It’s a simple game !

What is moksha?

Not having a body again is moksha ! That is pure spirit / atman

However, not even one in a million wants it. Everyone wants a body. Either here or a body in heaven. And God obliges ! It’s as simple

So which choice is better ? Existence as atman – no body. Or existence with a body ?

Only those who experience self without body can know which is better

That existence is samadhi. Where heart and breathing cease. Yukteshwar experiences is many times. At will. Even Yogananda was fooled when he saw his Guru lifeless ! It was samadhi. Later yogananda could go into samadhi

Books by such people is gospel. It’s very accurate.

Why would I care for foolish people who talk nonsense, bereft of experience and running their mouth based on logic ?

Pick wisely who you read !

What is your choice ?

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