Problems in life and the spiritual eye

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We all have problems in life. Our life could be on a smooth sail and then out of the blue something unexpected happens. We could be best friends with someone and madly in love with spouse.

And then something happens and it starts to break. We normally blame the other person, right? What happened?

Well, based on our past karma and the way we shaped our mind, we slowly begin to brew resentment within us. For absolutely no reason. This can happen at work too. We start off a new job with high expectations and then we just drift apart. This brewing of resentment and also related to past karma, the dream castle which we created in the relation, or work just crumbles. Once that happens, it is difficult to rebuild it.

So if we want to be happy, we should stop building up resentment and anger and frustration. Dont be angry. People behave based on their past tendencies. They cant help it. Forgive them. Move on. Moreover, if you owe someone from the past, you will have to repay and the person may behave poorly with ill will towards you as part of karmic debt. Dont build up new karma with anger or hatred and try, try not to wish the other person bad. It is difficult. This is why, we Santana religion or hinduism talks about endurance. But this endurance was not understood well and people thought it was ok to be a door mat. No, no, that is not endurance that is stupidity.

Someone may hurt you, you should not hold ill will or anger or resentment, but you must do the right thing – protect your assets, be polite but firm, seek legal counsel if needed, whatever is needed as part of proper action.

So that was one thing. Now often times, things can become unbearable. This is true even if you have a Guru. What do you do? Well, talk with those on the spiritual path. But during those times, we seek to know when or will this ever end? In hinduism, there are 4 vedas – Sama, Rig, Yajir and Atharva vedas. A part of one of the Vedas is Astrology or Jyotish Vidya. This science slowly evolved over times. So use it. Enact your horoscope. Look up your horoscope. There are some very good softwares that can give you good general advice – like Goravani. ( Now knowing the software can give you a general idea of what one may anticipate.

But there are other things you can use to help you during difficult times. There are Mantras that can be effective. But the mantras have to be used properly. One must only eat fruits and milk and nuts. Not eat outside the home during Mantra. The mantras must be chanted, sitting in one specific area and the specified mantras must be finished in a certain time frame.

For Panoti – the famous or infamous Shani – Hanuman chalisa is helpful. Perhaps if you have a Guru he may give you a specific mantra to overcome issues. These are just general things. Some people use special gem stones. They may work only if properly charged with Mantras

Remember doing these things wont just solve the problem, you have to work on it and the mantra can aid you in the process.

Finally, there is God. Some people believe in a specific form of God. Some believe in something else. We all migrate towards what captured our attention – this does not mean what captured our attention is the final answer though. However, Astrology or Jyotish comes from the word Jyoti which means light. Not the light of the sun or the light bulb, but the light of God. This would be the best way to deal with it!. If only, we could see that inner light of God and learn to surrender to it, it would be the most effective and efficient way of dealing with problems. This does not mean problems wont arise but it gives us a way to move forward

So how is this done?

Yogananda has described the spiritual eye. It is a yellow or red color ring, with a blue light and a white star in the center.

The yellow light, as per Yogananda refers to the cosmic vibration.

The blue light is Kutastha or Krishna or Christ consciousness as he calls it

The white star is the cosmic consciousness with the 5 eminations.

I have described this in greater detail elsewhere.

Back to the problems – So when one is established in Kutastha – like Lahiri Mahasay described – then in time we learn to get rid of the problems. That was what he repeatedly described. All the translations and interpretations from the Upanishads, he described them as part of Kutastha !

Hope this gives you a brief way to move forward

This spiritual eye is difficult to see and even more challenging to have a constant vision of the same. I have drawn it elsewhere. If I get time, I will draw it again…:)

My best wishes and love to all those who struggle and are eager on the path. The stubborn mind and its habit of worrying, resenting, being anxious is difficult to overcome and hence we cannot remain in Kutastha the blue light of the spiritual eye.

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