all reached that state and stayed there. So did, Rumi, his Guru were in that high state. Omar Khayyam – the rubiyaat of Omar khayaam shows his state of intoxication. Jesus was in that state, hence he could overcome the pain and remain with a smile while crucified. Countless such great saints have come and gone

So in short, it does not happen. What happens is a transient state where the mind exposes its tamas and one must conquer and go within.

Without a Guru these states can linger for a long time, coming back repeatedly. If one practices Kriya without a Guru, then the mind cannot go within, since the door to go within has not been opened and the mind cannot find the inner joy. It may find some random happiness but not the inner joy. Often times the disciple mistakes the random happiness as signs of progress. Siimilarly without a Guru random blank minds also can occur

These are just my thoughts. I am not a Guru, so it is best to find one!

God bless.

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