Bible – confess our sins

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A yoga interpretation

First the quote

I Ioannis 1:9

Si confiteamur peccata nostra: fidelis est, et justus, ut remittat nobis peccata nostra, et emundet nos ab omni iniquitate.

The reference – [ and just&version=VULGATE]( and just&version=VULGATE)

The KJV meaning

uIf we confess our sins, he is vfaithful and just to forgive us our sins and rto cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

The literal translation from Latin. A few key words

Confiteamur – I acknowledge

Peccata nostra – our problem

Remittat abandons

Emundet cleanse

Iniquitate – not spiritual

So if you look at the original meaning from the Latin It could be translated as

if we acknowledge our problem

To whom?

He is faithful and just


You will abandon your problem and be cleaned of all our lack of spirituality

So that is the literal translation

So many people go to confession. But when they last- did they leave all their unrighteousness? Did they become saints? If course not. People don’t change their habits

So my interpretation is as follows

We have a problem. Our problem is we love this world more than God. So the Bible says go to he who is faithful abs just. Who is that ?

That is the Holy Ghost – faithful, present since time Immemorial. Has never left God and is always just –

This Holy Ghost , Yogananda said is the sound Aum. It is heard in meditation. And when you go to him – hear it in meditation, then your problem of loving the world more than loving God goes away, and once you hear the Holy Ghost , the mind begins to give up its unrighteousness and increasingly turns to the love Of God

I could be wrong. But for me the love of God Is important. And I firmly believe that the love for the world – the satanic part of the world – With all the greed, vanity, lust for sex, money – is unrighteousness. That should be replaced with love for the Holy Ghost and God

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