From Warren Buffet

Not sure if this has been truly said by him

The same thing has been said in many different ways
So difficult to do !
Our mind and ego feel they have a right to react to every situation.
It’s not just words but outside situations control us. A nice food advertisement and we crave it!

Yogananda said it – be actively calm and calmly active

Ramana said – your the pure consciousness not thoughts. See where thoughts come from

Aurobindo said – the biggest problem is the uncontrolled vital

Gita says – you will be forced to act controlled by the three gunas. Surrender to me ( the spirit) I will deliver you

Bible says – And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Matthew 7. Mote means dust

Upanishads say – thou are the Divine why do you cry in illusion?

Vivekananda said arise awake and stop not till thy goal is reached !

What do you think?

Which historians are right – biblical or the others? was there Jesus?

How do I know I reached or experienced pure consciousness – or what is that experience like?

Right now what you think is self is ego. A blemish on the self. That ego makes you crave and gives illusion and think

Many ways of answering it

Mother (Aurobindo ) said if you have to ask that question then you have not reached there. Once you are there you know with certainty that is it and there is nothing more

Yogananda said I don’t read any books

I have said you stop searching and no longer have questions. You don’t subscribe to blogs books or read Vedas or Gita or Bible.

That experience cannot be described

Right now what you think is self is ego. A blemish on the self. That ego makes you crave and gives illusion and gives you thoughts. Why do you cling to ego?

Find a guru that can help you destroy your ego. Ego is not pride. Ego is illusion of the world

What did Maharshi Ramana say?

Bhagwan Sri Ramana Maharshi:

The Self is the one Reality that always exists, and it is by the light of the Self that all other things are seen. We forget it and concentrate on the appearance. The light in the hall burns both when persons are present and when they are absent, both when persons are enacting something, as in a theatre, and when nothing is being enacted. It is the light which enables us to see the hall, the persons and the acting. We are so engrossed with the objects or appearances revealed by the light, that we pay no attention to the light. In the waking or dream state in which things appear, and in the sleep state in which we see nothing, there is always the light of Consciousness or Self, like the hall lamp which is always burning. The thing to do is to concentrate on the seer and not on the seen, not on the objects, but on the Light which reveals them.
Questions about the reality of the world, and about the existence of pain or evil in the world, will all cease when you enquire ‘Who am I?’ and find out the seer. Without a seer the world and the evils thereof alleged do not exist. The world is of the form of the five categories of sense objects, and nothing else. These five kinds of objects are sensed by the five senses. As all are perceived by the mind through these five senses, the world is nothing but the mind. Is there a world apart from the mind?
Though the world and consciousness emerge and disappear together, the world shines or is perceived only through consciousness. That source wherein both these arise and disappear, and which itself neither appears nor disappears, is the perfect Reality.
Gems From Bhagavan

But once experienced the question of who am I never occurs! So Maharshi was speaking to those with curiosity and people who want to debate.

Otherwise if you ask am enlightened who are you? They will say ….. Chidananda Rupa … Or just remain silent because your question was illogical.


So mahayoga vigyana describes the qualities of a guru. It is written so a disciple can find a true Guru

I would like to add a few things to it. Qualities that should NOT BE PRESENT

A guru who has a set fee

A guru who has camps ( shows that he is interested in money )

A Guru who quotes physiology, modern day science research etc. Experience of spirit is rare but far exceeds any science ever. Jesus rubbed dirt in a blind woman’s eye and healed her. Which medical science can explain that

A guru surrounded by a many disciples. Why? those worthy of the highest experience are far and few

Generally a guru does not entertain speeches to the masses. There are a few exceptions like shukdev and Gyaneshwar. In modern times a few came out but only because they were forced. Vivekananda had no desire to give mass talks but Ramkrishna his guru blocked him from higher experiences until he fulfilled the Divine mission. Yogananda similarly had a mission to be fulfilled for Babaji. However they gave a lot of talks but only had a very limited number of disciples. ( Just because you think they are your Guru does not make them your Guru. Something very unique, something Divine happens with the blessings of a Guru. The guru has to be living in a physical body for that to happen. When that happens the disciple has no need for any book, scriptures, any other teacher or Guru. Does not need blogs. So. Long as you find the need to read books, blogs or keep searching for a Guru, there is something laacking. All searches end when the Guru connects with a disciple. It’s like a dead stop. All that is needed is inner meditation. Having said that there are weaker disciples who cannot fully absorb the gift from a guru and takes decades to move forward )

So long as you measure the level of a guru by popularity or number of disciples or volumes of books written or his oratory skill, you will never find a true Guru. Those things that mean a lot to you are trash to an enlightened person. God is not a promotional subject or popularity contest. God or spirituality is about peace and immense inner satisfaction that all other searches end. Instantly. Literally. You say I don’t want anything the world offers.

Such people are rare. Now reflect on this. See where you are. Don’t lose hope. Eventually the desire for truth will win and the doors open. You will seek the company of these rare people. Nothing else will ever satisfy you again


The day of Resurrection

Jesus did not reveal himself to the disciples but to Mary Magdalene

Who was Mary Magdalene? Historians say that she was a wealthy woman from southern parts of France. She supported Jesus financially ( his ministry? ). She needed 7 exorcism. ( Doubt she was afflicted by evil spirits ) and she was the first to see That the tomb of Jesus was empty and saw Jesus resurrected

Her first words to Jesus when he resurrected was Rabboni ( meaning Guru ). And Jesus told her not to touch him. He has not fully ascended

Many others say Jesus but that was months later. His dissciples were not ready. They had to wait to go to Galilee and that’s when Jesus fully awakened their Shakti and the disciples spoke in Tongues. ( Possibly from memories of past lives – also shows the method of Awakening was Siddha or Maha yoga way )

Paul saw Jesus when he was trying to escape crucifixion in Rome. Jesus went to Rome saying in that case he would take Paul place and get crucified a second time )

Thomas and others say Jesus at other times

So in a public forum not everything can be revealed. However it is wrong to believe Jesus cannot come back again and be seen. Yogananda saw him recently. Saint Francis talked with him daily ( Assisi ). We have to ascend to a very high purity

Even Jesus had to wait 3 days and still was not fully ascended ( inference based on his dialogue with Mary Magdalene ). However he did a little later. Similar to Sri Yukteshwar

Enough for now

If something bothers you…

So those who are great have one simple rule. If something or someone bothers them , they simply change them

When I mean change, I mean they make a sinner pious, or if there is famine and it bothers him they simply change outward environment

The problem is they are so surrendered to God they don’t want to make the change

Such great people are rare, hardly in public and don’t write blogs or give lectures. They can’t bear a minute away from God

If you look at the life of Neem Karoli, everything that bothered him, he changed it instantly

The biggest lesson ever…

Life was not given to enjoy. Everyone, will have hardship throughout life. Some more than others. Some lives can be miserable but the next life will be better if you endure patiently

However , life will be painful. NO EXCEPTIONS. Happiness like Vivekananda says, comes wearing a crown of sorrow.

Now be serious. Decide what you want by roasted births.

Necessary for realization

“Divine Grace is essential for Realisation. It leads one to God-realisation. But such Grace is vouchsafed only to him who is a true devotee or a yogin, who has striven hard and ceaselessly on the path towards freedom.”
Ramana Maharshi

This is very true. Without grace of a Guru realization is not possible. However Guru grace can only be achieved by those who constantly try

There should not be even a speck of desire of becoming famous or teacher in your efforts. The moment you have that you believe in the reality of the world. Something impermanent. Those people are not candidates for grace. They cannot progress

We don’t understand each other

We cannot understand why a gyani can see the suffering and simply call it a dream.

The gyani cannot understand why we suffer when it is a dream.

That creates a problem for moksha. How can someone who sees this world as a dream help or be motivated to help? And if they help we immediately think this person is not a gyani !

The solution is ..