Abrahim, Isaac and sacrifice

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This is a story from Genesis 22. Abrahim had 2 sons, the elder son was Ishmael and the younger was Isaac. The story – in short was as follows

God told Abrahim to take his only son, Isaac to Moriah and wanted him to sacrifice him as a burnt offering. And more than once God said, your only son

Now, Abrahim had another son Ishmael – so the only son Isaac would seem like an error on Gods part. Or more likely an error in our understanding. You pick!

I have given the story in short. There is more to it. Now many scholars have discussed it. Some say it is a matter of faith. Others have other arguments. I am a Yogi. I always take it in terms of Yoga.

Without going into many deep secrets, only known to an enlightened person, Abrahim is a figure revered by all 3 faiths – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The name Abrahim, is in itself a clue.

So lets go through the Yoga interpretation.

Abrahim refers to the soul. God repeatedly calls Isaac his only son. and that refers to the body. The soul has only one physical body. The word Isaac means giving happiness. Of course, the pleasures of the body give happiness.

God told him to sacrifice Isaac, the body pleasures. And told him to go the Moriah – a mound. In the body, if you look at the eyes, it lies in a valley or socket and the forehead is like a mound. Go there, Abrahim, and offer the body as a burn offering – meaning seek God within so deeply, so intently that you forget your body and all its awkwardness completely.

More over in the bible, Jesus says, let the dead bury the dead. Meaning those who are spiritually dead, unaware of the soul or God, their body is like ashes.

And God was pleased, that Abrahim gave more importance to God than to Isaac!

Can we pay more attention to God than the body pleasures?

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