Moksha or liberation

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This is the problem. People read a little. Or a lot. From the internet. From blogs. From scriptures. From vedas. From religious books.

But the concept of needing inner purity is not there. Or if it is there, they think they already have it. But this delusion doe not end there. Often times there are misconceptions. Oh, we are human. God will forgive us. We dont need to make efforts to be pure. He will forgive us. Or she will forgive us.

Then comes along yoga. and Kundalini awakening. Many try on their own. Others find a Guru. Not a real Guru. Just a self proclaimed Guru. Of course a self proclaimed Guru will not insist on purity, He will give you convenient answers. He will say it is ok to do what you like, just chant or do the mantra. Or practice pranayama or sit in meditation. Your work is done. You will be free

Thus there is a web of deception.

This of course is not Yoga. Neither is it the way to Liberation or Moksha. Or the way to God.

I know most people find my concepts too much. It is not easy. Let us agree on one thing. A mind at peace is always wonderful. We may not have control over outside situations, but we can have control over the mind. Well, not really. Any attempt to control the mind creates more anger and agitation. The mind revolts. Gets angry, bitter and refuses to cooperate. Drifts to sleep or stupor and prefers alcohol or drugs

So the mind has to be changed, not controlled. This is point one

Point two. The mind will always be restless when it seeks happiness on the outside. The place where the mind runs outside the most is in sensual pleasures. Seeing things, talking and hearing things. Food, Sex. Once stricken by one or many,the mind will never know peace. It will constantly think of it, crave it, and when it does not get it, becomes bewildered, sad, anxious and just unhappy. It will be like rabid dog, going from one point to another, searching for something and biting without cause.

Point three. The only way to get peace of the mind is by getting rid of desire and that requires a fundamental change in the mind. I mean change, not suppression. How is this to be done?

Yoga. I am sure you guessed it. So scriptrures just mention that state of Atman or self – the state that is self sufficient. No longer seeking, the mind abated. It does not tell how to get there. Nor does it say what happens on the way. Lahiri Mahasaya talks about the Kutastha. This is a level, a beginning of sort. It describes the wonders of Kutastha. He describes the effects and mutiple reference to Kutastha in all books including the bible, Hindu religions, Upanishads etc.

However, there is only one book – about 600 plus pages long that describes Kutastha and what happens on the way there and the steps in transformation of the mind. It is the only book that talks about it in minute detail. Sadly that book is not available. Who knows where anyone can find Muktashastra, however, it was my desire to translate it. Such incredible books are always kept out of reach for most people. That I suspect is by design. I have tried in vain to get the book. What can I say or do?

Some day, I hope to be sufficiently pure, to be worthy of one page of that book !

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