Good parenting?

When my kids were going – there was a popular book on his parenting- by Dr Spock

I am sure there are a dozen more books now. Plus the famous social services, the government who knows it all, has legislation to guide the less intelligent people in this matter

However every 10 years they realize a flaw in previous methods and make changes

Sorry I was being sarcastic a little. However, the one characteristic which yogi know – and does not change from one person to another is the quote by Ramana Maharshi!

You can choose what you want to teach your kids – how fun life is, money is the most important thing, fairy tales about happily ever after, watch TV, play video games


Tell them only one or twice there is more to life. It’s purpose.

There are choices. What is your pick? One teaches then to be successful, other instills values!

Big words

We use big words. And good orators can impress a million. With beautiful interpretations

God is so loving

He is omnipresent

He is omnipotent

He can do anything. He is present everywhere. Of course it impresses us. And it should. And create awe and love

But.😔 but……😔

There was a simple tailor. In India. 300 years ago. He decided to go to Mecca / Medina to do Haaj. His name was kabir.

Now in the mosque in Mecca there is a kaba/stone which represents God. This simple guy Kabir went there and did the unthinkable. He lay down with his feet facing the shrine. By all counts this is blasphemy. Of the worst kind The caretaker of the Masjid was displeased. Angry. Educated poor kabir.

Kabir simple said – God is everywhere. Tell you what why don’t you move my feet in whatever direction you please.

The caretaker, took pleasure and in a not so gentle manner moved kabir feet in a different direction. Amazingly in whatever direction they moved his feet, the stone shrine moved in the same direction!

Needless to say such simple men are the greatest of great. They are people who can truly say God is everywhere.

While educated people like me struggle to find God in the inconsiderate car driver who cut me off!

This is also great but does not go well in most cultures

Why should I listen or obey you?

I am just as good as you

God has created us equal

With those statements and thoughts you will not be able to appreciate the great quote by Yogananda

Without God-realization you have little freedom. Your life is ruled by impulse, whims, moods, habits, and environment. By following the advice of a true guru, and by accepting his discipline, you will gradually emerge from sense slavery.

– Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda

A great Guru is so simple humble and pure he reflects God

My friend you are very far from that purity. If your honest you will realize your a slave to your senses

You still love music, sex and food. You can not see fun in keeping your eyes closed all day and love the world within.

A nice quote

This is from Yogananda

It is easy for me to plant the seed of love for the Divine in those who are in tune with me. Those who obey my wishes are in reality not obeying me but the Father in me. God doesn’t talk to man direct, but uses the channel of the guru and his teachings.

– Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda

This statement is true. But there is a deeper truth which he did not say openly due to the audience. They simply would not understand him

Who is really ready to understand advaita?

Once in a while…

One in a while I share extra ordinary stories of yogi doing things that are unbelievable.

It is just to remind the reader, yoga in its purest forms, is not the trivial, exercise and yogic postures, or chanting om

What you think and know about yoga is the westernized, incorrect version

True yoga has one goal. Realize your higher self as spirit and liberate yourself. When you liberate don’t think of liberation as a conceptual understanding but an experience based realization. If the world came from atman, and you experience yourself as atman, then it MUST COME WITH INHERENT POWERS OF VARYING DEGREES. DON’T BE A FOOL. AND SETTLE FOR ANYTHING ELSE

Vivekananda said

There are many powerful things Vivekananda said

Some of my favorites are

Happiness comes wearing the crown of sorrow

The following statement I have paraphrased

” it is a tremendous lesson to learn – not to desire ”

Vivekananda is a great Guru but people never understood him.

His Guru Ramkrishna impacted two major philosophical lines

  • Paramhansa Yogananda – when he lost his mother had a great spiritual experience – the ability to see through everything from Ramkrishna disciple. Moreover Ramkrishna disciple let Yogananda talk and see his deceased mother
  • Vivekananda stood by Aurobindo for a whole year when Aurobindo was in Jail. This happened 10 years after Vivekananda left his body

The mind

In the Gita it says you are your best friend and your own worst enemy

At different levels of spiritual progress it can mean many things

But at the most common level you can think of it as the mind

It can be your best friend if it is controlled. However when not controlled it is your worst enemy

When uncontrolled it leads to

  1. Constant fears
  2. Constant worries
  3. Constant negativity
  4. Constantly chasing pleasures
  5. Constantly a slave to the senses
  6. Constantly giving self importance
  7. Comparison and jealousy
  8. Wanting to be famous
  9. Dwelling on money
  10. the worst of all – inspite of knowing is faults – revolts every step of the way when denied its pleasures and any attempts at change and self control and endurance.

The mind simply only wants pleasure. If it is told to do something it does not like – it gets sad, revolts and goes through a series of temper tantrums

These are difficult stages. The mind needs a Guru and guidance every step of the way. Someone who has passed through the steps

Bruhadaranyaka upanishad part 3

So the first paragraph in the upanishad says it all.

The method, the experiences and it refers to ashwamegha yagna

However most readers canny grasp the subtle greatness of the paragraph. So they are given information in the form of a dialogic with Yagnavalkalya and Gargi and other great saints

But why go through painful dialogues when you can go straight to God?

Another one from Neem Karoli Baba

One day , in May 1958, Kehar Singh ji got another opportunity to have Baba’s darshan.

Baba said to him, “That night you were asking why God was punishing the boy for your sins. You should never say so. God does not do this. Man himself suffers because of his own Karma.”

-Divine Reality

However this statement means Babaji saw the past births and agrees with the suffering we sometimes endure

From Neem Karoli Baba

Maharajji asked an Indian girl four times, “Do you like sorrow or joy ?”

Each time the girl answered ,”I’ve never known joy, Maharajji, only sorrow.”

Finally, Maharajji said, “I love sorrow. It brings me closer to God.”

-Miracle of love

The luckiest person is he or she – who has no one. All his / her friends, money, relatives have turned their back to him / her. Even his or her so called spiritual friends criticize him / her this often lasts a few years

At that point the person can only turn to God / Guru

And then truly make progress. Not once will that persons mind ever trust this treacherous world or love it again

Now the doors will open within. Now the mind will only seek God. And hold on to God. He instantly rejects anything that would bring him back to the world. He no longer meditates wanting to brag or tell others about any spiritual things. He discovers the joys within. His former self is gone.

But it is painful. Initially. Can you wish this happen to you? This pain?