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We live. And we die In between…… people call it life

Everyone who lives has experienced fights. Arguments. Discussions. And along with that comes frustration. Anger. At times violence. Wounded feelings and ego. It is not fun.

At least not fun for most. My Gautam kaka used to say

Never argue with a pig. Both of you will get dirty and the pig week enjoy it

So some people love to argue. The experience a sense of superiority and only stroke their own ego

Everyone has a way of thinking. And they believe their way of thinking is correct. The differences come from two major ways to think. Self centered and selfish thinking. The other is consideration towards others as a priority.

Once Yogananda has two disciples arguing merits of being vegetarian and non vegetarian. It went on and then they went to Yogananda and assured him who is right. Now mind you, Yogananda insisted on vegetarian diet. But at this point he found fault with both of them arguing. He said both of you are arguing based on your part lives and speaking from established Samskaras or habits. That’s all.

So both of you are wrong to argue. Meditate deeper And uncover all your habits.

So in life people argue based on their intellect And past habits, emotions and ego driven tendencies. You may win an argument but it is a disadvantage if you did not go deep within and find your own fault !

Arguments in general reveal a few faults

  1. Our anxiety and fear drove us in that direction
  2. Ego or vanity of wanting to be in charge and correct
  3. Lack of faith that God will do things correctly for you
  4. Lack of faith goes hand in hand with lack of Surender to Gods will

Ramana Maharishi said – you really have very little control in outcome. You may think you influenced it and made it possible but truth is we have to put in effort But the result is certain. We just don’t know what it is and walk around in anxiety

So hot do you deal with it, correct it?

  1. Try to examine the situation from the others view point. Both sides must do it
  2. Introspect and find your own spiritual defect
  3. Ask God to help you correct your fault
  4. Meditate
  5. Wish well and have sincere love for the person arguing with you
  6. But do not lower the value of truth. Be practical. It is ok to say and we have differences or say I understand your logic. However in the interest of all parties …etc
  7. If you can change your inner core , the other person Will change without you saying a word
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