So what is it like to be at the feet of a Sanyasi

From: ~~~ Face to Face with Sri Ramana Maharshi, 77.

Ethel Merston, a French devotee, came to Sri Ramana in 1939.
She settled down near Sri Ramanasramam for many years.

Ethel Merston.;
Bhagavan taught each seeker as suited his need.
He was clairvoyant and could read our thoughts.
Of psychic powers, I saw him use none,
beyond conveying thoughts silently and so powerfully that the vibrations
would sometimes roll in waves down the hall almost hurting one
by the force with which they impinged on the body,
not only of the recipient, for whom the thought was meant,
but on many of us sitting there.

Bhagavan’s gaze was spellbinding.
Once an elderly sannyasi entered the hall.
Bhagavan, who was reading, dropped his book immediately
and looked straight up at the man who took two strides forward
and stood near Bhagavan’s feet, returning his gaze.
There was such love and joy in Bhagavan’s gaze that one
could almost hear him say,
“So you have come at last, my beloved brother.”
The two went on gazing at each other, without a word spoken aloud,
but I could literally feel them speaking to each other,
the flow of the current going back and forth between them.
They talked thus voicelessly for some ten or fifteen minutes,
then suddenly the sannyasi dropped to the floor
and passed into samadhi for the next two hours.
Bhagavan quietly took up his book again and went on,
remaining as though nothing had happened,
as doubtless indeed for him it had not.
But for us it was an unforgettable experience.

Quite apart from solving our problems,
or helping us to do so,
just to sit in Bhagavan’s presence was to realize or get a feeling
of what true relaxation and a quiet mind might mean.
It did not mean shutting oneself away, isolating oneself,
on the contrary,
it meant being with all, yet remaining within,
being in the world and yet not of it.

But Ramana Maharshi was an exception. Exceptionally high. Even Yogananda went to visit him out of respect

So the great saints have their own way. Own secret language. One of the highest that happens is when two liberated beings meet each other

They talk but have sort of a code going on. Things which we cannot understand.

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