Navratri chaitri

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Today is the beginning of Chaitri Navratri

The Indian calendar is based on the moon. It is more accurate in ways of cosmic vibrations helping an individual

The month that starts today is chaitra The first nine days of this month is navaratri. Nav meaning 9. Ratri meaning nights

So chaitri navratri – is very beneficial for mediation. The navratri in the month of aaso ( last month of the calendar) is more commercialized with singing and dancing and is more well known

During chaitri navratri a few people interested in moksha and purity will eat only fruits and milk products and spend as much time as possible in meditation. You get the most bang for the buck during this time. Meaning a slight effort gives a bigger spiritual boost. The legend goes that this is the day Brahma created the universe. Others say it is the day Rama started his victory over Ravana Some people celebrate today as a new year and call it Gudi padvo Others in south india call it Ugadi

In Maharashtra they use a stick with different colors to celebrate the month. The top of the stick has a earthen pot

But the spiritual meaning is of more importance The stick is Brahma nadi and the pot the head and tells us to go within following the royal path of yoga There is much more to it but some other time

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