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How do you know your mediation was correct??

Everyone thinks they meditate well. Even perfect. They feel joy because they fell asleep
But that is not mediation
There are a few things

  1. Sushumna opens. That is the first step.
  2. Now that it is open, your prana can turn within and ascend the staircase to heaven

How do you know your prana ascended
This is what Paramhansa Yogananda said

The devotee who masters the technique of yoga meditation knows that when concentration becomes interiorized he finds his life force and attention withdrawn from the motor nerves, sensory nerves, and heart and accumulated in the subtle astral centre in the coccygeal region of the spine. Then during deep meditation this accumulated life force floats his consciousness upward through the subtle sacral, lumbar, dorsal, cervical, and medullary centres to the highest centre of divine perception, the abode of Spirit in the thousand-petalled lotus of light and consciousness in the brain.

~ Sri Paramahansa Yogananda,
973, The second coming of Christ.

Such yogi are extremely rare
Don’t deceive yourself into fake mediation
These steps are universal.

Enemies or friend


   In this world there are two teachers. If you take God as your mentor, you will have a wonderful time; but if you choose the devil as your guide, you will have bullets of misery. The key word for most people as they go through life is "myself." The spiritual man, on the other hand, thinks equally of others. Those who think only of themselves attract enmity from their associates. But those who are thoughtful find others wanting to be thoughtful of them. If there are one hundred people in a town and each one is trying to take from the other, each one has ninety-nine enemies. But if each one is trying to help the other, each one has ninety-nine friends. 

~ Sri Paramahansa Yogananda,
JOURNEY to Self – Realization

The only problem with God as mentor, you need to recognize God The sure way God comes to us is as a Guru.

What if you can’t recognize a Guru ? Yes. It is difficult. Yogananda could not recognize Yukteshwar as a Guru. He had to be told. And a Guru does not come and show his full glory right away. He just won’t. Slowly he reveals more and more

So what next? Circumstances can be your Guru or God. We learn from our mistakes. Often times people will warn us. Friends can warn us not to do things. They guide. We have to be alert. Follow the scriptures if in doubt.

Don’t justify bad behavior without any scriptural guidance.

But the biggest guide is to learn not to be selfish and hang around people who are not selfish. Be around those are willing to sacrifice things for each other

In the long run selfish behavior – especially the need to fight back based on ego is the worst

I have seen many fellow disciples egotistically stuck and following the wrong path merely based on the ego that they know , no one else knows as much as I do, and they know the right person to follow.
Sadly they were wrong on all counts

Such ego leads to the demise of their spiritual path. For many many births

This is true even for a readers of the blog. Their own ego prevents them from grasping or asking the right Technique.

So sad

The problem with good people

The problem with good people is they are naive They don’t realize there is evil all around them. After all this is the satanic delusion , maya.
People around you are pre programmed in a different way
They don’t believe is courtesy always. They want to use good people constantly. Manipulate them. And if your slightly happy they want to upset you in a variety of ways
This is the norm of life

Once in a while a good person may Encounter another good person but by now they are skeptical of goodness. We look at niceness and wonder what does he or she want?

The moral is you should be good. Loving caring. But don’t be naive or stupid. Be aware of the pitfalls in life. It is constant and to be expected

You are not here as an avatar to change someone. You are here to learn your own self. For liberation from these headaches

My Gautamuncle said – do not ever try to correct your spouse. You will spend all your life trying to improve your spouse and then in the next birth he or she will Marry someone else and get the benefit of an improved personality!

Let them be. Don’t correct anyone. Be loyal to your goal. Of God