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Boredom – your enemy

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There are phases in your life where you will get bored. There is nothing much going on in life. You are off from work. No events coming up. Your home responsibilities fulfilled. No good show. No sports

And your mind will wonder what can I do?

At that point the mind is still looking for something fun. Something to do. This is where you realize why it is called ananadatva – the pleasure principle. It constantly seeks pleasure. Physical, mental and even makes fun of God by taking religion and spiritual talks as fun

The outside world cannot give either fun or pleasure. It is mere darkness until you are within. However by habit you will only think of the world – not the joy within

What is to be done?

Go within! Once you go within – go in a state where the mind is not active, the ego sublimated then suddenly you will find true joy. A joy that was always there in this world and within – even in all the pain in life and it was always there within you. It was there when you tried to meditate and found it boring! That’s why yoga is the art of meditation. Learning the skill to find the joy. Forget about God. Just find this joy

Meditate with closed physical eyes and open eyes within! Be vigilant. Search within but not with thoughts! Search by intensely looking within. If you think then meditation is over. You wont find it. In this intense vigilant meditative search – first you will see where thoughts and emotions arise, then see karma, your past habits and the true reason of desire!

Then suddenly, suddenly you are within! The mystery is over! There is intense joy, immense joy. The search is over. In time, you will learn to find that joy even when going in crises! You can actively help others! They won’t know it ! I say these things based on what I have read

Now the path of Yoga finally starts. Miracles become the norm rather than exception. You crave being in that state. Alas that is not to be yet! There is much more to be done! The world will seem different! You see people differently. Spirtual help is what is needed! Spirit means breath! Only a Guru can give that. That power is not ordinary. It gives you the ability to be in that state. If not always, a glimpse is enough to be a traveler on this divine road – Raj yoga

Boredom – the day where you can change your life forever. Go within. Destroy boredom forever by the joy within

Be vigilant

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In darkness the soul roams

The illusion of light, his chain of prison

Illusion of knowledge, a fools tools

Be vigilant

Be vigilant

For I am always there

You see me not

Ignore the thoughts, emotions and ego

My eternal love always there

Joy unbound, you will know

Your problems solved

They were never there

You ego and illusion was your enemy

That little black speck

Created all this misery

That speck is not an allegory

Deep within you shall see

Give up turning to the world

That I am Soham shall rule

Stuck in quicksand

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I have had an ongoing battle with God.

  1. Why do you hide?
  2. Why do you hide how to reach you (God)

His answer – I don’t hide. I am everywhere. Within you and outside you. The pure in heart will see me (Bible). That is the one thing people don’t do – want purity. They know not what purity is (everyone has a concept and definition of what purity is but that is not true. To be pure you must first discover yourself, disengage from the false belief you are the body) Not do they want to become pure.

It is easier to say I am the soul, identify as body and waste an entire life only seeking body pleasures.

My second question is tougher. In the past I wrote a blog about God’s answer to the way paths to God. Oh there are so many different concepts! Everyone thinks their concept is correct! The concept could be self devised or learnt from reading, hearing things on internet or the million odd self assumed Guru title. God answer to it is – they all lead to him. He has permitted the indirect paths to stay. That is his divine will

And that is where I have a problem. Why allow indirect paths to continue??

Thus over time many other methods came into play. People believe in so many things – mantra, Maha mantra, worshiping idol / stone, going to temple, churches etc, jumping up and down reciting a variety of God name, Bhajan / recital / Kiran,, meditation, the inquiry method, just focus on good deeds, yoga, many sects, cults etc

So when you see so much, you will be impressed by one method, maybe difficulties in life make you desperate and you settle for one !

However all those methods promise you God sometimes after you leave the body, or a sell you an excited state of mind as joy of God ( which is not true), prayer ( is sold as talking to God when it is just monologue, and imagination of the mind is thought of as an answer)

This is what the world does For some reason it just does not settle well with me – I am childish and foolish. I am more of a here and now person. Hence my method is Yoga with Shakti awakening. It gives direct and instant contact with God ( not in the fullest form but in a minor way ). It is said that if the full form of God / full awakening is given the body would not sustain it. Only the pure in heart can sustain the full manifestation of God. For this you need a Guru who has realized God

Such Guru behave very differently They do not announce or display. I do not think there is any Guru like this right now I see motivational speakers, money hoarders, charlatans, etc

God does not cost money He is free, up for grabs However, he is exacting in demand for inner purity, a tasking Master when looking at our karma ( actions) and greedy for our pure love. Do not follow any path that does not demand inner purity. Love for all regardless of religion or sect. First find your inner self. When you hear the inner sound of Aum, you will be amazed! All your doubts go away. Your search for a teacher goes away. The Guru who gave you aum is enough ! You no longer need books or scriptures You will laugh at your own past stupidity You will find peace and joy within You will have finally started your journey!

There was a thief. He had taken an interest in stealing Gold. That’s all he wanted