Spender or collector

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who spend and those who collect.

Mostly this world is full of spenders. They come spend immensely and leave as beggars. Why? They are selfish , don’t think they will come back, want to enjoy every minute of life and leave. They want to control others.

This class includes the misery people. They want to have a fortune in their Bank. They still are spenders. They have spent all their fortune

Some are collectors. They collect a lot. But hardly spend. Examples are bill Gates, mother Theresa , etc

Which category do you belong to ?

Of course there’s is a deeper meaning. But based on the deeper meaning – even Gates is a spender


I should explain the words in my last poem

My poems in general have a very deep significance and I cannot explain all in public

Beggar : ANYONE with desires is a beggar. Because they are constantly seeking ways to have it fulfilled. Some may pray and others will resort to manipulative behavior. And at times it may take hundreds or thousands of births before desire is fulfilled

Maya :. Illusions. It will constantly delude you into wanting more. Even things such as revenge or wanting more pleasurable things.

Satan : manipulative part of Maya :. Giving you even Siddhi which is still binding

Thy name :. aspect of God

A beggar

A beggar in a beggars world

Seeking bread, riches and name

Oh what a shame

I had lost all including thy name

I begged for eons

Caught in Mayas web

Satan laughed as I begged

Giving morsels and a debt

Finally I had enough

Found my guru

He gave me thy name

Over is thy game

Oh Maya heed

No longer do I plead

I run away from riches

from Bread and name

All that you offer

I hate it all

I walk free no longer begging

Your game is over!

Is this yoga? Story about Martina Navarilitova

A TV anchor once asked Martina Navratilova, “How do you maintain your focus and manage to keep playing, even at the age of 43? ”

Her suave response was, “The ball doesn’t know how old I am.

In his excellent book, Stillpower, Sports Psychologist Garret Kramer says that a key factor to performing well in sports (and in life), is your ability to control the quality and quantity of your “internal dialogue”.

Performance = Potential – internal interference

In other words, you need to stop yourself from stopping yourself.

Sports, fitness, business and indeed Life are played on a 6-inch ground … the space between our own two ears!

Yes it is yoga – only if you can master it going within. After you master within then you can do it on the outside

What is a cave?

Today, a friend of mine made a statement – wish I could occasionally just be in a cave

As usual, I did not explain things. However, I told her a flaw in her thinking. One should want to be in a cave all the time and not just occasionally. If there is an occasional desire for the cave, it means we want to be in the world a lot. We have desires to talk, interact with people and want material things.

So, one should want to be in the cave all the time

But was is a cave? Where is it?

This is one line from Gurudev, describing the real cave. Similarly Lahiri mahashaya called the cave, Kutastha. Kabir called it a cave

This cave is located in the forehead between the eyes. This is the location of the third eye.

Of course, there is no cave or third eye in the forehead. But thats where the experience starts.

I cant share more !


So what is the higher power ? Who is God ? Pure consciousness or Para shiv? Oh so it Shakti ?

The error in the above statement is there are many levels above the root thought of I. Those levels are described by Yukteshwar Giri in the holy science. In mukta shastra it has been described in many pages.

Again be careful. The thought of I or ego Is not the ego of body or even the thought of having a body. It is something before.

If the game was that obvious everyone would get there

It is extremely subtle

I leave the reader with questions. The answers have been written elsewhere

My goal is prevent you from getting mislead. A very sincere and astute reader will realize the way is to learn meditation perfectly, have a Guru open the doors to go within

At present almost all in the world have their doors to go within locked or only partially open. So experiences are minimal. It is the way of Kali Yuga or dwapar Yuga


My daughter visited Ambaji recently and asked me to comment on the story in the following link


The story is true – but Sati is to be understood. She is the primal energy that is indestructible

If God willing I will write about it in my other blog

What’s app – a medium that spreads nonsense

Of course it’s not what’s app but it is the ignorant people using it who spread utter stupidity.

I recently saw a video about theory of karma and past life.. From what’s app. This video may spread like wild fire. All you have to do is add the word Guru or something like that and anything you say you will find tens of thousands of dollars or maybe a few million

This is my take on it but before I start,

For the most part – people have preconceived ideas and concepts – and they gravitate to believing anything that supports their thinking.

Again I may be doing the same thing and it is possible that my reaction to certain things is based on preconceived ideas. For the most part I have tried to analyze things – maybe some of the critical thinking comes from being in medical field – and I seek scientific truth and also confirm things by personal experience


In fact even regression into childhood memories is not accepted since the mind fills in data with fantasy.

So in the video the speaker says – btw she is a “Guru” of Rajyoga – research is going on ! What a joke ! Medical science states it is dangerous and should not be used ! There is no research going on!


Ok let’s move forward – the speaker moves forward and states that everyone is in a lot of God ! What nonsense. Those who sin, I mean commit serious crimes will not see the light of God Again, a sinner just because he or she does not have a body does not cause a change in heart and feel oh why did I Rob my neighbour of 20$ I should leave the light of God and punish myself either That is illogical.

This the speaker says the person where he will take birth! Amazing in that case that more than half of the people in this world decide they want to take birth decide with very poor parents, or drug addict parents or with parents with genetic diseases!

Oh really ? Why do they not decide to take birth at bill Gates or Ambani ?

Anyway there might be more in the video but my thinking difers I stopped watching

So what really happens at death? Is there really another birth? Is there evidence ? Is there heaven ? Is there hell?

I have said in a few of my blogs about re birth and heaven or hell. Yogananda , Buddha, Vivekananda all talked about their past life. Jesus said in the Bible – hinted about his past life as Elijah too !

Yet it does not mean much. One should experienced it themselves in deep meditation.

But it is not so easy to go beyond Maya – remove the veil – to see your past. You can make any claim. You can believe anything you like. But be sensible. Don’t believe the great trickster. Your own mind

I will end with a quote from Yogananda


Our dear ones promise to love us forever; yet when they sink into the Great Sleep, their earth memories forsaken, what value their vows? Who, without telling us in words, loves us everlastingly? Who remembers us when all others forget us? Who will still be with us when we must leave the friends of this world? God alone.

Paramahansa Yogananda—Whispers From Eternity


Even enlightened beings – when they write books – they veil many secrets.   Even the things they write , they write it in a slanted way – that is by hiding the real meaning

If you put all the books together and sum up the knowledge it is less than one percent of the wisdom from an enlightened person.

Yoga is about direct perception.   It has nothing to do with intellectual understanding.   What is the point of saying shivohum or sohum or I am the soul when you have never freely experienced yourself repeatedly as pure consciousness – without the body ?!

The greatest progress can be achieved only if you truly want the experience, not want anything in the world and you have a true Guru

The sign of a true Guru – one with experience – he can give a yogic interpretation of anything in the scriptures – something NEVER written before





Like I have said – most people imagine progress. Most are stuck in physical body. Rarely does someone go to to subtle body

The problem is Maya has left the soul so non descript that ANYONE CAN IMAGINE THE SOUL and think they have achieved salvation


It is unwise to imagine that you have reached God and ready to be a guru without repeated experience of going beyond all three

Even beyond three bodies there are multiple steps but those steps are so staggering that only a guru of the caliber of Gorakhnath can help

The work is long. Like Vivekananda said ” arise awake and stop not till they goal is reached”

Being a false guru has tremendous amount of suffering that they endure in future births. Just like the rich who do not share their wealth

I see many – they smile now only to have a sad future knowing not that rising in fame or fortune on the back of others is a sin