Group or solo meditation

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Some people advocate meditation in a group. A few people will say meditate alone in the privacy

Those who talk about group meditation say that the collective good thoughts and spiritual vibrations create a powerful force that helps others in meditation and can help the world

Those who believe in solo meditation say that they don’t want a single thought of someone in the room to disturb their meditation

Are you seeing the pattern? How both are true simultaneously? If they are all like minded, strongly motivated to go within then group may be helpful.

Generally speaking, no one wants to go within. Very few if any. When people meditate their thoughts are often on the work they want to accomplish and food or something else after they meditate. These thoughts are difficult to eliminate. Moreover, when you have a trifle of a trifle experience, your mind is active in analyzing the experience or thinking of personal glory or achievement and they think of telling others and comparing it to some science related understanding

This is not even the beginning of spirituality. How can it be said – you are going within when you are thinking of the outside world or even books

The other day I encountered a person who had many genuine spiritual experiences. But the same problem remains. Too much logic or thinking. Sadly people lose all the spiritual vibrations in a few decades and are left with nothing except their ego.

Let us take an example that is more easy to understand. Lets say you are a carpenter. Or a surgeon. You do surgery. You take out gall bladders all the time. After a while, you think you are excellent in taking out gall bladders. You have an occasional complication, but who doesnt. Since you do the surgery all by yourself, and dont ever have time to watch someone else do gall bladder surgery, after a while you become delusional. You think you are the best surgeon and do it so well, and perfectly. Now the anesthesiologist who can give you a different opinion, but since you have nothing to compare, you think you are doing outstanding

The same thing is true in meditation. After a while, your meager, almost non existent experience, you think you are outstanding. You think your level of meditation is as high as Buddha or Mahavir or Shankaracharya etc. Or if not that high, almost that high. And you think you are very good. Almost any question someone asks you, you can give an answer. Sometimes you make up the answer. Actually in almost every case you make up an answer based on reading and wrong impressions. Every time you give an answer you think you are great and greater. And soon, you loose all the awakened shakti that you have.

So even in those with awakened shakti, such fallacies eventually leads to a total collapse of the system. That is why, every awakened shakti path, closes in 3-5 generations. Only those paths that were very closed, hardly known to anyone, continues for thousands and thousands of years. Once exposed, shakti becomes bashful…and hides.

Thats why, Yogananda path or Shivohum tirthji path, all will be here only for a few more years and then get closed, if not already closed. You will observe a watered down, intellectual aspect of the path. But the full fledged awakened shakti, where they can do things like Neem Karoli baba wont be seen. People will no longer accept or even believe in Neem Karoli baba. And that is how Shakti works. In secrecy to being exposed and then hiding again.

When I say closed, I mean someone capable of giving a full awakening. A full awakening is rare. I do not mean any offense to those who are around.

In Mahayoga vigyan – Yogendra Vigyani states it clearly. Inspite of many great experiences, many cannot progress. The mind and its faults prevents their progress. Those who had some experiences, they should know experiences are not a sign of progress. Having repeated experiences with each subsequent experience higher than the previous might be good. I have very strict criteria for myself. Might be even too negative.

Hope all this gives you a better understanding, why in most cases, people with ego, cannot really help others. They end of loosing whatever they have. So a group meditation , it can be a losing business. If you are truly very advanced, why would you want to meditate with those who will distract you with their negative thoughts?

So it is your choice. Meditate alone or in group. Chose wisely

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