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How do you know your mediation was correct??

Everyone thinks they meditate well. Even perfect. They feel joy because they fell asleep But that is not mediation There are a few things Sushumna opens. That is the first step. Now that it is open, your prana can turn within and ascend the staircase to heaven How do you know your prana ascended This …

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Enemies or friend

SPIRITUAL SELFISHNESS VERSUS EVIL SELFISHNESS In this world there are two teachers. If you take God as your mentor, you will have a wonderful time; but if you choose the devil as your guide, you will have bullets of misery. The key word for most people as they go through life is “myself.” The spiritual …

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The problem with good people

The problem with good people is they are naive They don’t realize there is evil all around them. After all this is the satanic delusion , maya. People around you are pre programmed in a different way They don’t believe is courtesy always. They want to use good people constantly. Manipulate them. And if your …

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