Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

We meditate. We do kriya yoga. We go to mediation camps. Retreats.

Some do mantra. Some do asana. Others chant the name of God. Others dance to the name of God. Others go to places of pilgrimage.

They are all Good

But what is the fastest way? The other ways have a certain charm – an inner appeal – we like it. And Enjoy it

All our activities should be directed to reach God. Pure consciousness. However our past karma and sanskar ( impressions) prevents us from reaching there ! Plus every activity that we do creates more sanskar and karma.

What is to be done?

Yoga. In Yoga , following all steps , a critical step , is awakening of shakti, and essential to that is kevali. Those advanced in mahayoga or siddha yoga or kriya yoga know it well. Do it well.

What is kevali? Well the secret of how it is done has remained a secret. But it is the end result of all paths.

One essential feature of any yoga( kriya, maha or siddha yoga ) is destruction of karma. So with one kriya – when done properly , one future birth karma is destroyed.This is unique to proper practice of yoga. A very specific technique. And some unique experiences. The advanced practitioner, it is said , can see his past and future. And eliminate those seeds before it bears fruit

Yogananda has said this in a few places. One kriya destroys one future birth. So everyone extols it. But do it correctly. However your ego will prevent you from learning it properly. Everyone wants to gather information, imagine they are doing it properly, but they do not want to learn it properly

So everyone to praise the wonderful method. But no one wants to do it ! How sad !

Vivekananda said , when your on the right path, happiness and unhappy situations will occur in rapid sequence. Why ? Many future birth are absorbed

Thus one kevali, is like a new birth with past karma destroyed. And that is a true birthday. True new year

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