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In chapter one and two of Yoga darshan, God Patanjali explains why we forget our divine selves

This has been explained extremely well by Paramhansa Yogananda in God talks with Arjuna (in the first chapter) when he describes the great warriors Pandavas had to fight.

There are a total of 8 Kleshas. These obstacles prevent us from realizing our divine self. As such you already are God, but these things prevent us from that wonderful experience / existance. The first three described in chapter one are in Chapter 1, verse 24

  1. Karma – actions. Bhurishravas is the enemy warrior representing Karma. It is something that constantly flows. Leaving no trace externally. All your actions, they leave an impression within you and you see the reaction often many births later. But even those are replaced by ongoing flow of actions
  2. Vipak – Impressions. This is represented by Dronacharya. Dronacharya was the teacher for both Kauravas and Pandavas. (Both good and bad impressions). Eventually, he was killed by good impressions (the pandavas)
  3. Ashaya – Desire. This is represented by Ashwatthama

The other 5 kleshas are described in Chapter 2, verse 3

  1. Agyana -Ignorance. Not knowing you are the divine. This is the primal problem. In Shiv shastras it is called anu or particle. Aanvi diksha refers to awakening at this primal area. Some people mistakenly think that aanvi diksha refers to when a disciple is making self effort in mediation. But that is not true. This is anu or ignorance is represented by Kripacharya. He was the teacher for the Pandavas and Kauravas when they were very young. Referring to it being the primal problem
  2. Asmita – Ego. This is the primal ego which appears in agyana. At this point, there is no body what so ever. So it is not something you can grasp or understand. It has to be experienced. You do understand ego in the body, in actions, etc but I am referring to something much much deeper. This is represented by Bhishma. Bhisma means terrible. Something to fear. Yet, in our foolishness we do not pay heed to this warning, since truly this ego is something to be feared.
  3. Raaga – Attachment – This is represented by Karna.
  4. Dvesha – repulsion. Dislikes. This is represented by Vikarna
  5. Abhinivesha – awareness of body. This is represented by Jayadratha

Now all these flaws 1-5 from chapter 2 of Patanjali sutras appear before the body. They are the cause of the body and as such are called mahakaran. Maha – means great and Karan means cause of.

If you want to understand these things, read Holy Science by Yukteshwar.

In reality these 5 things are mis representations of the Aishwarya or wonderful qualities of God. Their opposites within the divine are – Gyan or realization you are God, Karuna or love for everyone, Peace, Joy and knowing with life and Shakti is.

All 8 of these Kleshas have to be overcome to achieve Salvation.

Just think, how will you fight ignorance or ego? When these faults were present even before the creation of the body? Meditation.

Reverse your path. Go back within. Discover the joy within.

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