Yoga Vasistha maharamayana

This is one of the best books ever written. It perpetually reminds us with many different stories that you are not the body but your the immortal soul

One you know that, we tend to the body less!

But a word of caution. A book telling you the day your the immortal soul – IS NOT THE SAME As having that experience. The experience has to be occasionally, then daily them constantly.

Few will take up this challenge and work hard.

Would it not be helpful if somehow you experienced yourself as pure soul, no thoughts or emotions or burden but present with out size shape or limitations?

We can’t believe in yoga fully

No matter how we try – many things in Yog seems impossible. Making the body very heavy or very light. Or flying in air. Or disappearing

We hear stories about them. The sources seem believable. The most recent one you may have heard are stories about Neem Karoli Baba.

And many believe – they are probably true. But unless you have seen it first hand, we may have lingering doubts. Even after seeing it we still limit the ability of such great beings

Then there are even greater beings. Such as Yagnavalkalya.

I believed these things are fairy tales. However I had the great fortune of being at the feet of a divine person. He changed everything in a second. I never had and still don’t have any worthy attributes. Yet like a child he lifted me and blessed me. And more

And more. And more

He always forbade anyone from telling anything about him. If someone was ready he would call them in a miraculous way. That’s all!

His followers have created a face book group or two. Many people in it. But there is no spirtual information there

Some disciples have tried to use the information from Gurudev. For selfish reasons and publicity. That is not good the outcome will be unfavorable

Every so often other disciples of Gurudev look at my blog. However I have said nothing worthwhile here. The true contact, true help us better received face to face.

Why does God not take us sincerely?

Well it is because we lie. We all day we want to make progress. However we lie in 2 ways

We want to make spiritual progress but it can only happen when we are willing to totally relinquish everything material.

Secondly, we don’t want to work for it. I don’t mean meditation or becoming a scholar. Yes meditation in the right way with the guidance of a Guru is needed. But the hardest work is – to not be upset when adverse circumstances occur or when someone insults you and to say it does not matter

Do these basic things, find a real Guru and the matter is over. Not immediately. But still will take several births. But at that point it becomes a certainty

God bless

My last post was shocking

So I compared most human progress to the level of an ant. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe not

However, if the stories of songs of the great beings are correct think about it!!

Jesus brought back Lazarus from the dead. His body was decomposed !

All the miracles of Neem Karoli Baba – done with a single thought!

Babaji creating a palace and bringing back a dead disciple

Babaji age!

The stories of Gorakhnath. Or Bharthruhari

The most is quite endless

Yogananda Maharaj said – there is a law to the miracles. There is a sequence that must be followed. That’s why it took Jesus 3 days to appear back

So to an ant – that must follow all the laws of this physical world and quantum physics – it is a miracle.

But those great beings it was manipulation of clay

Now do you know how to do any of those things? Do you know all the laws of the subtle world?

Friends, remember we have not even started compared to those great Giants

Definitely we try. And the more we try, those great beings permit us to get there

To learn those steps. And laws. A Guru is a must. Books scriptures, blogs are not helpful.

The vedas and upanishad tempt us with the final result. But they have not revealed the steps. At least not clearly. Literal translation of the scriptures is insufficient

I am sorry to break this terrible news to you. Your ego may suffer. That is not my intention. Forgive me

You may feel helpless. That is not my intention. Forgive me

You may want to find a true Guru. Feel desperate. But fear not the great saints hear us. But first you must want to be there and but not for becoming great. You must be pure. Love your enemies. Help others. Serve others forget about becoming a leader or Guru or teaching others spiritual matters

First learn it properly

There. I have said it. Now stop reading my blogs. Stop holding on to fake teachers or Guru or methods

Believe me I tell the truth! God never created one soul better or higher. You are the same as any of them. Humbly approach someone who can turn the lights on!

The biggest problem is…..

Compared to the spiritual giants – our intellect, our spiritual progress is less than that of an ant

Your ego will prevent you from accepting it. The level of those giants – is so high that what they do and have done is like a fairy tale!

But yet those stories are all true. Since these great Gods – for what else can we call them – rarely appear and expose themselves. When they appear, they remain silent, help a few souls ready to progress – then disappear.

Even when you meet such Guru – you will not recognize them, accept them or benefit from them – since the vital ingredient of intense desire to progress is absent. Even when present we judge the Guru by our ant like brain and try to fit their genius to limited vision

This is the ultimate problem. We constantly fail to recognize our very limited capacity. The trivial progress we make is not enough. What a Guru can give is a millions of years of progress in a second. If your ready!


Navratri falls Four times in a year. Which is according to Hindu calendar months is Chaitra, Aashadh, Ashwin, and Magha.

Hindus believe is Goddess. Since there is no birthday her festival is celebrated in 4 months

Navratri falls Four times in a year. Which is according to Hindu calendar months is Chaitra, Aashadh, Ashwin, and Magha.

The celebration is for 9 days each. Nav – nine. Ratri – night

There is a very precise yoga interpretation a s guidance to this. It is depicted by her above photograph, and her 9 names. It relates to meditation

One thing is certain, without her grace no one can escape. It does not matter if you believe in her or not or if you are Hindu or not.

You may argue that the goddess is not Described in the Bible. Maybe so. But Jesus did believe in the trinity and some believe mother mary as part of the trinity. Or the holy ghost.

Why the number 9?

Why those months?

Why for times a year?

Who are the 8 Goddess?

What does the name mean?

The diet should be simple during those days. Mostly MIlk, sugar, cream and potatoes. Grain is to be avoided

What will I get by following navratri? Terrible question! This question can only hurt you

In my usual stand, I am unable to answer the questions freely. Afar is written in the blogs elsewhere is often nonsense

Ratri refers to the requirements of meditating at night.

Is it simple?

Yes. Very simple. No. Very complex

It is like Aurobindo said – many small parts have to be dealt with

What am I saying?

So if you follow Advaita – then all is God. Its simple now right? I believe it. I used some half baked logic and presto – I am a Gyani. I know the truth. All is God!

But wait a minute – weren’t you hasty? Isn’t there a tiny corner in your mind that does not accept it? Or can you really believe your worst enemy is God too? What about Gengiz Khan? Yikes. With all his cruelty he is God?

So we modify our original theory. We now day all is God but they are diamonds covered in mud Fine and dandy. But who created the mud. God or someone else? And what did God Make it from? If he made it from something then did that something exist along with God?

So we weave a web of incorrect logic and suffocate. And yet because we keep saying god is everywhere we can say we are a pundit. A guru!

Nonsense. The truth is first cleanse yourself. Learn the technique of how to cleanse yourself. No scripture or book or method can help you clean yourself. Only a guru can help you. When that happens, joy begins. Don’t just read books or blogs. Spend more time learning the right technique and make every part of your clean!

I have said this many many times. What you read on blogs is trivial. It is morsels. Why be happy with meager things. Go for the cake!

Cope with fear

I got this from curiosity. It’s a great email subscription. Free.

RIA stands for recognize, identify, address. In other words, recognize that you’re afraid, identify the fear, and then find a way to cope.

Recognize: Get a sense of how you’re feeling. Is your heart beating fast? Are you feeling hot, or breaking out in a cold sweat? Is your mouth dry, or are you feeling some digestive discomfort? These are all symptoms of a fear response, and this first step simply involves acknowledging that: something is happening in your body that suggests you’re afraid.

Identify: “Name it to claim it,” says Poffenroth. Like Beetlejuice, Rumplestiltskin, or Voldemort, naming something can give you power over it. Okay, you’re afraid. Is this a factual or fictional fear? If it’s fictional, does it come from feeling like you’re not enough or like you’ve lost control?

“When you start to name it, sometimes that can just short circuit the fear response in and of itself,” she says. In fact, Poffenroth says that you can often just stop here, since simply recognizing that something is going on and identifying what it is can be enough to calm you down. “It also makes us feel not so alone,” she points out. “It’s just our human body being a human body. It’s not, like, what we would consider ourselves. It’s our brain doing its brain thing.”

Address: If you’ve done the first two steps and you’re still deep in the fear response, it’s now time to address the fear. If it’s a factual fear, this is obviously the point when you should take steps to protect yourself. If it’s a fictional fear, however, there are a number of strategies you can use to overcome it.

If all you need is to calm your fear response, try box breathing: breathe in for four seconds, hold for four seconds, breathe out for four seconds, hold for four seconds, repeat as needed. But to get to the root of the problem, it’s essential to face your fear. If you’re feeling insecure in your relationship, talk to your partner about it. If you’re afraid you’ll bomb your speech, identify the very worst thing that could happen — you’ll likely realize it’s not that bad. If you feel like you can’t get a project done on deadline, make a list of your to-dos and see what can be put on hold, what can be delegated to others, and what can be abandoned completely.

Most importantly, don’t ignore it. If you pretend your fear doesn’t exist, your body will keep fighting it with or without you and cause more problems down the line.

Now for the yoga part. The above technique maybe good for ordinary life. But what does a yogi do? He knows one thing for sure. Fear of death is factual. Why? Because you have died or left the body many times. Painfully at times. This is true for animals too

That original fear – cessation of existence as we know – is what has to be conquered. Don’t be a fool and think like your imaginary football or cricket player. Oh I could have done this with that bowl or would have tackled the player this way. Your in the field. Your imagination that when death comes I will not be afraid – is simply not true.

As the sun of life sets, your control over body diminishes, no longer can you walk talk or move, and then the heart and breathing stops. You are aware of it. Those seconds or minutes or hours are very painful.

Learn to he a true yogi. Learn the right technique. Stop the theoretical nonsense. And imaginary meditation of thinking of an ocean. Or using chemicals or imaginingit.

just do it. Don’t think of doing it. Be there.