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Practical Yoga

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Yoga is a perfect science. But it is not theory. There is no theory in it. Since it is all practical, everyone who breathes has a right to it You don’t even need to understand it



Since it is all practical you must do It and experience it!

Reading all the books on meditation – will it teach you meditation?

Discussing mediation -does it reach you Samadhi?

Does understanding the 3 Gunas give you the ability to conquer Gunas – give you victory over anger?

Does reading a cook book satisfy your appetite?

So the books on yoga is a compilation of the experiences of a yogi! In Gita Krishna Bhagwan talks about kshetra kshetragna , he was describing something very subtle and great. This is an experience a yogi should strive for However, many people take the meaning as kshetra is the body and kshetragna is the knower of the body. Very convenient to shut your eyes!

Was Lird Krishna Arjuna merely trying to impress others by using the word kshetra instead of body?

But when you meditate, you experience the 3 different bodies, then you suddenly realize why he called it ksetra. Thus it is an all inclusive term – kshetra – field of playing ( karma ) for all three bodies What has happened is that , And those who are not yogi , those who have never truly meditated , they are not aware of the three bodies. They have heard of it. Pretend that the body they deal with in the dream is subtle body, etc but a person awake, is aware of all 3 bodies – he is a kshetragna – knower of the kshetra. The soul has three playing fields in the form of three bodies

Now I hope you see, that Yoga is practical. When people write a book they are announcing their ignorance ! How? By not conveying the true deeper meaning ! I don’t convey the true deeper meaning either – but how can I ? In order to eat a meal , you need the proper ingredients. When you have the proper ingredients, the meal is ready, that slight effort to open the mouth must be done!

If you read Tantrasara ( Abhinav Gupta translated by Chakravarty) the paragraph where he talks about Trilinga has not been translated properly. So I decided to write this blog.

In essence, one became two. Two became three. And two became 5 Three revealed in many ways That’s all there is to it

So trilinga in the book was a reference to one the three. These three things he refers to are very subtle. They are the basic seeds. He talks about seeds of knowables – etc there is a place where all 3 different seeds meet And that is trilinga / hriday

Outward or inward?

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Here is a little analysis you can do! Examine your thoughts

Do you think of the world more often?

Do you think of events in the world?

Do you think of people

Do you think of events that happened to you

Do you think of future things you want to do or have to do

Do you think of food , and other pleasures

If you see that most of your thoughts are v in these categories your mind is very active in the outward direction

What if you are thinking of Goo ? Again that is still outward because you are thinking of a concept of God you have created

Now what if you are thinking of a liberated person like Raman Maharishi? Or Neem Karoli baba? Or Ramkrishna?

In this case it depends on your depth of thinking of them And your love and respect. This can now be simultaneously inward and outward. How can it be inward? Easy. Such great persons are a representation of the divine within you!

But the highest is to be in touch with the divine shakti within you. This shakti, when awakened, us living, easily you can be in touch with her at all times with All activities you do. This would be the beginning of going inward

Now above this there are a few more stages. Some other time, maybe

Tips about mediation

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Don’t look for siddhi. It will come on its own

God is everywhere. We just have not learnt to find him everywhere. Our compass is on maya not on God

Merely thinking God is everywhere Is not enough.

Once you capture peace , progress is faster

Prana when it leaves the senses is beginning of purity.

Progress occurs in a vertical spiral. It may seem you have moved back a few steps but in reality it is an opportunity to uncover your flaws

Progress is both upward and inward

Inward progress is through sushumna, chitra, vajra, brahmanadi

The primary reason for the fall is anandmaya kosha. Once you go within what the mind perceived as fun becomes pain and an illusion

Never be discouraged. If your interest is genuine a Guru will appear

The inward layers can also be – prithvi, prakriti, maya And shakti

A liberated person does feel bodily pain too It is only in samadhi, is it gone.

When body awareness is gone that doe’s not mean you got liberated. A person undergoing surgery has no body awareness. Or in deep sleep. Samadhi is very different.

Samadhi is precious and rare.

The threes – 3 gunas, three bodies, three times , three a AVastha jagrat, swapna, sushupti, three levels of awakening

Aum is the way to liberation. It is to be heard and heard alone

5 steps to going inward – shanti atita, shanti, vidya, nivritti , pratistha

A living Guru is greater than all books.

To have human body again in next birth is very rare. Most people don’t get one. Why? All they have wanted in life is food, sex and desire to feel good. A human body is not needed for that A pig has an orgasm for 30 min. Maybe that is a better body for them

The ability to give up thoughts gives peace

True Guru are rare Swans fly alone. Geese in flocks. True Guru are usually alone with hardly any disciples

Vivekananda had many followers. Only 2 or 3 disciples

There is something unique a Guru has with a disciple. Only he would know how to create that bond

Shakti , once she takes interest in you liberation is a certainty

Fastest way to progress is going through hardships. Repeatedly. A person who has happiness Will not Be able to meditate or go within. He may think he meditates though

Hardship is your best friend and teacher

Be humble. Ego created this royal mess

Ego created the body. It exists after the body is gone And exists before the body