Pranidhan. Surrender

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The only way to go into Samadhi is Pranidhan. Very loosely it translated into surrender or committed to ( God ) or respectful to God or great effort

So surrender to God, has a variety of meaning and depth to it. Most people believe they have surrendered to God. If God put you in hell, would you accept or protest? If God took away your money, would you accept or protest? Do you see my point? We have a superficial concept of surrender.

Aurobindo has written a lot about it He talks about surrender of thinking, prana or vital , surrender of body. He states it takes a very long time to learn surrender

In Hinduism, they talk about surrender with mind, body and wealth to God

But God Patanjali states – samadhi can be reached by pranidhan Pranidhan is the way to Samadhi

So what is Pranidhan? No matter how many books you look up, and read definitions you will be not truly understand what it means. Loosely is can be compared to surrender. But reality is

  • It cannot be translated accurately
  • It cannot be described accurately
  • It is an active process
  • It is a very powerful technique
  • It takes you to Samadhi instantly
  • It cannot be mastered in even a decade
  • It destroys the kleshas
  • It gives joy
  • It Gives peace
  • And much much more

So one should go to ones Guru, remain humble, respectful and wait for the Guru to shower his blessings – then you will learn to unravel the mystery of these words

What more can I say?

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