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A depiction of ashwamegha yagna

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Your smart. Your a human. Your amazing. Animals are beneath you


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“The ultimate achievement of reason is to recognize that there are an infinity of things which surpass it.” 

— Blaise Pascal 1623 – 1662

Your either experience it, understand it or think it is stupid

I won’t give any commentary on this

Multiplicity of individuals is a moot point with most persons. A jiva is only the light reflected on the ego. The person identifies himself with the ego and argues that there must be more like him. He is not easily convinced of the absurdity of his position. Does a man who sees many individuals in his dream persist in believing them to be real and enquire after them when he wakes up?

This argument does not convince the disputant.

Again, there is the moon. Let anyone look at her from any place at any time; she is the same moon. Everyone knows it. Now suppose that there are several receptacles of water reflecting the moon. The images are all different from one another and from the moon herself. If one of the receptacles falls to pieces, that reflection disappears. Its disappearance does not affect the real moon or the other reflections. It is similar with an individual attaining Liberation. He alone is liberated.

The sectarian of multiplicity makes this his argument against non-duality. “If the Self is single, if one man is liberated, that means that all souls are liberated. In practice it is not so. Therefore Advaita is not correct.” The weakness in the argument is that the reflected light of the Self is mistaken for the original Light of the Self. The ego, the world and the individuals are all due to the person’s vasanas. When they perish, that person’s hallucinations disappear, that is to say one pitcher is broken and the relative reflection is at an end.

The fact is that the Self is never bound. There can therefore be no Release for It. All the troubles are for the ego only.

[A question was asked why it was wrong to say that there is a multiplicity of jivas. Jivas are certainly many. For a jiva is only the ego and forms the reflected light of the Self. Multiplicity of selves may be wrong but not of jivas.]

M.: Jiva is called so because he sees the world. A dreamer sees many jivas in a dream but all of them are not real. The dreamer alone exists and he sees all. So it is with the individual and the world. There is the creed of only one Self which is also called the creed of only one jiva. It says that the jiva is only one who sees the whole world and the jivas therein.

D.: Then jiva means the Self here.

M.: So it is. But the Self is not a seer. But here he is said to see the world. So he is differentiated as the Jiva.

(‘Talks with Sri Ramana Maharishi’, Talk 571)

What about this?

From Ramana Maharshi

This is synonymous with being still

Let’s see who can get this!

This is from Ramana Maharshi

Anyone try it yet?

Not so simple…..

If you look at evolution, our ancestors had a very simple ( maybe peaceful too) mind and life. They had to hunt for food. Take care of make and continue their generation

They could not be bothered by complex ways of lighting a fire or heat

As far as evolution in religion is concerned most people have a very simple idea of God. A mighty figure, looking like a human, can do anything and quick to reward and punish. And when we die he will deliver judgement. People believe all they have to do is say i believe in God or recite his name or once in a while listen to a lecture and observe religious holidays and be smug and happy that you have liberation

But as you try to make progress and you think you realize religion talks about a few more things


Doing good things

Not judging others

Many will feel comfortable in believing that they are pure, they do good things etc. However when you truly want to make progtess, you start to observe your mind

The genius of Patanjali said don’t worry about the label God. Just try to calm your mind. And at that moment, you try to observe your mind. You try to sit in meditation and suddenly are shocked at the millions of random thoughts and emotions that go through the mind. Some good and some bad. And your aghast that you have no control over it. Your imagination that you control the mind or body is no longer true. Your a hostage to your own mind. You have no Peace. Thoughts of anger, hostility, ego, food, money, sex are constantly on your mind.

So it is said sign of progress is to know your own weakness first. How can you get better if you can’t cleanse your own mind.

It is like water and dirt in a glass. The dirt is settled in the bottom and you think the mind / water is clear. The moment you try to empty the glass, and empty it , the dust that is settled muddies the water. This is the example Yogananda have to his Brother.

Anyway this is normal process of progress

How unfortunate

Unfortunate that you may believe in this. But cannot really go in that direction! Many lives have gone by. And yet again and again people come back. The same way. Every birth they believe they think they know it or have the right technique and yet no progress

Yogananda said perfection can be reached by anyone – anyone in 12 years. Can be difficult but it is certain if you meditate exactly to his specification

Remember knowledge is not what the brain can understand. To know is experience. Can you truly and honestly say you know your existence before the body, any body?

If not stop the fantasy of being wise

Spooky, surreal, fascinating and how does it happen?

Take a few amino acids, throw in some water carbohydrate and fat for nourishment and see what happens. – of course not that simple but take a look at this zygote become a tadpole.

So the leader DNA, now directs the rest of the one cell to divide multiple into different types of cells and reorganize the shape, create neurons, heart muscle etc!


This brings us to several questions. Do animals have a soul? Christianity and Islam don’t believe so. Hinduism believes they do.

Does the soul enter the body after the body is formed, half way through or when the zygote is formed?

Cells multiply. You can create an artificial ear from a stem cell. Is there life or soul in there?

Are these chemical reactions giving the illusion of life? Illusion of soul?

So you may ask five different people and get 6 different answers. Each one can be dogmatic about theur answer. No matter how foolish. Why? It would be difficult to disprove?

So who really knows the answer? If there is a soul or spirit then one who has fukl experience of it would know! So if you don’t know or you have doubts then you have not experienced your spiritual self. The Atman. Or even the soul.

Does the soul remember? How? There was no brain structure from one body to the other

Simplest way out of this headache is to deny existence of the soul. This is all humbug. Insane fantasy. Signs of a weak mind who needs strength from a figurative thing called God

Other way out is experience it. Meditate. Throw away your books and blogs. But do it properly. Not in some self delusional, self approved style which you imagine is the right way or something that you learned from a bigger fool than you – a fake Guru