Emotional pain in life

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This particular blog is written for those who truly want to escape. Rest of the people will not agree with me. That would be kind if you simply just dont agree, but there will some who will mock me, jest me and most certainly think I am beyond crazy

So, if you want Moksha. Liberation. The thing that will deliver you there is emotional pain. Everyone will endure emotional pain in their life. Some more than others. However, it is only during emotional pain you come face to face with all your faults. In contrast when you have money and power, the mind becomes more arrogant, intolerant, has an undue sense of self importance and worst of all, gets addicted to the false concept of happiness in this world. This is the worst thing that happens

Repeatedly, I have had emotional pain. It hurts. Smarts. May go on for a while. But with minimal introspection, you will find a lot of errors in your mind. These errors, if not checked, will drag you down completely. No matter how much gain you had spiritually. This mind is a tricky …(use your word of choice). It is very difficult to conquer, appease or pacify.

In time I realized that the only true ally I have is pain in life. Rest well wishers and those who praise me, are my enemies, and unknowingly they try to instigate ego and the false attachment to perceived pleasure in praise. Truth is there is no pleasure in praise. Instead, go within and experience the waves of love of God within you.

I am not saying anything new. This has been said by countless saints. Saint Francis said it the best. (You can search my blog or the internet). There are stories where Yogis have been sad that the person you criticized him the most, when they died.

Anyway, knowing these stories in itself is a problem. Seriously, it is true. For a yogi, even knowing these stories are a problem. Why? When you read the stories, your mind gets a concept of what greatness is, but you dont have a taste of that reality. And with the ego in you, you assume you have it or you achieve a concept but not reality. With this you become stagnant, trapped in the traps of the mind and Maya. Oh, so tricky. Dont achieve the understanding of the situation, achieve the situation.

How will you know you have reached it? There will pangs of love rising in you from within, even while the mind aches and hurts. Then the crazy mind gives up the aches and pain and surrenders to the love rising from within! Now, you have a taste of beginning of Yoga!

Sweet ! A sweet victory over emotional pain!

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