September 2017 archive

Yoga and knowledge

It is NOT possible to know the self without yoga. Thus NO KNOWLEDGE is possible without yoga The yoga I refer to is not what you traditionally believe or read. All books and shastra DO NOT describe the yoga I refer to. Yes they have profound impact but the key necessity has been obscured. I …

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A poem – hides the truth

Illusion It is not. Reflective awareness A gift of love. Oh human Know ye not? Fallen so far. No more secrets. Debate me not. A clueless child Posing as scholar. Ignorant of love Remaining lost. Heed my word If thy heart is to heal. No desire to teach Mere compassion is my reach.


There are 4 navratri. In the Indian calendar of Maha ( Gupta ) , chaitri, Ashadha, and Aaso It is in memory of Durga, Laxmi and Saraswati. They say it is part of Para shakti Everyone has a concept and theory. Yet they are just concept and theories. Truth is different Go formulate your theories …

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