So now you have 2 choices

After reading the previous blog – it should be clear You have 2 choices. Follow the millions of other techniques and guru and teachers and spiritual healers / awakeners online and in public

Or learn true yoga from someone who has accomplished it

The other option is to follow the stupid “gyana or path of knowledge ” and let arguing debating reading books and then think you have accomplished it

Or learn true yoga from someone who has accomplished it and get experience

The same is true for the misunderstood path of karma yoga – giving up fruits of actions or doing Bhakti by music and chanting You really can’t do those things properly until your established in Yoga

What will you do ? I know. You will continue to do what your doing Not even bother to ask for guidance People labor under the illusion of knowledge wisdom and understanding when in reality – according to Mother – there is little difference between them and a stone. Ouch

When will god shower his blessings ?


All our concepts of yoga – a correction

Correct pronunciation is Yog not yogaa sadly even Indians are messing up

Yoga means union with the divine / God

Yoga is not about different postures or exercises. It is about meditation

Original Yoga as started by Patanjali – read up on it Yoga Darshan is the book. Vivekananda translated it well.

In Vibhuti Pad chapter – many “siddha” powers over nature have been described. Don’t chase powers is true. But listen up foolish people, when united with the divine powers over nature appear automatically

Now tell me who really does Yoga in this world ? Find me one person

Am I doing it correctly?

A recent study showed

According to Buddhist teaching, the self is an illusion. The religion preaches a fundamentally selfless worldview, encouraging followers to renounce individual desires and distance themselves from self-concern. To advance this perspective, millions of people around the world practice yoga and meditation.

But a recently published psychological study directly contradicts that approach, finding that contemporary meditation and yoga practices can actually inflate your ego.

In the paper, published online by University of Southampton and due to be published in the journal Psychological Science, researchers note that Buddhism’s teachings that a meditation practice helps overcome the ego conflicts with US psychologist William James’s argument that practicing any skill breeds a sense of self-enhancement (the psychological term for inflated self-regard.)

Since meditation is the only way to abolish ego , one has to accept that the current methods of meditation are faulty. Faulty to the degree that it makes ego worse !

Wake up my friends. Don’t follow foolish half baked ideas coming from guru who want fame finance and pleasures.

True methods should generate humility , tests in eyes for God , acceptance that much progress is yet to be made.

Most people have not even started. Worse still they go in the opposite direction Reading books do not help

Be sure you have made progress is when God tests you with problems and you can meditate at ease feeling joy and peace

Otherwise more effort is needed

Why do the true Guru not reveal things?

Perhaps the fault is with us. We are not ready

Those who have reached a certain level Learn one thing – that spiritual injunctions of not revealing things is a must. Do their blogs will say a few things but not directly

Yogananda did not say much about kriya yoga. Yes he told a few things verbally and it has spread around – yet many things associated with it has not surfaced

Vivekananda said even less

So many people cone looking for answers of jyoti midrange, khechari, shambhavi and aum techniques. But only a real guru can give it. My blogs don’t have it. So easier for everyone to pursue it elsewhere.


Good luck on your search


The scriptures have very deep meaning everywhere

This can only be understood by yogis

Rest of the world will try to have an intellectual or allegorical meaning

For example the avatars – as suggested by a German philosopher many decades ago – thought it referred to evolution. Some Indian then adapted the meaning and out of emotional weakness for the need of fame put his label on it. It now circulated on what’s app

But did you ever ask a yogi what it means?

Yogananda often gave very deep meaning to these stories


I am not sure if I wrote the story of Nandi

Nandi was a very pure person. He was so pure that Shankar bhagwan turned him onto a bull. And gave him the blessing that if anyone want to see me, they have to go to you first. You will be at entrance of my temple. Moreover, people should first see me between your ears held together

It’s a beautiful perfect story. Only a yogi can explain it. What part of our personality is a bull????

What is the right question?

Some people do google searches – what are the benefits of Kevali pranayama? Or benefits of a certain type of asana ? Or a mantra? Or kriya yoga?

The correct question is – what is kebali? Teach me how to do it If those two things are done you know the results better than any scripture , Upanishad Or you know what is in Upanishad and more !

Same for other things. Problem is no one wants to find someone who can teach. Even after taught it takes many years to learn it.

If your impatient for results you will never get it.

Why is there so much confusion?

There is a lot of confusion in spirituality. Partly because of Sanskrit language and the same word having multiple meanings

I suspect god wanted it this way , so that a disciple realizes he has to go to a guru for further progress.

Take the word kriya yoga ! So many people have taken it in a million different ways!

Some look at it as a type of pranayama : with five levels

Other look at it as awakening if kundalini and spontaneous action

Some look at it as a form of action

Then some people make impressive drawings and draw chakras and give a very lucrative descriptions

All is wrong but that is all people will grasp. Since what was meant by Babaji has been lost. Yogananda write it clearly in god talks with Arjuna

Sad. But good luck in your search

Finally ……..

After many months I wrote my blog. If only.

The good thing is my web pages are less often seen in google search. This is wonderful.

How do you argue with stupidity? Yesterday , someone argued Vivekananda was not advanced. How foolish! Little do they know that 30 years after vivekananda left his body, when Aurobindo was in jail isolation, Vivekananda guided him every day with deep spiritual wisdom? Or he appeared almost 80 years later also !

Jesus appeared a few days and then a few years later. So did Vivekananda. Do you think it is ordinary?