The story of Ram or Krishna or Varah or matsya avatar of Vishnu are good both for religion of spirituality

For children or orthodox people they make lovely stories.

For the logical it can have an intellectual meaning

But they are perfect stories for spiritual doing Yoga

So from that stand point Ram exists and Ravana exists. Ravana with his ten heads.

Unfortunately I am not able to give the true meaning of Ravana here. A much watered down version of Ravana is that is is ego

So Rama was the son of Dasratha. He had three other brothers Laxman, Bharat and Shatrugna. Ram got married to Sita – a divine person – who was so divine that she had no parents but was adapted by Janaki the videhi king

Ram got exiled into the Forrest. In the Forrest, Sita created a reflection of herself. That reflection was abducted by Ravana Ravana got killed by Ram and finally he put vibhishan , Ravan brother at king of Lanka.

Of course Ram could not defeat Ravan without help of Hanuman

Ram is God and Sita is peace. Both are divine. In the Forrest ( the world ) the reflection of peace – the fake illusion of happiness in the world ) was abductee by Ravan, the ego and king of Sri Lanka. Ram kills Ravan with the help of Hanuman ( the power of meditation) and establishes vibhishan ( Bhakti – love for god as the ruler )

I have omitted a lot of details

You can also read the version of Chinmayananda about interpretation of the story of Ram

My version is only meant for an advanced yogi That too I have not explained it clearly like Yogananda did with Mahabharata

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