*Ignorance makes fun of intelligence*

*Robert Goddard* is the *Father of space travel

In 1920 he published a paper of space travel and travel to the moon

*New York Times* humiliated him and mocked him.

Goddard passed away in 1945. First space travel occured in 1947

New York tines apologized for making fun of him in 1960’s

Long live journalism and the tendency to mock that which our intelligence cannot grasp

The same is true in spirituality. The highest of high can accomplish anything. Including creating an entire universe. There are many like that

However they remain hidden and can never be found till we reach that state

A story

There is a mountain that needs to be climbed. It is called Giri There were millions of people trying to climb it. They all had a luggage of a 1000 kilograms / pounds with them. They went to a guide for information. The guide took money from them. A lot of money. And then showed them drawings of the top of the mountain. Told them, see I was there ! Now you can go there too Just close your eyes. And see that picture in your mind !

And all these people were incredibly happy. Self congratulated themselves


Climbing the mountain is learning the skill of meditation. The guide is a fake guru who has a fake drawing / imagination of what the top of the mountain is like. And shares it with everyone for money. And now he has millions of successful followers

The mountain Giri remains unclimbed!

There was one person who did not join the group. He instantly saw the stupidity. And refused to join the millions.

Part two to follow , maybe

Death ?

So in Hinduism there is no death , maybe

The soul exists and will continue to dream the existence of a body. Once the body is no longer suitable it leaves it and dreams up a heaven or hell and then another body

This is perpetual and the conditions of the body can change. For example if the world becomes too hot , then the structure of body can change and the soul adapts to it

If there is a God or life after “death” surely it won’t be with a decayed body. The thing that survives, the soul will come up with an alternative. This alternative body – is not part of this dimension – hence it cannot be seen or known by the physical body

Well, with these basics we try to remain reassured. Those who have a firm conviction find their last minutes peaceful. Those who doubt panic. Either case the parting of the body is certain.

If this is the thinking of Hinduism, then why do the Hindus have Mahamrutyunjai mantra ?

Om Tryambakam Yajamahe
Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam
Urvarukamiva Bandhanan
Mrityor Mukshiya Maamritat

We Meditate on the Three-eyed reality
Which permeates and nourishes all like a fragrance.
May we be liberated from death for the sake of immortality,
Even as the cucumber is severed from bondage to the creeper.

Why use the word cucumber ? Why not tomato? Why use the word tryambakam?

You may somewhat understand it but until shiv is reality – the true significance is not known. In the haste and ego of “I know” almost everyone will lose their life by a slight understanding devoid of experience

Mindful meditation

They simply have not grasped the basis of meditation

It has become popular. People go to retreats. It increases depression in men

But meditation is NOT about focusing on body It is about realization of the divine !

Yes if you get good health for a short time, or become rich, or have an illusion of peace but you don’t have the divine what use is it ?

Stephen Hawking dies

He is a famous Astro physicist with many incredible discoveries about black hole, Hawking radiation.

He had a disease ALS

He was an atheist and did not believe in God.

So what happens to those who don’t believe in God or Christ or Krishna or SwamiNarayan?

Does God punish them and send them to eternal hell ? Or burn them ? Beat them ?

What rubbish! The concept of God – is kind, compassionate forgiving loving Is he that insecure that just because you don’t think he exists your punished ? Or because you are not baptized or born again? Or did not believe ?

Truth is – he does not care. He is very secure in his existence with or without you. He is there the moment you turn to him.

But turning to him is not easy. It’s not the thoughts but you the soul has to turn

Sadly we talk about soul but not one in a billion has experienced it. It is not the ethereal ghost like body either

More to follow later. Perhaps

Yukteshwar and Babaji

When Yukteshwar met Babaji at Kumbh Mela – Babaji addresses him and said Swamiji will you write a book on my behalf?

The words Babaji uttered were a blessing with all spiritual powers given to him at that instant!

When some people give blessings, ignorant people don’t understand the blessings and reject it

God gives such blessings through spiritual people but most of the time the blessings are not understood and rejected

So is it unfair? Not at all. It is a subtle test of respect toward the Guru. Most of the time it is absent

Yogananda said that many times. His Guru subtly hinted many things but most of the time the followers were unable to receive

That’s why in the Bible it is said ” to all those who received he gave them the power of being the sons if God” meaning it is not easy to receive when there is ego – ego of being great or ego of being nothing

What do you want to achieve in life ?

If you can answer that question honestly – there are only two things you can want

1. Something in the world or for the world but still related to the world

2. Spiritual enlightenment in experience Call it God or atman or self Your choice

What about both ? Answer is – it won’t work out. Because for spiritual enlightenment you need decades of forsaking wanting anything in world

In ancient times It was called vairagya. That term is poorly understood

It is in reality a status in spirituality