Just a thought about Space-time and gravity

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So Einstein theory of relativity – simply said, it states that mass bends the space time curvature.

The other part of Space,in later years, there are speeds of planets that move faster and space seems to be expanding. They call it dark matter and dark energy that does all of this. So far science has failed to discover it

Now, if you ask a Yogi – they have a different experience. The solution is very different. Did the chicken come first or the egg?

So Einstein says mass curves space and time

My theory is, there is space-time and dark matter. And the energy of dark matter, creates the mass and also bends the space. And this dark matter, gives the spin and expansion.

Now the hubble constant or the R value is all over. Everyone calculates a different number. and the number seems to be increasing!

I suspect the R value – varies by the areas where there is more mass in a certain galaxy. and Galaxies with less mass will have a slightly lower value. I believe the R value is a representation of the dark matter and energy.

Oh well, time will tell. But I wont be here

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