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Why diversity in religion exist

There is no diversity in spirituality. In religion there are many different “Gods” and saints.
Some worship Jesus, others krishna. Some believe in Allah, and some in a supreme being or entity called God.
Even in Hinduism many different subsects exist. Some worship krishna, shiv, Vishnu, Ganesh, Hanuman, Kali , etc.
Each one will give you stories about the greatness of their version of God or saint. That individual experience, reinforces their faith.

The individual experiences are true. And not understanding the reality behind it, people are adamant about their version / vision.

So what is happening? It is the same power appearing in different ways. Alkaline battery, lithium battery, ac generator, power generated from coal, oil,gas or solar. Deep down, it is all motion of electrons. Nothing more

Great saints, those who are truly connected to God are also a manifestation of God. If called out with love, respect and not for material profit, they also respond. Sincerity Is needed. But what if someone thinks that an ordinary person is a messiah? Nothing will happen and that wasted their precious time life and money.

So now you know the purpose of my blogs. To help you weed out the fakes. The true ones are extremely extremely rare.

This is what Yogananda said

A TRUE DEVOTEE EXPRESSING DEVOTION TO GOD THROUGH any lesser or higher mode of worship will find response to his desire from the Supreme Being . He who worships representative forms of the God- head -because for him the absolute is unfathomable – will receive the grace of GOD that blesses his devotional endeavor .

Therefore , even the worshiper of lesser gods , personifications of the Supreme Deity does not go divinely unrecognized or unrewarded .

If a person of deep devotion offers homage to the form of any deity symbolically representing God .

He silently responds by materializing that form in visions before the devotee .
God is secreted in that manifestation , although the form of itself reveals only a modicum of Spirit .

GOD TALKS WITH ARJUNA CHAPTER V Il VERSE 21-22 The symbolical form of God appearing to a Hindu devotee as Kali, Durga , Vishnu, Shiva , or Krishna , for example , becomes a permanent blueprint in the ether.

If any other devotee concentrates very deeply on that deity, which has actually been seen and worshiped by a great saint , that same manifestation appears in living form to satisfy the devotee’s true heart call.

Similarly, any devotee fervently worshiping God in the form of Jesus Christ, the Holy Mother , Saint Francis, Babaji, Lahiri Mahashaya , or any saint or true guru (either mentally , or before an image or a picture ) may see that form first in vision , and then , by deeper spiritual advancement , as a materialized being , living and talking .

Any devotee who ardently meditates on picture or form of a true guru or any other master becomes attuned to him ,imbibing his qualities , and ultimately feels in that saint the presence of God .

As people can talk back and forth over the radio by tuning in , so a devotee may tune in with a saint and may see him televised in the crystal sphere of the spiritual eye .

The Omniscient alone , who knows the hearts of HIS children , answers their prayers in many ways.

Devotion shown to God always evokes some form of plain or mysterious response .


However, shallow seekers who worship astral deities for the fulfilment of desires do not realize that it is God who will fulfil their wishes through the instrumentality of the divine beings .

The Lord is consciously present in all higher beings and in their devotees.


Unity of religion

I drew this a long time ago. There are More details Maybe later


He was one of the greatest saint in India.

He wrote many poems with the highest realizations

સજીવા અે નજીવા ને ઘડીયો અને સજીવો નજીવાને કહે મનૈ કઇક દે. અખો પુછે તારી અેક
ગઇકે બે?
meaning : A living person created something non living and then he goes to the non living entity and asks for his blessings / gifts! Akho (A very famous spiritual poet) asks have you lost one eye or both eyes!

Stitha Pragna

Balanced intellect.

It is not easy. Who can have a great vacation and look at it the same way as losing money And enjoy both equally?
Well once you have true wisdom this is the result or proof that you had wisdom

Yogananda says

Excitement upsets the nervous balance, sending too much
energy to some parts and depriving others of their normal
share. This lack of proper distribution of nerve force is the
sole cause of nervousness. The calm man—he who avoids
excitement because he is not overly attached to his ego and is
aware that God, and not he, is running this universe—is always
able to meet any situation in life because his nerve force
is equilibrated.
Lord Krishna said: “The knower of Spirit, abiding in the Supreme Being, with unswerving discrimination, free from delusion, is thus neither jubilant at pleasant experiences nor downcast by unpleasant experiences.”(Bhagavad Gita V:20) This is the goal we must strive for and attain.-MAN’S ETERNAL QUEST -page 99

Meet God / pure consciousness/ samadhi / nirvana / Gyana

Reading the Bible or Gita will not Give you a direct perception of god. Neither reading Upanishad or Vedas
Singing hymns and praying God gives you nothing. Try as you might but the venues to have God perception – fast is limited to awakening of Shakti and kriya yoga

That is the fastest way. Super fast.
Kriya yoga – What you have read about the technique is not quite true. There are cvmissing ingredients.

A person of perception can share them. Right now doing kriya yoga perfectly is very rare. Sure there are teachers and many People who brag – the value offered by them is minimal

Sorry !

Why do some disciples of a true Guru progress and others don’t

Many reasons

  1. Sincerely wanting progress
  2. Willingness to do anything that Guru directs your to do for progress
  3. Reducing ego to nothingness – willingness to be if needed a slave to your Guru

In the words of mother – Aurobindo this is what she said

Mother, on what does receptivity depend?

It depends first of all upon sincerity — on whether one really
wants to receive — and then… yes, I believe the principal factors
are sincerity and humility. There is nothing that closes you up
more than vanity. When you are self-satisfied, you have that
kind of vanity of not wanting to admit that you lack something,
that you make mistakes, that you are incomplete, that you are
imperfect, that you are… There is something in the nature, you
know, which grows stiff in this way, which does not want to
admit — it is this which prevents you from receiving. You have,
however, only to try it out and get the experience. If, by an effort
of will you manage to make even a very tiny part of the being
admit that “Ah, well, yes, I am mistaken, I should not be like
that, and I should not do that and should not feel that, yes, it
is a mistake”, if you manage to make it admit this, at first, as
I said just now, it begins by hurting you very much, but when
you hold on firmly, until this is admitted, immediately it is open
— it is open and strangely a flood of light enters, and then you
feel so glad afterwards, so happy that you ask yourself, “Why,
was I foolish enough to resist so long?”

The Mother, Questions and Answers 1954, CWM Volume 6, page 117.

What does a Guru do?

Q what does a Guru do?
A awaken shakti ( plus a lot more)

What did awakened shakti do?
Depends on level of awakening

What are the levels of awakening?
3 or 5 or 9 and then a multiple of it

What do the levels mean?
How much you are aware of yourself as Devine

When is it perfection?
When this awakening state looks like an illusion

Is this person a true Guru?

One view. True

But you can never know if the Guru is real unless he wants you to know

Those who are very advanced hide it completely. At all times. So we never know

So what is the point then? They silently await for someone who can absorb their full glory.

Often they wait patiently for a thousand years , five thousand years.

They are the immortal. They can rarely be found.

When krishna and Ram come, Jesus arrives, or Buddha or Ramana maharshi, then these great saints appear for a short time, teach them or give them tremendous powers and then disappear!

The immortal who helped Ramana , it is not well known to most, was someone ten thousand years old or more

Truth is we are nothing compared to the purity of such great people!

In every prayer we have , we constantly want a penny of material success or achievement. Could Be related to body, wealth or fame or respect

If we are going to squander our spiritual wealth for trivial nonsense, we are not Ready

Westerners generally can’t do this

O Spirit, bless me, that I may find Thee in the temple of each thought and activity. Finding Thee within, I shall find Thee without, in all people and all conditions.
Even-Minded Endurance – Rise Above Disturbances

Even-minded endurance is called titiksha in Sanskrit. I have practiced this mental neutrality. I have sat and meditated all night long in icy water in bitterly cold weather. Similarly, I have sat from morning till evening on the burning hot sands in India. I gained great mental strength by doing so. When you have practiced such self-discipline, your mind becomes impervious to all disturbing circumstances. If you think you can’t do something, your mind is a slave. Free yourself.

I don’t mean that you should be rash. Try to rise above disturbances gradually. Endurance is what you must have. Whatever may be your trouble, make a supreme effort to remedy it without worry; and until it is resolved, practice titiksha.

-Paramahansa Yogananda, The Divine Romance p 194; Affirmation, Metaphysical Meditations p 55.

Such titiksha is rare

Like Yogananda Vivekananda did this also

In the centuries in the past, Hindus has much emphasis on endurance. To all hardship.
If someone hurts you, endure. Don’t retaliate

Titiksha is 3 fold.

Physical – like Yogananda showed.

Mental – not even having an emotional component to the hardships of life

Spiritual – patiently waiting till spiritual growth and millions of different spiritual experiences occur. Did I say millions? My mistake. Trillions and trillions experiences

The more the titiksha the greater the happiness that follows. Immensely more. This is part of karma.

Western culture – especially in USA teaches something different. You don’t have to endure. The attorneys will get you money. This constant mentality has brought mental instability, road rage and when you can’t endure or fix situation brings depression

I am not placing judgement value. Merely consequences of our actions / attitude
Not as I saying that this is scientific proof.

There are many other social and economic factors and past life karma, interest in moksha etc that play a role

The key factor that supersedes all is grace of God and Guru

Signs of progress


Our secret of progress is self-analysis. Introspection

is a mirror in which to see recesses of your mind that

otherwise would remain hidden from you. Diagnose

your failures and sort out your good and bad ten-

denies. Analyze what you are, what you wish to be-

come, and what shortcomings are impending you.

—Paramahansa Yogananda, “The law of Success”

Many steps:

Knowing your faults – we really don’t know our faults. What we know is a little here and there. But we don’t know how the faults are very interdependent. You get rid of one and the other things fight back violently

Second step is then knowing how deep or subtle the faults are. They are very subtle. The faults created the world. The faults created the soul. That’s how subtle it is

In other words the roots are so subtle that they roots made us forget our divine self and gives the illusion that we are a soul

So true

Which is your favorite?

Positive thinking

Life is a struggle for joy all along the way. May I fight to win the battle on the very spot where I now am.
Develop Mental Power – Stand Unshaken – Bravely Face Difficulties

Have more mental strength. Develop such mental power that you can stand unshaken, no matter what comes, bravely facing anything in life. If you love God you should have faith and be prepared to endure when trials come. Don’t be afraid of suffering. Keep your mind positive and strong…. It is your inner experience that is most important. Gradually strengthen the mind so that you can depend more on its power, and you will be better and better everyday. Think only positive thoughts, even in the face of contradictory circumstances. Practice even-mindedness in times of difficulties. Cater less to the demands of the body, realizing that you are not the body, but the soul. Learn to fast for one to three days at a time. The minute you think you should not eat something, desist. These are the ways to develop mind power. And above all, meditate deeply every day. Make actual contact with God…that delusion might be forever banished from your soul.
Be in the Lord. Feel His love. Fear nothing. Only in the castle of God can we find protection. There is no safer haven of joy than in His presence. When you are with Him, nothing can touch you.

-Paramahansa Yogananda, The Divine Romance, p 171; Affirmation, Metaphysical Meditations.

Trials are those that come even when you do everything with good intent to the best off your ability. Even success is a trial – why ? It takes effort not to develop ego
But if you do something wrong And have adverse results is that a trial? It is a consequence of karma. That one must endure

These things what Yogananda says – are Easy to understand. But difficult to implement.
Why is that? Because we are chopping of leaves and maybe a beach or two. What needs to be done is uproot a giant tree.

Now uprooting a tree is not an easy task. You need the right equipment. Use a chain saw, cut off the trunk, make sure tree does not trample you in the process, then dig deep within the ground find the roots and pull it out

Chain saw – discriminatory wisdom and mediation
The ground – forehead. Find the roots above agna chakra
Trampled – Weight of information without experience

How to love God

It is easy for me to plant the seed of love for the Divine in those who are in tune with me. Those who obey my wishes are in reality not obeying me but the Father in me. God doesn’t talk to man direct, but uses the channel of the guru and his teachings.
Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda

This is one of the methods A Guru helps a disciple progress
It is not possible to love God easily. We may love him – example Jesus or Krishna based on the stories we hear about him. But that is in part hero worshipping and a projected image of them and their abilities
True love is very different. It is rare

We only know love of the flesh. It is worthless. Those who pursue that are worthless.

Pursue the divine within. Everyday wake up. Sacrifice sleep. That will get the lords attention !

Progress – why how

Sometimes students say to me: “Such-and-such person is making better spiritual progress than I am. Why?” I reply: “He knows how to listen.” All men would be able to transform their lives by hearing with deep attention the simple counsel given in the ethical code of all religions. It is the stony core of egotism in the hearts of most men that prevents their listening carefully to the wisdom of the ages.
Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda

What happens is our mind paints and adds and subtracts from the immortal words of a guru

Hence we get stuck. Sad

So easily misunderstood


Before I went to India, I meditated, did Yoga and became a vegetarian. I had a lot invested in being a “spiritual” person. When I got to Maharajji, however all of these things that I’d been doing to “help myself” began to fall away naturally. That’s how it was being with him. In the intensity of the love, everything that was in the way- even so called spiritual practices, especially if done with heavy feeling of I’m doing this because it’s good for me- would simply fall away. That feeling was a wall that separated me from the sweet, powerful intimacy of his love. I couldn’t stand anything to be in between him and me. Especially me.

Burning with longing fire,
wanting to sleep with my head on your doorsill,
my living is composed only of this trying
to be in your presence

  • Rumi

The feeling that I had while sitting with Maharajji was indescribable. I was gazing at all of the beauty in the world. Can you imagine all of the beauty in the world condensed and shining brilliantly in one person? When we fall in love with someone, that’s what we are seeing: all of love in our own being is projected onto the screen of the loved one. Maharajji merged with infinite love so when his other devotees and I looked at him, we were looking directly into the light coming from the projector, rather than what was being shown on the screen. Then there was the feeling of being at home, so totally at home. My heart was at ease with itself. I was right where I wanted to be. Incredible!

Maharajji showed me over and over that he knew exactly what I was going through and that he was right there with me all the time. He knew everything about me. He knew what I’d done in the morning, from what I ate for breakfast to what I was feeling when I walked across the bridge to the temple. He knew about my life before I even met him. He showed me in so many ways that he had always been with me and was with me every moment.

He was always running from us or sending us away. Maharajji used to say, “My mantra is ‘Jao’ (This is the Hindi term for “Go away”) We asked him why he sent us away and he replied, ” Attachment grows both ways”. One of Lord Krishna’s names is Mohan, which means, “He who causes the whole world to become attached to him”. Maharajji drew us in and allowed us to become attached to him. He knew how much we could withstand before getting unbalanced and “losing it”. Then he would send us away or run away like Krishna did, and like the Gopis of Vrindavan ( the town on the plains where Krishna spent his boyhood), we had be left desolate and longing for him. It was his way of purifying our hearts through the fire of love.
To be continued…………


Jai Babaji ki

So this is where Krishna Das made a huge error

When Maharaj says “Jao” which means go it was a simple test of love. He failed. The feeling and right response is – Maharaj please take me within because that is the only place for me to go. Not this world. This world I find very unpalatable

Maharaj was testing the disciple, when he said Go. Where does the disciple want to go

Rumi said

Burning with longing fire,
wanting to sleep with my head on your doorsill,
my living is composed only of this trying
to be in your presence

  • Rumi
    The door sill is a secret passage – where if you pass it – the concept of life changes. All that you think is living becomes a dream. And true consciousness emerges

Few know of it

Sign of a Guru

In continuation………..

There were certain devotees who could attain extreme concentration called Dhyan Samadhi and this stage is mostly given to you by your Guru who knows how to pull you out of such extreme concentration and brings you back to the plane of ordinary conscious existence. There was one Dr. Sinha who was a teacher in Allahabad University. He was a Hath Yogi* and possibly proud of his sadhana. Stout and tough, he would come to see Baba and comment on Baba’s spiritual status. One day the hall was full of people and I was sitting near Dr. Sinha and his friend. I distinctly heard him commenting on Baba to his friend that Baba was a Hath Yogi* and all his siddhis were due to Hath Yoga*. He would only consider him perfect if he could grant him (Dr. Sinha) a Dhyan Samadhi*. I felt little offended and kind of regretted his statement. No sooner did Dr. Sinha utter those words than his eyes started closing slowly and he became still in Sahaj Asan which is an easy posture sitting with folded legs. Indians while taking meals sitting on the floor usually sit in this posture.

While this was happening a Doctor of Medicine, Dr Capt Jagat Narayan came in for Darshan* for the first time. He was a very successful medical practitioner. Probably one of the devotees of Baba who also happened to be his patient, had inspired him for darshan*. As soon as he sat down after prostration, Baba noticed still posture of Dr. Sinha. He asked Dr. Jagat Narayan to comment on Dr. Sinha’s health status. Dr. Narayan quickly felt his pulse and probably felt his neck vein with his finger tip and commented Dr. Sinha had fainted or may be an epileptic attack was the cause. Baba innocently asked what should be done. The Dr. suggested that sniffing ammonia would do the trick. He had his emergency bag hence Ammonia vial was broken and put under Dr. Sinha’s nose. By now he had taken out his stethoscope and B.P instrument. Dr. Sinha was made to lie down and the end diagnosis by Dr. Jagat Narayan was G.O.K (God only knows). He volunteered to send medicine from his clinic. Dr. Narayan drove in disbelief, shaking his head in wonder as to why ammonia did not help. I got the medicine and rushed back. Baba then touched Dr. Sinha on the forehead and he groggily woke up and babbled out a comment that he had fainted. In his ego, he could not admit it was Baba’s grace cast on him and he was granted a “Dhyan Samadhi”.

To describe the short future of Dr. Sinha, he developed his psychic powers through Hath Yoga* and started telling people about the coming events in their life. Eventually his progress stopped and he died due to excessive yogic exercises. Probably he was not ripe enough to absorb the destructive side of mis-directed Hath Yoga*.

During winters the devotees from outside arrived in large numbers around 10th January as series of auspicious bathing day started from 14th January onwards. Some devotees were after spiritual achievements although their bodies and nature were not ripe enough at that stage. They would come to Baba, sit down in front of him, close their eyes and attain that Dhyan Samadhi* status till Baba brought them back to consciousness. One day four devotees went into that state one by one almost simultaneously. Baba started yelling that these people were dead and they should be taken for mass cremation. Their unconscious bodies were shifted to a side room and they were placed side by side full length face up. There was an air of anxiety all around except for the people who had seen this game before. We were kind of non-chalantly enjoying the game. This play of Baba lasted for almost 5-6 hours. I would once in a while quietly sneak into the room to check on the persons.

Dada* Mukherjee went to Baba and requested him to revive the unconscious devotees since they had not taken any nutrition. Baba got up, went to the other room and closed the door. The curiosity got better of me and climbed the window opening to the outside verandah. The window pane gave me a clear vision and I saw Baba inserting his thumb and forefinger into their mouth, forcing it in and make the normal breathing process free. In Yogi* language, they call it breaking ‘Khechri Mudra’. I would confess I am really not competent to face questions on this subject but a senior yogi* told me about this mudra*. One by one, each person was woken up and they all came out groggily and stayed in that state for a long time, staggering while walking.
To be continued…………

Excerpts from “I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE; THE GRAND UNIFICATION” Chapter ” MY LIFE WITH BABA (JULY- 1958-JULY 1961)” written by Shri Rabboo Joshi.

Jai Babaji ki.

There is a lot more to it

Guru advise


The true disciple obeys his guru implicitly in everything

because the guru is a man of wisdom and purity.

Paramahansa Yogananda, “ Self-Realization Magazine”

A word of caution

You must folllw a true guru with implicitly
You cannot follow a fanatic or anyone who is not a guru – no matter how advanced he may seem – with implicitly

In this world very difficult to find a true Guru

So that brings Us to who can be considered a true Guru?

What is God made of?

I won’t Answer that. Instead let me give you an idea of the spark of life

Some radiation therapy patients report seeing flashes of light in front of their eyes during treatment – even when their eyes are closed. Now this long-standing mystery may have been solved, thanks to this weird effect being caught on camera for the first time.
What’s happening, according to a new study, is that enough light is being produced inside the eye to cause these visual sensations. It’s what’s known as Cherenkov emissions or , the same effect that causes nuclear reactors to when they’re underwater. Cherenkov radiationglow blue
Models have shown that as the radiation beam passes through the or the clear gel of the eye, light is generated, and the researchers have provided the direct evidence. vitreous fluid
The discovery could help to improve future radiation treatments – and to put patients’ minds at ease about those flashing lights.
“Our newest data is exciting because for the first time, light emission from the eye of a patient undergoing radiotherapy was captured,” , from Dartmouth College. says biomedical engineer Irwin Tendler

“This data is also the first instance of evidence directly supporting that there is enough light produced inside the eye to cause a visual sensation and that this light resembles Cherenkov emission.”
The idea of Cherenkov emission in radiotherapy had already been by scientists, but only alongside other hypotheses. To find direct evidence, the team behind the new study used a special camera imaging system called CDose. put forward
Specifically designed to capture light emissions during radiotherapy, both in animals and humans, CDose enabled the researchers to see light coming from the eye – something that’s usually very hard to detect.


People use the word samadhi loosely. It is rare. I mean exceptionally rare.
Those who have experienced it know the different types of samadhi
I will merely list it

Sampragnat samadhi

  • Savitarka sampragnat samadhi
  • Suvichar sampragnat samadhi
  • Sananda sampragnat samadhi
  • Asmit sampragnat samadhi

Asampragnat samadhi

Savikalpa samadhi

Nirvikalpa samadhi

These are states above dharana and dhayana

Even after you reach samadhi the matter is not over till the highest samadhi is reached

One must tirelessly work hard. At some point, something suddenly jives and it becomes simple
Then you realize, why did I make it so difficult! And you laugh!

Greatness of Babaji

Babaji and the Train

Babaji was once wandering somewhere in Eastern U.P. At one place he passed by a railway station. The train happened to be at halt. He had a fancy to travel some distance by train. He got into a nearby coach and sat in an upper class compartment. After a while the train started and continued its journey.

Some time later, a Travelling Ticket Examiner saw this somewhat uncouth, rustic-like person occupying the upper class seat and approached him and asked for his ticket. Babaji just looked up at him once and paid no further attention to his query. He continued to remain silent in contemplation. The Ticket Examiner was annoyed. He demanded to see the ticket. It was those days when most of the railway staff was either British or at least Anglo-Indian. Babaji shook his head and spread out his empty hands.

The Ticket Examiner understood the situation and decided to take action. Soon after, the train stopped for a brief halt at a small way-side station in the country-side. Babaji was ordered to get down. He promptly obeyed, left his seat, got down out of the carriage and walking a few steps along the dusty platform went and stayed under the shade of a tree. He seemed absolutely unconcerned of whatever had happened. He paid no attention to what was going on around him.

In a couple of minutes the bell rang, the railway guard blew his whistle and waved the green flag. The engine driver sounded the whistle and started the engine. Nothing happened. The engine did not move and the train continued to stand where it was.

After a few minutes the guard got down and walked up to the engine driver to enquire what the trouble was. No trouble could be detected. Everything seemed to be all right. The engine driver checked everything and tried again. No result. More time passed. The Station Master became anxious. Another train which was due to come by was held up at some station up the line. Telegraphic messages started coming. 15 minutes, 20 minutes and then half an hour passed.

Anxiety built up.

Then a subordinate member of the staff very timidly approached the Station Master and pointing to Babaji sitting under the tree insisted that the whole situation was due to having shown disrespect to the holy man. He suggested that the only way out of the impasse was to approach him and beg his forgiveness and request him to continue his journey without any hindrance. This was conveyed to the guard and the engine driver.

At first they vehemently refused to do any such thing but as more time passed, better reason prevailed. They respectfully approached Babaji, saluted him, asked to be excused for their rudeness, requested him to bless the train and invited him to continue his journey. Babaji looked up and glanced at them for a moment and said “All right, Chalo. Hum chalenge, Hum chalenge” (“All right, Go. I shall come along, I shall come along”) and got up and re-entered the train.

Immediately the engine gave a jerk and the train started to move as though nothing had happened. A little crowd, which had gathered there, in the meanwhile, loudly acclaimed Babaji with awe in their voice. From then onwards no Railway Officer ever interfered with Babaji’s free movement in any train he fancied.

…Sri Swami Chidananda

Have a goal

Most people will live life aimlessly. Sure you think when your young you want a degree, good job, lots of money, travel and pleasures
By the time to turn 50 you realize it’s a tall task.
By now often times we are worried by health, retirement and our goal changes like wise. And may be we look forward to having grand kids etc

But by the time you turn 60, you wonder about life. Your more cynical.

Of course this is a very negative perspective

But my challenge to you is this – have a Goal. That is tangible. Anyone can get. They have all the means to get it. Be pure. Get rid of your anger. Emotions. Desires for the world try to reach God.
And suddenly you will find meaning in life enthusiasm. It will be a daily battle. But 10 years later you will be happy. You will feel I am a better person

And that is something Tangible you can take with you in your next life !

How to help the world – seriously! I mean it

This is a beautiful explanation by Mother. In India, there is a short prayer that people recite daily

Sarva Sukhina santu ( May all have happiness)
Sarve santu niramaya ( May all have good health)
Sarve bhadrani pashyantu ( May all see noble / divinity be seen everywhere)
Ma kashcid dukha apnuyat ( May no one have even the slightest unhappiness)

This is what we must pray. Daily. From the deepest recesses of our being. Such total purity must be strived for. Then the world can instantly become good. If only a handful of people could do it

What mother wrote

Can one help the world with a vibration of goodwill?
With good wishes one can change many things, only it must be an extremely pure and unmixed goodwill. It is quite obvious that a thought, a perfectly pure and true prayer, if it is sent forth into the world, does its work. But where is this perfectly pure and true thought when it passes into the human brain? There are degradations. If through an effort of inner consciousness and knowledge, you can truly overcome in yourself a desire, that is to say, dissolve and abolish it, and if through inner goodwill, through consciousness, light, knowledge, you are able to dis solve the desire, you will be, first of all in yourself personally, a hundred times happier than if you had satisfied this desire, and then it will have a marvellous effect. It will have a repercussion in the world of which you have no idea. It will spread forth. For the vibrations you have created will continue to spread. These things grow larger like the snowball. The victory you win in your character, however small it be, is one which can be gained in the whole world. And it is this I meant just now: all things which are done outwardly without changing the inner nature — hospitals, schools, etc. — are done through vanity, for the feeling of being great, whilst these small unnoticed things overcome in oneself gain an infinitely greater victory, though the effects are hidden. Every movement in you which is false and opposed to the truth is a negation of the divine life. Your small efforts have considerable results which you don’t even have the satisfaction of knowing, but which are true and have precisely an impersonal and general effect.
If you really want to do something good, the best thing you can do is to win your small victories in all sincerity, one after another, and thus you will do for the world the maximum you are able to.

The Mother, Questions and Answers 1953, CWM Volume 5, pages 19 – 20.

The Bible explained – by a Yogi. Yogananda

The Secret Place of the Most High

One who finds within himself that “secret place of the most High” becomes suffused with supreme happiness and divine security.* Whether he is mixing with friends or sleeping or working, he keeps that place only for God. With his consciousness centered in the Lord, he finds maya’s concentric veils suddenly lifting; in joy the devotee sees God playing hide-and-seek with him in the blossoms, and the stars shining with a stronger Light, and the sky smiling with the Infinite. When his eyes are spiritually opened, the devotee beholds, peering at him through the eyes of everyone, the eyes of the Infinite. Behind the kind or unkind voice of everyone he hears the truthful voice of the Infinite. Behind the wise or helter-skelter will of everyone he perceives the constancy of the will of God. What a wonderful existence, when all of God’s disguises are cast off and the devotee is face to face with the Infinite, in blissful oneness of divine communion!

*”He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in Him will I trust….

“There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. For He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all the ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone….

“Because he hath set his love upon Me, therefore will I deliver him:
“I will set him on high, because he hath known My name. He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honor him. With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him My salvation.” (Psalms 91:1-16).

-Paramahansa Yogananda, Second Coming of Christ, p 1187.

First you have to know where that secret place is
Then you have to learn how to go within
When you try to go within and fail you raise it is your mental impurities, worldly desires that created the problem
Then slowly you realize that it is not easy to get rid of desire
It’s a terrible habit from many births

But if done properly, Yukteshwar said anyone can be liberated in 12 years.

OK I get it why can I not get there instantly – the 5 obstacles

What are the 5 obstacles

Ignorance – this is merely a particle. . Not something imaginary. A particle that makes one forget oneself. Then this particle created the whole universe. And the universe gave you a body

Ego – this is the next step. Ego. You forget your divine self and imagine yourself as something. And to fulfill that something you created 3 bodies. The gross body is the only body you know but there is a subtle body and a casual body or karana body.

Desire and aversion – so the ego ways to spread out to enjoy. Why? Because it perceives something worth having and something to be avoided this is a big shackle

Abhinivesh – hard to explain what it it. Why? Because based on the level of your meditation it appears differently At the lowest level you could say it is attachment to the body. Then you realize it is more than that. It is the unwillingness to give up attachment to the body ( and its pleasure). And then it appears as unwillingness to give up anger, vengeance, pleasure desires

So you have you get rid of these 5 things before the mind can stay without thought

Once you can be without thought, liberation is instant. But make sure you don’t go to sleep

Do what is meditation?

Simple. Learning how to stop thinking

So to get to liberation we spend a lot of time learning how to stop thinking.

It is not that easy. You have to learn it. Repeatedly hear about it

Those things are disciple specif in some ways

I don’t reveal things those in public. One advise does not fit all

How long does it Take to be free?

The moment you stop your thoughts and don’t go into slumber

Not really a spiritual thing but..


A Hindu saint who was visiting river Ganges to take a bath found a group of family members on the banks, shouting in anger at each other. He turned to his disciples smiled, and asked.
‘Why do people who are angry shout at each other?’
Disciples thought for a while, one of them said, ‘Because we lose our calm, we shout.’
‘But, why should you shout when the other person is just next to you? You can as well tell him what you have to say in a soft manner.’ asked the saint
Some disciples gave some answers but none satisfied the other disciples.
Finally the saint explained, .
‘When two people are angry at each other, their hearts distance a lot. To cover that distance they must shout to be able to hear each other. The angrier they are, the stronger they will have to shout to hear each other to cover that great distance.
What happens when two people fall in love? They don’t shout at each other but talk softly, Because their hearts are very close. The distance between them is either nonexistent or very small…’
The saint continued, ‘When they love each other even more, what happens? They do not speak, only whisper and they get even closer to each other in their love. Finally they even need not whisper, they only look at each other and that’s all. That is how close two people are when they love each other.’
He looked at his disciples and said.
‘So when you argue do not let your hearts get distant, Do not say words that distance each other more, Or else there will come a day when the distance is so great that you will not find the path to return.’

I found this on the web. Thought I would share

The reason for talking louder is our point is not entering a closed brain. We try to force it in

The reason for talking softly – we want the other person to get closer to us to hear us

The reason for not talking – usually I am asleep.! Kidding

So what is it like to be at the feet of a Sanyasi

From: ~~~ Face to Face with Sri Ramana Maharshi, 77.

Ethel Merston, a French devotee, came to Sri Ramana in 1939.
She settled down near Sri Ramanasramam for many years.

Ethel Merston.;
Bhagavan taught each seeker as suited his need.
He was clairvoyant and could read our thoughts.
Of psychic powers, I saw him use none,
beyond conveying thoughts silently and so powerfully that the vibrations
would sometimes roll in waves down the hall almost hurting one
by the force with which they impinged on the body,
not only of the recipient, for whom the thought was meant,
but on many of us sitting there.

Bhagavan’s gaze was spellbinding.
Once an elderly sannyasi entered the hall.
Bhagavan, who was reading, dropped his book immediately
and looked straight up at the man who took two strides forward
and stood near Bhagavan’s feet, returning his gaze.
There was such love and joy in Bhagavan’s gaze that one
could almost hear him say,
“So you have come at last, my beloved brother.”
The two went on gazing at each other, without a word spoken aloud,
but I could literally feel them speaking to each other,
the flow of the current going back and forth between them.
They talked thus voicelessly for some ten or fifteen minutes,
then suddenly the sannyasi dropped to the floor
and passed into samadhi for the next two hours.
Bhagavan quietly took up his book again and went on,
remaining as though nothing had happened,
as doubtless indeed for him it had not.
But for us it was an unforgettable experience.

Quite apart from solving our problems,
or helping us to do so,
just to sit in Bhagavan’s presence was to realize or get a feeling
of what true relaxation and a quiet mind might mean.
It did not mean shutting oneself away, isolating oneself,
on the contrary,
it meant being with all, yet remaining within,
being in the world and yet not of it.

But Ramana Maharshi was an exception. Exceptionally high. Even Yogananda went to visit him out of respect

So the great saints have their own way. Own secret language. One of the highest that happens is when two liberated beings meet each other

They talk but have sort of a code going on. Things which we cannot understand.

What does God miss

In one of His aspects, a very touching aspect, the Lord may be said to be a beggar. He yearn for our attention. The master of Universe, at whose glance all stars, suns, moons and planets quiver, is running after man and saying; ‘Won’t you give Me your affection? Don’t you love me, the Giver, more than things I have made for you? Won’t you seek Me?’ But man says; ‘I am too busy now; I have work to do. I can take time to look for You.’ And the Lord says; ‘I will wait.”

~Paramahansa Yogananda

But no one wants to take time to seek god!

Reading the Internet books discussion is not looking for God. Mediation, the right way is

Compare with modern day gurus

There is no comparison

Wish the fake guru see the life of Ramana maharshi and Feel ashamed

Quantum computers

Normally I would call this 101 on quantum computer but it is more like 100

What does it have to do with spirituality?

You saw logic fail in figuring out heads or tail

Quantum computer was 97%

Pure intuition 100%

New year celebration. Alien view point

Preach – NOT

We want to teach. Spread our “knowledge”

But those who have it all only share a very very limited portion of worthwhile knowledge

Buddha one went to the Forrest. Asked his disciples how many leaves are there in the Forest. He then bent down picked a handful of leaves and gave it to them. And said , I have only shared this much knowledge with you. The rest is still with me!

What a yogi experiences is so much – that all the books put together is still nothing

However , small steps are good. But don’t Be satisfied. Look for more. Be like Buddha. Have so much but share only a little. That too only to those who are willing to walk the path

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

We meditate. We do kriya yoga. We go to mediation camps. Retreats.

Some do mantra. Some do asana. Others chant the name of God. Others dance to the name of God. Others go to places of pilgrimage.

They are all Good

But what is the fastest way? The other ways have a certain charm – an inner appeal – we like it. And Enjoy it

All our activities should be directed to reach God. Pure consciousness. However our past karma and sanskar ( impressions) prevents us from reaching there ! Plus every activity that we do creates more sanskar and karma.

What is to be done?

Yoga. In Yoga , following all steps , a critical step , is awakening of shakti, and essential to that is kevali. Those advanced in mahayoga or siddha yoga or kriya yoga know it well. Do it well.

What is kevali? Well the secret of how it is done has remained a secret. But it is the end result of all paths.

One essential feature of any yoga( kriya, maha or siddha yoga ) is destruction of karma. So with one kriya – when done properly , one future birth karma is destroyed.This is unique to proper practice of yoga. A very specific technique. And some unique experiences. The advanced practitioner, it is said , can see his past and future. And eliminate those seeds before it bears fruit

Yogananda has said this in a few places. One kriya destroys one future birth. So everyone extols it. But do it correctly. However your ego will prevent you from learning it properly. Everyone wants to gather information, imagine they are doing it properly, but they do not want to learn it properly

So everyone to praise the wonderful method. But no one wants to do it ! How sad !

Vivekananda said , when your on the right path, happiness and unhappy situations will occur in rapid sequence. Why ? Many future birth are absorbed

Thus one kevali, is like a new birth with past karma destroyed. And that is a true birthday. True new year

Our enemy

You are your own enemy and you don’t know it. You don’t learn to sit quietly. You don’t learn to give time to God. And you are impatient and expect to attain heaven all at once. You cannot get it by reading books or by listening to sermons or by doing charitable works. You can get it only by giving your time to Him in deep meditation.

Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda

3 key things

Need for right approach – mediation
Patience – you will not get there overnight. Will take many births
Persistence – in effort is needed constant effort giving up time for non essential things

Guess who prevents us from these things.

Our own mind. Our laziness. Our lack of faith. Lack of persistence

But those who can do all those they are their best friend

In Gita it is said –

hapter 6, Verse 5

hapter 6, Verse 5
A man must elevate himself by his own mind, not degrade himself. The mind is the friend of the conditioned soul, and his enemy as well.

Chapter 6, Verse 6

Chapter 6, Verse 6
For him who has conquered the mind, the mind is the best of friends; but for one who has failed to do so, his very mind will be the greatest enemy.

Sadly life after Life is wasted. So unfortunate

And then people make excuses for not meditating

At some point all that you have will go

Your health
Your family – parents, spouse friends
Your Rub of good luck will go
Your body will go

You just can’t hold on to it. But you can hold on to God.
But that requires constant practice. 24/7. No exception.

So pick your side. Your battle

Friendly side – God and meditation
Enemy side – holding on to material things

Let the battle begin!

How do you know a great saint?

Seems amazing and true. And is true

Yet, yet Jesus was full of love and peace. Yet he had acts of cruelty against him The pace did not reach the spiritually dead king

Same with Krishna – the evil could not open their eyes

But in the life of Ramkrishna – almost all felt peace
Same with Gyaneshwar Maharaj. Sure there were times when the general public was cruel to him
Such immense peace was present around Mohangiri Maharaj.

A miracle from Yogananda

Enlightening. The power of aum

Harsh but true

Only the liberated can fully grasp this

The joy of remaining liberated – chidananda – is unmatched. Compared to that all happiness in this world is painful.

We may believe staying in samadhi – deep mediation – without food etc for years together is painful / tapa. Contrary to what we believe those are great saints who are permitted to remain in samadhi prefer that status to everything. Yogananda said, in his next Life he will come back but most of his early life he will remain in samadhi. The later few years he will help others

Hence Ramana maharshi made this bold statement

For all the science lovers

Top stories in 2019


There was a bottle neck. Significant upheaval in earths geological system

From Discover magazine /astronomy

Around 70,000 years ago, a supervolcano named Toba erupted, blowing roughly 670 cubic miles (2,800 cubic kilometers) of vaporized rock and debris into the air. This is thought to have caused a massive struggle for humanity, ultimately leading to a population bottleneck that whittled down our numbers to as few as 1,000 reproductive adults. According to a 2015 study, during this pivotal point in human history, a small reddish star also was likely passing within a light-year of the Sun, just skimming the outer rim of the Oort cloud (the extended shell of over a trillion icy objects that is thought to cocoon the outer solar system).

Previously, astronomers believed that this wandering star — dubbed Scholz’s star — passed relatively peacefully by the Oort cloud, influencing very few (if any) outer solar system objects. But, according to a new study, researchers now think that Scholz’s star may have caused more of a ruckus than we initially gave it credit for.

And now with popularity growth – what has happened?

Terrible things. Humans. We have no honesty. Pure greed. Lust. Laziness. Uncaring towards other humans.

So what do law makers do ? Create law.

Thereby is the stupidity of humans. Laws don’t change people.

Spirituality does. Eventually. If the person wants it.

But no one wants it.

So there we have it. A chaotic world.

But let’s not forget to blame God

Full concentration

I am usually reluctant to share deep secrets

What is full concentration?

Is it just thinking? No. The moment you try to stop thoughts they wander off.
Why our emotions and desires force the mind away
So emotions and desires and thinking – they all create problems. And let’s say there are rare moments in life – where you desire God, your thoughts are on God and you love God – yet the mind wanders off. What caused it?

It is prana. So control of prana with thoughts , desires and emotions is full concentration. All of it together and then it is very quick

Yogananda talked about it in God talk with Arjuna and Yogendra Vigyani said it in Mahayoga vigyan. The Bible talks about it in parables. Gita says it . Only a Guru can share the more in-depth secrets

The corollary is without this full concentration whatever else you do, you cannot go to perfection! Ever. This is the ultimate secret

Mental blocks


The mind as an instrument for tapping the power of God is limitless; I want to emphasize this to you all, as Paramahansaji did to those of us around him….Years ago he told us (and psychologists nowadays would certainly agree) that chronic worry, fear, nervous tension, and the other negative emotions—guilt, hate, jealousy, bitterness—close off the channels through which wisdom and healing flow from the deeper levels of consciousness. People become so tense and anxiety-ridden in struggling with their problems that they get emotionally “hung up.”

So when we have tried everything possible to solve our problem and nothing seems to do any good, the wisest course is simply this: Relax. Stop trying to deal with it through the limited human resources of the rational mind, which has brought you to your present state of frustration and tension. Surrender to the Divine with one hundred faith and trust. In other words, “Let go and let God.”

–Sri Daya Mataji (Intuition: Soul-Guidance for Life’s Decisions, p53-54)

A word of caution though. Let’s say you have an important exam. If the only thing that motivates you to study is stress, then you should focus on learning two things. Do the right thing and not having stress. You can’t say I will be worry free and God will take care of my exam.

That would be quite silly!

Is there life anywhere?

Here is an exciting video about mars

But when the asteroid hit earth, it destroyed the dinosaurs. 75% of species gone

Some of the earth material with bacteria floated into space and many landed on titan one of the moons – which has water

Could we have seeded live elsewhere?

Or could nature or God populate other places independently

Would they believe in Christ ? Or krishna or other religions?

Or would they consider us weak fools for believing in it?

To reach your goal

So our goal should be God. A Long path. On rare occasions, a minority number of people may have access to a true Guru. Only a handful of them will be blessed with an awakening Ref Gita

Chapter 7. Verse 3

Without an awakening one cannot leave. But what is worse is that even those with an awakening, only a few may escape.

Why is that?

Past karma
Their own mind creating doubts. And they end up debating or battling the mind. Instead stop the internal hankering and just go straight within.

The doubts of mind – dogs
Hankerings – throwing stones

But this is equally true for real life. Don’t let the critics – your friends , spouse, enemies bother you

Imaginary fear

We live in stress. We live in fear. We live in illusion. An illusion of happiness

This is with Vasistha Maharaj said

Why go through the pain Why boy wake up that God is everywhere. Supporting everyone. Nourishing everyone. Loving everyone.

Just be pure. Then you can see it for yourself. Not just imagine it

Beautiful story of Maharshi – his grace

From ~~~ Ramana Periya Puranam, Echammal.

V. Ganesan ;

Echammal lived with her children and husband not far away from Tiruvannamalai. One night, she had a dream in which a young ascetic with a loin cloth and clean shaven head said something which she could not understand. Within a few days after the dream, she lost her husband, her son and one of her two daughters. A few days later, the same boy appeared again in her dream and recited a Sanskrit mantra which she could not follow. When she went to dream interpreters, all they would say was, “God is blessing you.” Feeling utterly lost, she wanted to go back to the village of her childhood with her only remaining daughter. When she was leaving, the third dream came. In the third dream, this same boy said, “Please return to the hill and disappear. You have lived your lives. Your three lives are over.” Even before she came to him, Bhagavan cleared Echammal‟s three apparent births through these three dreams!
After she went to her village, her second daughter who was ten or eleven also died. She could no longer bear the burden of her sorrow. Some of her relatives advised her to go on a yatra – a pilgrimage. Searching for solace, she left for North India. There she met sadhus, served them and gave them food. One of the sadhus initiated her into ashtanga yoga. He gave her a mantra and told her to concentrate on the tip of her nose. However, none of these worked. She still felt burdened with sorrow. When she returned to her village, a relative said, “At Arunachala, there is a young ascetic. He may not speak, but by serving him and being in his proximity you will receive his grace.” The very next day, she went to Tiruvannamalai. It was 1906 and Bhagavan was in Virupaksha cave. She went to have his darshan and Bhagavan looked at her for nearly an hour. She stood in front of Bhagavan with tears rolling down from her eyes. He had tears streaming down his own face as well. Not a single word transpired between them, but she felt an immense power, a mysterious force that seemed to keep her immobilized. Miraculously, there was not a drop of sorrow left in her.
She felt the grace and took a vow that she would feed this ascetic all her life.

This is grace from such high beings

Why do we suffer?

Well , we may never find the answer to this question

Historians and philosophers have tried to explain why people suffer. Often times we could say the reason is obvious

A smoker dies of lung cancer. Obvious maybe

But an infant having autism or born blind ?

What About young people dying young or having bad diseases ?

Why does God let them suffer? Maybe there is no God. Maybe the religions and priests created a concept to give us a method to cope ?

Anyway be it as it may the answer may be elusive.

I have suffered from certain ailments also. Once I cried intensely and then God showed me why the suffering was there. This had happened more than once.

So maybe there is a just God. But I still disapprove of his methods.

Well the right question to ask God is – no you don’t ask God s why you suffer. What we should ask for is God help me cope with it. Guide me through my pain and suffering and insecurity.

I have asked God for pain and suffering. It helped me a lot in life – to form a permanent connection with God. The world can be deceptive. And can be evil. My Allegiance is to God

What is to be done when we pray for God supporting hand and don’t get it? We pray more. After all if there is a God he knows what is best.

I still disagree with his methods. So I extend my love to those who need it!

What is the difference between happiness and joy?

Well it is kind of individual isn’t it?

I like to reserve Joy as something divine

So here goes my viewpoint

Joy – divine How do you know it is divine? What is the sign? It is something that you will not tire of. You can remain immersed in samadhi for tens of thousands of years and never get tired of it.

Happiness – you get tired of it after a while. At least for a short time. For example food – you will get tired of the same food after a while. Same thing with sex. Same with company. After a while you just want to be by yourself for a while.

But you will never get tired of God. If you get tired of mediation, tired of prayer, tired of God – you have not reached the real thing!

Imagine you die and go to heaven. Think you can be in heaven for eternity say playing a harp and floating on a cloud? Or something like that?

Something is missing. That something is an actual connection with God

This is what Yogananda said


And so, dear ones, my Christmas will go on forever, in

ever increasing joy everlasting, If this joy were limited, as worldly

happiness is, a time would come when all would be finished. But

no saint will ever be able to exhaust the ever-new bliss of God.

—Paramahansa Yogananda, “ Man’s Eternal Quest “

It takes time

When tilling ground for the cultivation of crops, one needs patience to destroy all useless weeds; and to wait, even though the ground then appears barren, until the hidden good seeds sprout into plants. It requires still more patience to clear the field of consciousness that is overgrown with weeds of useless attachments to sense pleasures, which are very difficult to uproot. Yet when the field of consciousness is cleared, and sown with seeds of good qualities, plants of noble activities sprout forth, yielding abundantly the fruits of real happiness. Above all, have patience to seek communion with God through deep meditation and to become acquainted with your indestructible soul, hidden within your perishable earthly body.
Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda

The weeds are the problem. It takes and ways the nourishment provided by Mother Earth and does not leave much for the soul to grow.

What are the weeds?

Lack of faith
Craving material things like money food and sex

How does lack of faith manifest?

Worries and anxiety

Are money food and sex that bad?

Initially one needs just enough to sustain the body and let us meditate worry free
In the final stages they are abandoned too

Religions are wrong!

Let’s say your going to climb Mount Everest. And you have a book which tells you how to get there. The directions are very incomplete. But not to worry! You have a teacher who can tell you exactly what the language in the book means and how you can climb Mount Everest ! Fantastic. Your Set

Except that the teacher or priest you have had never climbed Mount Everest!

That is the sad state of religions ! Some claim Bible is the only true book. It is the word of God
Others claim it is the Torah. A book which was created before time.
Others say it is the Gita or Vedas
Same thing With Koran

Everyone has a firm belief in their books. After all that is what they were told since childhood and then Reinforced by their respective religious teacher!

And that’s when conflict occurs

Now take a simple person like Vivekananda. No books. Just found a teacher. He asked him have you seen God and can you show him to me ? And it was done. Within a few years. No books. No discussion. Just realization.

So what will it be?
God or debates and discussion?

What did Neem karoli Baba say about Jesus?

A boy came one time and asked, “Maharajji, did Jesus really get angry?” As soon as Maharajji heard the word “Jesus,” tears came to his eyes. He was sitting up when the question was asked, and he leaned over on his elbow and tapped his heart three times with tears coming down from his eyes. There was total silence for a moment. Maharajji had brought the reality of Christ into everyone’s consciousness, and he said, “Christ never got angry. When he was crucified he felt only love. Christ was never attached to anything; he even gave away his own body.” And at that point everyone was crying—we had gone through the complete Passion of Christ. And all of a sudden he sat up and said, “The mind can travel a million miles in the blink of an eye—Buddha said that.”

That was Neem Karoli Baba

In a second he went back and touched the entire life of Jesus before he replied

That is mediation and prayer and love. Seeing his life he cried with love

It’s a mammoth task

Reading and listening does not Give experience
One must make the mammoth task of silencing the mind.

Like it says in the Bible – Be still and know that I am

This silliness is absolute stillness of the mind. Of all emotions. All logic.

Then in an instant – God or pure consciousness dawns.

Few will make that effort. They want to chant. Listen. Praise God. But those things don’t impress God.

He wants your absolute attention – and that is achieved only when the mind is silent.

I never go or listen. I find it painful. Why leave the sanctuary of God within me to hear some fool talk about his imagination how God should could or would Be?

All I can say is Go within. Reach him within. He is eager to meet but first silence your mind.

Abraham was asked to sacrifice his son Isaac in the mount of Moriah This was in Genesis 22

Abraham means enlightenment
Moriah is gyana Bhumi – knowledge in sense of knowing first hand which is experience
Isaac means happiness / laugh/ pleasure

Our thoughts are our children /son Children constantly seek something to play or enjoy. We created them. Destroy them. Don’t paint a picture of God with your mind. He is far far more beautiful than what we can ever imagine.

Of course there is a much deeper meaning to the story.

Life of Jesus Christ

His name was Jesus and Christ was more of a title. A description of someone anointed or someone who has achieved a certain spiritual level. In those days, last names did not exist.
It is doubtful that such titles were given to many

He was born in Bethlehem. (Bethelehem meaning house of bread or place of nourishment – suspect it refers to nourishment for the sou. In the passage of time, the divine meaning gets lost, I suspect) In a manger. No one knows when he was born – the month. Various people have interpreted the month anywhere from December to January to April. I do not think this matter will be clarified anytime in the near future

3 wise men from the east followed a falling star that lead them to Jesus. Yogananda interprets the Star as Agna chakra the chakra in the forehead. Did they come to bless him ? Or did they come to receive his blessings?

Jesus father was a carpenter and was assigned the work of making a throne for the King. When it was about to be delivered, Joseph had a hard time assembling it. He had made a mistake in the dimensions. Jesus was only 5 and he came over and touched the throne – and all problems were resolved.

At the age of 12, Jesus left Jerusalem. The word comes from Yeru meaning make and shalom yiddish for complete. Make complete. Perhaps a city where people are made perfect. This is of course my interpretation but sadly, the current day places are no longer as great as described in the meaning

Where Jesus went, no one knows. Nicolas Notovitch a Russian historian is of the strong opinion that he went to India. There are a few indirect clues that this maybe correct. Yogananda believed it to be true. He believes Jesus met Babaji. There is a picture of Jesus carved out in the stones of a famous temple called Jagannath Puri in India.

The lost years span from around the age of 12 to 29. After that he revealed himself for 2 years till his crucifixion. the Bible – is basically a version of things and the life of Jesus for those 2 words. Many things are repeated based on different view points of his disciples

Originally there were 13 but Judas betrayed him. All the disciples were poor and did not have a high social or economic status. Even his disciples did not fully know his greatness. That came about much later..

Jesus did not reveal the name of his Guru or much about his missing years. Thus, much misunderstanding started.

The question of reincarnation is a constant debate. Debate to some but a firm conviction to many. Yogananda believed Jesus was Elijah in the past and his guru Elisha was John the Baptist. This was in the last birth. There is quote, – Elijah has already come. He was referring to John the Baptist. There are other quotes that refer to reincarnation but such matters are settled emotionally rather than going deep into meditation

A few salient points about his life

  1. His teacher was never revealed
  2. His missing years remains a matter of controversy to the historians
  3. His disciples were not reach and had low status. Surely Jesus could have attracted the rich and powerful but they were not worth his while. Current day teachers, priests and Guru are interested only in the rich and famous.
  4. He knew Judas would betray him on the first day he met him. Yet he gave him al his love. Judas did not get liberation for another 800 years tilll he was born again in Bhuvaneshwar in India. Even in his last birth he remained greedy about money
  5. The last night – garden of Gethsemane – Jesus prayed all night. His disciples were weak and could not stay up all night to meditate. Thus Jesus said, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.
  6. Jesus worshipped his disciples that last night, knowing it would be the last time he will meet them
  7. Jesus asked for the crucifixion to be changed but God denied him
  8. He reappeared in 3 days to Mary but would not let her touch him, – his body was not fully materialized.
  9. Jesus came back another time on the day of tongues
  10. He came back one more time to St Paul as he was escaping Rome when he was threatened to crucifixion. Since Jesus was going to take Pauls place, Paul was ashamed and asked he be crucified upside down
  11. The Jesus was crucified 2 other thieves were crucified too. Jesus gave salvation to one other thief. This thief was a great Yogi in the past but slipped. Jesus delivered him in the last moments, even as Jesus was suffering. (This came from Vivekananda)
  12. Jesus suffered a lot. He was not in the center but on the extreme left. The soldiers finally pierced his heart with a spear and finally Jesus was able to leave the body
  13. There are stories about his shroud being found. I suspect this may not be authentic
  14. Elijah and Elisha had great powers. There were around the time of Abraham.
  15. The second coming of Christ is difficult to understand. Yogananda believes his second coming is in the depth of our meditations
  16. Jesus was a yogi. Many things he talked about refer to secret methods of meditation. These secrets are not revealed.

Of course a lot of these things are my version / interpretation. I have no desire to get into a debate or challenge anyone in their view points. I respect them just as much.

Many secrets are hidden in the Bible – the chapter of revelations, the story of David and the Goliath are in essence a perfect Yoga description.

What is the right action?

Until we know ourself all actions have some fault. Why? There is some personal gain or benefit that we seek

One anchored in oneself the action is always perfect. Untainted. Without fault. Why? It is divinely directed

Whose fault?

In the words of mother ( aurobindo )

Don’t ever take lightly all the circumstances of each day, all the tiny little things of life, all the small events, you know; never take all this lightly. Never react with your lower being. Each time you are told to do something or not to do it – you are not told this very often, but each time you are told, before reacting think a little, try to find in yourself the part which reacts. Do not react just like that with what is most commonplace in you. Enter within yourself, try to find the best in yourself and with this you must react. It is very important, it is very important.

There are people who mark time for years because they haven’t done this. There are others who seem to fly, so fast do they go, because they pay attention to this. And those who don’t do that throw the blame always on the Divine. They accuse the Grace. They tell her, “It is You who deceived me, it is You who put me into difficulty, it is You who made me stumble, it is You who are a monster”, not exactly in these words, but their thought is like this. And so, naturally, they make their case worse because they push away even the help they could have had in their difficulty. There we are.

The Mother, Questions and Answers 1954, CWM volume 6, pages 444 – 445.

What does it mean?

Circumstances in life – even the smallest one – come in our daily life so we can correct ourself Not often, but it does happen, someone will tell you not to do something or tell you to do something. For example, your spouse may tell you not to go to store now, we will go together later. Now your heart was set on going and this comes up. What do you do ?
First thing to do is to observe carefully your own reaction. Are you Angry or upset? Is the anger directed to the spouse that she or he constantly bosses you ? Or is it because you suddenly wanted to leave the house? Or is it could be a reaction – great !- I don’t have to go alone Here there is a problem of you not wanting to do the chore. In any event look and figure out your reaction. Gently correct it Your reaction.

This would be the beginning of learning how to be pure. Or learning to have witness attitude – sakshi bhav.

Our mind is bombard constantly with reaction. If only, you Learn to correct your reaction, improve yourself, then in many ways it would be like constant mediation. **Dont be under the illusion it is easy. Many times your mind will tire. You will feel why me? This is not fair. I airways end up enduring and giving up. If that is your lot , your destiny JUST ENDURE. There is no other way out. God knows the perfect situations you need to correct yourself

These steps are the first steppe yoga that are called Yama and niyama**

Without doing the first steps, you cannot really go to any of the deeper steps. Try as you may

Without exception, God constantly pulls us back to him. However, initially he does not talk. But later he will talk. Just as clearly as reading my blog. Without ambiguity

No matter how you react, the circumstances in life will not change. So why not react perfectly by not reacting – get a few million extra favors from God?

Remember, your life goal is to escape. Not to remain a slave to circumstances or senses or your mind. Do you have what it takes to do it?

How can you help others?

Just correct yourself. Then you help others just by being. Silence.

How to destroy illusion

Illusion or bondage is easy to break!

Here is the trick

Destroy your desires

For those interested in Ramana Maharshi

The Mountain Path is a quarterly Journal founded in 1964
by Arthur Osborne and published by Sri Ramanasramam.

To access the past issues in pdf format, from 1964 to 2016, click below :

Ramana maharshi 1879-1950

Between 1850 to 1950 there was an abundance of very great perfected liberated mahatmas

The average reader only knows a few Famous ones. However the number of hidden ones is substantially higher. They were in many ways helping and shaping the destiny of many others – in ways we cannot fathom

Those who chose not reveal themselves play a more significant role than we can imagine. Why? Once exposed, they are constantly bombarded by petty requests of worldly people. No Doubt worldly people suffer and need help but these great saints are mostly interested in those who don’t want any material gain in this world. This includes lack of interests in food money fame sex etc.

Since most people are only interested in those things the great saints remain hidden

I participate in activities of the world but can’t wait till I have permission to give it all up and stay in a cave

Ramana maharshi health

Ramana maharshi has major health issues since he was in his 20’s.

Yet he remained unmoved throughout his life. He practiced what he preached. Completely

During his last weeks he suffered From cancer? Pain. At that time Neem karoli Baba helped him – relieved his pain in the last few minutes

Escaping is not that Easy!

The firmness of ones adherence to the high status is tested during suffering

So when does Love for everyone appear?

So everyone reads about – loving everyone. Helping others. I just published a list of wonderful things about Ram Dass.

However when does that kind of love appear? Let us keep reading it That is no doubt one of the highest aspiration of life. one must constantly strive to achieve that

But the yogi Know a secret. That love is a constant feature of yoga and meditation.

When does that love appear?

When you realize the universe is in you. Experience that. Not a miniature imaginary universe. But this external universe that you see. when you can truly give up the body consciousness and the ego you learn to expand. This is the true self. Once that is achieved love for all is but only natural

This is the love Jesus showed This is the love Buddha showed. This is the love gyaneshwar Maharaj showed. This is the love Ramkrishna had.

Reach there! My challenge to you. Don’t be stuck up in this body

So many truths in this

A few thoughts on the matter

Thoughts cease – elimination of the mind
Reason to disappear – elimination of intellect or brain
I to rise up and be felt – here there is a secret mantra and technique

It’s there. But the great sages often speak in seeming riddles

Why? They are not riddles. Our ego and error riddled thought process makes it seem that way

Ram Dass passes away

His top 10 quotes from mind body

	Be here, now."
	"It is important to expect nothing, to take every experience, including the negative ones, as merely steps on the path, and to proceed."
	"The next message you need is always right where you are."
	"If you think you're enlightened, go spend a week with your family."
	"Compassion refers to the arising in the heart of the desire to relieve the suffering of all beings."
	"I hang out with my guru in my heart. And I love every thing in the universe. That's all I do all day."
	"The universe is an example of love. Like a tree. Like the ocean. Like my body. Like my wheelchair. I see the love."
	" [Unconditional love](  really exists in each of us. It is part of our deep inner being. It is not so much an active emotion as a state of being. It's not 'I love you' for this or that reason, not 'I love you if you love me.' It's love for no reason, love without an object.'"
	"The quieter you become, the more you can hear."
	"We're fascinated by the words—but where we meet is in the silence behind them."

Seems fantastic. But how do you convince someone in pain that it’s good for you?
An uncle of mine lost his 40 year old son. Yes sure – is what he needed. Now go and use that and comfort him saying is needed for him ! Terrible. There is a time and place for everything

Love someone for loves sake. Very lofty thoughts or ideas. But how do you convince your mind ?

Lofty ideas are quoted by many. What is needed is how does one reach there?

That is then the beginning of the path. And there are tricks to it !

Many people say he took Samadhi. Such words diminish the greatness of something very divine. Very rare. Death is not samadhi. Samadhi is something very specific
I have written about it in my blogs elsewhere

Revealing words

If we use the mind properly, we can understand how God is beyond mind and intellect; and how His true nature can be felt only through the power of intuition. We must find His consciousness through the superconscious mind – the nucleus of mind and intelligence. His infinite nature is revealed to man through the intuitive superconsciousness. The joy felt in meditation reveals the presence of Eternal Joy spread over all creation. The light seen in meditation is the astral light from which our tangible creation is made. Beholding this light, one feels a unity with all things.
Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda

What is intuition?
How do you cultivate it?

We think we know the answer.

Intuition – is it the little voice in us? NO. Most often the little voice in us is our mind or internal dialogue. It is something we simply know? Yes that’s more like it. It is something that just pops up but from lack of mediation our imagination and logic runs with it

How to cultivate? – simple. Be pure. Learn not to think or imagine Meditation

How to be pure? Purity is loving God And God alone. Yes it does mean loss of cravings for the body – including sex food even sleep. Takes time. Such people would rather not talk with anyone.

Know Atman

Shankaracharya Maharaj wrote Vivek chudamani

Vivek – discrimination
Chudamani – crown jewel

What is discrimination or Vivek ? What is Atman or self. What is the non self ? Illusion of reality.

To know the difference is the crown jewel.

Or the crown jewel of discrimination is knowing self from non self

You know discrimination but have you experienced it?

Where is the heart?

People talk about the heart
Besides the physical heart noted to Dr in the left side is there any other heart?
Is it metaphorical?

Here Ramana Maharshi talks about a different heart. A real heart in which the physical body resides?

The great Yogis

There are great Yogis who can create multiple universes – fully functional in the sense we know. And destroy them too

Such Yogi have been described in Hindu scriptures

But we can’t believe it


We were born in a cage !

The translation killed it!

Those who have experience know what I am talking about

But this experience is at the highest level

The ancient Gurukul

In ancient days – it was sat yuga then. At that time the number of people who wanted liberation was a lot more.

At that time for the true aspirant they had a system called Gurukool. Children at the age of 5 were sent over to be raised by a teacher. What did he teach ?

The art of mediation.

As time passed by the number of true aspirants dwindled. The gurukul tradition continued and they started teaching them worldly knowledge.

And now the tradition is no more.

Is rebirth certain?

Depends. Which category are you in

Potter or idol – who is greater?

The mind constantly looks for a source of happiness of pleasure. In its ignorance it can only seek happiness in food, fame, outings, shopping, etc. Little does it know there is joy within!
It’s like a piece of clay that only thinks happiness is becoming an idol, or famous figurine nicely decorated but forgets that the real joy is becoming the potter.

Not only for SRF but also any earnest student

This is why I don’t advertise
I have told a few people about this blog. But no one wants to read
Rarely is anyone serious about finding God

Many would debate Yogananda. Same with Vivekananda.

Do you tend of thousands of purple heard Vivekananda. However he only had 2-3 disciples. Everyone else was not given much. They rest were not serious!

This true experience is indeed very rare. Wake up. Be serious. Have tears in your eyes. Have regret that why do I not have the true experience that destroys sadness, fear and destroys the need for any book or scripture

There is much more knowledge than all books put together within. Find it. Experience it. Don’t be a fool waste your life thinking you can reach there without a Guru A true Guru.

They usually are very picky. They want a sincere true disciple. Not a million

Not only for SRF but also any earnest student

Why reading and logic fails

Do not think that you can comprehend the infinite Lord by reason. Reason can grasp only the cause-effect principle that pertains to the phenomenal worlds. Reason is powerless to understand transcendental truth and the nature of the Causeless Absolute. Man’s highest faculty is not reason but intuition: apprehension of knowledge derived immediately and spontaneously from the soul, not from the fallible medium of the senses or reason.
Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda

That intuition is a gift from a Guru.

Depends on his wish. It can be all revealing or temporary. However it gives faith in Yoga

A Guru with no intuition is not a true Guru nor a yogi. Such a Guru can help no one

However there are many many higher states than intuition.

But let’s learn to crawl first!!!


Tamas is one is one of the reason why a person fails to grasp the subtleties of spirituality

It’s overwhelming influence makes one love sleep. Be lazy. Humans are skillful and they hide their laziness in a variety of ways including procrastination, excuses etc

This gives unreasonable anger but it guises itself with defiant indignation.

I see the works of the politicians in many parts of the world. Many are full of this and they abuse their Power

Such people are generally thrown into lessor worlds where misery is the rule.

Most People have a combination of Tamas plus Rajas plus sattwa. Thus they come back to earth instead of going to demonic worlds.

The demonic worlds are truly scary

Have you experienced this?

The self

The atman

Where is it.


Every part and cell of your body

How does a gyani behave?

Definition of meditation

And there are states much higher than this !

Corollary you previous blog

  1. Disciple has to be worthy. Totally dedicated to finding truth
  2. Few get initiation. Many visited.
  3. A Guru why has thousands of disciples offers nothing. Followers can be many
  4. Ramana maharshi looked in the eye to give initiation How can you get initiation in a crowd Unless there is eye contract our sole other contract
  5. The results of initiation – with light visions are common
  6. Don’t be satisfied with imaginary initiation

A disciples view of Ramana maharshi

Many visited Ramana. Few received initiation
Here is an account of initiation

**** Arthur Osborne ***

Arthur Osborne came to Ramana Maharshi only in 1945. He stayed with the master for only five years. But years do not matter.

Though Bhagavan‟s spiritual message was meant for the whole world, Arthur Osborne was the English voice, the western voice, you may even call him the modern voice, to carry and spread Bhagavan‟s direct teaching of atma vichara – Self Enquiry all over the world. Arthur Osborne played a most important part in this. We are going to share how Bhagavan chose him and pointedly matured him in the direct teaching of Self Enquiry. While in the body, Bhagavan matured Osborne spiritually through his look, presence and various other ways. After Bhagavan dropped the body, he made Osborne carry on this mission through dreams. From the beginning, Bhagavan, in his own mysterious, mystical, but simple and natural way, drew Arthur Osborne from his childhood for the sole purpose of spreading his direct teaching. In this whole drama of Arthur Osborne and Ramana Maharshi, I too had a part to play though I was not aware that I had been chosen. Arthur Osborne single-handedly shouldered the responsibility of upholding the direct teaching of Bhagavan through his life and his brilliant writing.

He had the rare combination of intellectual clarity, intuition and poetical ability to express what he had already experienced. It was as though the direct teaching of Bhagavan was broken and simplified in the prism of this chosen direct disciple‟s true understanding and handed down to all those who have a lesser capacity to grasp it. Arthur Osborne‟s devotion to Bhagavan was complete and he gave to Bhagavan his whole life together with his many and varied talents. All these he gave without any reserve and without any thought of himself.

It was in 1960 that I came to Arunachala to stay permanently. After an illness of three months I completely recovered and said that I am dedicating myself totally to Ramanasramam. In the 1960s, there were only ten people or so living in the whole ashram. When I arrived, Osborne was standing with open arms under the illupai tree. It felt as if Bhagavan himself was receiving me with a smile of appreciation and acceptance of my decision. That one look, that one smile of Arthur Osborne, made my life flower into total dedication to spiritual life. He said “Welcome, Ganesan! We all knew that you will return here to your home. Arunachala is our home and Bhagavan is our mother. Ask Arunachala, ask Bhagavan, only one boon, „Give me Self realization.‟ Do not ask for mundane things because he will certainly give whatever you ask for. He is a great giver. If you ask for a wife, house, property, power and position he will most assuredly give it to you, in greater measure as well. But then, he will send you away from Arunachala. If you ask for Self realization and nothing else, he will retain you here and give himself to you. Arunachala is Self realization, the pinnacle of jnana. Welcome home, Ganesan! Be happy.” Who uttered these words? Not just an ordinary person, a westerner and an intellectual, but one who had stayed unmoved from Arunachala, keeping Arunachala in his Heart. Of course, all these are true!

These are glorious words and we must preserve it in our Heart. Great men‟s words are true all the time, to all, under all conditions. Who was Arthur Osborne? He was born in London in 1906. His father was a school head master and his mother was a simple, pious lady interested in poetry and gardening. Osborne inherited these two traits from his mother. He wanted to be a gardener, a farmer, all his life. But his father put him in Oxford and he came out brilliantly with ten gold medals. He fulfilled his parent‟s desires. But all his life he remained a lover of poetry and gardening. All his spiritual experiences, apart from those that happened in the presence of Bhagavan, took place in his garden. From his childhood, he sought the deeper and higher purpose, the meaning of life.

He told me that even as a small child playing in the grounds, he felt worldly living was meaningless. He could not share this feeling with anybody. The words of Jesus Christ were his only support: “He who seeks shall find.” He told me this made him a seeker after truth all his life. At a particular stage, he came across the writings of the French philosopher Rene Guenon and he was thrilled because Rene Guenon‟s teaching was, “Being is one.” He immediately felt that this teaching was the truth. His restlessness and discontent over the futility of worldly living dropped off with the realization that life has, after all, a meaning. This is what he shared, “If being is one and there is no other, then I cannot be any other than that one being. Therefore, to realize one‟s true being is to realize the identity with that absolute one being. It was the beginning of my quest, a quest from which I never swerved or turned aside.” This was even before he knew anything about Bhagavan.

Then he met Lucia, fell in love with her and married her. Both of them had similar aspirations in life as she was also searching for the truth. They were guided by Rene Guenon to another guru who gave them a very rigorous sadhana of chanting incantations which they followed meticulously. During that time, being a keen intellectual in addition to being a seeker, Osborne studied and even practiced simultaneously, the tenets of Sufism, Buddhism, Christianity and Vedanta, gaining mystical erudition in all of them. And look at the beauty – all this prepared him for the finale.

He then got a job in the University of Bangkok in Thailand and took his wife and three children there. Wherever he went, he was always in contact with members of Rene Guenon‟s group. One of the members, David McIver, sent them a photograph of Ramana Maharshi and two of Bhagavan‟s books. He also cautioned them that Ramana Maharshi was not a guru as he did not give initiations or accept anyone as a disciple.

But Arthur and Lucia Osborne were captivated by the picture of Bhagavan and desired to go to India and meet Ramana Maharshi. Being a very hot summer, they first went to Kashmir where they were met by David McIver who also owned a cottage opposite to Ramanasramam. After spending a few weeks, Osborne had to go back to Bangkok. Fortunately, David invited Mrs. Osborne and the three children and took them to Tiruvannamalai. When Osborne went to Bangkok, the Second World War broke out and the Japanese arrested him and put him in jail. For three and a half years he was in jail. Arthur Osborne‟s only solace was Bhagavan‟s picture and the two books. When the Japanese came to arrest him from the university campus, some urge prompted him to take these three things. While in the prison camp, he created and tended to a very nice garden. His personality, and his talks there, drew many people to him.

One among them was Louis Hurst, who came to Bhagavan after the Second World War. Far away in Tiruvannamalai, Mrs. Osborne had by then already got Bhagavan‟s darshan. The moment she saw Bhagavan‟s eyes – Bhagavan gave her a pointed look – she felt absolutely transformed. Bhagavan took care of Mrs. Osborne and the children and paid special attention to them. To her husband in prison, Mrs. Osborne wrote about how Bhagavan‟s eyes had the innocence of a small child together with the unfathomable wisdom and immense love of a sage. Meanwhile, the children prayed to Bhagavan, “Bhagavan, we are writing letters to our father but we do not know whether he is alive or not. Please keep him alive and bring him back soon.” Osborne told me that when he was in the prison, prominent British prisoners were sometimes taken away and executed. When the special force came to take Osborne, everyone knew that he was going to be shot.

Osborne told me, “The last thing I looked at was Bhagavan‟s picture and the two books. When I was taken in front of the firing squad, I closed my eyes. I did not pray to Bhagavan but Bhagavan‟s picture came to my mind and for some unknown reason they released me and put me in a concentration camp.” While he was suffering, his children back in Tiruvannamalai were going on praying to Bhagavan for their father‟s safe return. Bhagavan never gave an answer until the war ended. The day when Osborne was released along with the first batch of forty prisoners, his son Adam‟s prayers were answered by Bhagavan: “Yes, Adam‟s father is coming back.” When he came to Arunachala, Osborne was in a debilitated mental state because of the torture in the concentration camp. Intellectuals were tortured to brainwash them.

When Bhagavan was told about Osborne‟s imminent return by train, his attendant, T. P. Ramachandra Iyer, on seeing Bhagavan‟s concern, asked, “May I also go?” Bhagavan replied, “Yes, you also go.” So, Bhagavan‟s representative was also there when Osborne was brought back. The only person he could recognize in his poor mental condition was his wife. She came crying to Bhagavan. Bhagavan told her, “Please bring Osborne here morning and evening and make him sit where I can see him.” This happened till he became completely alright and even afterwards. Osborne told me, “Bhagavan saw to it that I sat where he could see me. One day, when two or three people came and sat between me and Bhagavan, he even asked those people to sit elsewhere so that he could see me, which was very, very unusual for him.”

However, Bhagavan did not reveal himself to Osborne on the very first day. Some days later, on a festive occasion, Bhagavan concentrated his attention on Osborne and the change came with all its immensity. This is how Osborne describes it: “Bhagavan sat up facing me and his luminous eyes pierced into me, penetrating intimately with an intensity which I cannot describe. Then arose from within, a quietness, a depth of peace and an indescribable lightness and happiness.” This is what is written in the book. What Arthur Osborne himself told me was, “Two search lights came into my body and then divinized every cell in it and that was the first initiation and the first realization”.

After this, Osborne began to understand what the grace and blessings of a guru could be. It was this initiation by look that vitalized him and made him follow Sri Bhagavan‟s teaching of Self Enquiry, a quest for which his intellectual bent of mind was perfectly suited. Bhagavan poured his love and attention continuously on him. Osborne was very meticulous and regular, coming every morning and evening as he went deeper and deeper within. He fully understood what Bhagavan meant by saying that the only purpose of the outer guru was to invoke the inner guru. When he came to Bhagavan, he was again told by McIver that Bhagavan was not a guru and he never gave initiation or accepted disciples. Osborne now felt that if Bhagavan was not a guru there was no meaning for the word guru at all. Bhagavan had given him initiation by look which transformed him and made him a disciple. So, there was no question about Bhagavan not having disciples. The constant practice of Self Enquiry began to awaken an awareness of the Self as Bhagavan outwardly and simultaneously as the Self within.

Osborne understood, and said, that the specious theory that Bhagavan was not a guru simply evaporated in the full radiance of his grace. This intiation and its consequences changed the course of his spiritual life. He could no more practice his earlier methods of sadhana. He was a little disturbed about this and sought Bhagavan‟s permission to drop them. Bhagavan gave it immediately saying, “Yes, all other methods only lead to Self Enquiry.” The moment for the final decision came. He was staying with Bhagavan when the British government announced that all the released British prisoners of war in India would be accommodated in Britain with all comforts. The British High Commission sent letter after letter to the Osbornes about this. They did not even show these letters to Bhagavan to ask him his opinion. They were certain that they did not want to leave Bhagavan and go anywhere else. When the last ship was to leave India for Britian, the British High Commissioner sent a telegram to alert them. Mrs. Osborne told me that she did not even feel like taking this telegram to Bhagavan because it was already confirmed for them that Bhagavan was their sole refuge and that there was no other worldly life than staying with Bhagavan. But, Osborne was a family man and had to earn a little money. So he got a job in Chennai as an editor in a reputed daily newspaper.

Though he did not want to go, he had to. Before he left for Chennai, one of his friends gave him an oil portrait of Bhagavan. He took it to Bhagavan who holding it in his hands said, “Osborne is taking swami with him.” That portrait, Osborne told me, looked at him with the love and compassion of a guru and spoke more profoundly than all the other pictures of Bhagavan. This adorned his room and whenever he wanted to make any decision, he would first look at that portrait and only then decide. Every holiday and free day, he would rush back to Tiruvannamalai – to Bhagavan and his family. When he came, Bhagavan used to pay special attention to him. Once, after Bhagavan‟s second operation on his arm, Osborne came unexpectedly in some friend‟s car. Bhagavan was taking rest in the dispensary verandah. Usually, Bhagavan was discreet in showing outward signs of his grace. But this time, surprised by Osborne‟s unannounced visit, Bhagavan gave himself away. His face lit up with pleasure and love on seeing Osborne. He looked at him for quite a while with indescribable tenderness and grace. Mrs. Osborne and Bose, standing immediately behind Osborne, felt that they had never seen Bhagavan look at anyone in such a way. Osborne himself felt transformed. The graciousness of Bhagavan‟s reception melted Osborne‟s heart and awoke a feeling of guilt and gratitude as to how great was the reward for such little effort made. It strengthened even further, the bond between this wonderful disciple and his guru.

Bhagavan continued to bless Osborne to be deeply and steadily rooted within the Heart. The purpose of the outer guru is to awaken the inner guru. The fateful day when Bhagavan passed away, Osborne was there. It did not fill him with sorrow. Instead, it only made him plunge within. He felt Bhagavan‟s grace more abundantly and his support more powerfully. Some days after Bhagavan dropped the body, Bhagavan appeared to him in his dream. In the dream, Osborne was in the Old Hall and Bhagavan asked him to come near the couch. Osborne went and knelt before Bhagavan and Bhagavan put his hands on Osborne‟s head in blessing. When Bhagavan put his hand on his head, he had a feeling that Bhagavan was asking him to write about his direct teaching. He then wrote seven articles. They were brought out later as a book titled Ramana Arunachala. Every one of us, every seeker should read this book. That was the beginning. Soon, a cascade of books started coming from Osborne: Ramana Maharshi and the Path of Self Knowledge, The Collected Works of Ramana Maharshi, The Teachings of the Maharshi in His Own Words, The Incredible Sai Baba, Rhythm of History, Buddhism and Christianity in the Light of Hinduism, Gautama the Buddha, The Question of Progress and a few more.

After working in Chennai for some time, Osborne had to take a job in Calcutta in 1952. During the holidays, he would come rushing from Calcutta to stay in Arunachala and be at Bhagavan‟s shrine. Osborne had his second awakening in Calcutta. This is how he described it: “I was alone in my Calcutta room when I woke up and sat up in bed and I just was my Self, the beginningless immutable Self, and I thought that nothing has changed. There was no excitement, no joy or ecstasy. In the wholeness of simple being, there was the thought that it was impossible ever to be bored. The mind seemed like a dark screen that had shut over consciousness and was now rolled up and pushed away. It is the mind that craves activity and feels bored when it does not get it. The Self is untouched by activity and abides in its pristine state of simple happiness. I do not know how long the experience lasted, and in any case, while it lasted it was timeless and therefore eternal. Imperceptibly, the mind closed over again but less opaque, for a radiant happiness continued.

The afterglow continued for several weeks only gradually fading out.” When he was in Calcutta, his friends were all talking about the Sai Baba of Shirdi. He had read one or two articles about him. Some of his friends wanted him to write an article on Sai Baba, but he was reluctant to do so. That night, Bhagavan appeared to him in a dream and commanded him to write on Shirdi Sai Baba.

When in the dream Osborne confessed that he did not know much about him, Bhagavan instructed him to go to the shrine and that Sai Baba would himself tell him what to write. Bhagavan specifically said, “Sai Baba should be known to the western world so you have to write.” This was the inspiration for him to go to Shirdi and write the book, The Incredible Sai Baba.

~ From Ramana Periya Puranam Book

Tailor made

Teaching from the perfected soul is tailor made

Some teaching is for everyone
Some is for advanced yogi
Some who are just beginning
Some for those who are only interested in this world

Sometimes you will read Ramana say there is no mind
Sometimes you will say don’t think
Sometimes he will say ego is the culprit
They often seem contradictory

Why? When you go deep the contradictions vanish


What does faith include?

Be calm. Trust.

This is what Yogananda said

The star


Lift your eyes and concentrate within. Behold the astral star

of divine wisdom and let the wise thoughts in you follow that

telescope star to behold the Christ everywhere.

In the land of everlasting Christmas, of festive,

omnipresent Christ Consciousness, you will find

Jesus, Krishna, the saints of all religions, the

great guru-preceptors waiting to give you a divine floral

reception of everlasting happiness.

— Paramahansa Yogananda,

“ Metaphysical Meditations “

This star has been misunderstood. Everyone thinks they see the star. Know it. But this happens much much later

So much misunderstanding

How long does it take?

Depends on the purity.
A pure person has good intuition.
For such a person, his actions are guided by intuition. not the fault ridden logic or intellect

Such a great souls only needs a word. Short sentence. Look within. Or your the divine light. That’s it. He immediately experiences it
Nothing more is needed
There are souls like that. But very rare

What happens to the others? They falter. Struggle. They want to understand. Look for ways to experience. They want to analyze. Compare. But they don’t want to be pure forest. Or tolerate hardships. Or give up pleasures of life. They enjoy being angry. Lustful. Resentful. Revenge. Such people are not worthy and cannot understand the sublime way of the divine

So the intermediate steps are missing !

Pasaay Daan

These are the last words Gyaneshwar Maharaj sang before leaving the body at 22


  1. May the Self of the universe be pleased with this sacrifice of words and bestow His grace on me.
  2. May the sinners no longer commit evil deeds, may their desire to do good increase, and may all beings live in harmony with one another.
  3. May the darkness of sin disappear, may the world see the rising of the sun of righteousness, and may the desires of all creatures be satisfied.
  4. May everyone keep the company of saints devoted to God, who will shower their blessings on them.
  5. Saints are walking gardens filled with wish-fulfilling trees, and they are living villages of wish- fulfilling gems. Their words are like oceans of nectar.
  6. They are moons without blemish and suns without heat. May these saints be the friends of all people
  7. May all beings in all the worlds be filled with joy, and may they worship God forever
  8. May all those for whom this book is their very life be blessed with success in this world and the next
  9. Then, Nivrittinath, the great Master said that this blessing will be granted. This brought great joy to Jnaneshwar.

Note: The English translation of the Pasayadan can be found in Jnaneshwar’s Gita as rendered by Swami Kripananda, as well as the CD “Pasayadan and Mahalakshmi Stotram: As sung in Siddha Yoga Ashrams”. Both of these items can be purchased at the Siddha Yoga Bookstore.
Complete Dnyaneshwari is available at

A common misconception in the inquiry method

Q: I practise hatha yoga and I also meditate `I am Brahman’. After a few moments of this meditation, a blank prevails, the brain gets
heated and a fear of death arises. What should I do?

A: I am Brahman' is only a thought. Who says it ? Brahman itself does not say so. What need is there for it to say it ? Nor can the realI’ say so.
For `I’ always abides as Brahman.

To be saying it is only a thought.
Whose thought is it ?
All thoughts are from the unreal I', that is theI’-thought.
Remain without thinking.
So long as there is thought there will be fear.

Q: As I go on thinking of it there is forgetfulness, the brain becomes heated and I am afraid.

A: Yes, the mind is concentrated in the brain and hence you get a hot sensation there.
It is because of the I'-thought. When theI’-thought arises fear of death arises simultaneously. With regard to
forgetfulness, so long as there is thought there will be forgetfulness.

First there is the thought I am Brahman', then forgetfulness supervenes. Forgetfulness and thought are for theI’thought only.
Hold on to it and it will disappear like a phantom. What remains
over is the real `I’ and that is the Self.

I am Brahman' is an aid to concentration since it keeps off other thoughts. When that one thought alone persists, see whose thought it is. It will be found to be fromI’. From where is the I'-thought ? Probe into it, theI’-thought will vanish, and the supreme Self will shine forth of itself. No further effort is needed.

When the one real I' remains alone, it will not be sayingI am Brahman’.
Does a man go on repeating I am a man'? Unless he is challenged, why should he declare himself a man? Does anyone mistake himself for an animal that he should say, 'No, I am not an animal, I am a man'? Similarly, Brahman orI’ being the only existing reality, there is no one there to challenge it and so there is no need to be repeating `I am Brahman’.

~ Be as you are. The teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi edited by David Godman

How old was Neem karoli Baba?

No ones knows

Here are a few excerpts

❤ Embodied Spirit ❤

In 1962 an old woman came for darshan of Maharajji. When she saw him she exclaimed, “How can Neem Karoli Baba be alive? He must have died a long time ago! My father was a devotee of Neem Karoli Baba, and my father said he knew Baba for forty years before that. I am seventy-three now; I last saw Baba when I was seven and he didn’t look any different from the way he looks now.” Maharajji upbraided her and wouldn’t let others speak with her after that.
** RAM **

Maharajji once said, “I used to come here to see that fakir who rides on a horse, that Gorashin Baba.” (Gorashin Baba lived some three hundred years ago.)
** RAM **

Once in Lucknow an eighty-year-old Muslim arrived, who said he had known Maharajji as an adult since he himself was ten or fifteen years of age. Maharajji said, “Don’t believe him!” Another man of over eighty years said he knew Maharajji almost seventy years before, when the man was twenty years old, and that Maharajji had given him his blessing to take his first job.
** RAM **

Several people were once discussing a saint who had lived some five hundred years earlier. Maharajji said, “Oh, I knew him.”
** RAM **

In 1961 Maharajji made a pilgrimage to Chitrakut with several devotees. While there, he stood on the banks of a river and kept shouting across it for a certain Gopal, a shepherd. Over and over he would call for him. No one knew of such a man, but Maharajji said that Gopal was a friend of his who would bring him many things. After much inquiry, it was discovered that four generations back there had been such a person who was devoted to such a guru. Gopal’s grandson was eventually found, and he was a very old man.
** RAM **

To one old woman who was confused by seeing Maharajji unchanged after so many years, he said, “Ma, I was dead. I have been reborn in the hills.”

— “Miracle of Love” by Ram Dass.

Ramana maharshi and sohum

Maha Vir Prasad, Chief Engineer to the U. P. Government
who had been staying here for about twenty days in October and November and who went on a pilgrimage
to Rameswaram and other places, is back here.

In continuation of an old question of his with reference to a certain passage in Maha Yoga,
he asked Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi,

whether it was necessary and a condition precedent
for a man to watch his breathing
before beginning the mental quest ‘Who am I?’

Sri Ramana Maharshi :

All depends on a man’s pakva, i.e.,
his aptitude and fitness.

Those who have not the mental strength
to concentrate or control their mind
and direct it on the quest are advised
to watch their breathing,
since such watching will naturally and
as a matter of course lead to cessation of thought
and bring the mind under control.

Breath and mind
arise from the same place and
whenone of them is controlled,
the other is also controlled.

As a matter of fact,
in the quest method – which is more correctly
‘Whence am I?’
and not merely ‘Who am I?’ –

we are not simply trying
to eliminate saying
‘we are not the body, not the senses and so on,’
to reach what remains
as the ultimate reality,

but we are trying to find
whence the ‘I’ thought for the ego arises within us.

The method contains within it,
though implicitly and not expressly,
the watching of the breath.

When we watch wherefrom the ‘I’-thought,
the root of all thoughts,
we are necessarily
watching the source of breath also,
as the ‘I’-thought
and the breath arise
from the same source.

Mr. Prasad again asked whether, for controlling breath,
the regular pranayama is not better in which 1:4:2 proportion
for breathing in, retaining, and breathing out is prescribed.

Sri Ramana Maharshi replied,
“All those proportions,
sometimes regulated not by counting
but by uttering mantras, etc.,
are aids for controlling the mind.
That is all.

Watching the breath is also
one form of pranayama.

Retaining breath, etc., is more violent
and may be harmful
in some cases,
e.g., when there is no proper Guru
to guide the sadhak at every step and stage.

merely watching the breath
is easy and involves no risk.”

~ Day by Day with Bhagavan book

Did Ramana maharshi teach kriya yoga?

Yes !

This verse from Ramana should eliminate all confusion, all doubts.

I have explained this in great detail elsewhere

He basically describes the Sohum or Hangso method that Yogananda describes

If you can do it successfully realization is in a short time and in first day there is the highest manifestation.
However , this simple technique is very hard to perform. Why? Your desires. Your body will bring you down to this unfortunate living in this world

In some ways ramana maharshi deceived the masses by telling them to use the method of inquiry. To a few very fortunate disciple he told them the hungso technique

Even if you look up the technique or even read about it and what Yogananda said, you will need an accomplished person to explain a few secret details

Seeds Samskar

Seeds of desire – samskar

Created and reinforced from thousands of births

Both human and animal

Many of them are physical. – food and sex

Many relate to sour and sweet relations.

Destroy the seeds / samskar. Otherwise the will sprout again. Quickly. Into a very strong think tree

Reach the seeds. They are very very deep

Difficult to do. You will know you have reached the seeds. One you teach the seeds – desires don’t torment you.

If desires torment you, you have not reached the seeds

You will find yourself helpless against the desires. Repeatedly

What to do then? Fulfill them intermittently. And go about meditating deeper till you destroy the seeds.. in mediation
No more samskar

The senses

We are trapped into this world by 5 simple things. The pleasure principle.

We try to satisfy the mind through the 5 senses. Taste touch ( sex) smell, heating and sight

If only you could find the joy in the absence of those senses ( in awake and dream ) then all is done !

Where do you exist?

True joy

That is only within.

What is on the outside ? It is nothing more than someone using LSD and imagining a great meal or trip or sex. It has no reality

Same is true with the pleasure outside of mediation

But no one wanted to wake up from the LSD like hallucination

Mind and pain

This applies to everything

You have a thought. I am hungry. I want a car. I want sex. Your mind gets fixated on it And you can’t get beyond it! Now is that not misery ? What is to be done? Meditate!

Let it be. Maharshi says the creator will take care of everything.
Don’t dwell on it. Don’t crave it. destroy that thought. Destroy that desire

In response to why not enjoy

“The universe is ours to enjoy. But want nothing. To want is weakness. Want makes us beggars, and we are sons of the king, not beggars.”

Excerpt From
The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda
Swami Vivekananda

Not only does want make us beggars, but when we want and don’t get it, we get depressed, anxious and frustrated. Like Yukteshwarji said “ thwarted desires causes anger”

Why live like a slave to desire? Wake up. Give up your desire. If there is anyone who has enslaved you it is your mind full of desire

So sad. So unfortunate. I don’t like people with so many desires and wants. Where can I find a pure person?

I play my act
and act in the play
but I live in divine rays
Where is darkness
There is always light
The word is right

Go deep within
Break the chains
Which are your thought trains
What fuels the trains?
Your desires – your life in vain

I revealed the enemy
Fight it
That fight is yours
The desire is yours
Lament not
Just be pure

What is samsar

Thinking is the ultimate failure. The train of thoughts and emotions. Nonstop. And we think we are smart with the logic

In stead of thinking remaining silent brings about inspired visions which hello the universe. Not human logic

My blogs are never thought of. So forgive me for not thinking through. I just publish

Show me the fastest road

Maharshi – refers to the hath yoga. There are stubborn people and do variety of postures and pranayama Often times these things are harmful

Raj yoga is different method

When one can do it that way then Raj yoga eventually shines

There are many subtle differences

There are other methods the other methods have been totally misunderstood and people foolishly follow misguided information

Karma yoga – not the yoga of action. It is the yoga of kriya yoga where One reverses life flow
Bhakti yoga – not the singing or dancing but the inner joy of mediation which spontaneously arouses love for God
Mantra yoga – not just the recitingof mantra but the aum technique in mediation

Ultimately it is mediation.


Someone had question about it

Shastras/ scriptures prohibit a disciple from sharing any part of his initiation.
If they do so, they develop ego and from there on progress is halted and the awakened shakti leaves them.
I have seen this happen many many times

There are many shastras that describe initiation. Devatma shakti has a nice chapter in awakening with around 30 pages on it. However , that is a compilation of all the different paths to advaita

In God talks with Arjuna, the first chapter has a detailed description of awakening. Those 100 odd pages describe the whole path accurately.

Anyone who goes with high expectations will he disappointed. Why? It is not the awakening that is needed. It is God.

The signs of awakening have been written so it gives confirmation – please proceed your on the right express train.

Please never let your ego that I have had an experience interfere with your love for God I only care for thee God

The road is far more intricate than you can imagine.

That’s why thousands of authentic books exist but they can never describe it fully.

I have asked many people who have been meditating for decades.
I ask them – can you describe your experiences in more than a page? Sadly they can’t

It’s a simple experiment.

On the other hand the great saints have written volumes. When will I be worthy of them?

Different sects

Shankaracharya established 4 Ashrams in 4 corners of India and a total of 10 different Sanyasi sects. From the North Joshi Matha he started Giri, Paravata and Sagar. Paramhansa Yogananda and my Gurudeva belong to the Giri pantha. The Upanishada is Mandokaupanishada. Tirtha sect started from Dwarka and their upanishada is Chandogya upanishada. Vishnutirthji is one of the greatest saints from that pantha

This is insulting but….

Vasistha Maharaj was teaching Ram Bhagwan

What is the most stupid thing that people do?

They remain identified as their body. This single error is responsible for much suffering

Help! The world is painful

And this is what Vivekananda said

So majestic. He soared in the skies of freedom. This is how he saw the world

“Good and evil are our slaves, not we theirs. It is the nature of the brute to remain where he is (not to progress); it is the nature of man to seek good and avoid evil; it is the nature of God to seek neither, but just to be eternally blissful. Let us be God! Make the heart like an ocean, go beyond all the trifles of the world, be mad with joy even at evil; see the world as a picture and then enjoy its beauty, knowing that nothing affects you. Children finding glass beads in a mud puddle, that is the good of the world. Look at it with calm complacency; see good and evil as the same, both are merely “God’s play”; enjoy all.”

Excerpt From
The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda
Swami Vivekananda
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What can we do but worship such a great person ?