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There is a big asymmetry between the way we judge ourselves and the way we judge others.

We judge others by looking at their actions while we judge ourselves by looking inwards

I loved this statement. It is true. We judge harshly. What others do, even the most trivial error is a major crime. While our major errors we tend to downplay

Why? Many reasons

  1. We don’t want the consequences of or wrong action
  2. We are intolerant to others
  3. We know the right behavior and expect it from others
  4. We ignore right behavior in favor of our selfish interests

So this brings us to the current war threat. Well two countries are already at war. Other countries are involved in a financial war with the other countries. And it will only get worse. Maybe this time. Maybe 10 years from now but it will happen. Why?

Before anything happens on the outside, it has to happen within us. In our own mind. World war happens in the the mind of multiple people and hence it is world war !

Let me explain. Before you go buy a car or a blender , you have the thought in your mind and then you buy it. It could be in your mind for weeks, days, years or months. Sometimes it is only for seconds but nevertheless it is there

Well what about world war? Here the thought of killing is not necessarily there but the thought of hatred, anger, resentment, dislike for current situations etc are there in varying degrees. And this evil vibration gathers strength around the world and when it resonates in the same frequency en masse, a war is inevitable

Solution? Everyone, en masse , so their hatred, even when wronged and you are hurting, that forgiveness changes it. Not many people are required but it has significant power

Mind you, we are the same people who expect greatness from others , but we can’t forgive or tolerate things happening in the house. We may forget what our spouse hurt us but the seed of anger lingers on! Sad

The real solution is meditation. Now the true secrets of meditation is written by Patanjali Bhagwan ( God ) However when you read the expositions, you may get mislead. Vivekananda did a good job. However a PhD well give a 101 course, a dumb down certain suited for masses. It cannot be the full revelation. For far, you must experience it

In short meditation. Experience. Change yourself

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