What do you like in life?

This is a very deep mental exercise. Not sure if I should share it

Einstein came up with all his theory of relativity – just with a thought exercise. No instruments. And he found the basis of gravity, time travel issues, speed of light etc

Now this mental exercise if done properly would be bad. Very bad. It could bring depression. So please don’t try it

Make a list of things you love
Let’s say you enjoy food and sex. Every day you enjoy it. Think about it. But then next day you wake up you still crave it

Or you enjoy traveling. You travel all over the world. You come home. Feel smug and then a month later wham. It hits you again I want to go somewhere else

Or you are focused on personal grooming. You exercise, do make up feel good looking great! But your still not satified after a while you want something different

And that is the key word. After a while you tire of it. Want something different.
And another key thing – you can keep doing this for decades, centuries birth after birth – wait a minute you have been doing it for births! Yet your not satisfied

This is the biggest discovery Indian scientist – the real scientist – the great Yogi discovered. You can never get satisfaction by satisfying the senses

That brings us to a second conclusion
Satisfaction is only found within
When the senses discover something within – with eyes closed, ears closed, mouth closed, nostril closed then the true fun – satisfaction, never ending joy begins!

However this is difficult for you to accept. Why? You have not truly tried to find satisfaction within. It is more powerful than anything you can imagine.

Part 2 to follow. Well maybe

Spirituality versus science


This is the take on consciousness by psychology and science

Spirtuality has a different take

Which do you believe?

After you have a glimpse –

Let’s say for example – you hear someone lie to you. A total lie. And something that would hurt you. You immediately get angry. Why? It is a lie and you don’t like lies. That is aversion. There are many different kinds.
Now you may say and think you know self pure consciousness but that is not true.
Because once you slowly know the self – your mind begins to change. These things don’t bother you. You begin to see the same thing as amusement
What if someone praises you? They say they like your blog? They see through it. They don’t want the praise. Why don’t you know your divine self instead of praising someone. Instead love the divine self realized person, give up your ego, see how wonderful the atman is. Your praises are helpful when it helps establish you in a deep realization

After all what does a person want after realization? Nothing. But something saddens them. That you don’t know your divine self. It can be known here and now – but your ego prevents you! Your ego that you can realize it in your own, your ego of your body, ego that you can understand it, ego that your logical, your insane desire for the pleasures of the world, your sadness when you don’t get your desires fulfilled etc

You may lie to yourself and say your not trapped by those afflictions but that is not true. Just observe wavering mind And you will know your deficiencies

And here I go again. You can escape in a very short time but your ego prevents you from absorbing the divine blessings of the truly great ones.

The true great ones only seek the sincere souls. Not the masses.

Hardly a dozen people knew Jesus when he was here. Maybe 2-3 people knew Yukteshwar. 5-6 people knew Krishna ( plus a dozen gopis), etc

Divine people are hardly ever known.

You may think that many people knew Neem Karoli Baba but that is not true. He had bhaktas. But not disciples. Bhaktas are granted wishes fulfilled. Disciples are made in their image. Bhaktas can only absorb so much. Disciples when genuine and ready are given all. Only at the right time

Secret revealed

This simple statement has several secretes revealed
Since this is a public web page, I cannot reveal everything – the deeper meaning

A great statement

I read a magnificent statement a few days ago. Just a brief text

” true spirituality is very very rare ”

I have said this many times. It was nice to hear this and get confirmation

Right now, amongst all the public acclaimed figures there is none – at the level of Yogananda, Vivekananda.

I have not mentioned even higher figures like Babaji, Neem Karoli, Ramkrishna,
Figures like that occur even less common

So it is a moment to celebrate when such divine personalities grace us by being visible

Those who can help, do so silently, secretly and breathe only to help maybe a few. The rest are simply not ready

Many want to memorize shloka, scriptures, quote it, impress others – but none want to experience it. The stale chewed up understanding is nauseating compared to the thrill of experience

Yet no one will seek it. Go enjoy the world

The triple bondage

To think that there is an object to be known, to act on it and to believe your body or thoughts or sensation is real – that is the state of a fallen person. That person is bound

God being above it all – is free and ever at joy

What do you want?

Quiet simple

If you can understand this
The point between sentient and inert is infinite
Just like the heart.

Here infinite means endless. Not just in the sense of space or time

Those who understand it are getting closer. This who think about it – need more clarity from someone who has it

More about the mind

Nice step sure sequence
But there are many more steps in between

Why are there me steps in between? We created it!

If only you could experience your…

What should I read?

However you can’t do that! If you’re mind is restless, if you can’t endure the pains of life, then you are not ready.
If you still seek pleasures, company, the need to text , talk, food then your not ready
If your mind wonders about spiritual experience, or what is next, curious to know that that light or sound means your not ready
If your mind wanders about the life you left your not ready

Where do you stand?

Amazing isn’t it?

You are the divine and you know it not
You seek yourself – how foolish it is
Trapped in a dream – you fumble and grumble
Wake up from the deep slumber
Not much to be done
The awake shakes you
And you say ‘ let me sleep more ”

People choose to stay asleep

Or imagine they are awake – how can it be when you have none of the divine splendor?