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They all mean the same

So many words seem different but they mean the same
Why do they appear different ? Ignorance. No experience

Be still
Love yourself
Love God
Know yourself
Knowledge ( experience )

But they can be known as the same only when you reach the final step. Before that – there are very subtle differences

Like the faces of an octagonal cone

A rare dialogue

  • Paramahansa Yogananda meets Sri Ramana Maharshi *

Swami Yogananda with four others arrived at 8.45 a.m. (29th November, 1935) He looks big,but gentle and well-groomed. He has dark flowing hair, hanging over his shoulders. The group had lunch in the Asramam.

Mr. C. R. Wright, his secretary, asked:

How shall I realise God?

Sri Ramana Maharshi.:
God is an unknown entity.
Moreover He is external.
Whereas,the Self is always with you and it is you.
Why do you leave out what is intimate and
go in for what is external?

Q.: What is this Self again?

Sri Ramana Maharshi.:
The Self is known to everyone but not clearly.
You always exist.
The Being is the Self.
‘I am’ is the name of God.
Of all the definitions of God,
none is indeed so well put as the Biblical
statement “I AM THAT I AM” in EXODUS (Chap. 3).
There are other statements,
such as Brahmaivaham, Aham Brahmasmi and Soham.
But none is so direct as the name JEHOVAH = I AM.
The Absolute Being is what is – It is the Self.
It is God.
Knowing the Self, God is known.
In fact God is none other than the Self.

Q.: Why are there good and evil?

Sri Ramana Maharshi.: They are relative terms.
There must be a subject to know the good and evil.
That subject is the ego.
Trace the source of the ego.
It ends in the Self.
The source of the ego is God.
This definition of God is probably more concrete and better understood by you.

Q.: So it is. How to get Bliss?

Sri Ramana Maharshi.: Bliss is not something to be got.
On the other hand you are always Bliss.
This desire is born of the sense of incompleteness.
To whom is this sense of incompleteness?
In deep sleep you were blissful:
Now you are not so.
What has interposed between that Bliss and this non-bliss?
It is the ego.
Seek its source and find you are Bliss.
There is nothing new to get.
You have, on the other hand,
to get rid of your ignorance
which makes you think that you are other than Bliss.
For whom is this ignorance?
It is to the ego.
Trace the source of the ego.
Then the ego is lost and Bliss remains over.
It is eternal.
You are That, here and now.…
That is the master key for solving all doubts.
The doubts arise in the mind.
The mind is born of the ego.
The ego rises from the Self.
Search the source of the ego and the Self is revealed.
That alone remains.
The universe is only expanded Self.
It is not different from the Self.

Q.: What is the best way of living?

Sri Ramana Maharshi.: It differs according as one is a Jnani or ajnani.
A Jnani does not find anything different or separate from the Self.
All are in the Self.
It is wrong to imagine that there is the world,
that there is a body in it and that you dwell in the body.
If the Truth is known,the universe and
what is beyond it will be found to be only in the Self.
The outlook differs according to the sight of the person.
The sight is from the eye.
The eye must be located somewhere.
If you are seeing with the gross
eyes you find others gross.
If with subtle eyes (i.e., the mind) others appear subtle.
If the eye becomes the Self, the Self being infinite,
the eye is infinite.
There is nothing else to see different from the Self.

He thanked Maharshi. He was told that the best way of thanking
is to remain always as the Self.

Later the Swami Yogananda asked:
How is the spiritual uplift of the people to be effected?
What are the instructions to be given them?

Sri Ramana Maharshi.: They differ according to the temperaments of the individuals and
according to the spiritual ripeness of their minds.
There cannot be any instruction en masse.

Swami Yogananda.: Why does God permit suffering in the world?
Should He not with His omnipotence do away with it at one stroke and
ordain the universal realisation of God?

Sri Ramana Maharshi.: Suffering is the way for Realisation of God.

Swami Yogananda : Should He not ordain differently?
Sri Ramana Maharshi.: It is the way.

Swami Yogananda .: Are Yoga, religion, etc., antidotes to suffering?
Sri Ramana Maharshi.: They help you to overcome suffering.

Swami Yogananda.: Why should there be suffering?

Sri Ramana Maharshi.: Who suffers?
What is suffering?
No answer!

Finally the Yogi rose up, prayed for Sri Bhagavan’s blessings for his own work and
expressed great regret for his hasty return.
He looked very sincere and devoted and even emotional.

~ From talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi book ,Talks : 106,107

Yogananda displayed a lot more powers. Ramana maharshi rarely did. But he always remained in Advaita

Yogananda did not. Staying at a slightly lower level he talked a lot about ways to progress. Depending on flaws of individual he changed methods to teach

Proper attitude


 You need not drown in the river of life when you encounter the strong storms of trials. Learn to be an expert boatman and you can row across this tumultuous river to the safe shores of God. "He that endureth to the end shall be saved" (Matthew 10:22). As you work and plan, remember that it is God who is working through you. Your mind should be charged with joy and detached from all unpleasant experiences. Be active, but not constantly active; relax completely when not active. Strenghthen your will power so that you will not be controlled by circumstances, but will control them. Develop your will power by striving to do things that you thought you could not do. Work for others. Thus will you develop endurance and strength.

A “Para-Gram” by Sri Paramahansa Yogananda

However it is difficult We have become like a Pavlov dog, trained by circumstances to get depressed, anxious, angry and pessimist

Yogananda has given us the right attitude. The best way to develop that attitude is by deep meditation


Love for someone else is inferior. And is binding.
Love for yourself – here yourself refers to the higher pure consciousness which is the true self – is true self.
However without mediation you will think and only know yourself as Ego. Loving that ego brings destruction. Why? You will not be able to find or surrender to a true Guru
Foolishly, purple think of information as knowledge or progress but that is not so

How do you know you have reached that true consciousness? There is love for others. Instantly. Equally. You will love your every as much as you love your kids or husband and b much more than your desire or love for food sex etc

This is very rare

A human life is rare? Human population is 7 billion

Insect population – 10 quintillion
Fish – 3.5 trillion
Bacteria 5 million trillion trillion

Human life is relatively rare.

This brings the question of rebirth – some may agree. However, many will not be able to believe in rebirth as an animal

The only way to know for sure is by deep mediation. Or having faith in the words of shastra or enlightened people like Yogananda.

Since your own mediation is extremely weak – meaning you have not experienced yourself as pure consciousness without any body ( gross or subtle or causal) – you cannot grasp or accept.

With trillion of people on earth hardly less than 100 have true strong desire for that divine experience. We may think we have that desire – but it is contaminated with other desires of food, sex, money, fame

True desire for that experience includes a strong desire of that experience alone

Those who have that kind of desire that will certainly find a Guru. Such Guru are rare. It will be difficult to hold on to such a Guru though. Your mind will betray you with doubts.

I have written a lot but hardly one has understood. Or asked for more. Few ask where can I find such a Guru

What a tragedy !

It’s already too late to ask

How to meditate

Simple isn’t it?

Just don’t think

Try it!

Not sure about this

I suspect this was not translated properly. Here instead of work, use the word money.

If your not destined to make money you simply won’t. However, you must make the effort

If your destined to make money, you will make money at the right time. Meaning there is no need to steal, or do other illegal activity – the money will come looking for you

A hidden message

Now in this message there is a hidden trick given. However few can grasp it and fewer will know how to use it

You have to learn it from someone

Stop your thoughts!


D. If I go on rejecting thoughts can I call it vichara?

M. It may be a stepping-stone. But really vichara begins when you cling to yourself and are already off the mental movement, the thought-waves. off the mental movement, the thought-waves.

D. Then vichara is not intellectual?
M. No, it is anthara vichara, inner quest.

D. That is dhyana?
M. To stick to a position unassailed by thoughts is abhyasa or sadhana, you are watchful. But the condition grows intenser and deeper when your effort and all responsibilities are taken away from you; that is arudha, siddhi state.

  • Sat Darshana Bhashya and Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi

Finally we have clarity. Here Ramana Maharshi states clearly what ( vichara ) thoughts are. He does not call the superficial thinking and emotions we have daily as thoughts. He refers to something much much deeper. To this he uses the word vichara Since there is no English translation, the occurred of calling it as thoughts.

He calls vichara as the single first thought or wave that created the universe. That thought which created the universe is vichara and that is the one he wants us to observe and remove

A yogic secret

“They both listened silently to the water, which to them was not just water, but the voice of life, the voice of Being, the voice of perpetual Becoming.”
Hermann Hesse – Siddhartha

Guruji – Lake Chapala, Mexico 1929.

Yogananda quoted this in the past

The water is a secret yogic technique which creates life

I cannot say more in public

Love and faith

How do you create it?

We keep reading books. We think we have love and faith. But the moment we get a speeding ticket, we get apprehensive or angry

In difficult times our behavior changes. We wonder is our prayer reaching God.

We have spent multiple life’s and will spend more life’s trying to figure out the right way to making this secure. In our foolishness, we belong merely reciting his name, changing, saying a prayer On weekend, or Hong to temple, church etc does it. Sadly. It does not.

True love develops after seeing God. Faith is the one step before the final merger

So how does one develop that faith and love?

The mind – true for everyone- has doubts
Jesus scoffed Peter “ye men of little faith”. Peter has walked side by Side with the lord. Yet he could not have faith.

Whaat is to be done?

Belief and faith

“It is never a question of belief; the only scientific attitude one can take on any subject is whether it is true. The law of gravitation worked as efficiently before Newton as after him. The cosmos would be fairly chaotic if its laws could not operate without the sanction of human belief.

~ Sri Yukteshwar Giri ji
Autobiography of a Yogi

The difference is this.
Gods love is always there. It is more likely to give results when you have faith / a certainty that God can give results

We lack that faith. We can’t make the Red Sea part. Even though Gods love is there and willing to part it

In the recent times many saints have shown the miracles of God from full faith. There are stories like that in the Bible. In the autobiography of a yogi.

Nagendranath Gupta , Ramkrishna disciple had the Ganga river sprout a fountain instantly merely by saying, “if I have worshipped you once correctly let the river sprout here”

What is laughable is since then many may have tried, but few have succeeded.

So what is wrong with our purity? Why can’t we do the same

Effort and a riddle

Now when you read this, all written by Maharshi it seems like a riddle

The method to dissolve the mind has to be slowly uncovered. Like a banyan tree leaves. The final peel and there is no mind !

What he says is – the final step is giving up the struggle to know. And it is done

But that is the final step. Until the last step is taken effort is made to get to it

So difficult

How to do it?

Satan is fear. Satan is doubt. Satan is ego. Satan is illusion

Since it is part of our thinking how do we rid of it ?

A very good quote – true spiritually too

“Egotism is an anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity.”

Spiritually we are extremely stupid. We think we have made progress when all we have done is made a tiny step.

An example is – you read my blogs. And you think there is something gained. But what was gained is clarity. However most often, with that clarity comes ego of information. If you can read my blogs, get clarity, not divulge the information and not develop ego then you will discover a slight push within to make progress

But that would be difficult – not developing ego

More about it later

Another representation of a not in its source

Do you think of past experiences? Oh that was a good time or bad time? Then you have more to work on!
What is that source? What does it feel like?
Oh its like water on a lotus petal

Your situation matters not

True partly. To keep the mind at its source is not easy. It constantly has its demand for food, pleasures. So it cannot go to its source
That’s why meditation!

Are you a gyani? A person of knowledge / experience?

A simple test

For those who do not have knowledge [of themself], [and] for those who have, the world is real. For those who have not known [themself], reality is [limited to] the extent of the world; for those who have known [themself], reality pervades devoid of form as the support for the world. This is the difference between them. Consider.
(Bhagavan in ‘Uḷḷadu Nāṟpadu’: v. 18)

  • Translated by Michael James.

This is the universal statement from anyone who has gone to the highest.

A reminder of the greatness of Vivekananda and Yogananda. Esp vivekananda

Remember that when this happened in Chicago, Yogananda was not born. Vivekananda saved his life while Vivekananda was in India
Vivekananda never mentioned what he did to anyone

“Mr. Dickinson!” The next parcel contained a gift, which I had bought in a Calcutta bazaar. “Mr. Dickinson will like this”, – I had thought at the time. A dearly beloved disciple, Mr. Dickinson had been present at every Christmas festivity since the 1925 founding of Mt. Washington. At this eleventh annual celebration, he was standing before me, untying the ribbons of his square little package.

“The silver cup!” Struggling with emotion, he stared at the present, a tall drinking cup. He seated himself some distance away, apparently in a daze. I smiled at him affectionately before resuming my role as Santa Claus.

The ejaculatory evening closed with a prayer to the Giver of all gifts; then a group singing of Christmas carols.

Mr. Dickinson and I were chatting together some time later.

“Sir”, – he said: “please let me thank you now for the silver cup. I could not find any words on Christmas night”.

“I brought the gift especially for you”.

“For forty-three years I have been waiting for that silver cup! It is a long story, one I have kept hidden within me”. Mr. Dickinson looked at me shyly. “The beginning was dramatic: I was drowning. My older brother had playfully pushed me into a fifteen-foot pool in a small town in Nebraska. I was only five years old then. As I was about to sink for the second time under the water, a dazzling multicolored light appeared, filling all space. In the midst was the figure of a man with tranquil eyes and a reassuring smile. My body was sinking for the third time, when one of my brother’s companions bent a tall slender willow tree in such a low dip, that I could grasp it with my desperate fingers. The boys lifted me to the bank and successfully gave me first-aid treatment.

Twelve years later, a youth of seventeen, I visited Chicago with my mother. It was 1893; the great World Parliament of Religions was in session. Mother and I were walking down a main street, when again I saw the mighty flash of light. A few paces away, strolling leisurely along, was the same man I had seen years before in vision. He approached a large auditorium and vanished within the door.

“Mother”, I cried: “that was the man, who appeared at the time I was drowning!” She and I hastened into the building; the man was seated on a lecture platform. We soon learned that he was Swami Vivekananda of India. After he had given a soul-stirring talk, I went forward to meet him. He smiled on me graciously, as though we were old friends. I was so young that I did not know how to give expression to my feelings, but in my heart I was hoping that he would offer to be my teacher. He read my thought.

“No, my son, I am not your guru”. Vivekananda gazed with his beautiful, piercing eyes deep into my own: “Your teacher will come later. He will give you a silver cup”. After a little pause, he added, smiling: “He will pour out to you more blessings than you are now able to hold”.

“I left Chicago in a few days”, – Mr. Dickinson went on: “and never saw the great Vivekananda again. But every word he had uttered was indelibly written on my inmost consciousness. Years passed; no teacher appeared. One night in 1925 I prayed deeply that the Lord would send me my Guru. A few hours later, I was awakened from sleep by soft strains of melody. A band of celestial beings, carrying flutes and other instruments, came before my view. After filling the air with glorious music, the angels slowly vanished.
The next evening I attended, for the first time, one of your lectures here in Los Angeles, and knew then that my prayer had been granted”.

We smiled at each other in silence.

“For eleven years now I have been your Kriya Yoga disciple”, – Mr. Dickinson continued: “Sometimes I wondered about the silver cup; I had almost persuaded myself that Vivekananda’s words were only metaphorical. But on Christmas night, as you handed me the square box by the tree, I saw, for the third time in my life, the same dazzling flash of light. In another minute I was gazing on my Guru’s gift which Vivekananda had foreseen for me forty-three years earlier a silver cup!”

Paramhansa Yogananda

(“The Autobiogarphy of a Yogi” by Paramhansa Yogananda; Ch. 47 “I Return to the West”)

Probably true

Vivekananda said

Swami Vivekananda’s wisdom for daily inspiration.

I will tell you a great lesson I have learnt in this life. It is this: “The higer is your ideal, the more miserable you are”.

A misunderstood quote

He [Sri Yukteswar] added humbly. ‘If ever you find me falling from a state of God-realisation, please promise to put my head on your lap and help to bring me back to the Cosmic Beloved we both worship’.
~ Paramhansa Yogananda -Autobiography of a Yogi

Yukteshwar was asked by Yogananda parents and yukteshwar told them he had much to do. This obviously hurt his parents feelings. After his parents left, Yogananda gently said please spare my parents hurt feelings from my lack of progress.

That’s when yukteshwar said

He [Sri Yukteswar] added humbly. ‘If ever you find me falling from a state of God-realisation, please promise to put my head on your lap and help to bring me back to the Cosmic Beloved we both worship’.
~ Paramhansa Yogananda -Autobiography of a Yogi

It is difficult for such enlightened people to err. That is what yukteshwar meant. IF.

Our error

Yoga Vasistha is one of the highest books ever.

It has everything in it. Including details of life in other planets and universes.

This statement is literally true. Few are lucky enough to experience immortality and nectar

The book of course talks about those people!


How do you reach there?

Non stop practice!

Practice of? – not having thoughts!

How do I stop thoughts? – proper meditation. Not the meditation that focuses on body or imagines things or imagines Chakra

Help! I can’t stop thoughts – learn the trick. It is not in books. Universal problem. Takes time. Patience.

How can I do it faster? – simple. Pure heart. Occurs instantly.

How did Ramana behave?

From ~ A Sadhu’s Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi, P.22

Major Chadwick, a principal western disciple
about Sri Ramana.;

Bhagavan was a very beautiful person; he shone with a visible light or aura. He had the most delicate hands I have ever seen with which alone he could express himself, one might almost say talk. His features were regular and the wonder of his eyes was famous. His forehead was high and the dome of his head the highest I have ever seen. As this in India is known as the dome of Wisdom it was only natural that it should be so. His body was well formed and of only medium height, but this was not apparent as his personality was so dominant that one looked upon him as tall. He had a great sense of humor and when talking a smile was never far from his face. He had many jokes in his repertoire and was a magnificent actor; he would always dramatize the protagonists of any story he related. When the recital was very pathetic he would be filled with emotion and unable to proceed. When people came to him with their family stories he would laugh with the happy and at times shed tears with the bereaved. In this way he seemed to reciprocate the emotions of others. He never raised his voice and if he did occasionally seem angry there was no sign of it on the surface of his Peace. Talk to him immediately afterwards and he would answer calmly and quite undisturbed.

The enlightened behave in ways mysterious to those who struggle with material desires

Faulty logic

So here is a logic used by Ramana Maharshi. He is accurate but that logic belongs to a higher realm. You cannot use his logic or discussion when trying to explain to someone only belonging to this world

D.: If one is to withdraw oneself, why is there the world?

M.: Where is the world and where does one go withdrawing oneself?
Does one fly in an aeroplane beyond space? Is it withdrawal?
The fact is this: the world is only an idea. What do you say: Are you within the world or is the world within you?

D.: I am in the world. I am part of it.

M.: That is the mistake. If the world were to exist apart from you, does it come and tell you that it exists?
No, you see it exists. You see it when you are awake and not when asleep.
If it exists apart from you, it must tell you so and you must be aware of it even in your sleep.

D.: I became aware of it in my jagrat.

M.: Do you become aware of yourself and then of the world?
Or do you become aware of the world and then of yourself?
Or do you become aware of both simultaneously?

D.: I must say simultaneously.

M.: Were you or were you not, before becoming aware of yourself?
Do you admit your continued existence before and when you become aware of the world?

D.: Yes.

M.: If always existing yourself, why are you not aware of the world in sleep if it exists apart from the Self?

D.: I become aware of myself and of the world also.

M.: So you become aware of yourself. Who becomes aware of whom?
Are there two selves?

D.: No.

M.: So you see that it is wrong to suppose that awareness has passing phases. The Self is always aware. When the Self identifies itself as the seer it sees objects. The creation of the subject and the object is the creation of the world.

Subjects and objects are creations in Pure
Consciousness. You see pictures moving on the screen in a cinema show. When you are intent on the pictures you are not aware of the screen. But the pictures cannot be seen without the screen behind.
The world stands for the pictures and Consciousness stands for the screen.
The Consciousness is pure.
It is the same as the Self which is eternal and unchanging.

Get rid of the subject and object
and Pure Consciousness will alone remain.

~ Talks with Sri Ramana Maharishi, #453

What is the fault with the logic. If someone lives in China and you are not aware of it, can you say he does not exist? Thus the existence of the world continues when the person dies

The level at which Ramana Maharshi was talking at was so far beyond everything, that’s why no matter who it is, you will find great difficulty following the logic

I have said this

I have said this before and also vaguely mentioned how to get rid of it

Aurobindo wrote very well on it

The only person who thought you can get rid of desire by satisfaction is Rajneesh. Osho. From what I understand – I could be wrong, my apologies – he said if you like sex indulge in it as much as you can and want. People did it quite liberally in his Ashram. Of course it was very popular and he became quite popular

Some roads will lead to total disaster. So pick your road wisely. There are roads that teach rituals, thinking of the body ( and indulging), Satanic worship, imaginary meditation, using drugs etc.
God has given everyone an opportunity to practice whatever suits them

The only road that leads to God is the road that teaches purity. Humbleness. Surrender. Love for God. Tolerance. Forgiveness. Non attachment to worldly things – including the pleasures of body.

It would be cruel to tell everyone to instantly have those qualities. It takes time. Forgetting your the body with proper technique under the guidance of a Guru saves 100, 000 years of hard labor. That is what Yogananda said. The shastras say the same

But your ego week prevent you from surrendering to a Guru or even finding one. The Guru is quite special. His greatness is not in giving lectures. It is something special that causes quick transformation

This is what I meant

Turn the mind within
Read the statement! Applaud. Wow so great. So wonderful
And everyone thinks they know how to turn the mind inside
Some reactions I have seen

  1. Oh simple! Very simple – meditate.
  2. Its nothing – yoga!!!!!
  3. What is there to it? Sing and dance to the glory of God
  4. Surrender to God. He will take care of it.
  5. Holy water. Duh
  6. The witness attitude. Smug look
  7. Karma yoga. In Gita he says that is the best method. Fastest. ( They forget karma yoga means not attracted to pleasures of body also)
  8. And the list goes on

But seriously think about it. You try to mediatate – the mind wanders. You can imagine going in, imagine Chakra but that is not truly going within is it?

Yoga – so many half baked ignorant methods that has left people bewildered. I feel sorry for the lost ones they go deeper in the rabbit hole

Turn the mind within
Think about it – how do you do that ? God is within but you simply don’t know how to turn it within. You have heard of techniques and you may try it and your mind can easily imagine things. Some are chemically induced and some from a susceptible hypnotized mind – gullible
Do you see the maze? Who do you believe?
A famous person? A rich orator? Someone who quotes the Bible? Or can talk in sanskrit?

Turn the mind within!
Not so simple is it. So at this point you have a few options.

  1. Imagine you know the method feel proud
  2. Be confident of someone even though he or she knows something
  3. Give up in frustration
  4. Too difficult. Say I don’t care
  5. Keep reading or searching

Turn the mind within. Simply ask a true Guru how

Tired of the blogs

So I tire of blogs
And the spirtual talks
Books and vedas
Courses and yoga
Have no scope
Read the upanishad
Read the Gita
Read the Bible
And the recitals
They are like a tour book
A charming promise
Of things not seen

To get there
You need a passport
A visa and a guide
Oh what a fool I was
Spent life after life
All I did was read the books
Never got the visa or a guide

Divine grace fell on my way
I threw my tour book away
Who needs the book
When within you look
A bright outlook
The heart throbbed
Subject object absorbed

Oh my friend
Do what is right
Don’t read the goal
Books can’t help your soul
Learn the secret path
For truly there is one
The secret is
Walk the path that is inside
thats where the lord resides

Oh I tire of the blogs

Read as much as you like, it gives the goal.
But does not give the method. The method is always always kept secret. Doesn’t the Bible say don’t cast pearls to the swine?

So the subtle tricks have been left out of books
That is my opinion. But who am I to say anything. There are so many intelligent people out there

Be divine

Voice Of Vivekananda:
“Each soul is potentially divine. The goal is to manifest this divinity within by controlling nature, external and internal. Do this either by work, or worship, or psychic control, or philosophy – by one or more or all of these-and be free. (I.257)”

What you should understand it s work is the same as philosophy is the same as worship and the same as psychic control

Ignorant people think doing Aarti and Bhajan is worship

Ignorant people think earning money or serving the needy is karma yoga or work

Ignorant people think reading books on philosophy is wisdom or knowledge

Ignorant people think having seances is psychic

Do the right thing

About the body

Doing something wrong from a moral or material standpoint is not the only meaning of temptation. Forgetting your soul by becoming too engrossed in the body and its comforts is temptation too.

Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda

The soul trapped in the body – when the body tempts you with worldly pleasure and falling in the trap is also a sin.

There is a certain class of soul who will say God gave you a body to enjoy so enjoy as much as you can! From that stand point not enjoying is a sin

But the atman is not the body. Just living in the atman without the body is true deep joy

A grave error by all

My biggest trouble when I was young – any 15 / 16 is shown in the statement above
Shankar Acharya says gyana or knowledge is brought about by vichara ( thought)

At that age I had read all the scriptures in Hinduism. I constantly thought that vichara or thinking is needed for realization. My Guru taught me yoga but I would argue that shankaracharya says knowledge is the means
Finally he took out an old book written by shankaracharya and asked me to read a shloka ( verse) – lo and behold it extolled yoga. I had never read or seen that book. It has been out of print for very very very long!

I followed my Guru.

later I understood that what shankaracharya meant knowledge as experience that your the divine and vichara refers to a special yoga technique

Since Shankaracharya was teaching nearly perfected yogi, he could share this secret final step to them

The way we understand thinking and knowledge is incorrect

You can think as much as you like that your the divine. It won’t make you divine! You need proper guidance

I will explain the second part of his saying some other time

So simple

The last sentence says it all. If you knew the mind

Hint : you don’t know the mind. You know the brain. The function of the brain which is thoughts imagination. But neither is the mind which Ramana referred to

I need help!

When you truly don’t want the glitter of the world, when sex does not allure you, food is a burden and you hate people saying your good and wonderful
Then your ready to have an external Guru
Until then within you get directions if only you will listen

Be ready.
Be prepared
Be alert
Be eager

Help is there. Pay attention

Nicolai Notovitch

Nicolai was a Russian historian who believed and found documents that state Jesus was a Buddhist

There is controversy if Jesus died on the cross or somehow survived. This would be convenient. Then you don’t have to believe in resurrection.
This controversy is present even in christians. Some claim he lived his life in France. Others say he was in India kashmir and was known as Isa / yous
I am enclosing a BBC link
The place where is gets interesting is at 38 min 30 seconds.
Probably worth listening

TheRoza BalorRouza BalorRozabalis a shrine located in the quarter in area of in . The word KhanyardowntownSrinagarKashmir, India **rozameans tomb, the wordbalmean place.[1][2][3][4][5]**Locals believe a sage is buried here, or Yuz Asaf (or Youza Asouph), alongside another Muslim holy man, Mir Sayyid Naseeruddin. Yuzasaf

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My view point in part 2

Nicolai Notovitch

Nicolai was a Russian historian who believed and found documents that state Jesus was a Buddhist

There is controversy if Jesus died on the cross or somehow survived. This would be convenient. Then you don’t have to believe in resurrection.
This controversy is present even in christians. Some claim he lived his life in France. Others say he was in India kashmir and was known as Isa / yous
I am enclosing a BBC link
The place where is gets interesting is at 38 min 30 seconds.
Probably worth listening

My view point in part 2

A disciple of Yogananda

Stories of the Early Years With Paramahansa Yogananda

Extracts from a letter written by Mr. Theodore Beck to Sri Sri Daya Mata on March 7, 1969 — published in the Yogoda Magazine, October-December 1970, pp. 23-30.

…The following year the classes were held in Boston at Jordan Hall, where Swamiji also lectured on Sundays, and class attendance began to increase. However, on one occasion the entire audience consisted of two persons: I was one and other was Mr. Auclair. This is how it came about.

I had been out on strike with other construction company workers for seventeen weeks, staying in a camp where I had been offered shelter by a man for whom I had done a favor some months before. I had had only enough money to carry me for two or three months, but I missed not a one of Swamiji’s classes. The topic of each Sunday lecture or weekday class was advertised in the newspapers. The subject that week was an interesting one, but I didn’t have the railroad and bus fare to take me to the hall in Boston.

That day I was out digging for clams when a man came along looking for some. I sold him what I had collected and then had enough money to trainfare to Boston. My “customer” offered to drive me to the railroad station so that I could reach the city on time. I arrived with three hours to spare, and walked to Jordan Hall to save carfare. I reached the classroom quite early, about two hours ahead of the lecture. It was hot and muggy, and on the horizon I noticed a streak of dark clouds. About one hour later I thought I heard distant thunder; an electrical storm was drawing near. Mr. Auclair arrived, and because of the oncoming storm we wondered if the lecture might be canceled. Finally the downpour began, and no others showed up for the class. Swamiji arrived at seven o’clock sharp, and when he noticed that we two were the only ones present, he said: “The faithful have come. Even if there is only one student left, I will preach!”

He picked up the Bhagavad-Gita and, looking at me, he said: “I can teach you this book in three years. In that time, through intellect and perception, you can understand the fundamentals of its teachings. Or I can teach you this book in twelve years. In that time, if you follow religious training, you will have many proofs of the truth. Or I can teach you this book in one hundred years; and what I would teach you then, THAT I have experienced and realized.”

The storm grew intense. I glanced through the windows; there were no lights to be seen. The whole of Boston was without electricity. Swamiji began the prayer that always preceded the meetings. Usually it lasted an average of two minutes; but this night Swamiji continued to pray silently for a long time. I had my eyes closed, but after a while I opened them. There was a glow in the room and it was growing stronger. I looked at the Master. His facial features had disappeared in a shining light of extremely intense colors, which lit up the whole room. Then the electric lights came on. The sacred experience was over.

In 1922 Swamiji established an ashram at Hardy’s Pond, nine miles west of Boston, near Waltham, Massachusetts. Although situated in beautiful natural surroundings, ideal for meditation, the ashram was too far away from Boston, with the result that only the few students who had cars could go there. While visiting this ashram I personally witnessed the following incident.

An old woman, crippled with rheumatism, begged the Master to help her. He took her to the shrine and asked her to pray in her own way. He offered his prayers also. After a few minutes, he asked her how she felt. She started to reach for her crutches to test the effect of the prayer. The Master told her that she did not need the crutches. She got up and walked without any help. Her swollen hands were in good enough condition for her to peel the potatoes for our lunch shortly afterward.

Swamiji later sold the Waltham ashram, and in 1924 left the east cost to travel across the country giving lectures throughout the United States. When he returned to Boston in 1928, he told us: “I have found a place in Los Angeles, on Mount Washington. The moment I saw it, I felt it was our home.”

The classes in Boston grew in size, but we knew we were going to lose him. He could no longer belong to our little meditation group only; he had to establish the headquarters of Self-Realization Fellowship where he had been divinely guided to do so, where he could best serve all. We had to adjust ourselves to the fact that our Master would soon leave Boston for his new quarters in California. ”’ …

And now I come to the sad part. After the last gathering, our divine Master asked me to follow him to California. How much I wanted to do so! But I said: “Before you came to Boston, I met a man whose health was so poor, he had no strength; he could speak only a few words at a time. I took pity on him and provided the services of my own medical doctor, besides paying all other expenses. Three years have passed and still he is unable to earn a living. I cannot desert this man.”

Thus it happened that I declined the invitation of my Master to follow him. It was the worst mistake I ever made. I had said to Swamiji, hopefully, “When I am free I will try to be with you in California.” But it never came to pass.

In conclusion I ask you to accept this yellow card bearing a little Christmas message, given to me by Swami Yogananda. It has been with me nearly half a century, and since my time is nearly up,* it needs a new home. It is spiritually as well historically significant, for it was handled by my Master’s holy fingers.

May I never again make such an error as when I denied myself that opportunity to be with my great gurudeva. As his divine representative, Sri Daya Mata, I beg you, offer a prayer for me. Allow me to be your humble devotee.

Brookline, Massachusetts


  • Ted Beck passed away on August 16, 1969, just five months after writing the forgoing letter to Sri Sri Daya Mata. (Editor’s Note)

Lessons from this letter

Many people have made this mistake. Not listening to the divine invitation. Somehow everything in life appears important. We fail the divine test

When does the next test appear? Sadly it could be many many births later. Satan or Maya has the knack of swallowing people up

Yogananda was an exceptional divinity He performed miracles and was a Guru. Usually a Guru does not display miracles except to his disciples. They help but in such a way that you would never know that they helped
Steve Job never realized that his wealth was a gift from Neem Karoli Baba

There is a subtle hint in the explanation of Gita. Gita is a matter of experience. Not just reading. Yogananda said if your with me for a 100 years – usually this would be 3-5 life times you can experience the same. But if you’re with me fire a short time – then you will only get a little
This was a prophecy from Yogananda. He knew the disciple would not follow him he cautioned him

Stories of great people have many secretes. It takes time to understand them.

Democrat versus republican or oil and water or BJP versus congress

So we read the headline news. All we see is bickering. Totally worthless bickering. Almost everything anyone says is weighed out based on what party you belong too

Nothing worthwhile is achieved. No national or international gain is there by headline battles.

Media likes sensationalism. The average reader is totally emotional and carried by emotions of anger and hatred, like or dislike news.

So what does this have to do with Spirtuality?

All our decisions are based on hero worship. Our personal bias. You read this blog. You like me and you will see the big favorably. If you like say swami Narayan or sadguru or some other evangelist – the moment I say something negative about them or contrary to what they teach – you will be out with guns and swords against me

Do you see the problem? You really don’t want the truth. You don’t want to make spirtual progress. You only want to hear things that

  1. Agree with your current thinking ( even if wrong)
  2. It must agree with your idol worshipping figure.

So millions of people are born and die. But not one makes progress. I might be harsh but my concept of progress is very high. I doubt I can meet my own standards

Thus many great Indian saints have sung ” sat ke Sab virodhi”. Everyone is against anyone who speaks the truth

Truth of spirituality.

I had an encounter a few months ago. One of my friends was talking about karma. And telling me all about it. And our current sad plight is a result of past karma. I listened to him. Finally, I said but that is all theory. Conjecture. Where is the proof? I asked tell me where karma is stored and how is it transferred?

My friend has not talked with me since. My point was our knowledge of things is so incomplete.

Give up your book knowledge. Go to someone adept. Learn the secrets. The real spirtual people are silent because they don’t want headline news. They truly want you to go within – know your divine self.

Remember you don’t know your divine self – so of course the enlightened person will say things that will shatter you completely. The thing that gets destroyed will be your ego, false thinking and emotions. It will hurt.

But liberation is certain. Can you take that pinch to wake up to the truth?

A story to prove Socrates was liberated – the cave story

Plato writes the allegory as a conversation between his mentor , Socrates, and one of Socrates’ students, Glaucon. In it, Socrates describes a group of prisoners who have lived chained to the wall of a cave for their entire lives, unable to move their heads. Day in and day out, they watch shadows projected on a blank wall from things passing in front of a fire behind them. This is their entire reality — they give names to the shadows and assume they’re real, never questioning that they might come from another source.

But imagine, Socrates says, that one prisoner is suddenly freed and allowed to turn his head. Once he looks at the fire, the light might hurt his eyes, and he’ll be disoriented at the fact that the shadows he had believed were real were just illusions cast by the fire. If he left the cave and walked into the sunshine, things would get even more confusing. The sun would be even brighter than the fire, and he might even see reflections of himself in a nearby body of water. What would he think of his companions back in the cave, Socrates asks? He’d probably pity them for living in such a tiny sliver of reality. If he came back to the cave and told them about it, they’d probably think he was crazy.

This is very similar to all Vedas, Gita, Bible etc

Can you relate?

What do you like in life?

This is a very deep mental exercise. Not sure if I should share it

Einstein came up with all his theory of relativity – just with a thought exercise. No instruments. And he found the basis of gravity, time travel issues, speed of light etc

Now this mental exercise if done properly would be bad. Very bad. It could bring depression. So please don’t try it

Make a list of things you love
Let’s say you enjoy food and sex. Every day you enjoy it. Think about it. But then next day you wake up you still crave it

Or you enjoy traveling. You travel all over the world. You come home. Feel smug and then a month later wham. It hits you again I want to go somewhere else

Or you are focused on personal grooming. You exercise, do make up feel good looking great! But your still not satified after a while you want something different

And that is the key word. After a while you tire of it. Want something different.
And another key thing – you can keep doing this for decades, centuries birth after birth – wait a minute you have been doing it for births! Yet your not satisfied

This is the biggest discovery Indian scientist – the real scientist – the great Yogi discovered. You can never get satisfaction by satisfying the senses

That brings us to a second conclusion
Satisfaction is only found within
When the senses discover something within – with eyes closed, ears closed, mouth closed, nostril closed then the true fun – satisfaction, never ending joy begins!

However this is difficult for you to accept. Why? You have not truly tried to find satisfaction within. It is more powerful than anything you can imagine.

Part 2 to follow. Well maybe

Spirituality versus science

This is the take on consciousness by psychology and science

Spirtuality has a different take

Which do you believe?

After you have a glimpse –

Let’s say for example – you hear someone lie to you. A total lie. And something that would hurt you. You immediately get angry. Why? It is a lie and you don’t like lies. That is aversion. There are many different kinds.
Now you may say and think you know self pure consciousness but that is not true.
Because once you slowly know the self – your mind begins to change. These things don’t bother you. You begin to see the same thing as amusement
What if someone praises you? They say they like your blog? They see through it. They don’t want the praise. Why don’t you know your divine self instead of praising someone. Instead love the divine self realized person, give up your ego, see how wonderful the atman is. Your praises are helpful when it helps establish you in a deep realization

After all what does a person want after realization? Nothing. But something saddens them. That you don’t know your divine self. It can be known here and now – but your ego prevents you! Your ego that you can realize it in your own, your ego of your body, ego that you can understand it, ego that your logical, your insane desire for the pleasures of the world, your sadness when you don’t get your desires fulfilled etc

You may lie to yourself and say your not trapped by those afflictions but that is not true. Just observe wavering mind And you will know your deficiencies

And here I go again. You can escape in a very short time but your ego prevents you from absorbing the divine blessings of the truly great ones.

The true great ones only seek the sincere souls. Not the masses.

Hardly a dozen people knew Jesus when he was here. Maybe 2-3 people knew Yukteshwar. 5-6 people knew Krishna ( plus a dozen gopis), etc

Divine people are hardly ever known.

You may think that many people knew Neem Karoli Baba but that is not true. He had bhaktas. But not disciples. Bhaktas are granted wishes fulfilled. Disciples are made in their image. Bhaktas can only absorb so much. Disciples when genuine and ready are given all. Only at the right time

Secret revealed

This simple statement has several secretes revealed
Since this is a public web page, I cannot reveal everything – the deeper meaning

A great statement

I read a magnificent statement a few days ago. Just a brief text

” true spirituality is very very rare ”

I have said this many times. It was nice to hear this and get confirmation

Right now, amongst all the public acclaimed figures there is none – at the level of Yogananda, Vivekananda.

I have not mentioned even higher figures like Babaji, Neem Karoli, Ramkrishna,
Figures like that occur even less common

So it is a moment to celebrate when such divine personalities grace us by being visible

Those who can help, do so silently, secretly and breathe only to help maybe a few. The rest are simply not ready

Many want to memorize shloka, scriptures, quote it, impress others – but none want to experience it. The stale chewed up understanding is nauseating compared to the thrill of experience

Yet no one will seek it. Go enjoy the world

The triple bondage

To think that there is an object to be known, to act on it and to believe your body or thoughts or sensation is real – that is the state of a fallen person. That person is bound

God being above it all – is free and ever at joy

What do you want?

Quiet simple

If you can understand this
The point between sentient and inert is infinite
Just like the heart.

Here infinite means endless. Not just in the sense of space or time

Those who understand it are getting closer. This who think about it – need more clarity from someone who has it

More about the mind

Nice step sure sequence
But there are many more steps in between

Why are there me steps in between? We created it!

If only you could experience your…

What should I read?

However you can’t do that! If you’re mind is restless, if you can’t endure the pains of life, then you are not ready.
If you still seek pleasures, company, the need to text , talk, food then your not ready
If your mind wonders about spiritual experience, or what is next, curious to know that that light or sound means your not ready
If your mind wanders about the life you left your not ready

Where do you stand?

Amazing isn’t it?

You are the divine and you know it not
You seek yourself – how foolish it is
Trapped in a dream – you fumble and grumble
Wake up from the deep slumber
Not much to be done
The awake shakes you
And you say ‘ let me sleep more ”

People choose to stay asleep

Or imagine they are awake – how can it be when you have none of the divine splendor?

A poem by Rumi

Love Dogs ― by Rumi

“One night a man was crying,
Allah! Allah!
His lips grew sweet with the praising,
until a cynic said,
“So! I have heard you
calling out, but have you ever
gotten any response?”

The man had no answer to that.
He quit praying and fell into a confused sleep.

He dreamed he saw Khidr, the guide of souls,
in a thick, green foliage.
“Why did you stop praising?”
“Because I’ve never heard anything back.”
“This longing
you express is the return message.”

The grief you cry out from
draws you toward union.

Your pure sadness
that wants help
is the secret cup.

Listen to the moan of a dog for its master.
That whining is the connection.

There are love dogs
no one knows the names of.

Give your life
to be one of them.”

I have interpreted this differently than Krishna Das

  1. Merely chanting does not help
  2. The guide or Guru appeared when he stopped chanting. Why? He has given up his personal effort. He was confused. He truly wanted help and guidance. It was an urgent wish from the depth of a heart in agony wanting to know the truth
  3. Give your life to be one of them! Here the word life has been used as a secret pun. He said life not living. People think it means giving up your food home etc. GOD wants you. The true you. Not your living
  4. If you have a hard time differentiating the two, that’s OK. When worldly attachment from the heart goes away then it becomes very clear

Katha upanishad

It us one of the most powerful upanishad. Even the story itself reveals many secrets. But teaching is unparalleled

Only hinduism has been bold enough to say that reading scriptures is not of help

End of misery

Enquire – not just inquire but to truly know

How do I end my misery?
Know your divine self

How do I help others?
Know your divine self

How can I know true love?
Know your divine self

How can I find peace?
Know your divine self

How can I find unending joy?
Know your divine self

And what effort did we make all our life?
Make money, study science, enjoy food, and look to enjoy life?

Who achieved happiness in this world?
No one – except a yogi

How do I reach there quickly?
Find a true Guru

Is reading his books enough?

Is contemplation or thinking enough?
No. Bliss exists only when thinking ends. So thinking imagining takes you away from it

How is that bliss like?
Remember when you have deep deep sleep – thoughtless how wonderful it felt? Well multiply it by a million billion trillion times

Oh and what did you do to reach that state?
Very little! Maybe Search for it on your own but you can’t get anywhere

Enough said.
Said plainly
You will forget it soon

Swetashwatara upanishad

Now everyone will like the above quotient given in the upanishad.

How does one reach that state? By meditating
What is the ideal place to meditate

In chapter 2 verse 10 this is what it says

In a clean level spot, free from pebbles, fire and gravel,
Delightful by its sounds, its water and bowers,[42]
Favorable to thought, not offensive to the eye,
In a hidden retreat protected from the wind,
One should practise Yoga.
— Shvetashvatara Upanishad 2.10[38][39]

Then in chaper 4 verse 5

There is one unborn being (feminine), red, white and black,
but producing many creatures like herself,
There is one unborn being (masculine) who loves her and stays with her,
there is another unborn being (masculine) who leaves her after loving her.
— Shvetashvatara Upanishad 4.5[55][57]

Shweta means white
Ashwa means horse
Tara means uplift / liberate
Liberate beyond the white horse

Of course that is the traditional meaning
What is the yogic meaning my friends?

I always leave my blog with a question hoping the reader thinks and tries to grasp something deeper

There are many liberating clues within !

3 + 1

The soul stays in any one of the three states

Jagrat -Awake
Swapna -Sleeping with dreams
Sushupti -Dreamless deep slumber

In these three states you are not aware of yourself

The fourth is Turiya. In that state you are only aware of your divine self
The other three are an illusion.

What is it like? Aah. Since you ask you have not reached there

Those who have it simply know it

There are hardly ten people in this world who know it. Oh where are you?


Death is born
So it seems
And now the living chase
A futile dream
Money and leisure
And sensual pleasure
But alas, the chase ends
With loss of health And peace
The body frail
All is lost

What a loss
The chase was wrong
A beautiful song
Was never longed
Death continues
Its tragic dance
Your goal was not the chase
But to find where death was raised!

Lucky are those who choose to wake
Rest have lost all their stakes

In memory of a life lost

The problem is..😔

We talk about God. Debate. Fight. Argue. If only you saw and knew the light of God a the differences in all religions will vanish

Although it is everywhere we can’t see it. Mind you I am not talking about the electric bulb light or the sun light or infra red, uv light – there never will be an equipment that can see it.

Do you see the need for help?

Am I close to God? Or how good is my mediation? Part 3

Here is simple line from Ramana Maharshi

The second line – ability to focus within to a single entity ( Maharshi uses the word to a single thought)
Well first one has to find something within where you can focus your attention ( requires a Guru ) –
Then hold to it steadfast
Finally one has to Merge in it. ( conquering ego )
These three steps – when done simultaneously is sayam. And when done – is savikalpa Samadhi

The next step ability to keep unwanted thoughts out is much harder. On a gross level it requires faith God will take care of me. But it is much more. It shows transformation of the mind! What does it transform to?

Good question isn’t it?

This is nirvikalpa Samadhi. This is the final step when done while doing all activities

This is a very high quality meditation. Almost all who read it should use this as a gauge to progress.

Now if you think about it, this is peace isn’t it? Not a single unwanted thought? Aah And what do the fools of the world try to do? Change their life? Instead it is better to change yourself.

Since holding the attention to the single entity – that ultimate entity is God. You can measure your closeness to God.

After all when you have God do you worry at all?
Part 3
Now of course there are many levels and layers on the way. I mean after you can achieve this – they go by many names. Hinduism is the only religion that even after you reach God, there are many more levels.

I only described the beginning – keeping unwanted thoughts out!

If you want to make progtess, first be honest. Realize that you have not made the first step. Don’t have the ego you know something. Just practically try it. Let someone close to you insult you today and see if you can keep unwanted thoughts out!

Once you realize that you can’t keep unwanted thoughts out, then find someone who can teach you how to do it

Until then you will remain trapped for many many births / years / centuries

Sadly there is no other way

Am I close to God? Or how good is my mediation? Part 2

Here is simple line from Ramana Maharshi

This is nirvikalpa Samadhi. This is the final step when done while doing all activities

This is a very high quality meditation. Almost all who read it should use this as a gauge to progress.

Now if you think about it, this is peace isn’t it? Not a single unwanted thought? Aah And what do the fools of the world try to do? Change their life? Instead it is better to change yourself.

Since holding the attention to the single entity – that ultimate entity is God. You can measure your closeness to God.

After all when you have God do you worry at all?

Am I close to God? Or how good is my mediation?

Here is simple line from Ramana Maharshi

The second line – ability to focus within to a single entity ( Maharshi uses the word to a single thought)
Well first one has to find something within where you can focus your attention ( requires a Guru ) –
Then hold to it steadfast
Finally one has to Merge in it. ( conquering ego )
These three steps – when done simultaneously is sayam. And when done – is savikalpa Samadhi

The next step ability to keep unwanted thoughts out is much harder. On a gross level it requires faith God will take care of me. But it is much more. It shows transformation of the mind! What does it transform to?

Good question isn’t it?

Forgive me. I could not resist


Grace is always there!
Grace is always there

Then why is there suffering? Why is there disease? Many people believe in God ( Jesus, Ram, Krishna, Shiv, etc) But they still suffer.

So is there really grace? You can convince yourself – maybe the suffering was grace. Maybe. But it sure does not feel Like It
Maybe the suffering was my past karma Maybe. But I don’t believe in re birth

So what is it?

Grace is always there but you don’t know how to receive. And therein lies the problem

In the Bible,

New King James Version
But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name:

This is a very Hindu verse. I can share a little understanding but the Rest you must go to your Guru

Received him – learning how to receive grace. This step takes decades or longer. Merely saying or thinking you believe is not enough

Children of God – this refers to Janloka. A very high state ( but not the highest ). Those who reach that status are the saints who give us proof by performing m miracles.

Believe in his name – refers to awakening of shakti with a specific manifestation

The Bible was written in riddles. Just like most other religions.

No human can understand the riddles with out the guidance of an adept Enlightened Guru

You may think you do – but it is limited to your intellect. The divine understanding requires an experienced divine

My blogs are short. Someday the world will want to know the deeper meaning

In Gita

A few things. Unwavering mind. A mind that has conquered mediation is the only mind that can be steadfast.
That is rare. We may think we are steadfast but that steadfast creates an immense amount of love for God
There is no expectation from the divine. Just intense amazement. Love. Merger.
And that is samadhi. That is Bhakti.
That is prayer

Of course most people will reject and not accept because the ideal and goal is too high and too far

But I say the truth

Only an enlightened would know this

This is very powerful. Here not a single thought can arise. If a thought arises it that thought is materialized instantly in the world. Universes are created and destroyed by a single thought. Such people are very rare.
However they do exist!

Mandokya Upanishad

Upanishad – a collection of spiritual books with nectar from the shastras

Mandokya – he was a saint. His Upanishad hence mandokya

What does mandokya mean?

Very old Sanskrit. You will not find meaning on the internet. Or it will be distorted

Mand – means giving pleasure
Uksha- descent of

Mand uksha – descent of the pleasure

The world originated from Om

God is the joy. He descended into Om and then the world perceived in three phases Jagrat, Swapna sushupti , three gunas, three bodies, three worlds, three times, three genders etc
The stage above all is Turya

You got everything. Now what?

The mind is insatiable. This is the inner core or
So the devil has free rein
Make the mind impermeable to the devil
How? Mediation. Discover the joy of self.

Yogananda says

“Even if life gave you at one time everything you wanted — wealth, power, friends — after a while you would again become dissatisfied and need something more. But there is one thing that can never become stale to you — joy itself. Happiness that is delightfully varied, though its essence is changeless, is the inner experience everyone is seeking. Lasting, ever new joy is God.
Finding this Joy within, you will find it in everything without. In God you will tap the Reservoir of perennial, unending bliss.”

~ Paramhansa Yogananda

How do I know the self or God in the body?

Short Answer : Meditation

Method :

There is oil is sesame seed. But you can’t see it, can you?
But if you squeeze it with proper technique you can extract it
Similarly the pure consciousness is in body. And everywhere. You can’t see it or experience it. You can imagine it. Understand it.
You need the right technique to extract it. The right way of mediation.
What is the device to use ? The shakti given by A true Guru
What is the shakti ? A form of “energy “

But I don’t have a true Guru…..

Two resounding things

And your reading this blog. It takes a lot of good karma to come across this blog

Beautiful sign mind is silent

How do you approach a Guru?

This is from Vivekchudamani. Written by Shankaracharya

Vivekchudamani means the jewel crown of discrimination

What is discrimination? For the ignorant discrimination it is knowing a true Guru from a fake, knowing that the world can’t give you Joy but experience of self can.

And that is the approach

Why such strong words?
Now that is a secret

But how?

But how do you get rid of thought?
Even I am trying to stop thinking is a thought
I exist is a thought
I don’t exist is a thought
I stopped thinking is a thought
I feel happiness is a thought
I don’t feel happy is a thought
I see the world is a thought

That’s why you have to learn the technique

How many learn the technique?

Kabir says only a few ( in a population of 7 billion )

No one wants to learn it, practice it and reach it.

I asked my Guru persistently before it was revealed

The real King

The real King and Ruler is a person with no wants or needs.

We have wants – things like wearing a good meal, wanting to talk, dress well, some people have wants for socializing.

Then there are needs – the body has needs – food, water, sex, air, and the need to be liked or loved

So they did a scientific research on mice ( just like Maya or Satan does on us ! ) To put those needs in proper order. Easiest to over come to hardest is as follows – sex, food, water, love / attention and then air

Above I have shown a photo of Lord Shankar
He is the epitome of all sacrifice. His photo is usually of him in Samadhi.
Naked, eyes closed and having given up food water and air

However when consciousness of the body emerges – to varying degrees the body needs come back. Wants are easier to get rid of

That’s why Indians worship Shankar. The true disciple seeks such peace. Giving up all.
But giving up is painful unless you have experienced the majestic self. In order to experience the majestic self you need a Guru. A true Guru is an incarnate of Shiv. They have had at least one or more times the ability to go into samadhi. A state without breathing

Few want to learn and acquire this. So sad

Ramana maharshi profound statement

What is the use of declaring: ‘The world is real’ or ‘The world is an unreal appearance’; ‘The world is sentient’ or ‘The world is not sentient’; ‘The world is happiness’ or ‘The world is not happiness’?

(Bhagavan in ‘Uḷḷadu Nāṟpadu’: v. 3)

Making statements like this without any experience is worthless.
Imagining this state of unity with God is useless
Trying to understand it is worthless

Experience the state – without ego. Where duality of the universe is gone !

Be there!

How ? No thoughts. No ego. No body. No imagination. That is pure consciousness. It is to be experienced while in the body. Not after death. That state is Samadhi.

But I know. Most people are eager to understand. Few will want to know how to still the mind. Some will say yoga , maha yoga, Raj yoga or Bhakti. But in all of them if the mind is active it can’t take you to God or self.

Isn’t it so curious?


Here this verse gives the method to realize your Divine self !

An old repost

For teaching is not to be understood. It is to be experienced.

TELL me, Brother, how can I renounce Maya? When I gave up the tying of ribbons, still I tied my
garment about me:
When I gave up tying my garment, still I covered my
body in its folds.
So, when I give up passion, I see that anger remains;
And when I renounce anger, greed is with me still;
And when greed is vanquished, pride and vainglory
When the mind is detached and casts Maya away, still it clings to the letter.
Kabir says, “Listen to me, dear Sadhu! The true path
is rarely found.”

There are two subtle levels of tricks in mediation revealed here.
No one will ask a true Guru to find what the subtle trick is

There is absolutely no benefit in reading my blog.
What needs to be done is to find someone who can reveal the trick, open your doors to go within
Why do you waste your life again? For what reason? To understand philosophy? To enjoy the senses? So a few fools can worship you adore you? For fame? For a few paltry pennies?

I have told this again and again. The wealth within and joy within is more than you can imagine The happiness of the world is a shit dump compared to it. The happiness that human enjoy is nothing more than the happiness an insect enjoys in garbage.

So sad humans still want it and don’t make any effort to go within

There are Guru. But they wait to find if you truly want that within and not the outside world. All fail.

Very subtle what Maharshi said

All is said here. Few will grasp all the secrets revealed in one line

A paradox

To reach there meditation is only way.
Why? The mind has to be silenced. What other activity silences the mind?
However the meditation has to be the right way
All true books on meditation that have been re written have not been written properly. Modern day authors have taken half baked knowledge given a logical twist and impressed people.

I have rarely written about the technique. Why? It will get twisted or rejected even though it is 100 % accurate and perfect and super fast

What a mystery ? People will die of thirst even thought a fountain of liberation is right in plain view

An old poem

Your face is neither infinite nor ephemeral.
You can never see your own face,
only a reflection, not the face itself.
So you sigh in front of mirrors
and cloud the surface.
It’s better to keep your breath cold.
Hold it, like a diver does in the ocean.
One slight movement, the mirror-image goes.
Don’t be dead or asleep or awake.
Don’t be anything.


There is more than you can read in the poem

Fast progress

Why. ? Because intellectual understanding is useless

Can this be true?

About Neem karoli Baba

In 1962 an old woman came for darshan of Maharajji. When she saw him she exclaimed, “How can Neem Karoli Baba be alive? He must have died a long time ago! My father was a devotee of Neem Karoli Baba, and my father said he knew Baba for forty years before that. I am seventy-three now; I last saw Baba when I was seven and he didn’t look any different from the way he looks now.” Maharajji upbraided her and wouldn’t let others speak with her after that.
** RAM **

Maharajji once said, “I used to come here to see that fakir who rides on a horse, that Gorashin Baba.” (Gorashin Baba lived some three hundred years ago.)
** RAM **

Once in Lucknow an eighty-year-old Muslim arrived, who said he had known Maharajji as an adult since he himself was ten or fifteen years of age. Maharajji said, “Don’t believe him!” Another man of over eighty years said he knew Maharajji almost seventy years before, when the man was twenty years old, and that Maharajji had given him his blessing to take his first job.
** RAM **

Several people were once discussing a saint who had lived some five hundred years earlier. Maharajji said, “Oh, I knew him.”
** RAM **

In 1961 Maharajji made a pilgrimage to Chitrakut with several devotees. While there, he stood on the banks of a river and kept shouting across it for a certain Gopal, a shepherd. Over and over he would call for him. No one knew of such a man, but Maharajji said that Gopal was a friend of his who would bring him many things. After much inquiry, it was discovered that four generations back there had been such a person who was devoted to such a guru. Gopal’s grandson was eventually found, and he was a very old man.
** RAM **

To one old woman who was confused by seeing Maharajji unchanged after so many years, he said, “Ma, I was dead. I have been reborn in the hills.”

— “Miracle of Love” by Ram Dass.

Have I reached that stage?

When your dreaming the body is real. The pain is real
But once you know the body and world is a dream- mind you , you may imagine you have reached the state of awakening – but knowing and understanding that this is a dream is not the same as being awake.

The experience of bring awake is very different. It is not something that happens slowly. It is sudden. And like a million blazing suns suddenly there is no darkness. This light is you. And you know it. And now you have started. The body is lifeless but you come back

Very few ever reach that. Not one in 100 million. Since it is rare you will say it does not exist

Even with this experience, Janak raja had to learn more from Ashtakvakra

But in your haste – which is nothing more than ego – you will want to teach and “ help “ others. Harsh reality is all the books that you have read, understand, knowledge of Sanskrit will not help you – nor does that constitute even one step towards God

Wake up. Give up this reading. Just enjoy the bliss. Test your bliss. Have a huge fight with your spouse or friend. Let someone hate you and immediately go to meditate and see if you have tremendous bliss. Your anger should melt.


This is the place where Ramana maharshi meditated

It is not just a mountain but a loving entity. It is said that Arunachal himself appeared to Ramana and guided him in the most difficult steps.

However he did not reveal much out of respect for Arunachal

Old quote from Rumi

Bhakti definition : This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet. Rumi. Same thing was said by Narada

However, what is written is a secret message. Only the wise can decipher

Rest will say good poem or I know it or I don’t care!

Short story

An educated Pundit went to an illiterate enlightened. The enlightened asked, any progress in teaching bitter almond how to be sweet?

This short story has all Raj Yoga in it


An old post of mine

Gossip : A man visited Socrates to talk about a disciple. Socrates asked, “Are you sure the information is truthful?” Ans. “No”. Socrates, “Is it good?”. Ans. “No” Socrates, “Is it helpful to anyone?” Ans. “No”. Socrates said, “why do you want to talk about something that may not be true, is not good and does not help anyone?” Yukteshwar Maharaj said the same thing. (Yogananda’s Guru)

You must help the world

Yogananda says

Change yourself and you have done your part in changing the world


According to Koreans it is a super power a super weapon

Nothing extra ordinary but ww just don’t use it.

Here is a brief article on it

Nunchi is the subtle art of gauging other people’s thoughts, feelings and needs in order to improve your relationships through deeper trust, harmony and cooperation. Known as the Korean superpower, some people even go so far as to say nunchi is how Korean people can read minds – though there’s nothing supernatural about it. Nunchi is a part of daily life in Korea, with Korean parents teaching their children about its importance on a par with lessons such as ‘Look both ways before crossing the street’ and ‘Don’t hit your sister.’ ‘Why do you have no nunchi?!’ is a common parental chastisement.
Having great nunchi means continuously recalibrating your assumptions based on any new word, circumstance, gesture or facial expression, so that you are always present and aware. You have surely noticed that the more important a situation is, the greater the likelihood that the most crucial information is not expressed out loud, or not expressed truthfully. Nunchi might be your only ally in such moments.
This is hugely important within Korean culture which is a ‘high context’ society, which is to say that a great deal of communication is based not on words, but on the overall context, which has countless factors: body language, facial expressions, tradition, who else is present, and even silence. In Korea, what is not being said is every bit as important as the words that are spoken, and a person who pays attention merely to the words is getting just half the story. But this in no way means that you need nunchi only in Korea. Even in the West, life is full of high-context scenarios requiring your nunchi – even if you didn’t know such a word existed.

A yogi however reads things much better keeping eyes closed !

We are foolish

We are foolish. Words like ego is used. We think we know what ego is. But we only know things with in the limits of our body and intelligence
Ego as Ramana maharshi used is different than what we understand

Ramana maharshi About samadhi

But you don’t know what the heart is

It is NOT the beating heart
It is NOT the emotional aspect

It is NOT anahat chakra ( 12 petal in chest )

It could be the heart described in saundarya Lahiri by Vishnuturthji
It could be the heart described by Abhinav Gupta. He was a fully enlightened person. There is a book sacred Heart of Shiva by Paul Ortega
Sadly even after reading the 300 odd page book you will not have a clue where it is or anything about it

Find a Guru

Nothing more needs to be said – from Yogananda

You see, this world is a world of maya, delusion, and man is kept hypnotized with that delusion. Our mind has convinced us of so many limitations. Someone says, “I must have my cof- fee.” Another says, “I must have my juicy piece of steak,” and so on.

It is a crazy world. I see it so clearly. But I follow the rules—as much as I want to, and then I say, “Down with rules! It is the mind that rules.” And it works.

Death was such a reality, life was such a reality, but they are no more real for me. Never was I born, though in my dreams of earth life I was bom many times. And never have I died, though many times I dreamed the death of my body in this dream world. In this one incarnation I can sleep and dream that I am bom in England as a powerful king.
Then I die and dream I am bom a devout man. And then I die again and am born as a successful lawyer. Again I die and am rebom as Yogananda. But they are all dreams. That is what I am saying. I used to find such pleasure in discovering my past incarnations. But that has lost its enchant- ment. They are just so many dreams. When I realized everything is mind stuff, and that it is God’s thought which is creating all these things, all these dreams all the time, then it had a differ- ent meaning for me.

God can dissolve these dreams any time and bring them back again in better forms. But nothing is erased from the Infinite Mind; every dream is eternally imprinted there.

Delusion is so strong that it is pretty hard to believe it is delusion when you have needs and no money to meet them. It is difficult to believe that this world is maya when you are sick and suffering. But when you constantly keep your mind in God, you will realize that this world is His dream.

~ Paramhansa Yogananda
The Divine Romance

In the Bible

Of course it takes more than the Veda, upanishada , Vedanta to understand it.

The beauty of the Hindu Shastras it has a perfect description of the path to being still – without thought

Not entirely true

Ramana Maharshi made a statement. I don’t entirely agree.
If you think About it your will agree with me too

Stories of Vivekananda

This is rather long but incredible. The greatness of Vivekananda

Listen to the incident starting at 28 min 45 seconds

Truly the highest!

Simple statement – but misunderstood

What you think is wrong

Purified mind – what is that? A mind that loves God? A mind that has no desires?

Into the heart? – what is that heart? The physical heart in the left side of chest? An allegory for the emotions? The heart of God or shiv ?

Do you think your work is over ? Or do you still think you need to find God, purify more,

See it’s not that simple.

Just compare!

So there are many preachers. And you will find yourself in tune with someone. Someone so find jumping Around and chanting God name to be perfect. Others will find using a rosary the best way. Someone will say mediation and others will say Shakti is the way. Then there are those who say Gyana or knowledge is the way. Some say it is having a priest sprinkle water ( baptism)

So what is it?

Well think of the following realization given by Ramana Maharishi

He states the world that we see is nothing more than a mental projection created by you !!!!!!
Yet it seems so real. And we seek things in it. What is that you from which this world projects? Of course it is not the “i” you think of yourself right now.

Look at the greatness of this high achievement compared to everything else we know.

What is your path?

Difficult to do Bhakti

It is very difficult to do true Bhakti.
True Bhakti = total surrender = not a thought of worry during adverse impossible times


This is the yoga technique which shows power of meditation.
It means focusing one eye at any given point. To meet god we focus it within – forehead
For external results we focus outwards.
A perfected person can get results in a split second.
But Alas, ignorant people take years

However, here is a fun exercise you can try!
Be warned – you need a psychologist and don’t ever do it to your spouse! You just don’t want to know the dark side there!

I died

An angel, her pen and a crumpled paper
She played her flute
The world danced to her tune.
Living in a 7 floor mansion
The world on floor first
Her laugh echoed at 6.

Her name was destiny
My name on the crumpled paper.
The 3 colored pen – a work of the past
For time eon
Tirelessly she wrote.

Trapped on floor one
Lost in the mansion
A guide led me
His wisdom uncanny
Straight was the elevator
Floor ami on 6
Destiny in the center
Triangle the lay.
I burnt the paper
Lost the pen
We both laughed

No longer lost
Bhavin died
We laughed together
No pen, no paper
Now Destiny a friend architect
The deeds to the mansion
returned to the owner


In recent times one of the greatest representation of strength has been Vivekananda. He has always inspired me the most

Judge for yourself!

🌞Voice OfVivekananda🌞✨Self Confidence✨
You must not say that you are weak. How do you know what possibilities lie behind that degradation on the surface? You know but little of that which is within you. For behind you is the ocean of infinite power and blessedness.

*Faith, faith, faith in ourselves, faith, faith in God – this is the secret of greatness. If you have faith in all the three hundred and thirty million of your mythological gods, and still have no faith in yourselves, there is no salvation for you.

*He is an atheist who does not believe in himself. The old religions said that he was an atheist who did not believe in God. The new religion says that he is an atheist who does not believe in himself.

*What makes the difference between man and man is the difference in this Shraddha (faith) and nothing else. What makes one man great and another weak and low is this Shraddha.

*The remedy for weakness is not brooding over weakness, but thinking of strength. Teach men of strength that is already within them.

*We can overcome the difficulty by constant practice. We must learn that nothing happen to us, unless we make ourselves susceptible to it.

*You have in you a thousand times more than is in all the books. Never lose faith in yourself, you can do anything in this universe. Never weaken, all power is yours.

*Never think there is anything impossible for the soul. It is the greatest heresy to think so. If there is sin, this is the only sin? To say that you are weak, or others are weak.~Swami Vivekananda

Why did God create this world?

Well here is the Answer. From Yogananda.
In God talks with Arjuna

I still protest. Not fair. Not right.

The Spirit or Sat – Chit- Ananda(ever existing , ever conscious, ever new Bliss )
is uncontaminated by the darkness of delusion ( Nature) , even as a serpent , the possessor of poison , itself remains unaffected by its own venom.

Though the poison is produced within the snake , the creature is not affected by it ;
Similarly ,even though the delusive dualities of Nature derive from God, He is uninfluenced by them .

When a serpent bites anyone , the victim is affected by the poison ;
Similarly, man as a mortal is afflicted by cosmic delusion .

Nevertheless , though ‘Maya ‘ is imposed on man , he can overcome it by refusing to yield to its temptations .

The devotee should understand that the purpose of God in creating the world and
Delusion is to develop perfect beings. This pastime is God’s hobby !

GTWA. Chapter 5. Verse 15.

Page no 549.

How to conquer the mind quickly – simple

A. Ok I lied. It is not that simple
But the fastest way is mediation.
Q. Got it ! Mediation. But where?
A. Within
Q. What is there within. And where within. This body is quite big ( I tend to over indulge )
A. The awareness / consciousness. Something that has erroneously caused itself to identify as the thinking body
The location can be in the forehead. But talk with your living Guru. Not a text
Q. I have tried but I don’t feel anything. Or at times I feel something and I am not sure if it is real or imagination. I think I hear sound or see light
A. Your reading scripture and books often lead to a conditioned mind that can hear things or see things or feel things. It may be true. It may not be true.
Like I have said before. Find a living true Guru then he can tell you where to focus and give you real tangible sounds Or lights to focus on
Q. What are the lights and sounds? Why should care? All I want is peace
A. The sounds and lights are accompaniments of peace. They are a place so close to the origin of mind that finally you have a place to meditate

What does Ramana Maharishi say?