Daily struggles

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Everyone is struggling. On a regular basis. Every day, or every week, or every month or every few years. Once you get trapped , based on the karma of the past, it is impossible to escape without paying your dues.

However, sometimes, the suffering we have is created by us, our own mind. Some sufferings are from karma in the past and we cant do much.

Lets say, the kind of children, parents or even spouse we have. Did you have a choice in the kind of parents you will have? They may be caring or uncaring, vegetarian or non vegetarian, have illnesses, bad genes, drug addicts, rich, poor, etc. You are born into that family. What can you do? Not much. You try to break out of the genes, environmental habits you picked up from that family, etc, but it is a big struggle.

However, lets say you have an examination and someone does much better than you. Or you lose a game. Or your classmate who is more stupid than you, becomes a millionaire and you struggle for your next meal. Now situations like these, you may become jealous,or frustrated or angry. You could become hateful towards society and others. No matter how sweet you are on the outside, call the other person, sweetheart or anything, your actions and bitterness will come out.

And it is precisely this problem makes the rich and famous unhappy. All the money and power, and yet miserable to the core. What they have is dissatisfaction. Whatever they have was not enough. So sad, God gave them a lot but it was not enough. Things could be a lot worse. If you continue to dwell in your unhappiness and jealousy, God is forced to give you and show you far worse situations and you begin to appreciate the great times you had and but it is too late!

So how do you know if the other person is unhappy? Their eyes, just look in it and you can see the sadness! Like Yogananda said, eyes are the windows. I suspect you can see their future and past also this way.

My suggestion : learn the appreciate what you have. Dont compare with others and dont seek perfection in others or in your life situation. Life was never designed for that perfection. It wont happen. Expect turmoils, regularly. The only perfection you can get, is over your mind – not getting upset when things are not going smoothly. That is the only thing you have some control over. However to have that control, you must meditate. Meditation is the way where you break your slavery to your mind and become its master.

And it takes time. Be patient! Stay in touch with those who have that. Dont get miserable with self infected injury!

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