A survey

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I searched and searched

East and west

North and south

Up and down

Bhu Loka, bhuvar loka

No where to be found

A disciple

Of clear understanding

What a mockery

Of the sublime truth

God within and yet they search

God everywhere yet they search

Surely eyes are shut

Imaginary understanding

Imaginary progress

Time spent debating

With so much unrest

A mango in front of you

Do you debate and discuss

Or do you enjoy

The succulent taste

What is there

To debate?

Imagination of the blind

Is not the same as reality

Shall you follow the blind?

Foolish it is

Accepting imagination as achievement

Yet countless millions

Err that incessantly

Surrender to God

God and Guru

Are the same

Not Knowing that

Is indeed a shame

No more to be said

Disciple of Sombar

Rests immortal

At his feet

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