Why are so many people suffering ?

The answer has created much debate

The conclusions are as follows

1. If god is there , kind and just , then the suffering shows existence of God is just a belief not true Otherwise he would and should have helped. Quite logical

2. It is past karma. Well , if someone commits a crime and is sentenced to jail is that Karma ?

In that case why do kids suffer from terrible illnesses, poverty , hunger

3. I believe in reincarnation. And it is past karma. Really ? Why? The books said so ? Oh a great guru said so?

Truth is past birth do exist. Hinduism was bold enough to state it Even though it seems illogical

How do you move past this – belief and experience?

Only a true guru can do it ! He does it in a way that you are sure it is not imagination , hypnosis, psychological trick etc

Such people are very rare

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