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So we all go through tough situations in life. Some of them might be more painful than others. At that time, we will ask, why me? Or ask God for him to give you what you miss in life.

So how do you deal with it?

There are a few fundamental rules to remember

  1. You wont get everything in life
  2. For those who believe in reincarnation, some lives might be miserable and some lives might be very good, rest will be between these 2 extremes
  3. If you pray for something very hard, you will get it
  4. Sometimes if you get one thing, something else might be taken away
  5. Wishes granted by a liberated person, is always fulfilling and nothing is taken away from you. That is the best gift to get
  6. Some wishes are easily granted by going into deep meditation

So, why dont. you make a quick list of things that are dear to you. Here is an example of a good list

  1. A wonderful spouse (i know it does not exist, but lets pretend)
  2. Great children
  3. Plenty of money
  4. Childhood, you have great parents
  5. Good health without problems

Now, lets say you have all of these things, and you suddenly have a problem at work. Or you have friends who constantly betray you. Now you ask God why meā€¦and God comes and asks you, sure, I can take care of your friends issue or job issue, but which one of the things above from 1-5, do you want me to remove from your list, either this life or next life?

Do you get my point? We all come with a certain amount of currency in the form of Good Karma. It can give you a few things,but not everything. Some things, negative things will also be there from your bad karma. Just remember this!.

All I can say is endure. What more can anyone do? If you are really sincere, learn to meditate, learn the secret technique of getting rid of karma. Then, you will be happy.

I hope this gives you a better perspective of life and its mysteries.

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