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Deep in my heart, for a long time, I have wanted to touch and hug my Gurudev.  He is everything for me. Yesterday, I my wish was fulfilled.  I spent a lot of time with Gurudev, hugging him, giving him a kiss and bowing repeatedly at his feet.  I told Gurudev, my spritual progress was good.  He of course was fully aware of it. In his ever so gentle and loving way, he caught on to the subtle ego I had.  He immediately said, I have put in my consciousness and prana into  you!  What a gentle and loving way to remind me “Beware traveller of the traps of ego” 

I enjoyed talking with Dineshuncle today.  Everytime I talk with him, I get the impression of talking with someone who lives in infinity, who is vast and is every so kind, gentle, humble and above all has the love as wide as an Ocean.  He truly is a Krupa sagar.  I wish I had his humbleness and love and genuine caring for everyone.  This caring and love he has is natural for him – for me the love and caring is something I have to sort of remind myself that it is the right thing.  For him it is natural.  I bow to him repeatedly for this genuine love!

Mohangiriji Maharaja

Mohangiriji Maharaja


“I came out of Samadhi for you”

Those were the words ringing in my ears when I woke up from Savikalpa Samadhi.  I was bowing down before Kashinathdada  and Gurudevs Samadhi with thoughts of dismay that the great souls like Mohangiriji Maharaja have their personal success but dont even turn back to help others.  With those thoughts I left the Deri of Dada.  I went to a room and Lo and behold I saw Mohangiriji Maharaja.  His words, “I came out of Samadhi for you”  The whole room was engulfed in his purity and love.  His purity was very child like. Innocent.  I am at a loss to describe it with words but the roomwas covered in a white light of purity and innocence.  He asked me personal questions about my meditation and assured me that his blessings were there for me – til I reach the highest.  He then told me not everything is written in spiritual books.  For eg, there are other forms of Diksha.  Sapan diksha and Agni Diksha.  I did not understand either.  He continued, Agni diksha in a minor form is like the smoke from a bidi touching the disciple and awakening his shakti!

I wanted to so much to serve him and to my greatest pleasure he allowed me to touch him and press his legs!  My heart knew no ends to the joy.  His legs were extremely thin and emaciated.  (A result of being in samadhi for over 50 years).  I pressed his legs gingerly and he said you can press harder.  I pressed his legs for a while and then he got up and said he has to go.  As he left, I saw Manilal near by.  He blessed me and left.

Somewhere in between Chetnas sukshma body appeared and Mohangiriji Maharaja blessed her also.  His skin was glistening with spiritual light and his color was darker than what is depicted in the pictures.  His eyes were like laser as Gautamkaka has described.  Even those laser like light, he had subdued them for my benefit because I doubt if this body could have endured all of his light in all his glory.

When I woke up, in a little while Chetna woke up coughing incessantly. At that time I was wondering if this was a dream or samadhi.  I told Chetna to take a sip of water praying to Mohangiriji Maharaja and her cough subsided immediately.  As I had told Chetna to take Mohangiriji Maharaja’s name, I did that for personal confirmation about the reality and accuracy of my experience. 

His words are still ringing in my ears.  “I came out of Samadhi for you”

More clarifications

These clarifications are from Yogananda Maharaj and some from personal experience.  There are three worlds.  Gross physical world, the subtle world and the causal or karana world.  The three forces, a sort of autonomic intelligence, hidden from the human eye are Virata, Hiranyagarbha and Ishwara respectively. 

To give an eg.  the function of Virata is to control the gross physical universe, all the physical properties of the universe including circling of planets around the star, mother nature in the world, gravity etc. 

On an individual level, the three governing forces for the gross physical body, sukshma body and the causal body are called Vishwa, Tejas and Pragna.  For eg. we do not have to tell the cells in the body to replicate or repair etc, it is done automatically.  Scientists call it genetics but the Yogi refers the governing intelligence to Vishwa because there is a little more than just genetics to it.

Collectively these 6 forces are hidden forces.  In the Mahabharata, there is the story of Ganga throwing her 7 children into the river.  6 of these “children” are the intelligent forces governing the individual and the gross 3 universes.  They remain hidden / submerged in the flow of Ganga.  The sevent child that remains hidden is called “abhasa chaitanya”, meaning although the entire universe it God, the universe remains as a reflection of God, not directly representing God.  The eight child, Bhisma is the universal ego governing all three worlds.

One more aspect of clarification.  Ishwara – intelligent force governing the causal world lives in Anahata Chakra.  Thus, when the anahata chakra is pointing downwards, we call it Jeeva Kruta Maya.  This has been described in great detail by Gurudev in Muktashastra.  With constant practice, if we continually destroy the Jeeva Kruta Maya, then Ishwara or the upturned Anahata chakra which now reflects Ishwara is able to make all the necessary changes in the causal world and then subsequently in the gross world also.  Gurudev has given many examples of this in Muktashastra.  For eg. if we are meditating on this chakra, and all of a sudden we have the thought of collecting money from our debtor, the disciple says, “No, this is not my job, let Ishwara do it if he likes” Thus destroying the Jeeva kruta maya, Ishwara now takes over and the job is done without us moving from our meditation. 

In Mahayoga vigyana and other Yogic text books, they have described Ishwara at Anahata chakra.  I hope this explanation helps clarify the meaning and difference between Parmatma and Ishwara.


Today’s meditation was exceptionally good. After all it was Christmas ! Yogananda maharaja has described that the halfway meditation is when one is at agnachakra the streams of prana are seen rolling back from the body going back to Agnatha chakra
This is what I experienced. The color if the streams of Prana or light is light yellow. This is the beginning of seeing the spiritual eye in it’s completeness. The body becomes numb and we see both sthula and sukshma world simultaneously. The rays of the sun are the prana going back to the sun which is the holy ghost or om or the real gayatri (sun) or the outer rim of the spiritual eye. The rays are called the stallions in Gita per yogananda maharaj. This is also the experience when a person who is liberated is about to die and this is how Paul died daily as he said in the bible
The inner circle is blue and the inner most is a white star. This is the perfect description of the eye per yogananda. I have had preliminary rushes of it on many occasions but the vision is not perfected yet. Today’s vision was at will almost instantly and what a Marvel it is to see the streams of prana rolling back. After a while as we keep gazing into the eye we loose identity and become the light itself. This is what shankracharya maharaj meant when he said a caterpillar becomes a bee by the constant humming of the bee in the ears of the caterpillar. Here the humming is the sound of om. The intoxication of the experience lasted all day.


There are other stories about Jesus Christ in these blogs.

There are two quotes I will refer to.   Peter replied, “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. 39The promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off—for all whom the Lord our God will call.”  This is from Acts 2:38.

The word repent is poorly understood.  Yukteshswar maharaj and Yogananda maharaj have explained it concisely and although I was slow in grabbing the import, the only way to repent is to forego ones “evil” ways.  What is the evil way?  We have spent birth after birth enjoying our senses and not once have we turned back to God, giving up all pleasures of the flesh.  Repent starts when we turn back towards God, giving up the pleasures of the flesh.  Giving up the pleasures of the flesh in the imagination is not truly giving it up.  To truly give it up, one must turn the prana or the source of pleasure and enjoyment in the flesh away from the senses and back towards God.  That is true repenting.  When one is willing to do this, then one can be baptized.  In the true baptism, we are born again, in the spirit and at that point, everything is turned inside out.  Moreover, the divine begins to manifest in one of five ways initially and then later all five ways simultaneously and taking us to samadhi.  The five manifestations are – divine smell, divine taste, divine touch, divine light and divine sounds or Nada.  The greatest and best manifestation according to Gorakhnath maharaja is Nada.  However, one has to be EXTREMELY cautious in the interpretation of the nada.  In our egotistic rush of assumption of progress we make the mistake of thinking the bodily sounds as nada but that is not so.  The bodily sounds include “tamra”, “throbbing” “Purring” etc.  The truest sounds are extremely melodious, produces siddhi and one can listen to them for hours without tiring or becoming forgetful. According to Yukteshwar Maharaj, in the holy science, baptism is when we get immersed in the peculiar knocking sounds of Om.   Moreover, in the baptism  our thoughts are no longer ours, our emotions, our body they all are outside us, and no longer are we troubled or bothered by them.  It is like throwing a pebble in the ocean or at a moutnain – that is how thoughts and emotions appear.  As Vivekananda Maharaj said, a mosquito was sitting on the bulls horn and after a while the mosquito said, Mr. Bull, I hope this is not troubling you and the bull said, not at all…invite your whole family!

Thus, when we repent, when we are baptised, the holy spirit descends upon us!  The holy spirit being OM, the word which can then descend upon us from the Agna chakra down from sukshma world to the sthula or gross physical world.

In short, this is a perfect description of Yoga where one learns to master ones prana, reverse its flow from the senses towards God, and at that time we can experience being born again or Dwija and progress valiantly towards God.

Another quote is from Mark 12 : 30.   This quote was one of the favorite quotes of Vivekananda.  He stated that even if all the scriptures in the world gets destroyed and only this quote remains, it is sufficient to lead you to God and freedom.

And you shall love the Lord your God:

  • with all your heart,
  • with all your soul,
  • with all you mind,
  • with all your strength,

Here the word to clarify is all your strength and mind. The word strength refers to prana.  One must love God with all our prana or strength.  This once again means one must offer all of our prana, from all parts of our body to God.  This is the true offering and true surrender to God.  When we so turn back towards God, repenting as we said above, our prana gets cut off from our senses and ascends the stairs of heaven (sushumna) and goes to God.   Our entire bodily strength is our prana.  Without the energy of prana the body would not function, not a cell in the body would function, nor would we be able to move, talk etc.  Only a Yogi can understand it.  This is to be experienced  not just have a theoritical knowledge.

More subtly, this verse also shows the interdependence of the mind and the prana and the heart.  If one can silence the prana, the mind and the heart (emotions) gets silenced or if the mind gets silenced then the other two gets silenced and if the heart is silent, then the prana and mind gets silenced. This was often quoted by Gurudev, Sombargiriji Maharaj, and by Yogananda Maharaja and Yogendra Vigyani from Shaktipata.  I would like to caution the user, please DO NOT mistake prana as the breathing process.  If there is any doubt, please read the criticism on Patanjali Yoga sutras by Vivekanada in the book called Raja Yoga.


After 2 days of struggle, I was finally able to go back to my true consciousness.  When certain karmas are about to come into play, or if one does something that is not appropriate, the first thing that happens is the consciousness gets clouded and one is no longer able to go that deep.  Yes, the light maybe there, the sounds maybe there but the true turning over, the true layer of being within just cant happen. 

That is why Gurudev said, “Antaskarana Man ek pana dagho nathi chalto”  Meaning not even one blemish is permitted in the Antaskarana. 

Swami Vivekananda said that we are like the fishermen who love their fish smell.  What is the fish smell?  Our consciousness is so used to depending on thoughts, emotions, the concept of body, that if we ever get out of it, the consciousness gets uncomfortable and longs for those things again!  Truth of the matter is when one is established in he the true consciousness, it has no need of any of those things – thoughts, emotions, body etc.  When one stays in ones true consciousness for longer and longer durations, we slowly develop a new of seeing things, communicating, understanding etc.  The consciousness does things intuitively.  All of those things and all the while remaining in calmness or in bliss or in joy. 

The scriptures in Yoga have repeatedly said that the Yogi should remain in isolation, not talk much if he truly wants to make progress. Why is that?  I now realize the reason. With every interaction – either verbal or by thinking of someone or by communicating with letters or on the internet, the Yogi, gets in touch with all the emotional, thoughts and karmic garbage of the other person. If he is not able to filter and prevent them, he or she will accumulate the garbage of the other person.  This is not a fancy of my mind.  I never believed in it. However, now lately, I am able to feel and occasionally see these things.  Seeing them gives me more control and the ability to prevent the accumulation of the garbage. 

Where do these things accumulate ?  They accumulate in the subtle aura, the sukshma world that is right next to this gross physical world.  There are many other higher worlds, but this sukshma world or in the words of Sri Aurobindo, the subtle physical is where these things are stored.  It is the meeting place of the gross world, sukshma worlds, the subconscient worlds and the dream worlds !  What a chaotic market place.  This is the world where the more advanced disciple is able to keep aloof and see it – like a drop of water on a lotus.  Here one can see the future of something about to happen in the immediate future, here one can have some control over the karmas and make some changes in it for others, and here one is able to transfer karmas from one person to the other. 

I can state these things but it is worthless since it is meant to be experienced and slowly gain mastery over it.

A while ago, I was trying to move ahead but one of the Rudras at the Anahata chakra stopped me and said no.  He will not let me proceed.  You have karmas to pay.  I tried to explain this to Hasmukhkaka.  I said one of the worst things that happens as a consequence of karmas is one cannot unfold ones shakti completely and it prevents our spiritual progress!  However, I was going to help and expound on it, but he immediately said, he has to go.  I have seen this many times!  Anytime I am established within, I have tremendous power and the ability to help others in their spiritual progress but for whatever reason, instead of having silence and humility their emotions and ego gets excited and they see me as being egotistic or get unhappy with me or suddenly have the urge to hang up and go!  How wonderful is the machinery God has created that unless one is truly ready, the other person cannot even be helped!

Who am I to help? No one!  The true consciousness, which is I, when seated there can help with a mere thought or will!

Vice and Virtue

Virtue is a problem to liberation just as much vice is.  One must rise above both.  There is a story in the Bible about Abraham who was given instructions by God to take his son to the top of Mount Sinai and sacrifice his son.  Just before he was about to sacrifice his son, God told him to stop.

To all human understanding this is wrong and God should never have asked this.  However, the test was two fold

1) A test of true and total surrender to the will of God

2) A test to see if even while performing the act with surrender, if there was any reaction in his mind that this action is wrong.   If there was a reaction and judgement value of wrong, then one has not truly gone beyond virtue.

Of course, this cannot be understood or explained unless one is on the threshold of overcoming Sattwic guna. 

It took me a long time to realize this.  After having done some culturally questionable action, my mind was constantly nagging me that I had done something wrong and I should be punished.  This reaction is wrong and one has to make an effort to rise above the concept of virtue and vice.   However, this concept of “sinned” can only be eliminated if one is truly immersed and God and does only those actions approved by God.

Yogananda has described that during meditation, if one is sufficiently advanced one can see a triangle.  The top of the triangle will be yellow referring to Sattwic guna.

The lower left is red displaying Rajas guna and the lower right is black referring to Tamas gune.   Usually, one color is brighter than the other suggesting a predominance in one particular guna.  When one is on the verge of liberation, all the colors are equally bright and the center shows a brilliant white light.

Last night while I was strugging to fight the emotions of I have sinned and I should be punished, I repeatedly saw the white light of God throughtout the night.  The more my eyes were fixed and gazed above, my prana and mind would withdraw from the body and I would see the white light.  Again and again, the emotions I have sinned and should be punished came up and brought me down to the physical universe.

I tried again in deep meditation to slowly overcome it

An advanced disciple is called a Hansa.  Just like the hansa is able to differentiate between milk and water, the disciple has to be able to discern between the pure vibration of the spirit which gets mixed with one of the 3 gunas in the agna chakra.  With every spiritual vibration, it stimulates the gunas too.  At the agna chakra one  has to be very alert and differentiate them and only focus ones gaze on the pure vibration of the spirit.  When he can do this, the disciple is called a hansa. 

This is very similar to the explanation given by Sanatakumar to Narada muni about the course of events a disciple has to follow for liberation.  For a more detailed explanation, the reader is referred to the book written by Rajmani Trigunait.


Kumbh Mela : A place where many great saints gather.  One should attend to the Kumbh Mela.  In terms of Yoga, Kumbh means or refers to the head and mela is a gathering of the prana (withdrawn from the entire body).  When that happens, one can say, we have attended the kumbh mela.  Here all great divine souls are there.

Yesterday, something unusual happened.  We were at another physicians place.  A group of people were sitting.  I remained silent.  This was a different kind of silence.  Silence of the mind and was at the same time I was within.  While I was within, the mind, the people and the room was vibrating with my presence.  The people in reality were dead – meaning dead from the reality of God and his vibration. But Jesus told him, “Follow me, and let the dead bury their own dead.  Everything was vibrating and the vibration was me.  I believe this was the universal prana and the beginnng of being established in Atman.  This is also known as Christ consciousness or son of God. 

Where is the proof?  The proof for me and me alone was the thoughts of everyone in the room were relatively more clear, their thoughts and their feelings. Not only that silently observing it, I was able to have some influence and control over it. 

I can understand why the great rishis call this world Maya – an illusion.  They refer to it as the divine lila.  This is because at t his level, it is an illusion since te world seems to be working based on the thoughts that arise from me!.  I could only stay in that for about an hour but it was interesting.  Interestingly there was no feeling in me.  A silent spectater. 

This reminds me of my experience a while ago.  I had an encounter with Maya or Satan.  Everyword that came from the divine was twisted and turned!  And suddenly this one maya became multiple and every multiplicity twisted everything, misrepresented everything that came from the Divie.  If the divine said Good, maya made and turned it into bad.  This was done by Maya not out of disrespect or hatred or uncaring.  It was just a royal mischief!  This is the beginning of creation.  A royal mischeif.  I am definately not at the stage where I can call it maya or sport.  For me it is a mischief – a very unpleasant mischeif.

These thoughts are similar to those of Mother, Sri Aurobindo, Bible, Paramhansa Yogananda. 

He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature; for he is a liar, and the father of lies.” (John 8:44).  The word he refers to Lucifer / Satan. 

Father of lies !  Lies refers to this creation.  Everything in this creation is a lie.  How is it a lie.  Everything is God and yet we see it not!  Everything is his love and we see it not!  Isnt that a great lie?  Satan, Maya makes us see this universe, this entire creation in a way that it is not!  What a mischief! What an illusion!  What a Lila!

The beginning of this witness truly occurs at the Agna chakra.  However, for the soul to experience this, the soul has to fully surrendered to God.  This complete surrender occurs when the Anahata chakra turns upwards.  When the anhata chakra turns upwards, the sound is that of the gong bell or a drum.  Some may experience it like hum, hum, hum. Out of the initial sohum, sa and aham gets dropped off and becomes hum.  This is the sound of Paundra – the conch bell of Bhima. The ego gets disintegrated.  Lately I have been able to to turn the anahata chakra upwards and remain in this for a while in meditation.  (ref God talks with Arujuna – Paramhansa Yogananda)

Energizing Exercises of the SRF (Self realization fellowship)

Paramhansa Yogananda has a series of lectures and pamphletes which are available to all who take the SRF fellowship and newsletter.

In the lessons, he talks about energizing exercises and also insits that all disciples practice it for 30 min to an hour a day. I could not understand the reason and thought it was part of modified asanas.  However, I finally have understood why it is important.  For the awakened shakti to rise up through the Sushumna, completely and freely, the body has to surrender also.  This step is difficult and can be achieved most easily if the body is voluntarily relaxed (or in other words, the body totally surrendered to the divine).  Just because our mind and intellect has surrendered it does not mean that the body has surrendered.  The body will continue to impose it demands such as need for food, sex, sleep, etc.

While talking on the subject of relaxing the body, I have realized why I have or need glasses.  The eyeball is not relaxed!  If one can slowly learn to relax the eyeball, keep it relaxed, eyeglasses could be dispensed off.


Today, I had a discussion with Aanal about Faith.  Faith in my opinion and also according to the scriptures and very succinctly written by Sri Aurobindo is something that is within and which is part of the soul. 

This is an inner conviction.  Unfortunately,  this faith is very poorly understood.  What most people have is a firm belief in certain things, a belief that is based on reading or experience or even worse a belief entirely based on a mental projection or fantasy.  This belief is something that is a product of the mind and NOT an inner conviction or faith which is something that is inherantlly present in the soul.  At other times there is a similar doubt present in the mind which again is another way Maya uses to prevent spiritual progress.  In both cases, the belief retards the progress by creating an illusion and masking the inner faith or doubt which also masks the reality of faith and prevents progress.

True faith can be shown in many examples. I will limit myself at present to 2 examples

1) At one time Shankaracharya was at the other side of the river, the side away from all of his disciples.  Suddenly he cried out and said something has happened to me, come here quickly. All of the disciples panicked, some looking for boats, others started to swim.  However, one disciple just started walking on the water.  Subsequently he came to be known has Padmapadacharya because whereever he walked on the water, a lotus (Padma) appeared and prevented him from drowning.  This is an example of faith.  There was no interjection from his mind of either that this will happen because Gurudev said so, nor was there any doubt.  It was just an inner faith!  Any activity of the mind either positive or negative mars and covers up true faith.

2) An example of Jesus Christ and Peter is well known where he was walking on water and  suddenly his mind began to doubt and he started drowning.  That is when Jesus said, “Ye men of little faith”. 

3) There are thousands of examples where people have had a strong belief in a certain set of scriptures, books such as the bible, Gita, Koran and in other misguided zealots, but when they have followed it, the results are not there and then they say the scriptures are wrong. Here the problem was they read certain things and based on their reading, they created a strong belief in it or a mental projection of the interpretation, and trusted the mental projection!  Anytime there is activity of the mind and one believes ones mental projection, one will not get the same results as true faith.

I end here with a quote from the Bible.   Please do not think you have faith perfected till you can move mountains!  Here Lord Jesus goes to the extent of saying, even if you have faith as little as a mustard seed, you can move mountains!

So Jesus said to them, “Because of your unbelief; for assuredly, I say to you,
 if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain,
“Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you.
Matthew 17:20

From Within

There are no words that can truly describe how the world appears when the consciousness is within.  This turning over of the consciousness, is the only beginning of Yoga.  In the older terminology Gurudev said, “Shakti jagrat thai che”, meaning there is awakening of the shakti. 

I can only describe it in limited words. For most we are outside and we see the light from outside, within.  Here, we are inside, the world, all thoughts, all emotions, all karmas, all desires are outside us.  At this level, one can say that the Muladhar chakra is turned upright.

There are 6 chakras.  Muladhar, Swadhisthana, Maniur, Anahata, Vishudha and Agna chakra.  Normally these chakras are pointing downwards. What are these chakras?  They are places where our consciousness are anchored.  These chakras are located in the Sukshma or subtle body.  When one particular chakra is turned upright, we get the siddhis of that chakra and our level of consciousness corresponds to the subtle worlds of that plane. 

To reiterate, the 6 chakras, when turned downward attaches us to all worldly matters.  They are as said in the Gita, the 6 dakshinaya or dark months.  If one passes away when these chakras are turned downwards, the soul has “adhogati”.  The word adho gati means going down wards.  The soul passes out to the lower worlds which are full of demonic persona.

On the other hand, when the chakras are turned upwards, it is said in the Gita, and the person passes away it is said he passed away in “Uttarayana”.  Here the consciousness is turned towards the higher subtle worlds and one enjoys the pleasures of those worlds.

From experience, I can give a description of some of the chakras.  These experiences are not complete but just a small sampler!

Muladhar – when upturned, one begins to have visions simultaneously of this world and the subtle world which tells us of events to happen.  Depending on how stable we are, it tells us events of the immediate future to the distant future.  The visions can occur even with the eyes open.  It often comes in the form of voices or in forms.  At this plane, one smells extraordinary fragrances and the body seems lighter.  Mantras become awake or Jagrat almost instantly.

Swadhisthana – When this is upturned one has visions corresponding to that universe.  The sound that is heard is that of the flute.  The God that exists is Varuna and the bija mantra is Rum.  I am able to go to this plane almost instantly on meditation and have these glimpses. 

This upturning of the chakras is mechanical.  There is no feeling about it.  It just happens with the grace of Gurudev and God.  When one is able to do this, we can say we are “Swastha” meaning established in one self.  Swa – self and stha meaning established.  This was the definition given by Vivekananda.

There is much more to be written, but work calls!


I was asked, do you go to Church.  My answer was no, the Church comes to me. 

The real church is where there is love for God.

What is purity or a pure person?  A person who only has love and desires only for God, is pure.  Everyone else is impure.

Love demands nothing in return. The love for God is unconditonal and even if God puts you in hell, you still love him as much. 

We cannot help anyone.    Always use the word serving someone. It brings out humility and the idea of serving God and takes away the ego of action.

Anyone who believes they have given or done charity or given up pleasures in life has a long way to go.  Anyone who owns anything has a long way to go also.  Both ideas are wrong.  We own nothing, we possess nothing. All belongs to God and we make the mistake of feeling we own things, relations, family etc.  The free person is he who has no concept of owning something or anything.  He (or she) walks and does things freely, feeling to be a child of God or walking in his knowledge or identified with God, or his paramour (more dangerous though), etc !.  The free person can go to this state or frame of mind instantly!  We have nothing to give to God except ourselves.  Since the soul is very intricately associated with Prana, giving ones Prana is the highest one can do.  This prana is more than just the breath, it is the very substance that connects this world to the sukshma or subtle world, it is the power house that runs this house and in the highest form, runs the universe!

These excerpts are merely a re written compilation from the Bible, Sri Aurobindo, Vivekananda, MahaYogan Vigyana, Rajyoga, etc

A beacon!

Every human being is a beacon!  They are constantly emiting and transmiting vibes which attracts the universal vibrations which translate into karam.  This has been said by Patanjali, Mirdad and all great souls.  Every thought we have becomes a nidus which attracts similar universal vibrations.  One should constantly, no matter what and no matter what conditions always wish well !  This wishing well, should be from the inner most core of our being. 

Patanjali said ” An action may be done, thought of, or be done through someone else, but the resuls are the same”  According to Mirdad, every thought we have, circles around the world till it comes back to us in some form or the other. 

I now see, every so often, people as a beacon. What I see leaving them are the prana or subtle emanations which are constantly beaconing universal vibrations and we suffer the consequence.

A few more thoughts on deep meditation.

1)  When one truly goes to the deepest region of meditation (the horizontal progress), we finally reach the causal body.  How do we know we have reached the causal body?  There are a few signs.  One, the whole body becomes full of light.  It is as if the light from above engulfts the body.  Secondly, the true spiritual sounds of the vina, flute, gong bell all seem to be outside of us, not within us!  Third, there is unexplained joy – the anandmay kosha.  This joy is not the joy or pleasure coming from ego of having achieved something.  Fourth, the consciousness is fully turned inward and upward.  As a result thereof, the beginning of Samadhi starts.  One is able to shut of all external sounds etc at will.  Fifth, at this level, we have opened all our wealth of karmas.  Anyone who thinks bad of us takes away our bad karma and anyone who thinks good of us takes away our good karma.  We care for nothing, want nothing, and not a shred of possessiveness is left in any of the cells of the body

This is why, there was not a drop of water for 12 years in Mewar (Mewad).  The unfortunate people of Mewar could not appreciate Mirabai and looted all of her karmas!.  This is why in part, it is a great blessing that such advanced souls stay away from public life.  We in our limited intelligence will never be able to appreciate or be grateful to these higher beings.  Our disrespectful actions are often frowned upon by Shankar Bhagway and ordinary beings often end up paying dire consequences. 

My first experience of the causal body, rather my first vision of the causal body was at the funeral of Gautamkaka.  What does it look like and mind you it was merely a vision.  The causal body consists of the Sahastrar with the brahmanadi.  For a more detailed decription, the reader is urged to read God talks with Arjuna by Paramhansa Yogananda.

Now reaching the causal is easy.  It takes about 30 seconds or less.  This is what Dineshuncle often referred to as reaching the middle of the ocean!  Once there, one can truly say and feel oneself established in Yoga.  Once you reach that state, nothing can uproot it.  According to Aurobindo and Mother, this state is when there is reversal of the consciousness, or emergence of the psychic with complete emergence from the mental, vital and physical.  In the bible this state is referred to as being born again.  As it is said, verily verily I say unto thee that until a man is born again, he cannot go to the kingdom of God.

Once this reversal is complete, once we are deep in the causal body, it is easy to experience and visit the different heavens !


A common misconception is the hearing of Nada.  The truest of true nada occurs when the prana actually ascends in the sushumna.  These nadas have the following characteristics

1) Extremely soft, no longer heard by the physical body

2) Extremely pleasing and one truly just wants to hear it again and again

3) On hearing these nada 2 things emerge.  Samadhi and different kinds of Siddhis

4) Yogananda Maharaja has had a detailed description of the nadas.  I would strongly urge all disciples of any form of Yoga to read his book God talks with Arjuna, a 1500 page long explanation of Bhagvada Gita.  In my opinion, there never was and perhaps never will be a better explanation of Gita than this book.  In short, right before the war, in the first chapter, Arujuna decides not to fight.  At that time, on the battlefield, Bhisma, Dronacharya, Duryodhana all sound their conch (shankh) !  These sounds refer to the gross sounds of the physical universe, the first encounter and obstacle when one is trying to meditate.  The sound of the breathing, blood circulation etc.

Later as one progresses deeper in meditation, one hears the sounds of the five conchs (shankh) of the 5 pandavas and then finally of Lord Krishna – called the Panchanjaya.  The five sounds (and each conch was very aptly named by Vyasa bhagwana in Gita) produce a different sound at the 5 different chakras.

a) At Muladhar, the sound heard is of that of the Bumble bee.  This produces Savitarka Sampragnata Samadhi.  Here there is some doubt that is my prana really going up? Am I making the progress?  This is a reflection of the mind.

b) Swadhisthana the sound is of the Flute.  This produces Suvichar Sampragnata Samadhi.  Here the doubts are removed and this is a reflection of the Intelligence or Buddhi

c) At manipur the sound is that of the Vina or harp.  This produces Sananda Sampragnata Samadhi. The word Devadatta, the name of the conch means deva meaning joy and datta means giving.  This produces a lot of happiness and there is control over the chitta

d) At anahata the sound is that of the gong bell.  (Paundra). The word Paundra means to disintegrate.  Here the ego begins to disintegrate.  The samadhi that is produced is Sasmita sampragnata Samadhi

e) At the Vishudha chakra, one becomes totally oblivious of the physical universe and is totally within.  The samadhi is called Asampragnata samadhi and the sound is the roar of the ocean

f) At the Agna chakra the sound is a very pleasing co mingling of the all the sounds and is called Panchanjaya (mixture of 5 sounds). 

Finally all these steps are repeated between Agna chakra and the Sahastrar in the ultimate sublime fashion, something which cannot be reproduced in words.

I remain eternally in debt to the great saints, Gurudev, Vishnutirthji Maharaj, and Paramhansa Yogananda maharaja for blessing me with an experience to all of these steps.

However, an occasional experience is NOT satisfactory.  I have to go much further to get these experiences all the time.

In Muktashastra, Yogamruta and in Mayayoga Vigyana more nada are described.  In Muktashastra, Gurudev described the nada as Loud, soft and extremely soft.  The true nadas are extremely soft! 

The other nadas esp. those that are described as the sound of crickets etc are sounds still pertaining to the physical universe and bodily sounds.  Please DO NOT dwell on them, move ahead.  Much more is to be travelled than those sounds.

Since we are on the subject of Nada, I will elaborate a little further.  Nadas can be Vyakta and Avyakta.  Vyakta meaning that which has a comparision and Avyakta – those that cannot be compared with.

Law of Miracles – a borrowed title from Paramhansa Yogananda

Ever since the mental aspect of the subconscious has cleared, the shakti is now working on the vital physical of the subconscient.  Unless you are very familiar with the terminology of Sri Aurobindo, it will sound like mumbo jumbo. 

What is becoming clear is the law or control over Prana.  How it can be achieved.  It does NOT mean that I am any way closer to having that control.  Previously, when I would do Sankalpa, things would happen but I had no understanding how or when or by what process it is accomplished.  Just like there is a science of how the gross universe operates, there is a precise science by which miracles occur, how the subtle or astral universe operates and how the changes occur.  It reminds me now Paramhansa Yogananda described superficially how Jesus resurrected himself.  There are definite steps or process to it.

When one does Sankalpa things and changes occur.  First in order to do Sankalpa one must clear the mind completely and also establish ones eye and full concentration at the Agna chakra.  When one is established at the Agna chakra and has contact with the holy ghost (or OM or Universal Prana or Shakti), then one has to merge as best as possible and wish or do a Sankalpa.  At that time, with the power and grace of the Holy Ghost or Om or Shakti, the mechanism is activated.  This starts acting on the prana of the body and in order to have results without restraints, one has to seperate ones consciousness from the prana and watch the prana act under the guidance of the Universal prana and the results are achieved.

This is how, one has to slowly learn to do a Sankalpa and stop ones heart from beating and how to stop breathing completely and remain in Samadhi for a longer time.  Paramhansa Yogananda told me how to do this about 3  years ago.  It took me this long to understand what he said and God only knows how many more years it will take to master the technique!

Swami Rama was able to stop his heart for a few minutes (and this was observed by Physicians).  Sri Yukteshwar did it also and Yogananda panicked thinking he had passed away.  My gurudev, Sombargiri Maharaja was observed to do that for 3 years at a stretch.

Anyway enough for now.  This may seem all theoritical and not necessary to be be with God, but I humbly beg to difer.  It is very essential to become a Master of all before one is given the privilege of mergin in the infinite.

One last example of the power of this Sankalpa and over the prana is by Kankuben.  She was a very advanced and enlightened disciple of Gurudev.  Once Gurudev had visited her and after a short stay decided to leave.  Kankuben did not want her Guru to leave.  So she went to the bus stop where Gurudev had just climbed up.  Kankuben did “tratak” and no matter how hard the bus driver tried the bus would not start.  Finally Gurudev got off the bus and told Kankuben to release the bus and she broke her trataka and the bus started.

Another example which Gurudev gave me was an example of one of his disciples. He never told me the name of his disciple.  Gurudev in his very typical style said, “I only give this initiation to those who are educated. Let me tell you a story. I once initiated a cowheard (one who rears cows).  He was not educated.  (I believe Gurudev was pointing out that those who are not educated can make tremendously more progress than the so called educated person).  The cowheard came to me (Gurudev), crying.  Gurudev asked him, why are you so upset.  The man replied, Ganapati dada is very upset with me.  Gurudev asked him, why do you say that?  The man replied the, whole idol or murti of Ganapati dada shattered today.  Gurudev explained, to me, this man had a tremendous “trataka”. He did trataka on the idol of Ganesh and when he lifted his eyes and looked around the idol would go up in the air following his gaze!. Finally when the gaze was broken or trataka was broken the idol fell down and was shattered!

Anyway, what happens is that the trataka when perfected, acts through the prana to achieve these results, just like the way Sankalpa does the same thing. 

In order to perfect the technique, one has to understand the mechanism!.  In short the steps are as follows.  Get the mind bereft of desires, tratka on Om or the holy Ghost, watch shakti act on the physical prana and see the results.  However, for this to be achieved, one has to be able to seperate the consciousness completely from the Prana.

Once again, the soul is encased in 5 shells.  Anandamayi kosha, Gyanmayi kosha, manomayi kosha, prana mayi kosha and then the physical body.  Anandamayi kosha is the karana or causal body.  The combination of gyan, manomaya and prana is the subtle body and the gross or anna kosha needs no explanation.

Spiritual progress are in 2 directions.  Horizontal where one has to split the consciousness from all of these 5 koshas or cells and vertical, meaning when the consciousness seperated from these, then the prana has to ascend from the muladhar to the Sahastrar to meet God.

One last final word of caution.  Different saints have described the same phenomenon based on what was more predominant in them.  Traditional Yoga sees and describes things based on the prana and where it travels and how it ascends.

The philosophy of Aurobindo is based on consciousness.  So when he describes things outside the body, he refers to the consciousness. However, the prana could still be in the lower chakras!  Please do not believe that one has reached a high state because of experiences of the consciousness outside the body.  Perfection is reached when prana travels from the lower chakras to the Sahastrar. 

Others describe the same experience based on Shakti.  However, shakti and consciousness are the 2 sides of the coin.  (my experience and that is how Sri Aurobindo describes it).

Name of God and other miscellaneous experiences

Today, we were reciting Sunderkanda.  Now, in the version of Sunderkanda as recited by Ashwin Pathak, in some of the shlokas he follows it by Shree Rama Sharnam mama.  However, he speaks Ramaa instead of the traditional Rama without an aa at the end of m.  The normal and real pronounciation is M with an abrupt end. 

This difference in pronounciation makes a tremendous difference.  When pronounced with the longer aa, the prana or vital energy of the body leaves the body.  However, when I recited it with the shorter a, the abrupt ending of m in Ram, the prana actually stays within the body and if you have a pure anarkarana, the prana actually starts to go within.  Moreover, today as I was reciting it, everytime I said Ram the body actually felt pleasure.  I cannot describe it further except make a simple statement that the cells in the body, the body itself had some soft of pleasure in the recitation.

Before I forget I should add that in the previous experience in which Gurudev narrated what had happened to Mataji at the time of her passing, it was Gurudev in the new body, who told me about it!

As per Aurobindo’s way of describing it,  the cleaning process for the mental portion of the subconscient is complete.  I suspect the next 2 parts that need to be cleaned are the vital and then the physical part of the subconscient.

Yesterday, my daughter Viha was extremely upset and emotional.  I finally laid down on the swing in the living room, did Trataka (yes, I can do it very succesfully now) at the agna chakra and sent in my prana in her body and turned it within.  The change in her is dramatic and immediate.  She has learnt it is very important not to be emotional and today for the first time while we sat together to do her college application etc, she was able to focus without being upset. 

One other incident, we were driving and I suddenly had the bhava of helping the kids by giving them the jagrat mantra of Kashinathdada.  The mantra is very much alive in me and I give both Pujan and Viha the mantra and asked them to recite it after me. My only wish was that in the future, in their life time if they have hardships, the mantra can help them.  All that was needed was for them to recite the mantra once, out aloud after me.  They both missed the opportunity and chose to fight me and question me on it.  I got upset and angry, the rest of the family has no idea why I was upset and what they missed out on.

Similarly, once when we were driving, I saw Ganapati dada in front of me….I immediately asked everyone to be silent and pray and recite the ganesh mantra.  How unfortunate for my mother that she could not even recite the name of Ganapati dada for 30 seconds before she chose to ask questions about friends in Dover.   My mother will never understand many opportunities she has missed out in life because of her constant habit of interrupting when divine blessings are about to fall on her!  I get upset with her but she still cannot modify her behavior.  Incidentally, she has 10,000 more years before she will reach salvation. 

Lastly 2 more disclaimers.  Please do not take everything that I say at face value.  The experiences are real, but there is always a slight possibility of misunderstanding an experience on my part.  I have no desire to start a new religion or a sect or people following anything that I say.  Only accept the things that are written in the scriptures.  My experiences are entirely in accordance with the scriptures though.

Today, after an interval of many years, I was able to do the Kriya Yoga again.  This is the real kriya yoga where when you take the breath in, the breath and the prana disappears completely and you have to inhale again (there is no exhalation). This is called Kriya yoga or keval pranayama or keval kumbhaka.  The scriptures describe that a person can finish of the karama of an entire life with one pranayam.  However to achieve that, this is the only and true way of doing the pranayam where it can be accomplished.

Jesus Christ

Today, I was reminded of a few experiences I had about Jesus.  They were within the last 15 years. 

1)  I was new to USA and had no idea or concept about Good Friday.  I was deep in meditation and I had a very clear and concise vision of Jesus.  Later that day, while driving I heard on the radio, it was Good Friday

2) The love of Jesus is beyond comprehension.  I was deep in Samadhi and saw the first encounter of Jesus with Judas.  What is not known is that even on the day Jesus saw Judas, he knew that Judas would betray him.  However, the love of Jesus was so intense that love became objectified – it was no longer an abstract or emotional feeling but had become a solid reality even in the gross physical world.  I remain immersed in that environment till my Samadhi was broken.  For the following few weeks, any thought of Jesus brought intense tears to my eyes!  I can say with certainty that Jesus was an avatar of Love!

The places where Jesus roams still vibrate with the divine love.  However, it is so amazing that inspite of all the love in those areas, it remains a source of many a violent conflict right now!  One can only imagine how violent a place it would be if Jesus had not roamed those areas and had not left the vibrations of love there.  If only the people living there could turn within and feel that love, all violence in the area would cease. 

Jesus forgave all those who crucified him.  However for Judas, his words were, “It would have been better for mankind if he was never born”  A warning for all those who betray!  It is not a sin that is looked upon lightly by God.  As per Yogananda, Judas finally achieved salvation 800 or so years later.  He was born again in India and was in Orissa near Jagannath Puri.  Even in that birth, Judas continued to have a strong love for money.  It had to be overcome before final salvation came to him.

According to Yogananda, during the missing 15 years (duration?) of his life, Jesus was in India.  There is a picture of him on the walls of Jaggnath Puri.

3) I have in the past mentioned my other encounter about Jesus.  However, I will recapture it here.  I had a fairly long and unbroken experience of his love.  He appeared before me but his feet never touched the ground.  His love and the light on his face and my own unworthiness (more on this later) made it impossible for me to see anything but his feet.  He started telling me a story where he guided a lost girl from danger.  She happened to be a Jewish girl who was lost and in danger.  She prayed ardently to God (her concept of the Jewish God, not Jesus).  Jesus told me how he affectionately guided her and got her out of danger.  I was perplexed a little. 

I asked, “But she did not pray to you!”

His answer, “Did she not pray to God?”  Then he transmitted without words the immense understanding, that no matter how someone prays to God, it makes no difference to him, he will help and answer.  This is very similar to what is said in the Gita, “Oh Arjuna, no matter how someone prays to me, in any form,  I accept his prayer and answer him”

My second question, “Why are there so many sects in Christianity?”

His answer, “Do they not all pray to God?”  Once again, without any exchange of words, he subsequently said, “I permit all faiths to exist because they all lead to me”  Once again, this is very reminiscent of the Gita.

My last question was, “When will I be pure, like you?”  Obviously, the time was not ripe and he disappeared with that question!  The level of purity Jesus had took several births.  As per Yogananda, in his previous birth or life, Jesus had already reached perfection as Elijah! Even in that birth, when it was time to depart, he had taken “akash Samadhi”, his body was seen to rise in the skies in a blaze!

4)I have had other minor visions of Jesus but none as profound as the above. 

This is all I can remember now.  Perhaps, more will come to me in the future.  These are all experiences in the remote past, burried now by many more current experiences.

General thoughts – how to talk with God

It is only the soul that can communicate with God directly  not the thoughts…
Thoughts are disorganized and thoughts have a mental impression or fantasy about how God is or maybe
 and we take our thoughts to be very accurate.
 and that is where all religions and sects in Christianity fight They have a certain logical or intellectual concept of God
 Even a slight experience or vision of God creates an immediate intellectual concept of God and the vision is lost.  We live in our concept and keep saying again and again I am righ because i experienced this but still it is an intellectual concept based on a very slight expereince
 Thus there are fights.
So the first step is to silence the intellect completely and then what remains is the pure spirit or soul.
which can commune with God but as a child we cannot even comprehend how can the soul commune with God without the intellect.
 It is like a fish asking humans how can human beings survive without being in water all the time.

Every soul is unique and has something wonderfully special to offer to God.  Forego all thoughts, forego all intelligence and let the uniqueness of the soul shine forth!

So one should meditate, learn to silence the mind.  Like Vivekananda said, Arise, Awake and Stop not till thy goal is reached! Or in the words of mother, Hasten slowly!  Or in the Bible, the harvest is plenty the laborers are few.  The labor being silencing the mind, impulses, fantasies, intellect etc.


I have always been very curious of what and how Gurudev helped Mataji at the time of her demise.  A book was written by Dahyabhai Patel when Mataji passed away.   Gurudev was disgusted with the book and he threw the book away.

The reason for his disgust was because the book had absolutely no information about passing away.  All it related was things that is seen by ordinary people describing the gross or physical world. 

2 days ago, Gurudev told me about her passing away.  What did Gurudev do?  This is a short recount of what  he did.  In Gurudev’s own words, the first thing he did was gatther her together – meaning her mind and prana was dispersed.  He brought all of her prana and mind together.  Then he had the prana go through the Sushumna and at that time Mataji immediately saw 3 great personages.  One was Ramakrishna Pramhansa, Ganpati dada and another saint, who I (I as in Bhavin) failed to recognize who had worn totally white clothes. 

The greatness of a Gurudev is in this ability. His ability to help anyone at the time of their departure and make the transition very pleasant and divine!

Vision of the Liberated Souls

A few days ago I had a talk with Pramodhbhai.  During the talk, I made a statement, the way Great souls perceive this universe is different from our visions.  I had a talk with Gurudev and he had told me that the light of the supreme never leaves the liberated souls, they constantly perceive the same light within and without.  As I was stating this, I had a question in my mind about the accuracy of the statment.  That night, I had confirmation.  As I slept, throughout that night, with eyes closed, all I could see was the light of the divine.  When I finally opened my eyes, I saw the same light lining the whole room, the bed, the linen etc. This gave me the confirmation about the accuracy of the statement.  Alas, for me the light did not last permanently!

The second discussion I had with Pramodbhai was how perfection in any of the Shad Sampatti (6 wealths as described by Vasishta Maharaj in Yoga Vasishtha Mayaramayana) can lead to perfection.  I related a story which is related in Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda.  There was a Fakir, who walked around naked always immersed in the divine.  He was totally oblivious to the fact that he was roaming into the tents of Muslim women.  The men were obviously very upset about it and they used their swords and severed his upper extremities.  All that the saint did was pick up his limbs and reattach them and move on! 

The moral of the story?  One should not be delighted by the miracle of the story how he was instantly healed but by the fact that a corollary of perfection of the Sampatti (wealth) of being content and remain constantly immersed in the divine all things are possible instantly.  One should keep working on clearing one owns fault to this degree!  

One more small fact. The saint was so immersed in God, that even his genetalia failed to develop – it remained infantile!


The greatest manifestation of Om or the holy Ghost as the Christians call it, is Hanumanji.  There never was and I suspect there will never be a greater manifestation.  He is the supreme ruler who effortlessly does all the work and is still alive.  Amazingly, Rama Bhagwan took samadhi, but his Guru Vasishtha Maharaj, his disciple Hanumanji and Ravanas brother Vibhishana are still alive. My guru from the subtle world, Vishnutirthji Maharaj told me a few weeks ago that his favorite verse in Sundarkanda by Tulsidaji was verse 54.  I have copied the meaning of the verses here.Each of these monkeys is as mighty as Sugriva (the king) and there are tens ofmillions like them; who can dare count them? By the grace of  Rama they areunequalled in strength and reckon the three spheres of creation as of no more accountthan a blade of grass. I have heard it said, Ravana, that the commanders of the variousmonkey-troops alone number eighteen thousand billions. In the whole host, my lord, thereis not a single monkey who would not conquer you in battle. They are all wringing theirhands in excess of passion; but the Lord of the Raghus does not order them (to march)…We shall suck the ocean dry with all its fish and serpents or fill it up with hugemountains. Nay, we shall crush the ten-headed Ravana and reduce him to dust.. Suchwere the words that all the monkeys uttered. Fearless by nature, they roared and bulliedas if they would devour.

This whole Shloka refers to the Hanumanji who is Om.  This is the universal prana which runs the entire universe and Hanumanji is the living embodiment of this universal prana.  The other ten million monkeys in the verse refers to the ten different kinds of Pranas in the body.  The ten pranas have tremendous power and under the supreme order of God (Rama), and the guidance of Hanumanji, they have the ability to destroy ego (Ravana).  The process whereby this happens is sucking the ocean dry (meaning sucking all the prana from the body and thus destroying all vices) and they fill up the mountain (referring to Sushumna).  At this time they have a very loud roar (which refers to one of the anahata nada) heard.  This is the sound of Om.  The word roar is used which is reminescent of the word used in the bible – Gods voice is likened to a thunder or roar.  It is the constant rumbling / roar heard as a symphony of music at the Agna chakra (or when fully everted – the manas chakra). 

This interpretation which I have given will be very difficult for anyone who has not experienced the manas chakra or the everted Agna chakra to understand.  To reiterate and speak in more plain words – at the Agna chakra, when one is fully surrendered with the ability to fully stay there without any reservation one begins to experience several things simultaneously.

1) A constant symphony of music that is very endearing.  At the apex of the symphony is a constant roar the sound of undifferentated Om

2) With more perseverance one begins to realize that this roar or soun is Shakti, the holy ghost, Hanumanji or the universal prana that controls and runs the entire universe.

3) This universal prana or holy Ghost runs solely at the Will of God. 

4) The best sadhaka has no personal wish but to merge his wish into the supreme Will of God. 

This is the beginning of Sankalpa Shakti.  This is the beginning of conquering dreams.  At this stage, one goes beyond certain Mantras or the automatic recital of certan shlokas or mantras. 



I tried to hide the fact I had eye glasses from Gurudev.  So, I made sure I did not wear my eye glasses or anything around him.  However, out of the blue a few days after I was with him, he suddenly said, if you do Tratak properly, you wont need eye glasses.  This was 25 years ago.  I still wear glasses and my number has kept increasing. 

This morning I was on my computer and suddenly, for no reason without eye glasses, my vision suddenly corrected.  It was about a minute but it corrected perfectly.  I tried to get back to the stage of  not needing eye glasses later but I could not do so.  What I did understand was that if only I could keep my eyes  partly focused within, then I would not need eye glasses.  Even as I am typing this, I can achieve this success partly. 

Samta is more and more stable. Situations, people which would be upsetting to me in the past are now neutral. I am more like a silent spectator not caring nor intervening but fully capable of changing it.  Reaching the stage of “gita” is now routine and easy.  This is the stage where “sankalpa” shakti truly develops.  This stage, when one wills it happens because there is no reaction from the mind or the intellect or even from the body. 

Again, I can understand how, one slowly learns to know the future.  The sequence per Gurudev in Muktashastra is as follows. First one knows the future.  First of oneself, then of the family, then of the friends and town and finally of the nation and world.  The reason for this sequence is that when one enters the Sushumna, our first encounter is the hidden emotions or chitta born reactions which we learn to neutralize and watch and as a result there of the future is revealed. 

Finally, the body is composed of 9 openings through which the soul departs.  2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils, mouth, anus and urethra.  Within the body there are 2 more openings one is called the tenth door and then above the Agna chakra is the elevent door which leads us to freedom.

The mind (continued)

We ended the previous blog in a rather gloomy and dismal way.  After all, who likes an existence where there is nothing to look forward to.  A situation where the mind wants nothing and has nothing to look forward to is quite depressing!

This is where the problem lies.  The soul is not the mind.  Any desire of the mind masks the soul.  Hence, when the mind is bereft of desire, can lie vacant and without any of the dualities, then and only then is our existence revealed.  Our existence as the soul, as the pure spirit. This pure spirit is ever joyful, needs nothing from the material existence and has a powerful power called the “Will” or “Sankalp”  Anything the soul wants, is materialized. But the changes the soul can make are restricted to its micro environment, not to the macro environment – the universe.  The power to affect changes in the universe lies only with God.

The previous chapter on the mind was the painful part of spirituality. The mind will resent and revolt against a situation bereft of desires.  The progress in terms of the kundalini here is, the dormant kundalini ascends upto the manipur chakra.  The progress from anahata chakra is the sunlit path (as stated by Sri Aurobindo and by Ramkrishna Paramhansa).   Moreover, the anahata chakra is the second stopping site for the sadhaka.  But this part of the ascent from anahata onwards is more of surrender.  Since the surrender is close to perfection, the sadhaka has no fear or worries.  God or shakti takes care of everything!  Isnt that a wonderful existence, where the sadhaka has joy / bliss and no worries?

It should be noted that it is impossible for anyone to stay in that state for long.  Everyone falls down while they live in the gross material world but, for someone who has reached such an exalted state, at the time of death, they valiantly go to the otherside never to come back to this existence!

The mind

There is a fundamental flaw and misguided concept in the mind. It is the erronous concept that anything in the material world will give pleasure or content. There is nothing in this gross world that gives pleasure.

If that is the case then why do we enjoy sex food intellectual discussions etc?  This is because of the wrong in born programming of the mind. The mind has already determined and said, this is what will make me happy and whatever that determination is, when it occurs, we are happy.  An alcoholic has already determined in his mind that drinking will make him happy and he keeps drinking. A vegetarian has already determined in his mind that eating meat is bad and if he accidentally eats it, he becomes unhappy.  

Thus the root cause of all this is the wrong programming in the mind about the pleasures in the material world will give me pleasure.  An advanced soul does not need to convince the mind with intellect that the pleasures of life are not worth it.  He automatically has it pre programmed that all pleasures in this life are worthless and he automatically moves towards God.  Let me emphasize, once again, ALL PLEASURES.  This includes the pleasure of spiritual discussions, intellectual thoughts (fantasies in reality), or the pleasure of even thinking one is spiritual.

For such an advanced soul, as per Swami Vivekananda, liberation is certain provided he finds a true guru.  This person already has the key to liberation – true Vairagya and all he needs is a little kindle from a true Guru and he will surely be free.

Bhagvada Gita

I have had a series of spectacular experiences some of which I have already forgotten.   However, some of the experiences I remember about the Gita are as follows

1) I was very fortunate to have the darshana of Krishna Bhagwana.  He started off with many many shlokas all praising his Guru.  He praised his Guru when he was Rama i.e. Vasishta Maharaj and his own Guru.  The shlokas were in sanskrita but as is typical in the Sukshma world, language is no barrier and miraculously I could understand all that was said. At the end of the shlokas, Krishna bhagwana told me these are the missing shlokas in the Bhagwada Gita.  The point being that in the entire Gita, there are no shlokas that praise the importance of a Guru.  The truth of the matter is the supreme cannot be reached without the grace of a Guru. 

When I told Dineshuncle about this, he praised our Gurudev very highly.  My gurudev only spent a few minutes with his Gurudev and reached the highest.  (I will explain this in more detail some other time).

2) A few days later, I had the extreme pleasure of having the darshana of Vishnutirthji Maharaja.  All advanced disciples have 2 Gurus. One guru for the gross physical world or sthula world and another Guru for the Sukshma world or astral world or subtle world.  At times the Guru maybe the same or other times it maybe a different Guru.  In my case, my Gurudev for the gross physical world is Sombargiri Maharaj and for the subtle world it is Vishnutirthji Maharaja.  For Paramhansa Yogananda, his gross physical world teacher was Yukteshwara maharaja and for the subtle world it was Lahiri Mahashaya.

Bade Guruji (Vishnutirthji Maharaja) was all joy, with a tremendous smile on his face and seated.  He did not have a shirt on but had a dhoti.  His face was beaming with the light of God.  His joy was very infectious.  This experience occured to me 3 days before Raksha bandhana in 2009.  Before I could say anything, he smiled and said, he will take me to the highest.  Even before the thoughts had fully formulated in my mind, he continued, yes, of course, I promise.  I promise to be bound till you reach the highest. (the true meaning of Raksha Bandhana).  His statement gave me great joy and pleasure.  The next question that passed my mind is, who is my true Guru.  Once again, he answered with a big smile on his face.  If your goal is to be somewhere at 7 am, can you tell the difference if your taken a certain distance by one person and the remaining distance by someone else? The goal is more important than anything else.

Lastly he asked me, do you know the Gita for a abhyasi?  I said no.  He said, the Gita for an abhyasi is Devatma Shakti the only book he wrote in English.  Then he told me to give this message to Pramodhbhai Jaiswal.  I immediately travelled astrally and gave the message to him. However, I intuitively sensed the message was not translated to the gross physical world.  I called him personally a few days later and conveyed the message.  I was surprised to hear from him that he felt he was stuck for the last 2 weeks and was looking for a book to help answer his question “there is tremendous joy in his meditation but what next?”.   At present, I am not at liberty to discuss a few more things on the matter.

3) In the Gita, there are many shlokas which praise the importance of Gita.  One of the shlokas, Lord Krishna says Oh Arjuna Gita is my divine abode!  Gita goes by many names, Gita, Ganga, Gayatri, Sita, Satya, Saraswati, Ardhmatra, Chidananda, Bhavagni, Bhayanashini, etc.  In the end Lord Krishna says, anyone who does the Gita Patha (studies the Gita) is liberated.

Gurudev always said this, but till I had the experience I could understand but not appreciate it.  In deep meditation, when one goes very deep, so deep that one is far beyond the sounds of the gross world, there are very subtle sounds of the atoms, that are constantly played within.  This divine music, is heard when one has full attention on the Agna Chakra.  These sounds, is the symphony of sounds, very melodious.  These sounds are the true Gita.  Listening to these sounds is the true study of Gita (Gita patha).  These sounds go by many names including Gita, Ganga, gayatri, etc. 

One more thing, one should not confuse the sounds of the initial meditation with the divine symphony which I am alluding to.  Nada or music is heard at 3 different levels.  1.  The sounds of the gross body.  2.  The sounds which occur from an intermediary stage which is heard easily but does not give any divine power and after a while becomes painful or not fun to hear.  3.  The divine sounds that come from the deepest atomic level.  These are the true sounds and listening to these sounds or nada gives us various Siddhis.  The true Gita is the sound at this level.

The word Gita itself means song.  The word Bhagvada means God so Bhagvada Gita means the divine song of God.  There is no other truer Gita than listening to the celestial music.  I am using words which have been used by Paramhansa Yogananda, one of my favorite spiritual guides.

Siddha Yoga April 5, 2009

I am getting more and more secure in going to the Sukshma world quickly. I saw today Shakti and usually see Gurudev regularly.

One thing, I am beginning to understand the way to becoming a Siddha. Siddha, when I use that term, it does not refer to merely having powers but a state of perfection. This is described in Mahayoga Vigyana and also by Vishnu Tirthji in Antarvithi (in the final chapter). This is the state where one is able to withdraw all body life forces from the body and pull it within. A person who has achieved this state is the only person who can take us to liberation.

This is what is to be done. It is quite simple. All you have to do is will it. When you will to go within, the prana automatically slows down, and is withdrawn from the body and starts going within! How amazingly simple ! Yet what happens is when we will it, several parts of our intellect, heart and even body make their own demands and their own vibrations prevents the divine will from taking us within. This is described very well by Sanatkumara when he started to teach the method of liberation to Narada muni. Narada was not happy by just chanting the name of God. He approached Sanatkumara and the gist of what he taught is as above.

The key process is – will it, the prana slows down and we go within. Every so often, I have noticed that as prana passes through Swadhisthana, the male organ enlarges. This occured to Muktananda but I am not sure what the significance is. I will write more when I am clear about it. Reading about his experience and significance can help but I prefer to learn the real interpretation from God.

All I can say, is this is the real beginning of Yoga. Until then, it is only preparation. Traditional yoga talks about Shakti Uthana or awakening of the Shakti. This step can only occur through the grace of a Guru and even though the grace of a Guru maybe there, until there is total surrender of the mind, intellect and body, this will not happen. Aurobindos entire yoga talks about cosmic shakti that is awake and descends in the body from the top. This is true but that shakti teaches us total surrender, prepares us for the awakening of the Shakti. For the moment that is ripe and perfected – the surrender, the results are instant and true Yoga or the ability to go within, the Siddha Yoga or you may call it Kriya yoga (kriya because it cuts off all prana from the body and goes within) begins.

I heard of another saint called Swami Ramananda. He passed away on April 15, 1952. He has a book called “As I understand”. I read the book and based on his words, he was Jeevanmukta.

One more thing, Gurudev told me that the awakened Shakti of Maa Aanandmayi was partial. She had her shakti awakaned by performing Seva to her Grandfather – who was a Siddha but no one knew about it! He also said about Aurobindo “Mane khabar che ke tya ketlo prakash aave che” meaning I know how much light he sees! Gurudev stayed within for months together. His status and enlightenment is beyond comprehension. However, he always acted so ordinary he deceived everyone! God bless us all

April 4, 2009

Today, it took me a little longer to go to the depths of yesterday. After all, yesterday was Ramnavmi. However, every step is a progress. I am getting closer and closer to be able to go to the Sukshma world at will and anytime. This ability opens up the Trikaal drashti. Before I got out of bed, I wanted to see the time. Instead of looking at the clock, I decided to look at the clock with eyes closed. I saw 7:45. I then decided to say the Hanumana Chalisa 11 times and then get out of bed. At that time, I turned and looked at the clock it was precisely 7:45. Not a big thing? but the vision to do certain things, at will is opening up.

In meditation, today, I learned the secret of how to make the final step to go to the subtle world. The art is to learn to forget this world at will. We can use a lot of different words for it, but it would merely be an art of mental gymnastics. Words that can be used is total surrender or to let go of any desire or attachment to this world. Once within, we curiously have the ability to manipulate different vibrations of this world. It is not a desire but just a will. You can desire all you want and some wishes will be fulfilled. However, when within, you will it and the rest follows. The inner vibrations, the truest of true vibration are present the second you go into Sushumna. These vibrations or the prana in the sushumna gives us the ability to see the subtle world, trikaal drashti or future foretelling, and control.
This final step, how to make it is hard to describe in words. An analogy is like the divine pulling us through a straw. For this to be done successfully, khechari mudra and jaalandhar bundh should be perfected.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, I cannot implore you enough, do not think you have entered or gone through the sushumna unless you can experence these very fundamental and basic things at will. The above description, I have given is a basic step. I have sadly seen a lot of people who are over zealously, sometimes driven by bigotry and other times by ego or the inability to confess the truth to others of thinking of tremendous spiritual progress, when truth be said, they were merely making preparations to go within and had preliminary rushes and experiences which foretell of great experiences to come if only one persists with utmost sincerity, diligence, faith and surrender.

The experience which I described earlier, (the one about Tejal aunties father, where I was on the apex of the tunnel, and death was averted), was a prelude to the current experiences. That experience cleared the path for me.

One more thing, I forgot to mention, a month or so ago, the Brahma randhra opened up completely. I had a tremendous drainage that occurred, dripping down the Ajna Chakra down through my nose. It occurred twice and since then, the path is open now without reservation.

I should end now. If anyone takes the time and effort to read through my things, will find pearls which may assist them in their progress. God bless.

April 3, 2009

Today, is Ramnavmi and chaitri aatham. Yesterdays, work day was long. However, in yesterdays morning meditation, I had Hanumanji sitting on my my head and I repeatedly had glimpsed of him.
Todays meditation was sublime. I have heard the flute before but never to this clariy. It was truly something that takes your heart away and you want to hear it again and again. With the sound of the flute, (the sound emanates from Swadhisthana chakra), there was immense peace and clariy. Just prior to starting of the flute, the experience of Muladhar was with “siddhi” of the Muladhar. “Siddhi” of the muladhar gives a very clear vision of the subtle world (in words of Sri Aurobindo, subtle physical). This is the place where events are transcribed before it happens and occurs before it becomes a reality here. Any changes that you visualize here, in the subtle physical, becomes a reality for this world. In other words, one gets the feeling of being “Vishwakarma” creator of this world. However, in the purest and highest sense, the only Vishwakarma is God.
In these experiences, I had the feeling of travelling through the tunnel.
On a few occasions today and yesterday, the vision of the third eye is slowly becoming habitual. Even while talking with others, I have flashes of events that are occuring or will occur. For eg. Dr. Asit Patel will get settled with his job problems by August. Debbie has eye problems and may become blinded.
Visions of the person I talk with, knowing they are upset. Eg, one patient while talking, I had the vision of his financial problems and the other patient about stress over job. These visions are becoming habitual and more frequent. They occur when staying in the sushumna, i.e. the consciousness or the reality of our spirit becomes stationed in the sushumna and stays there with ease and comfort. Just staying there by itself gives peace. A strong and powerful peace that can overthrow everything else.
This reminds me of an experience that occurred a few weeks ago. I saw Tejal aunties father. He had a “ghata” or a dark cloud of death looming over him. Strangely, I was on the other side of the tunnel, merged in the divine light with pure love and compassion. He was reluctant to come back to the divine light and I extended my arms and took him in my bosom. I believe this experience averted his demise. He is a pure person. I confirmed this a few days later. Tejal auntie told me his father had suddenly fallen sick 2 days ago. I have not seen his picture but I am certain it was him.
God bless everyone

April 1, 2009

Todays meditation was at a higher level. It was pure consciousness and in pure consciousness, there is simply awareness without I ness. This is the true witness, which is known as “saakshi bhava” The word has been very poorly understood and grossly misinterpreted by most people, making it a matter of convinience on their part, for inactivity and self congratulatory egotistic sense of pseudo progress.

In this pure consciousness, there is peace, a tremendous amount which has the power to overthrow and overcome any vibration of this world. A few months ago, a phrase came to me from the divine

“Defeaning sound of silence”

It will make no sense to most people so, I will elaborate. This is the experience of the vishudha chakra. As one is deep in meditation, there is a sudden loud sound like thunder which has the power to silence all other vibrations.

Sounds or nada, occur at 3 different levels. The most gross sound is that of the body and body functions, eg, breathing, heartbeat etc. They are the sounds of the Kauravas or “asura” Incidentally, the word sura means pleasant music and asura is the opposite. I must emphasize, that the disciple should never get stuck with these sounds, he or she MUST make a strong effort to go beyond these sounds, deeper in meditation.

The second level of sounds are the sounds which are the vibratory sounds of the activity of the mind, intellect, etc. They are more subtle but nevertheless, are helpful in taking us into deeper meditation

The third level of sounds are the vibratory sounds of the 5 basic elements. Very few disciples ever reach this level. They are sort of the “bija”. This is the level at which, one finally begins to have “siddhis” or more control. When one reaches this level, finally the lotus or the chakras (which are the nodes of consciousness) begin to turn over from downside to upside. In other words, the consciousness which keeps us bound and looking towards the world, finally begins to turn inside and upwards.

One final thing, a very clear perception which I had. Before the Gods were created, eg before Ganeshji was seen by the rest of the world, he existed as a bija mantra. This bija mantra is not recited but heard. And subsequently, he took birth as Lord Shivas son! This would explain why and how, as described in the Shiva Mahapurana, it is said that Lord Shiva prayed to Ganesh before his wedding. This occured before the birth of Ganeshji, i.e. Lord Shiva had a very clear perception of Ganesh as a bija mantra.

I talked with Pramodbhai today. I got confirmation that his difficulties have abated. Last time, I talked with him, I saw that his difficulties were to be lifted. I confirmed this and he said, yes for the last week his difficulties have gotten better. Pramodbhai Jaiswal, is very advanced. He has tremendously strong vibrations, mostly that from Neem Karoli Baba. The vibrations are not only strong but have a physical existence also. I have always been able to feel them, and I silently pray, every time I talk with him and I keep enjoying and absorbing those vibrations. I am very thankful to him for it.

I think I have said enough. I will hold off from writing more now! God bless everyone

March 31, 2009

Todays mediation was with ease. One cannot stay at ease in the higher self, as long as the lower forces keep pulling you down. When the lower forces, are cleaned out, sort of purged from you, they can no longer pull you down. You see the lower forces but merely observe it.

Interestingly, you realize that everyone around you is acting based on these lower forces. Often times, the lower forces are attracted by the wrong thoughts we harbor. This is why Patanjali stated, wrong thoughts carry the same penalty as wrong deeds. Wrong thoughts, attract the wrong lower forces and carry out ruthlessly, pain and anguish. However, these results are not seen right away but for an advanced disciple, the wheels of Karma are seen clearly.

Unfortunately, I am forbidden to talk about many of these karmic effects. This explains why many times the family and even cities and towns of great saints have suffered! They were unable to act with the proper love and respect for those great souls, and the results of their negative Karmic debt was ruthlessly carried out. This is stated very clearly in Maha Yoga Vigyana also. Lord Shanker has repeatedly stated, that someone who praises great saints, walk away with their Punya and anyone who hurts them, walks away with the sins of the saint (sins they incurred prior to becoming established in God).

One last thing, the power to read other peoples mind comes easier, in this state. It is like it is a natural extension of being in the higher self, unaffected and not pulled down by the negative forces!

God bless all

March 30, 2009

I tend to forget some of my spiritual experiences. Just a lot to recount. Today, while talking with Tejal auntie, I remembered that on Saturday, everytime I closed my eyes, the third eye would open and I could see different parts of different worlds! This happened quite frequently.

Well, the next 2 days were difficult. It was as if, I had entirely forgotten how to get to that state again! In spite of that, there was spiritual progress. This is what happens. Every so often, the consciousness gets covered up by differnt parts of Maya. Once, again, the consciousness has to try and struggle and wake up from those different coverings or Avaranas as it is said.

Ramkrishna Paramhansa used to say, it takes either 3 seconds, or 3 hours or 3 days to complete spiritual progress. The best sadhaka can do it in 3 seconds. The medium sadhaka can do it in 3 hours and the weakest sadhaka takes 3 days. I have always taken 3 days to overcome every covering or Avarana. However, these numbers can only be used when you reach the level of consciousness and you are trying to remove a covering or avarana. The 3 second rule can only be done by Avatars such as Yogananda or Ramkrishna Paramhansa.

So why did I not make progress on Sunday or Monday? The truth is, I did make progress but on the first day, i.e. Sunday, all of a sudden, I had forgotten how to open the spiritual eye again! Then on Monday, I remembered how to open it, but every naadi in my body, collectively would gather up together and at the Agna Chakra, resist any effort to open it, saying, “we are perfectly content with the way we are. Why make any progress? This is all ok.” I am not sure what is in store for me tomorrow.

To explain what is happening, to forget how to make progress, to resist any effort for progress is “tamas” guna. It resides either in the Agna chakra or Vishuddha chakra.

I believe further elaboration is needed here. The 3 gunas were created at the time of creation of the universe. They are present everywhere. The 3 gunas are present in the body, in the intellect and in the heart. They are present in varying degrees in all places. My current experience was an experience of tamoguna in the body.

One final clarification, which I start here but perhaps finish tomorrow. Different perfected souls describe the gunas, the same experience at different chakras. Is one more accurate than the other?

The answer is no, they are all correct. For eg, Yogananda has described the experiences based on consciousness. The different chakras when turned right side up, reflect experiences of the consciousness in different chakras.

Vishnutirthji Maharaja described the same experiences depending on where the eyes have accomplished “trataka” between the Agna chakra and Sahastra dala.

Gurudeve, described it based on where the prana was located.

Sri Aurobindo described the experiences based on where the different “obstacles” or “sanskaras” originated from.

So, what is really happening? We start off by keeping trataka in the eyebrow. As we get more and more secure in the eyebrow, eventually our consciousness gets uplifted and this is followed by pulling of the prana. As the prana is pulled up, there is a simultaneous pull by the sanskaras in the lower field trying to pull the prana and consciousness down.

I hope this explains the discrepency. This is better experienced! God bless everyone

March 28, 2009

Entry for March 29, 2009

My entry today will be short. I saw where Gautamkaka will be born again. At the age of around 4? He will impress everyone with his very strong spiritual propensity.
Yesterday, during meditation, I was able to experience my consciousness in the subtle world and this world simultaneously. Generally, our consciousness is always in other worlds and this world, but we are totally ignorant of it.
One can only say that we understand and follow the quote “Be here now” when simultaneously you are aware of yourself being everywhere here, in this world and in other subtle worlds.
The forces of the subtle worlds have a tremendous impact on this world, esp in terms of moods, suddenly creating lack of awareness and subsequent accidents etc.

March 28, 2009

Entry for March 28, 2009

It has been a long time since I have written on here. Mostly from laziness and the inappropriate habit of spiritual talks with others. One thing I have learnt, that no matter how often and how frequent and how sincere and earnest God or your own desire is to help and bring people to the path of spirituality or help them advance, unless the individual wants progress, NOTHING can help them.
I had a clear perception and vison of this. Once in my meditation, my consciousness was all over the state of consciousness and God said they are all under my protection. They will not be able to make progress unless they truly desire the progress. I will elaborate on it later.

Anyone who has read Yoga Vasishta Maharamayana probably remembers Vasishta Maharaj saying repeatedly, “I am saying this again and again on the top of my voice inviting and imploring everyone to follow the path of spirituality but Alas, no one pays heed! How sad and unfortunate” Even when Rama and Krishna came, very few took their help and took the path of salvation! I know realize that for the most part unless the individual wants progress, and the help is there, they cannot be helped.

The one exception is the will of the Guru. I do know that if any liberated Mahatma or any advanced spiritual disciple makes a will for someones progress, then that progress will occur. This will is independent of the desire of giver or recepient of the grace.

I have been tempted in the past to will for progress for some individuals. However, as I progress, my love for the individual prevents me from giving them what is best for them – spiritual progress. They have been given an individual choice and I will not and cannot interfere unless they freely and completely and truly want to progress.

That brings me to the second part, everyone I have talked with, on surface they want progress. But deeper down, in regions some known and some unknown to the disciple, most of their efforts revolve around protecting their ego, not for destroying the ego. How strange! Yet, in a higher sense, once you walk to the other side, there is no ego to be found! Yet, most disciples are actively and vehemently making efforts to protect their ego!

Anyway, this should explain my absence. I am writing these things for my kids. They will never know their father. Moreover, I was told by Gurudev to write my experiences so it may help others. I do not see anyone right now, who would benefit by my writing. Lastly, I have become bolder because of certain spiritual experiences and I am divinely directed to do certain things. Forgive me, if I offend the ego of the reader. However, without offending, nay destroying the ego, there is no salvation. God bless everyone

Yahoo question, answers

Some question answers from yahoo answers

Why Do we Get Bhang Parshad in LORD SHIVAS MANDIR?

In the past, perhaps Bhang was given.
The truth of the matter is, the entire tradition of walking in a Temple is an allegory. When we enter the temple, we take our shoes off, we sound the bell, light an incense and a “diva”. At the end of it, we take prasada!
Most people will not meditate. However, if only we apply our selves sincerely to meditation, then like we go to the temple and take our shoes off, first in meditation we must take all of our mental dirts out!. Then just as when we enter the temple, there is the bell, incense and “diva”, in meditation we can see the light of God, hear the bell and smell a divine fragrance. At the end of it, we get prasada! The prasada of meditation is the divine joy which is very intoxicating (Like bhanga!)
Where is the proof? Try meditating but first learn it from someone who has experienced it to this degree!


In Hindu Mythology, why is Lord Krishna always depicted blue in colour?

1) The sky is blue in color. The sky actually has no color but takes up the color of the ocean! God himself is vast like the sky and takes up attributes of how we perceive God to be!
2) There is a much deeper meaning to it. In Deep meditation, we often see a deep blue color. This is one of the 3 colors seen in the spiritual eye. It significance is that of cosmic consciousness. When established there, one can know all that happens in the universe! Krishna knew all and this was depicted by his blue color, showing he had conquered that!
Hope this helps!


Om omkara reciting makes a person’s body to generate fitness for meditation?


Om recital can be helpful if done with the right attitude.
Higher than reciting the Om, is to hear the Om. If you can find a real Guru, he can help you hear Om.
The purpose of reciting Om, is to awaken the shakti. Shakti can then take you to super consciousness.
A guru awakens the shakti for you, and you can hear Om. This would save you years of work. All you have to do, is then to hear Om and go into Superconsciousness.
Finding a true Guru is hard. He must not only be able to experience the superconsciousness, but give solid,undeniable proof of awakening your shakti!
Best wishes!


How do I meditate into a state of complete “relaxness”?

Everytime I meditate, it seems my mind seems to float of concentrartion. I’d be meditating and then I could be thinking about elephants or demons. How do I meditate so that I am completley relax and I can astral project?


1) Astral projection comes as a natural consequence of being relaxed.
2) If you think of astral projection you are not relaxed.
3) Relaxation should be of both mind and body
4) To imagine anything, including mountains, oceans, nature, is still imagination and an activity of the mind. Abandon them!
5) The mind has a natural tendency to waver. Our senses – ears, eyes, sensation, odor, taste all stimulte the mind and in that situation, it can never become fully silent! Any external stimuli will make it wander.
6) There are many techniques that help the mind not wander. Please email me if you are sincerely interested and I can reveal some secrets! But shortly, the goal is not to control or focus the mind, but the goal is to realize you are the astral self! It takes time but the trick is to go within and above. When you go within and above, you are seperating yourself from the surface chaos of the mind (the useless thoughts of animals, events, people) ! Slowly, when you learn not to get overwhelmed by the surface chaos, you learn that you are the astral self (no longer limited by the emotions, random thoughts etc)
There are other things that may help to speed up the process.The fastest way is with the guidance of someone who has mastered it!
Best wishes.


Where can I buy slaves as stated in the Bible?

Lev 25:44 clearly states that I can own slaves, so where can I pick some up? And for those of you who will not look it up, here is the verse: Both thy bondmen, and thy bondmaids, which thou shalt have, [shall be] of the heathen that are round about you; of them shall ye buy bondmen and bondmaids.
Since the God was written by God or is God’s word, etc then he has stated that it is ok for me to do this and God is perfect so the Bible can not be wrong. So please help me, where can I go and it obviously can not be illegal, since God says we are to have them.

Great question. The soul or spirit is free. It is surrounded by bondmen and bondsmaid. They are our brains, emotions, our senses! They are slaves to the soul working so hard for the pleasure of the soul! (read the paragraph again and think deeply). (of the heathen that are round about you…meaning you as the spirit not the body) and it assures us that we will have both bondmen and thy bondmaids (Both thy bondmen and thy bondmaids which thou shalt have)
Message me back if you have further question. I do have to say that your strategy was brilliant and your logic was perfect esp. in response to the retort about picking and choosing lines from the Bible! Hats of to you for your logic!

How would Jesus Christ feel about Muslims, how would he have regarded them if they were around in his own time

Recently, I met a pious man who told me his story. He had a question similar to yours.

Jesus appeared to him and was telling him how there was a young girl who was lost somewhere in the middle east. (The man was very poious and when Jesus talks he listened and did not question him for any details – the point of the story is how Jesus acts). The girl was not a Christian. Her faith was Judaism and she did not believe in Jesus. However, she called for help from the depths of her heart. Jesus appeared before her and walked the girl to safety.
The pious man asked, “But she does not even believe in you!”
Jesus answered, “Did she not pray to God?”
The pious man asked again, “Why are there so many different faiths and religions, all in the name of God?”
Jesus answered, “Do they all not lead to faith and love for God?. I permit other religions to exist for they all increase faith in God”
So, Jesus is aware of all the different faiths and all the atrocities. It is not that the religions are bad or wrong, it is the followers of any given faith are so ignorant that they misinterpret the religions and become fantatics in their own way – they have too much ego! They think they can understand the infinite wisdom and love of God by merely reading a book!

Why do people think the bible is the word of god just because the book itself says it is?


Is your question, why do people think the bible is the word of God or is it, is the bible really the word of God?

If your question is why do people believe the bible is the word of God, then it is a matter of faith. They support their faith by logic and repeating statements in the bible

However,everyone of any faith, generally make the same statement. For eg. they say that the Torah is the word of God and it is stated in the Torah.

So, after that it becomes a contest between religions. Well, your book is wrong because my God did this, this and this and that proves me right and my God predicted this (well, Nostradamus predicted a lot of things, that does not make him God), so the only true religion is my religion!

The object of the game is not to prove yourself right to anyone, but to increase your own personal faith! Strengthen your relation with God. If only, everyone strengthened their own relation with God instead of trying to prove their viewpoint and debating things, wouldn’t this world have more peace?

If your question is, is the Bible really the word of God, then one should look at it carefully. If one looks at the bible carefully, we find that it is a compilation of many different tales. In the tales we find some statements that came from Jesus and those statements can be taken as the word of God. Why would we consider a statement made by Judas (although it is in the bible) as the word of God?

However, it is said in the Bible that first there was the word and the word was God and the word was with God. Now, the Bible was compiled about 2000 years ago. So what was that word, that was first created even before the creation of the universe? This is very similar to the question which arises when one reads genesis. On the second day, God created light and then later on, he created the Suns and the moons. So what was that light he created before the creation of the Suns?

The truth of the matter is what is written in the Bible, Torah, Gita, Koran is not simple to understand. Gods infinite wisdom cannot be comprehended by the human mind. Everything that is said by Jesus is correct but we must expand ourselves to understand it, not try to fit the bible to our very limited understanding! Any effort that we make to understand what Jesus said, we are trying to fit it with our logic, experience and our knowledge of science! The knowledge of God is way beyond Science. Science originated from him!

I take a simple approach. My desire is not to understand the how and why of religion, nor is it to debate different religions. I willl do the one thing, that I can do and that is Love god with all my heart and all my might. If understanding religion is the way to God, then I feel sorry for those who are intellectually challanged for not everyone can understand equally. God does not want us to understand him, he just wants us to love him!

God bless us all!


4 Sadhakas, Four Yogas, Shakshi Bhava

Like I stated yesterday, the lowest form of Sakshi Bhava is where you split different parts of the mind into 2.

Based on this there are four different types of Yogas and four different types of Sadhaks

1) Mantra Yoga. Those sadhaks who cannot split their mind (either intellect or emotions) into two and silently observe the thoughts with one part of their mind should get the Mantra Diksha. For them, in time they will be able to watch their thoughts. At this point, inorder to progress further they will need another step the Laya Yoga.

2) Laya Yoga. With success of concentration of the Mantra Yoga, in time, we can silently divide our thoughts and mind and almost feel that the thoughts are external or superficial or foreign to us. Swami Shivomtirthji calls this Vichar darshan and some people erroneously think this is the Sakshi Bhava. There are some Sadhaks who make the mistake of thinking that the thoughts they are observing is the Sukshma or Astral body! The truth is the person observing the thoughts, is a little closer to the real consciousness.

However, inspite of being able to observe the thoughts, the Sadhak quickly realises that the thoughts are quickly taken over by emotions. Here, Laya yoga is helpful in stopping the emotions. In Laya Yoga, the mind is encouraged not to use mantra but to get absorbed in the divine sounds. With success of Laya Yoga, the sadhak will be able to observe his thoughts and emotions.

3) Hatha Yoga : One the Sadhak is able to watch the thoughts and he has success in Laya Yoga, he will be able to observe his own emotions. This is called Bhava darshana according to Swami Shivomtirthji.

At this point, inspite of being able to observe the thoughts and emotions, the Sadhaka is often overpowered by external forces. All of a sudden, inspite of having success, there is sudden loss in the power of observation. Not only that, he is unable to overcome some feelings like feeling tired, attacks of lack of concentration or comprehension, sexual desires, panic etc. The success of observing emotions and thoughts is merely restricted to the short duration of meditation. In order to have more lasting success and vanquish the 5 basic Kleshas (faults) as described by Patanajali, Hatha Yoga is important. The only branch of hatha yoga that I am eluding to is the Pranayama.

When I talk about Pranayama, I am not talking about holding the breath but I am talking of being able to hold the prana. This does not come overnight but comes slowly. In time, with practice, one is gradually able to clean some very basic source of all flaws. The reason why we have to constantly make an effort to watch the thoughts and emotions is because they have not been cleaned. With Pranayama, we are able to, with deep concentration, see the source where all the flaws of the emotions and thoughts arise from. There is a vast reservoir which is constantly feeding our emotions. This vast reservoir is the subconscient according to Sri Aurobindo. Patanjali called it the chitta. When we are finally at grips with the chitta, it no longer is an abstract thing. It has its own existence which can be seen, felt and observed.

Once, we are able to observe the chitta, finally, we have the ability to clean it! It is a long and slow process. This process occurs in the Muladhar! Once perfected, there are 3 things that we get. 1) Trikala drishti. The ability to see the past, present or future at will

2) Sayama prapti. The ability to seperate out from the emotions, thoughts and the chitta in a fraction of a second. This helps us achieve samadhi

3) Thought reading. The ability to read other peoples thoughts.

Finally, when pranayama is siddha, we are ready for Rajyoga

4) Rajyoga. This is the classic yoga which has been referred to in all the text books. In this part of the yoga, the sadhaka has perfected the above step. Now, he is ready for Samadhi. His prana is now able to ascend from the muladhar and then go to the Sahastrar and he is ready for freedom. Here, since the sadhaka already has Sayama, all he has to do, is focus his attention above and Shakti will automatically take his prana up. This is the way for all Siddhis!

Most disciples do not belong to any of these categories. A sadhaka ready for Rajyoga is extremely rare to find. A teacher is lucky if he finds more than 3 disciples ready for it! If the Sadhaka is ready for any given stage, as described in the books, the time for the sadhaka to go up each step is 3 years. Thus, success in Mantra yoga takes 12 years, Laya yoga takes 9 years, Hatha yoga takes 6 years and Raja yoga takes 3 years.

I myself have been struggling for 25 years. I have finally come into grapples with the chitta. It can be felt and seen. It feels like a thorn or an ugly seed haunting us! One must be very patient in cleaning this part. It took Sri Aurobindo more than 2 years of constant effort to clean it.

In between, I have had several experiences. One can have experiences like Samadhi in between, but it will not be constant, till the chitta is fully cleaned.

Om Shanti, Om Shanti, Om Shanti

July 31, 2007


This is a subject for real Gurus. Only a real Guru can fully understand it. However, for the disciple, there are many elementary things for them to know. Otherwise, a disciple seeing differences in the results often starts comparing things falsely.

I am writing this based on experiences. It is not based on intellect, logic, speculation based on reading books etc.

Some general information

1. Chakras : (pronounced like chair not shakra). The real chakras as described in the books of Yoga are in the subtle or astral body. However, when the gross physical body was created, it made some corresponding places to the subtle body. They are the plexuses. In other words, the plexuses and the chakras are 6 different places where the astral body and the gross physical body are bound. They are 6 different centers where our consciousness is bound to the gross physical body.

2. Awakening of the Shakti is done in 2 places. a) Outer – in the gross body in the plexuses. It can be awakened in any one of the lower 5 plexuses. When the shakti is awakened this way, there tends to be more of Kriyas, loss of consciousness does not occur till much later. Here the Shakti has to clear the external desire patterns first. b) In the inner chakras. Here the source of desire, which is synonymous with the inner prana, has to be cleaned first. Sadhaks, in this case have more experiences when the go to “sleep”. In this case, Pranayama becomes very helpful in guiding the inner prana (which is our desire).

3. Prana is very often misunderstood. Rightly so, because there are different pranas. Prana has nothing to do respiration. Respiration is the result of the effects of prana. Prana that is present in the subtle body is different than the prana present in the external body. When we do pranayama, our goal is to affect the prana of the subtle body not the gross external body.

4. When the inner shakti in the subtle body is fully awakened, it starts by pulling the prana in the subtle body to the Sahastra dala. As it starts doing it, when the mooladhar in the gross physical body is cleaned (cleaned by becoming devoid of any desires), then it starts pulling the prana from the Gross physical body also! At that time, the hands and feet of the gross body starts becoming pleasantly numb.

5. Experiences do not count as spiritial growth. They are merely prevues or milestones of progress. True growth, is growth of consciousness!

6. True consciousness is very deep, it is even behind the subtle body!

7. Scriptures talk about Saakshi bhava or being a pure witness. There are 3 stages to Saakshi Bhaava.

a). Lowest form : This is where we divide our mind into 2. One part of the mind observes the other. This can be done either with emotions or with the intellect. Preferably, it is done with body. The disadvantage is, it requires constant effort, it is dry and quite painful!

b). Medium : This is where we know that our consciousness. Here we see the emotions and intellect as something foreign to us. We are established in some peace. In time we realize, any interaction that we have with the mind or intellect and we loose the peace! It becomes a constant reward and punishment battle, till we learn to stay in the inner peace. This will never be perfected, till most of the desires present in the mooladhar are fully released. The mooladhar has a stronghold on the desires. It tends to pull us away, forcefully from our inner peace and brings us out to the outer world. Once, peace is established there, there is less of an external pull and then we can remain in peace much better. Yoga can only truly begin when this is cleaned. When it is cleaned, there is reversal of consciousness. We live within and then the body, mind, intellect are all foreign to us! This is the true beginning! Sri Aurobindo called it reversal of consciousness or coming out of the psychic. Other scriptures have called it differenlty as second birth or Dvija.

c). Highest. Once the medium stage is perfect, in time, we can see the world as if we are above and everywhere and the world is below us. This is the Christ consciousness or Kutastha Chaitanya.

I will stop here for now. The topis is endless

June 17, 2007

It is only when you reach the inner depths of the soul, that surrender is complete. The external self, is slow and reluctant to surrender.

The first step is to reach the soul. That experience is unlike anything. Once there, the surface external self eventually can be trained to learn the surrender.

The inner depths of a being, is the real self.

Once you reach there, you can understand what Ramkrishna said – prayer like a kitten! Until then, all prayers are like the monkeys baby.

The soul offers itself to the divine! That is true bhakti. Gurudev used to say, “bhajan gaava thi kadi bhakti kahevay nahin, bhakti no bheda ghano nyaro re” meaning, singing devotional songs is not bhakti or devotion. The secret of bhakti or devotion is very different.

Reaching the depths of the soul requires the attention be focused all the way in the back and above!

Many secrets were revealed but the long lapse in writing the blogs – I have forgotten them! I no longer remember the smaller steps needed to get there. However, it literally takes seconds to reach that stage.

Once there, in time, as the consciousness progresses, one learns to see and experience different worlds (Samadhi). One may loose external conscousness or may experience both worlds simultaneously!

Each experience in the other world has a different meaning and significance. Not all visions are materialized in this world

March 4, 2006

Keep peeling layer after layer after layers of the mind, till you reach the soul! (Swami Vivekananda)

When you reach the soul, there is just peace and joy.

When you reach the soul, you will understand the will of the soul is very different from the determination or will of the mind or intellect (which reeks of ego).

The longing of the soul for God is called Viraha. This longing of the soul is not the desire of the mind for reaching God

You can only understand the difference when you reach the soul.

The soul does not need the mind or intellect to manifest. It is there. It does not need any external circumstance to be happy either.

The great saints ever exist. They are eager to help and make the supreme sacrifice of leaving their permanent abode in bliss by coming down again and again to earth to help others

February 21, 2006

Spiritual progress is difficult. It is like walking on the edge of a sword. (said in the Scriptures and by Sri Aurobindo

February 16, 2006

The vital or desire has its own limited intellect, its own ego and its physical aspect. For eg. the physical aspect is the sexual desire. It only seeks satisfaction for its own satisfaction and not for the satisafaction of the body. (Sri Aurobindo).

When the vital or desire surrenders, it no longer insists on its own personal satisfaction, there is a sense of peace and relief. At this point, the vital either becomes the true vital or the true vital is revealed. (Sri Aurobindo). The true vital does not have ego as we know of it. Sri Ramkrishna Paramhansa said it great words. “Who knows how and where it comes from but once we return from the Brahman stage, the ego returns also. It is ok to have the ego of being Gods servant or the ego of knowledge or the ego of devotion.”

Most people mistake arrogance or the superfical ego (which comes from an extremely premature thought(acquired by reading orhearing)of having knowledge, devotion or being Gods servant.

The true vital and the sense in which Ramkrishna used the words of saying it is ok to have the ego of being Gods servant etc can only be understood, experienced and revealed when the vital or desire has surrendered to God and no longer insists on fulfilment of itself. What is the test to this? When the desire is not fulfilled, there is no reaction of disappointment or anger that the wish was not fulfilled. The vital silently, happily turns to God! At this point, most of the anger, sadness other qualities should disappear or be reduced substantially.

The biggest problem with all the spiritual discussions and reading spiritualbooks is that people may read it but their ego, vanity and in their haste to make progress, willingly, wilfully and often foolishly mistake a pseudo progress as the final, ultimate progress

February 8, 2006

Entry for February 08, 2006

A doll made out of salt took a dip in the Ocean! Ego is like the salt doll. Once immersed in the ocean of bliss (GOD) it no longer exists. It is that easy. Just immerse yourself in God. You loose yourself in God. That is why Yogananda said, in Savikalpa Samadhi you loose yourself in yourself (meaning the ego self looses itself in the bliss of G0d). You remain as pure consciousness without the I-ness.

True spiritual growth is growth of consciousness.

If an enlightened Guru tookand unlightened soul to Savikalpa Samadhi, you would not understand or appreciate it because the unlightened soul has not had any expansion of his or consciousness. Once immersed in God, since the consciousness is not wide enough the soul is not aware or able to appreciate the pure bliss of God.

This is why, it takes many rebirths before the consciousness is wide and awake enough to get immersed in God and enjoy the bliss.

We can see there are many things that prevent us from reaching that state. The constant activities of the mind, intellect or buddhi and the chitta, mask or keeps the true identity of the ego hidden. Once the 3 things, mind, buddhi and chitta is silenced (the prana is automatically slowed or not moving at all at this point), then the ego has a chance of getting submerged in God. This is why and how Yogananda has said in his book “The Science of religion” – attention is the great director. This is why, he, Yukteshwar Maharaja and my Gurdev have emphasized on Pranayama and Yoga and called it the most direct method of reaching God. Control the prana, and the mind buddhi and chitta are stilled and then you can direct your attention to God and get immersed in God.

The second thing that prevents us from enjoying that bliss is that our conscioussness is not awake (except in the Gross physical world) let alone grown. God is all around us and everywhere but we do not experience it. This growth of consciousness to experience God everywhere and all the time (like Ramkrishna used to say when asked by Vivekananda can you see God and his answer was yes….very clearly more clearly than I can see you) takes a very long time. For this to be fully established, one must have mastered Savikalpa samadhi to such an extent that he or she can reach that state in a second and at will.

February 5 2009

There is something very physical that turns over. The yogis called it turning over of the Kundalini and according to Aurobindo that is birth of the psychic. When this happens, we see yellow, green and white light in the upper part and black and red light in the lower half. The 5 lights, in yogic terms refer to the 5 tattvas.When this happens you dont see theforce but you are in the force. This is the beginning of Sayama. (from Muktashastra the description of Dhyana). At this point the breathing is down to 9 finger breaths.

Remember, acording to Patanjali, Chitta vritti nirodha iti yoga. Meaning being able to control the chitta is yoga. When in this force, when there is this reversal or turning over of the kundalini we finally have the force to control the chitta.This is no longer an imagination. This is the beginning of yoga. This very force can truly still the prana. Once the prana is stilled, the heart no longer has to work or beat. Once perfected, one can go in Samadhi – the body finally lifeless to the observer but fully awake within! This is not imagination but something which must be realized. At this time, breathing is down to 6 finger breaths!

Besides being able to control the prana, we finally begin to understand karma and the effect of karma. This is the beginning of Yoga.

A stage comes when the dream world is actually felt to be within you. Initially it is felt to be in your head!. The whole universe is within you and is within your head. (I do not mean this as an imagination or as a play of words). The world is within you but you are not part of the world! What a paradox! This is the meaning of Shiva linga puja! That is the stage where one can understand Shiva Manas puja – there is a line therein which says, Puja te Vishaya upbhoga rachana meaning prayer is to enjoy the wordly pleasures!

When in that stage, we begin to learn that all seemingly opposite statements are the same! For eg. God can only be reached by those who strive for him. God can only be reached by those who make no effort!

This force, this place, this reversal of consciousness, this new birth, whatever you want to call it is addicting. Once you are there, you want to go there again and again. It is intoxicating! It gives you a buzz, just like alcohol and drugs can do. It gives joy to the mind. This makes me wonder, was the person who wrote Star Trek Generations – the movie about Nexxus was he inspired?

Meditation – intoxicating

When you go deep in meditation, it becomes intoxicating. Just like there is something intoxicating in alcohol, when you go deep in meditation, you have a similar effect of intoxication.

There is something quite physical that reverses when you go to the spiritual plane. Everything changes and you are experiencing the world from inside out

More ideas on meditation

There is a state in meditation when the sounds you hear disappear !

People generally think meditation is concentration or focusing your mind on something. This is one method of yoga but it is a slow process.

The mind cannot reach the divine. The soul, which is a ray of the divine can. The soul can concentrate on the divine. So, for spiritual progress, the first step is to realize you are not the mind. This step means not to use the mind to concentrate but to merely expand your consciousness, observe the mind. Once you realize that you are the soul, you have the option at this point to choose between observing the divine or the maya. This is the beginning of meditation. The soul can naturally and constantly remain submerged in the divine but it takes years of practice to be constantly aware or realize you are not the mind but you are the soul.

Everyone has desires. It is our attachment to desires that is binding us. Learn to let go of the attachment of the deisre and God will get rid of the desire. We enjoy our desires and are unwilling to let go of it. eg. if someone were to come and say, “I can bless you and from now on you will never have sexual desires or enjoy eating food anymore” we will immediately object to that blessing.

According to Patanjali, Sayama is the ability to merge all 3 things (eg. observer, observation and object) merge into one within a second! Gurudev could do this at all times!.

According to Aurobindo, Nigraha is suppression or not fulfilling the desire. In this case, the attachement to the deisre is still there. In Sayama, you not only do not fulfil your desire, you also let go of the attachment to the desire. You deny the desire it self (not suppress it). For eg. if you like Pizza, in Nigraha you choose not to fulfil the desire. In Sayama, not only do you not eat the pizza but you let go of the desire for pizza itself. Be careful, that you do not delude yourself into believing you are practising Sayama out of ego. To practice Sayama, requires a total surrender to the Divine


Some definitions and Pearls

These definitions are from my Gurudev and Dineshbhai bhatt (who is like a Guru to me).

1) Alakh : That which cannot be written. A meaning no and lakh meaning write. The experience of merging in God cannot be described or written about.

2) Niranjan : Spotless. Nir means without and anjan means spot. God is the only one without any blemishes of fault.

Gurudev used to say, to merge in God, the Antahkarana has to be spotless. Not a single blemish is permitted there.

3) Anahkarana : Anta : inner and karana is actually a misnomer (changed over times) from kirana meaning light. This refers the the light of the inner consciousness. If you read the upanishadas, they say that the mind (maana), intellect (buddhi), chitta and ahamkara (ego) make up the antahkarana

4) Niradhar orAnath : Nir meaning without and adhar meaning support. A means without and naath meaning someone who will take care of you. The only person without support is God. Everyone else, whether they realize it or not has the support of God!

5) Abhay : means fearless. The only person who is fearless is God. To be fearless one must be fully established in God. Everyone else has fear in many forms.

6) Baavo: There are 52 letters in the alphabet (Sanskrit). One who is beyond the 52 letters of the alphabet. Only God cannot be described.

Om. This word cannot be truly pronounced. We can merely mimic its pronounciation

Simple ideas for spiritual progress

To clearly understand one owns fault by itself is spiritual progress. However, this understanding must be precise and clear.

Liberation is not possible without a Guru.

A disciple cannot understand many of his experiences. Progress is always there (especially true if you have a liberated Guru) but the experience can be best understood and explained by the teacher. For eg. Spiritual experiences often occur in sleep. The disciple may think it is a dream but in reality, they are experiences in different spiritual planes.

Meditation is easy. All that is to be done is to observe (and allow)bwhat the awakened shakti does. Awakened shakti is recognized as either light, sound or a force. This simple equation means complete surrender and to give ones heart completely to the Divine and let her do what she thinks is right. This is stated in the bible as Man should love God with all his heart and all his might. (Might meaning with all his prana). Complete surrender means every part of the being (heart, intellect and physical body).

Prana and desires are generally mixed together. Pranayama helps seperate out prana and desires. Once that is successfully done, it becomes easier to not let desires interfere with the surrender during meditation. Desires are more difficult to relinquish outside meditation.

There are many secrets known to the enlightened souls but they keep them from us in our own best interest. The mind can be very imaginative and knowing certain facts, it can project an image which is still an imagination of Para brahma and not Para Brahma itself. That is why it is advised to meditate more and read less. Just follow the very few basic rules and you can reach the goal.

January 28, 2006

Growth of consciousness is more important than growth of intelligence.

Intelligence or what we call brain is essentially stupid. It limis us in seeing things based on logic and processing of the impulses from the gross senses.

Growth of consciousness is a more direct way of knowing things. It sees or understands or hears things in a more direct fashion. eg. It can receive or hear things from miles away or understand emotions without even seeing or hearing the person or looking at the face or can see things happening at a distance.

Aspire for growth of consciousness and abandon all attempts to understand the how and why! (This step of understanding how and why is essential initially. But after a certain level of progress it is a hindrance).

January 27, 2006

Pearls – Entry for January 27, 2006

The light that you see is not only light but is also a force and knowledge. When you see the light from outside, you cannot understand this. You have to be in the spiritual plane, realize the light from within or be stationed within or be one with the light to a greater degree to understand this. To be within is the beginning of the “Sankalpa” shakti.

Gurudev said, “After you do Sankalpa, do not do Vikalpa” Vikalpa is the negative thoughts or doubts that arise in the mind.

The light becomes stronger, brighter and deeper when you are stationed within

Yellow light turns to deep orange when you are stationed deeper within!

The biggest and worst effect of bad karma is to cover, hide or bury the consciousness. For eg. A very smart person may suddenly forget something very fundamental. His karma made his consciousness get covered by darkness and make a mistake. Remember, awakening of the consciousness is spiritual progress.

Once merged in the light of God, many karmas are destroyed.

More the consciousness remains awake, one can overcome some karmas. Not all karmas can be overcome. (read Yogananda’s book on Karma – The wisdom way to overcome Karma).

A guru when he awakens the shakti of a disciple, he awakens the power, force in the disciple, instills the new consciousness and gives his light. As a result of this, the disciples karma is taken upon by the Guru. This often causes illness in the guru. It may cause his own consciousness to get covered in darkness (or at least not remain in the same light and awakening as it was. This occurs because besides karma, sanskaras are transferred also). He will have to work to overcome the defects. This may take days. There is a very good example of this. It occured to Swami Shivohum tirthji. He once gave diksha to a hysterical woman. Immediately, his consciousness was covered with the same hysteria and he was not able to walk. This was not a stroke but just that the womans mental hysteria got transferred to Swami Shivohum tirthji. Here, not only was the karma transferred but the Sanskaras of the disciple was also transferred. This is why, it is important for the disciple to stay and do Seva to the Guru after diksha.

Central Process of Yoga

The following is ancopy and pasteof things I wrote over the last year.


The central process of Yoga.



There are many different paths that take us to God. Everyone follows a different path to reach God. However, in spite of differences that are perceived, it is my firm opinion that all paths – although to a superficial observer seem different – in reality they have more common concepts than meets the idea.


The person who follows the path of Wisdom or Gyan makes the claim that liberation is only possible with knowledge or gyan. According to the path of wisdom, the soul is encased in 3 bodies – Sthula or gross physical body, Sukshma or subtle body and Karan Deha. One may read volumes after volumes of this knowledge but it does not help one bit unless one has the perception. The true Gyani is one who has an accurate perception of this. Without this perception, the knowledge is a mere theory and does not lead to liberation.


The person who follows the path of Bhakti places emphasis on the love for God. The biggest mistake they make is in their own concept of love. Love is unconditional. Swami Vivekananda has described the concept of love in great detail. Most people who follow this path have a very selfish motive in their Bhakti. The lord only wants the true love. Love that is for loves sake. There should be absolutely no personal motive at all. Moreover, in most cases, the love is usually is at an emotional level, at the level of their mind. The mind is ever wavering and cannot be the true source of love (at least initially). However, the true desire and love for God is inherently present in the soul. Unfortunately, this love is covered up by the intellect, passions of the mind and ego.


It should be quite clear by now that the central process in any of the above is to identify or realize ones identity. Most people when asked who they are, they identify themselves with their body and emotions or intellect or a combination thereof. They are wholly ignorant of the soul or the inner consciousness which is present.


The entire human consciousness is far more complex than meets the eye. According to Sri Aurobindo there are many facets to the human consciousness. There is an outer consciousness and an inner consciousness. Most people are unaware of the inner consciousness. What we generally call as consciousness is the outer or surface consciousness. This outer consciousness can generally moves from the outer gross physical body or intellect or emotional / desire + ego level. As one makes the transition from the outer to the inner consciousness, we slowly realize that just like there is the outer physical, outer intellect and outer emotional consciousness, there is also an inner physical consciousness, inner intellect and inner emotional consciousness. The inner emotional consciousness corresponds to the chitta described by patanjali. Collectively, the inner physical consciousness, inner intellect and innter emotional aspects are called the subliminal body. This subliminal body is NOT the sukshma or subtle or astral body. The subliminal body is still part of the outer consciousness.


One of the methods to make progress and to realize the differences in the human consciousness, Kapila muni and the sankhya philosophy have given us the method of being a witness to the thoughts and emotions. This method has also been described by Swami Shivohum tirthji. By merely being a witness and not participating, eventually we become aware of the inner intellect and inner emotional aspect. When we succeed in doing this, we are still at the outer consciousness but observing our intellect and emotions from the inner intellect and inner emotional level. Since it is still at the outer consciousness, the mind can tire while observing and it takes effort to be a witness.


Generally speaking this witness attitude starts at either the intellect or emotional level. A few rare souls have this spontaneously at the physical level and they naturally see the outer world from the inner physical consciousness. Edgar Casey in the 1930s was a psychic. He was generally established in the inner physical consciousness. This gave him the ability to see auras around people and go into a trance. However, this trance is not the trance of Samadhi.


This progress, of being able to take the witness attitude is still a prelude to the deeper witness attitude at a much deeper level. As the surrender to Shakti grows deeper and stronger and rejection of more and more desires becomes habitual and the desire for God becomes stronger, one begins to live at a much deeper level. Once this happens, the whole picture changes. One is no longer observing from outside but one is observing the outside from within. The intellect and emotions seem as if they are not yours but belong to someone else. When desires arise, it seems like an attack from the outside. Thoughts also seem like they belong to someone else. It is at this stage when yama and niyama actually become a possibility and not a dream. This is the stage which is described in the bible as born again and this is the stage which is called Dvija (dvi means second and ja meaning birth). Without this stage, no one can make any progress in yoga or meet god. It is only after this stage begins that one can be called a yogi


During meditation, this stage starts by a pleasant sensation of numbness in the entire body. When this happens, the outer consciousness is retiring into the inner consciousness. It is also associated with immobility and heaviness. Moreover, one becomes aware of a sudden silence and although the mind maybe active, the soul very silently observes it but does not care. It makes no attempt to intervene. Often times before this silence is reached, the mechanical mind (eg songs or bhajans) suddenly crop up as may certain desires. The only way to overcome this is by a very strong desire for God. This strong desire is the will of the Jiva or purusha. Later this silence becomes calm and then into peace.


Up to this point one is still under the realms of Maya. This point by itself is the junction between Maya and the Divine.






This inner core person is the first step in progress. However, this cannot be achieved unless there is significant purification of the mind, the intellect, the ego and several desires have been relinquished. After this initial unveiling there is still a great chance of falling down because one is not anchored in the divine. That anchoring, is known as Nirvikalpa Samadhi by Paramhansa Yogananda and Sahaja Samadhi by others.


The separation of the inner core from the the outer consciousness can occur initially in one of three places – the gross physical body, the sukshma sharir or subtle body or the karana body.


The inner core is in direct contact with the divine. However, this is entirely unknown to the external mind, emotions or ego and the inner self is unable to exert its influence. If there is Shaktipata, then the inner core is able to directly influence the external mind, emotions and ego and help in the cleaning process. This is the method which was used by Swami Muktananda and By Yogandra Vigyani of Mahayoga. It usually started in the physical body. They often times gave a Mantra Diksha (which involves giving a Jagrat Mantra) and this allowed the inner core to exert an influence on the external. This process is called Siddha Yoga or Maha Yoga.


The method employed by Paramhansa Yogananda, Sri Aurobindo and my gurudev was a dual process requiring an effort on part of the Sadhaka and also a partial awakening of the inner core. This awakening was started in the sukshma sharir or subtle body. Every time, Gurudev pressed the Nadi of the Sadhaka, the sadhaka would go into a trance. With every trance, there was significant strengthening of the inner core. A strong inner core is then able to exert an influence on the external mind, emotions or ego.


No matter how the Shakti is awakened, it is of paramount importance that the Sadhaka make the effort of relinquishing the desire and patterns of the sanskara. The sadhaka CANNOT purify the mind or emotions. The only thing he has is a choice. He can choose to live with the desires and sansakra or choose the help of the divine to purify and release him of the desires.


This process is very difficult. In the normal day to day life, the sadhaka is aware of his desires and he continues to live with it. When he tries to walk on the spiritual path, he gets the notion of relinquishing desires. It is at this time, he begins to understand that he is very attached to his desires and wholly unwilling to give up desires. This is the only step for which a Sadhaka has a choice. He has to make the conscious willing choice of wanting to give up the desires.


The unveiling of the inner core, as stated earlier, requires that one becomes more conscious of ones inner self and less and less conscious of the external. When ones consciousness changes from the external and is more in the internal or inner core, then it is called Dhyana or concentration. At that time, the whole world appears differently. Normally, what people call as meditation is merely something in which the external mind is trying to focus on something. Since, the mind (99% of the time) can only focus on the external, it is merely a game in which the external mind is concentrating on something external.


So, how does one change from the external consciousness to the internal consciousness. The help of a Guru is a must. There are 4 steps that are essential in the process.

First, is concentration at some point on the body. It can be either on the apex of the head or the Agna chakra or the Anahata chakra.

Secondly, this has to be accompanied by total surrender. Nothing should matter except God at that time and one should allow Shakti to do as she sees fit.

Third, one must relinquish all attachment to desire and merely observe without interacting or engaging with any thought or desire or feeling of eg.

At this point, a hidden desire may emerge or the mind may start some sort of song, bhajan or kirtana. It is the mechanical mind, the last resort the mind has.

Fourthly, the only way to overcome this mechanical mind or the desire pattern is to strongly and positively want God. It is at this step, that one can actually demand God help because the soul is nothing but the child of the divine. This demand is independent of the activities of the mind, desire or even ego. It is not associated with any thought that one is better than the next individual but just that I am thy child and I want to be with you.


Abhayasa is the practice and implementation of these steps. Pranayama is helpful in making the mind more stable. Kevala Kumbhaka or Kevali pranayama is the best but very difficult to achieve. Bhastrika pranayam is helpful in achieving this. Again, true pranayama DOES NOT involve holding the breath although the breath is automatically held in the process. In kumbhaka, the movement of the prana is very slow or stops automatically. This slow movement of the prana can occur independent of the breath and that is what should be achieved. The slower the movement shushumna is spontaneously opened and the prana can then begin to ascend.


When one starts making progress, the sadhaka begins understand the complexity of the different facets covering the soul. As stated previously, we have the intellect or buddhi, the emotions or vital covering, the physical body and the ego. They are each separate entities and they are called different tattvas. They have their independent existence and each part has to surrender completely and unconditionally to God. When the Sadhaka starts to have knowledge of the tattvas and the purification of the tattvas starts the Shakti is said to be awakened in the phase of Kalavati. (There are four stages – Kriyavati, Kalavati, Varnamayi and Vedhmayee).


In the Vedas, there is a detailed description of Panchikarana. It is a description of the different tattvas mixing up with the other tattvas and forming a total of 25 other tattvas. Eg, The earth element is divided into four parts which mingle with the other 4 tattvas and one part remains as such. This whole panchikarana table can be found in any of the traditional Vedas.


The result of such a panchikarana is evident in the different tattvas we described above. The buddhi or intellect does do the function of thinking but it has its own ego, emotions and physical aspect. Moreover, it has its own limited consciousness. The same thing occurs with the emotions or vital, the physical body and the ego. This why although the intellect may surrender and accept God, but the emotional aspect fights and refuses to surrender. Again, this emotional and intellectual discrepancy is what causes the greatest anguish. Many examples of this can be sited. Most Sadhakas understand the necessity of giving up attachment to the pleasures in life, the necessity of not being spiteful and to love everyone. However, when it comes to practice most of the fail This is because although there maybe some surrender at the intellectual level, the vital or emotional aspect fights the surrender, fights the relinquishment of desire tooth and nail. This is why, even for those who do not do abhyasa still have problems of their own – eg the alcoholic, the addict etc – may understand the necessity of giving up the vice but cannot give it up.


This transformation of the different elements or tattvas has to be achieved before one can make decisive progress and get the Siddhis and liberation. It is a long and slow process and takes several births. The process can be hastened if the Sadhaka can simply understand that all he or she has to do is silently observe Shakti doing what is necessary. No ego (that he or she is special or the vanity that his Shakti is awakened or the ego that he understands the process), No emotional reaction in the vital (no feelings of happiness, thrill or even satisfaction), No intellectual processing (of this is what is happening and this will happen next etc) – just observe without any reaction. Once, this is fully accomplished, Shakti can do what is necessary unhampered. This is what is described as calmly observing or some call it patience. Without this, no progress can ever be achieved.


Once this is achieved, the Sadhaka can experience Shakti working in many ways. It can work and deliver joy or the force can start working to hasten the cleaning process or give knowledge or by giving peace. However, in the early stages, the Sadhaka may have glimpses of joy or knowledge or peace but it gets so mixed up with the ego principle and the vital – emotional aspect and intellect that the true effect is not recognized. His own ego is ever so ready to get mixed with it that the result is lost and the effects are only felt intermittently. When Shakti works and delivers its force, the Sadhaka often feels he is strong enough to do miracles, crush a stone or overthrow anything or anyone. This is just a manifestation of the vital or emotional aspect displaying its own ego and wanting to use the force for its own selfish reasons.


The complete awakening of the Shakti is means all that the inner core or inner consciousness is completely liberated from all 4 aspects of the external consciousness. These four things are the intellect, the vital or emotional aspects, the physical consciousness and the ego principle. Once liberated from the external consciousness, the Sadhaka walks around with the sense of freedom. Once a Sadhaka is in this state, meditation becomes effortless. He begins to have glimpses of the various forces that interact in this play. The 2 forces are the divine forces and the forces of prakriti. The Sadhaka begins to realize that his perception is no longer restricted to the 5 senses. He can feel or perceive things in a different way, through the inner consciousness. This perception is far more accurate and reliable than the gross methods which rely on the senses, intellect and emotions. True yoga begins from the complete awakening of Shakti i.e. from this stage. Liberation is still far away but the true process has begun. His decision making tree is very simple. No thoughts, no emotions, just look within and follow the unerring guidance of Shakti. Mistakes occur from not being firmly anchored within. A person is said to be awake when he reaches this stage. He is calm and the correct terminology in Gujarati is Swastha – meaning established in oneself. He is called Dwija – meaning dwi – second ja meaning birth. The Christians call this born again

January 24, 2006

Entry for January 24, 2006


A common misunderstanding and misconception is the presence of the lotuses or chakras in the human body.

The lotuses and chakras do exist. They exist in the subtle body. The soul has 3 bodies. The gross physical, the subtle or sukshma body and the causal or Karana body.

There are seven chakras. They exist in the subtle body but there is a corresponding part in the gross physical body. The lower 5 charkas are different seats where the subtle body is bound to the gross physical body. They chakras also correspond to different places where the consciousness is bound to the physical world.

The chakras face downwards. As one progressively has a greater awakening of the consciousness, the awakened shakti opens the chakra and turns it upright.

The order of opening the chakras varies according to ones method and depends on ones Guru also. It is my belief that if one follows the method of Knowledge, Agna chakra opens first. In Bhakti yoga, it is the Hridaya chakra. In the tantric method, it is usually from the Muladhar.

No matter what method you follow, they all require one essential thing – awakening of the Shakti

January 15 2006

Entry for January 15, 2006

The forces of Maya (or you can call it asuri forces or Satanic forces) will bombard the individual constantly. These bombardments become stronger when one has advanced considerably spiritually. Although they can weaken and affect the external personality, there is always something within which remains calm, collected and unmoved. Inspite of this and this knowledge, it is difficult to bear the adversarial forces.

Consciousness and Evolution, January 14 2006

Entry for January 14, 2006

Darwins theory of evolution is true but only explains the progession in physical terms.

There is simultaneously a progression of consciousness. The material world was not conscious.(Annamaya kosha according to the upanishads).

Later, the tiniest of molecules formed together forming the simplest of organisms. Their consciousness was limited to interaction to the immediate surroundings for food and reproduction. Slowly this evolved into plant life. (Pranamaya kosha).

As evolution progressed animals developed. They not only were aware of the surroundings but had a mind of their own. Intellect was limited but emotions abounded. (Manomaya Kosha)

Later, evolution progressed into not only emotions but to a thinking intellectual mind. Apes and humans. (Gyanamaya kosha).

The final stage of evolution is the Anandmayi Kosha or the kosha of bliss and happiness. This step is the spiritual progress.

However to go from Gyanmaya Kosha (human) to Anandmaya kosha (divine) , the human has to conquer in himself all of the other koshas – the annamaya, pranmaya, manomaya and gyanmaya koshas.

Darwin only looked at the physical side of progress. The vedas and upanishadas looked at the same phenomenon from the side of consciousness. It is true, that when you truly make spiritual progress, you are no longer dependent on the mind or intellect. They are as if vestigial organs to the advanced being. His mode of knowledge is the divine.

Slowly as his divine consciousness begins to unfold, he is more and more aware of divine secrets. He no longer relies on books for his knowledge. He realizes more and more, that he no longer needs the body for his own existence. Even thoughts and emotions are no longer part of him. He is the soul, the jivatma. In time, he realizes that he was always there, the silent witness to the entire creation. He realizes he is outside the body and everywhere – the atma.

Yet all this is far away from Paramatma or God. It is a step closer to God but yet far from the divine.

(references : God talks with Arjuna by Paramhansa Yogananda and Sri Aurobindo – The integral yoga).

This change in consciousness, where the person is no longer identified with the emotions, intellect or body, but remains identified is the true meaning of being born again. According to the Bible, “Verily, Verily, I say unto thee that unless a man is born again, he cannot enter the kingdom of God”. This is the true meaning of being born again – birth of a new consciousness where you are the observer – no longer identified with body or thoughts but merely observing. Even the thoughts that occur are foreign to you. You are no longer thinking but thoughts seem to come from an unknown source and come from outside of you! In Hinduism, this is also called as second birth – Dvija. Dvi meaning second and Ja meaning birth (in Sanskrita). (ref: bible and by Sri Yukteshwara).

Birth of the second or real consciousness can only occur with awakening of the Shakti. There are 5 manifestations of awakening of the Shakti.

1) Seeing the light of God or hearing sounds “Nada”

2) Feeling it as a force which can make the body perform various actions – “kriyas”

3) Feeling of silence which gradually changes to calmness and then peace

4) Appearance of Knowledge

5) Birth of the true consciousness. This, in my opinion is the highest manifestation.

Oh reader! Dont be in a rush to assume that you have the highest manifestation. That rush comes from ego and a very uncontrolled emotion (vital as called by Sri Aurobindo). Many people who meditate think they are in that state – the state of silently observing. When you are truly observing you do not think you are observing. You observe without any thoughts. Thoughts are outside you occuring to someone else! This power of observation is not only restricted to thoughts but should extend to emotions and eventually the body also.

For everyone !

These blogs are meant for those who seek Guidance in the spiritual world. They contain pearls and if taken seriously, it will help everyone continue to progress without having any self imposed block by imagining that they have reached any high level.

I am tempted to write, God bless…but who am I to say God bless? I am but his humble servent, no the servent of his servent! I have nothing to offer to God except myself. When I say myself, I refer to the soul or spirit. In my opinion, that is service to God, that is love for God, that is humility, that is wisdom, that is Gyana, that is Bhakti, that is Mantra, that is the only Yoga.

Humbly His