What we don’t realize all thoughts and desire materialize.

It can happen now, tomorrow or a million years from now

No one can stop it

So be wise. Think carefully. It will be happen. Have patience. Why rush it or be miserable while waiting

A word of caution. If you think someone getting hurt or suffering that too may come to pass but you will have to endure the same at the same intensity or more.

So think wisely. Genuinely care for all. I don’t use the word love – love comes so much later and is equal to all.

The stories in Hinduism

There are many stories in Hinduism. And many words used. If you take them at face value and take the literal truth you will miss on the true thrill and joy of the stories

Yogananda said the stories are at three levels. I think they are at 4

1. Literal story

2. Contemplative interpretation

3. yogic interpretation on regards to meditation

4. A level not meant for public revelation

A few stories – Ram had monkeys and bears fight for him. Ram killed Vali while Vali was engaged in a one on one battle with Sugriv. Shankar bhagwan has bhoot / ghosts as his army

Hopefully this is enough either to find the true meaning or give up on Hinduism. Either way God is happy

Since most people cannot grasp level 3 or 4 and intellectual or logical interpretation will not give you satisfaction and you will miss on the thrill of the genius of the ancient Rishis

Go deep in meditation!

Nirvana or perfection!

Everyone knows what perfection is – maybe to a degree

And the easiest is to find imperfections in the other including imperfections in even enlightened saints

A Hindu will easily see imperfections in Jesus and a Christian in Buddhism and ram / Krishna etc

Books, a variety of them, including Gita, Bible, Torah will discuss perfection. But a rare book will describe the thousands of steps to perfection

They may say not to get jealous or greedy. Yet, we easily get jealous when someone has success, money, when best friend pays more attention to someone else etc. How do we change that aspect of the mind. No book has written how to change it except command you not to do it! Is that simple to change mind? Of course not. There is an elaborate process

A guru knows the steps but cannot tell anyone who has not walked the path of meditation!

Death – the hindu vidhi

In Indian, hindu tradition, the following is done after death

  1. The body is cremated in 24 hours
  2. On the second day, the ashes are taken and within a years time deposed in Saraswati river
  3. Day 1-9, is known as Sutak.  (could be longer). Prayers are NOT done for those days in the house and no “diya” is done
  4. Day 10, the hair of the male son is cut. He becomes bald except for a “choti”
  5. Day 11 “Pret puja”
  6. Day 12 “Pind Daan” puja
  7. Day 13, Relatives are invited for dinner or lunch and the daughters of the family are given clothes, dinner sets, jewelry, etc
  8. “Besnu” where they relatives and friends come over is done on day 4 or 5.
  9. Daily from day 2-9 they do bhajan and either Gita recital or recital of Garuda purana


These are the traditions in Brahmin family.  It can vary from place to place, community and other variations based on resources available


These things do not hold true for a Yogi.  The above tradition is a reflection of the true death, where a yogi learns to realize his body is not real.  The same steps are followed in meditation.  I am unable to give the analogy in a public forum.  But if you have an accomplished yogi he can tell you.

Talking about an accomplished Yogi – I heard a video where someone explained the word Bharat etc.  What a joke !  Let them be…they want popularity and not God

How evil is maya or satan?

Very evil

Maybe not evil at all. She is the Loki. The royal illusionist

The biggest laugh Maya gets is when your making spiritual progress ! And you have many people listening to you. You have powers – you can influence other people’s lives and predict things etc

For show knows all that was a game for her. Will you still vanquish your ego or let it perish you ?

And almost all fail. They think they have reached a high level. They are famous and in a twinkle all is lost.

Future births will not be so kind. Let this be a warning for all those on the path and harbor those thoughts and wishes. You will lose

But she is not evil. Merely a task for her. Her bidding – So god told her – find me someone who can love me without my gifts Someone who can love friend and foe alike

The greatest being ever. And no one knew him !

My posts

All of my posts are very incomplete. less than 1 % of the topic is discussed.

Thus is written just to whet your appetite. And hoping that the reader will be eager to learn more truth from a Guru

Almost everything is about yoga and meditation. If it came from the lords mouth.

Karma yoga – in Gita is not about action but the only true Karma per Babaji is doing kriya yoga

Kriya yoga is misunderstood fully inspite of Yogananda repeatedly telling everyone the truth.

We have the ego that I am good and hence my understanding is correct about kriya yoga. Then we try to explain everything written with our wrong understanding

Tbe definition of Kriya Yoga by a yogi is so high, so difficult that most people will wish to have Kriya and not be satisfied with their wrong interpretation

Somnath story

Chandra / the moon married Daksha 27 daughters. Chandra had rohini as his favorite. The other wife’s got upset, complained to daksha and Chandra was cursed to lose his Lustre

Chandra prayed to lord shiv for 4000 years and shiv gave him the ability to Wax and wane every 15 days

This story has a deep spiritual interpretation of the steps in meditation.

The Chandra is not the Chandra Nadi.


All the explanations of the scriptures and Gita etc has been done BUT BUT the great teachers have intentionally omitted many key things

It is like giving a recipe for pizza – and omitting cheese , oven setting and duration etc

So when you try to make it based on the book then you will fail

Why do they do that ? So you will have the sense of finding someone accomplished and then when you experience a chakra you will laugh since the description was extremely superficial. All these lives we wasted trying to understand and we suddenly realize the truth is far deeper, brighter, enjoyable than any book.

Was allopathic medicine arrogant ?

In Ayurveda – they talked about “pitta” leasing to many issues including memory loss? Anger etc

Recently a few studies have shown bile acid produced by gut bacteria leading to Alzheimer’s, memory issue etc

Bile acid of course is “pitta”.

So what does this have to do with spirituality ?

Everything. Diet affects our mind. Meat in general causes more harmful bile – my suspicion. In order to progress diet plays an important role in controlling the unruly mind

My friendship is dying

What should I do ?

My 9 friends from forever,

Are quickly leaving me

They talk very little

Leaving me alone.

They send me half hearted invites

And I chose not to go.

Oh what a color friendship it was

Even the rainbow pales.

All alone I have taken resort

Drinking in my solitary cave.

Now my true friend

Is wine alone

Joy in its taste.

Forgetting my friends of yore

I became the book