Hero worshipping

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We all tend to hero worship. Sadly. Very sadly. Instead of looking at the value of the statement

This stupidity is very evident in the journalists and media. They will profusely quote and interview stupidity. A new mom in Hollywood and they will print articles about parenting based on the Hollywood stars opinion. Or ask them about their opinion of poverty in Africa etc. Worse still is that there are readers who will religiously follow it All I can say is OMG!

It maybe a book or a person. Many people of fame, religious leaders will quote the yoga sutras of Patanjali, or the Bible or Gita or scriptures like Upanishad or vedas and make a statement

Really? Is that supposed to impress me? Am I too applaud? Seriously? Patanjali wrote at a very high level. The puny mind of the spiritually inept and ignorant people can’t even begin to understand what he meant. The same is true for Gita or Upanishad. So the end result is I am neither impressed by the speaker or the books

Truly, all that you need is within you. Everything in all scriptures can be reproduced with deep meditation. We may not be there but I am a firm believer that meditation can give the answers

So slowly learn to grow. Learn to appreciate the value of the spirituality and the words from spirituality. The spiritual enlightened person does not announce it or let anyone know about it. What he has in him is more than all books put together

Go to them. Learn from the true source. But as long as you hero worship you will not get anywhere in life

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