Lost opportunity

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One curious thing that happens is when a Brahma gyani – a self realized person is around you, you will fail to recognize him. You may hear stories and he may say things that reveal his greatness but your mind will quickly draw faults around him

On the other hand , those who do not have Brahma gyan will draw the attention of millions and Inspite of seeing blatant flaws people will still flock them

Why is that? It takes a lot of very very good karma from the past to get association with a Brahma gyani and be able to recognize him There are more people within billions and millions but the karma needed to be associated with a Brahma gyani is more In other words it is easier to be a billionaire than to have the association of a Brahma gyani and benefit from him.

There is a famous bhajan by Tulsidas ( the great saint who created Hanuman chalisa)

Taat mile, puni maat mile, such bhraat mile,

juvati sukhdai

Raj mile, gajraj mile, sab saaj mile man vanchit bhai.

Lok mile pariok mile vaikunth mile man vanchit bhai

Durlabh bhai, sant samagam durlabh bhai,

sant samagam duriabh bhai.”


You may have a father, a pious mother , a very good brother and a wife that gives you great happiness,

You may become a king, an emperor and you may get all the glories of wealth, every desire of your heart maybe fulfilled

You may get different worlds, go to different heavens,go to vaikunth ( one of the highest heavens) and get everything that you want in that heaven

But more rare than all that is getting satsang with a brahma gyani – a self realized person !

I gave the example of billionaire. Nowadays people only think in term of money and think that is happiness. But that is not true There are people more fortunate than a billionaire, those who have all that money and power in highest heaven but it is more rare to get a Brahma gyani in your life!

It is not that they are not around. Every so often the world is blessed by their presence in public life But to recognize them, remain at their feet and surrendered to them is rare

Like in mathematics, the converse is true. If you have a person with a huge following they probably don’t have Brahma gyan

There are a few exceptions. Like Vivekananda or Yogananda or Neem Karoli Baba. But those who became their disciple is very very few. Yogananda gave awakening to hardly 3-4 people. Same thing with Vivekananda. Yes. I know. You want to disbelieve me. But what you don’t know or understand is that those who had an awakening, is very rare. They hardly speak about it. And to get an awakening after they take samadhi is just not possible

Maybe this difference in understanding is from the simple reason that my standard of awakening is very very high.

You can be happy with a few chafs of wheat, I want the the full lavish meal But that takes time and years and years of hard work. Yogananda also said that. It takes years of hard work.

One must continue hard work in that direction !

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