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A question – do fakes pay tribute to the truth by imitation or do they give bad name to the truth by their lies?

I suspect it is both.

Recently, the leader of Ra Ma institute Yogi Jagat, died , possibly PE ( pulmonary embolism). However rumors abound – she is still alive, she tried to escape from a gathering etc

She claimed to await kundalini.

So now an average reader, when they read about another Yoga fraud – will being here we go ! Yoga is fraud. In the limited investigation they perform they are quick on the draw to tarnish the reputation of Yoga but not blame the money and power hungry leaders or fake Gurus. And definitely not blame themselves for being a full and believing that kundalini Is easy and common

Right now, I doubt if there are 10 people with awakening – even minor. Those who have it have not advertised. One of them may have followers rest may have a few believers but not followers.

It is miraculous but the journey is definitely long. What can I say? There is a reason why it is not advertised. Having many followers is a certain sign that there is not much there.

You may argue Vivekananda, Ramana Maharishi, Yogananda had many followers. But few of the followers had awakening.

We have the tendency of get worshiping. We think if the person wears certain clothes, speaks Sanskrit, smiles in a certain way, he is a guru.

But a true Guru is now restricted by garments or language

His ability lies in deciphering the codes of the scriptures!! And helping others without even taking credit.

All birds that fly are not swans

There are far more crows than swans.

Swans fly solo. Crows May have groups. Hope you get the picture!

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