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He is a saint of extra ordinary caliber and wisdom. I have written about him elsewhere

His name – Is a combination of two things. Vivek and Ananda.

Ananda means joy

Vivek – generally people think means well behaved / polite In original Sanskrit it means wisdom.

So what kind of wisdom does he refer to ? He referred to discriminatory wisdom. What does that mean? It means accepting God and rejecting anything else that is not God. Of course I have given an explanation that is fit for the public. Those who are more advanced know the deeper meaning

Wisdom or Gyan refers to knowledge or experience of God. You so not have to read a single book or attend any lecture or read anything. That experience appears with deep mediation

Once again as far as I am concerned mediation is the art of getting rid of mind and emotions. Anything else is mere imagination

Vivekananda name was Originally Narendranath Dutta. In his previous birth he was a nearly perfected saint and came to help others He was enlightened by 20

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