Does God talk ?

Can one listen to God talking ? Or is it hallucinations of a sick mind?

How can you tell the difference ?

Can you trust your own ears ? Absolutely not

What is the solution ? I heard one so called yogi make a statement – oh Gopal Krishna told me to buy something ! Thus people conveniently abuse the system by such absurd claims.

These absurd claims make the statement of a real person left in doubt

Although there are very straight forward ways of knowing this with certainty – such information is revealed by your Guru.

Hinduism is a very precise science with each letter and word perfectly picked to reveal deep secrets.

What is wrong ?

Some sins are not forgiven

One of the greatest sins is to share secrets that anyone tells you in confidence. This is true for friends. But also true , much more, for spiritual things.

Things that your guru tells you in confidence must never be told in public. You can share it with another disciple if your at same level. But otherwise it is one of the greatest sins

I know one of my fellow disciples is very guilty of it. He not only shares forbidden information but blatantly puts it in Facebook. This is not acceptable and when the wheels of time turn , the harsh consequences must be borne. Those who eagerly read those things, also have their progress arrested , because they were not ready to read it and will misunderstand everything

What motivates people to do this , Greed for fame and wanting disciples. Anyone who wants disciples errs. Only the worthy will crave a true guru and go to them humbly and with love.

The other day…..

One of my friends went to see “Sadguru” in Philadelphia. He was very impressed with him and wanted many others to go there

So the question is who needs to see a guru ? Or who would want to see a guru ? Or who would want to read any books including my blogs ?

One will want to do those things only if you need further advice or guidance Or your looking to pick a fight to show your superiority. In the first case, you have genuine interest but still looking for a true guru. In the second case your just an arrogant jerk with no progress

Those who have a true guru , have no need to read or meet anyone. Even if “god” appeared before him he would say no thank you !

By this you can judge your own progress

Where can I find or read about spirituality ?

This is not the page for you

There are many “great” sites out there. Many by many well known famous people – all Buddhism, yoga, Christianity, yogananda, kundalini experts.

They have many famous people like Hollywood actors , politicians etc.

Moreover they run many meditation camps, kundalini awakening centers, and have thousands to millions of followers. Also they have books on the NY best sellers list.

Of course in my opinion, Hollywood actors and politicians as followers does not impress God. Neither does their money or best seller book impress God. Oh by the way, awakening of the shakti is not that cheap, that it happens in lectures.

As a reader, I am sure you are impressed and will follow that – even though God is not impressed

God seeks love. He seeks purity of heart. He seeks sincerity. I humbly request all those who read this to immediately stop reading my pages and go follow others. I have nothing to give you. Your way is the worldly way. You want to enjoy your senses. You want money. Fame. Leave. Leave me. Such inner worldly attitude is despised by true yogi.

That’s why they hide away, live in solitude and are happy if they see one person who does not care for the worldly pleasures

Clean yourself first. Then you maybe lucky to meet a great being

I want to progress

So everyone wants to progress. But they get stuck in many ways

One big thing is jealousy for someone who has progressed. Or who has experienced. That is a tremendous impediment

The other is faking your progress. You read on the net – that awakened shakti causes shaking crying and your u start doing it. Now your stuck with the fake instead of getting the real

All this is from ego

That’s why I have hidden all the true signs of awakening. If someone has it and asks I can tell

It is for the benefit of others – that all real things are kept hidden including God

“Awakening” of shakti

There is true awakening. And Fake

We read a lot about it. They are almost always fake.

A friend of mine – recently went to hear Sadguru and came back with “awakening”. Feeling different. Laughing and jumping. And he saw strange behavior with other people there too

Such signs of awakening of kundalini is described in Mahayoga Vigyan

So this must be true right ?

The answer is NO

Many people have a weak suggestible mind and such activity of the mind is known to happen

So how do you weed out the true from fake signs

Answer is simple

Mass awakening is not done

A true guru has a one on one with disciple. He discusses things privately

He is not interested in many disciples.

A real guru is happy if he finds 5 true disciples in a life time.

No public display

Inwards signs of awakening – including becoming unconscious should be there

Kriya yoga

It’s the new wonder word. And disciples walk with pride thinking they do kriya. And now they think “I am so great ”

Enjoy !

Many blogs are written about it by many pundits ! I use the word pundits – somewhat sarcastically

Oh by the way – yogananda writes multiple times – Kriya is NOT about holding your breath. That is decidedly uncomfortable and can be harmful!

So what do you do ?

Thinking and thoughts

Very few people can be yogis who go into samadhi

Maybe one in a billion ( not million). Why? People meditate or focus on something but thinking continues. Or they imagine

Not thinking is an essential part of it. Who can stop their thoughts? That person is a yogi

I will not think is a thought too.

I laugh within. Be very one wants to go there. Think they can go there. But no one speaks how to stop thinking :)

Books won’t help. Your mental gymnastics are a joke.

Mahayoga vigyan wrote the trick. Yogananda wrote the trick. Yet No one can do it! It’s amazing

About Buddha

I was talking with someone the other day and he said that during later years Buddha became more material

He interacted with many, aye indiscriminately, gained weight

What could I say?

Such great people always do things for good and Buddha did the greatest good when he was “material”

This is the problem. Fools try to judge a master instead of making progress

Similar questions are raised about Jesus – he was tempted or involved with Mary. A historian in Washington state thought he was gay

Such stupidity should be stopped immediately. I would suggest become an atheist, don’t follow any religion rather than entertaining such foolish thinking

Eventually gods mysterious forces works it’s miracle and karma is delivered to all.

So be careful in your thoughts, actions, and speech


Most who have read a little or has a guru – suddenly develop ego and the illusion they are capable of being a guru-, teach and are knowledgeable

And whatever meager experience they have – they rush to believe they have had the ultimate experience!

And then there are those who develop the ego of “humbleness” saying they are nothing – and get proud they have reached humility ! Strange but true

My friend the path is long. Difficult.

I cannot reveal things that are meant for a guru to teach

But I now understand why most people are stuck the way they were a thousands of. births ago

My words are designed to help – cut the ego of their armor. Instead people retaliate instead of saying – true let my ego be destroyed !

Sad !