Such a strange problem

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Over so many years, I have observed many many people. I initially would get excited when I met someone who had a slight interest in spirituality or religion. In time, I grew out of it.


Just not worth it. No matter how many times, how many ways, I show clarity, the human intellect insists on reaching God / joy / everlasting happiness using their emotions or intellect or a very unsound method of yoga and meditation.

Emotions – So many people try to reach God by jumping around, dancing, using cymbals, reciting Gods name…and they call it Bhakti or love for God.

Intellect – Fools want to keep reading books and think they will reach God by understanding him! You cant even understand why you suffer this life and you think you can understand God and the multiple lives you went through and the people around you? So amazing!

Yoga – What a foolish understanding people have. Reciting Aum, or going hummmmm, or imagining an ocean etc,

The truth is

God can never be understood. You will never answer why some people suffer, why some dont. Sure you can use logic etc, but it will not satisfy your inner heart,. After reading books, you may think you know karma but you really dont. Try explaining why innocent people are dying now when the bulk of Karma is by leaders.

but God can be realized,experienced. And in that very second all your questions are answered.

So why do people want to read books and try to grasp him? Why do people read my blogs?

Stop thinking. When you think it is like putting blinders on and you no longer can see the presence of God humming throughout creation

The truth is

You cant love God without experiencing him. I mean have a direct contact with him. And when that happens, you realize how crazy , how stupid, what an idiot you were for all your life and the past lives. Thats when you truly repent. So foolish…all this emotions of being hurt, upset, crying, laughing, loving people in this world, loving your body, were the very reason why you did not see the immense love of God.

The truth is

Meditation is the skill of learning to silence the mind and emotions. Chitt vritti nirodh iti yog. that is the primary aphorism from Patanjali. Yog is the skill of silencing the mind / emotions / thoughts. Thats all. Once you do that, in that very silence…nothing is left except God.

Now I say these things..but dont be deceived into thinking I have any of it. I am merely reproducing things !

So in this strange world, where strange people exist, where they come out with their own peculiar foolish thoughts , after having a very imaginary understanding of the scriptures etc. even if Jesus came, Krishna came and told them they misunderstood, the strange people will not give up their wrong thinking

Simply amazing!

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