Maha Shivratri

Shiv has no birthday

He is not Bhole. He is Bholenath – the protector of Bhole

Bhole – someone who is easily deceived

What about the story of Bhasmasur. – where he was deceived ? You misunderstood the story.

Shiv never has Avatar. He may send afraction of himself. The world cannot hear the full greatness of Shiv

It is sad and unfortunate for some religions to not pray to Shiv (example some sects of swaminarayana or Nanak ). The words of the great ones are very hard to follow

How can you understand the beauty of Shiv ? When you have not seen him or understood him ? Neel – blue neck, snake around him, surrounded by “ghosts” moon on forehead, ganga in hair and long braided hair ? Oh what a beautiful description – only a Yogi knows what I said !

The sign of an awakened Shakti is immediate love for Shiv ! If love for Shiv is not there – much cleaning of heart is needed Thus is the description of an awakened Shakti !


Sufi mostly wrote poems

With very deep meaning

Why do you stay in prison

When the door is so wide open?


The prison is our own thought. The thought that god exists or the thought he does not exist. The thought that someone is good or evil. The thought I am smart or the thought I am stupid Get out of the prison of your perception and thought

I know what you said !

Once upon a time a very eager man sought refuge at the feet of a very divine Guru. The Guru was wise and all knowing

The disciple was very eager and not subdued. He asked the Guru , ” please oh great Guru, tell me how to reach nirvana”

The Guru paused. Looked the disciple and beyond the disciples body “I can tell you but you are not ready. You will not understand”

The disciple knew it won’t be easy. He persisted. By now the Guru was tired. He finally revealed the truth “Go and become a master of Sanskrit. All answers are there”

The disciple bowed and took permission from Guru and departed. He found the greatest scholar and started to learn the language Sanskrit! 20 years passed by and the disciple was a master at it

One fine morning the disciple woke up and realized he knows Sanskrit but has not reached Nirvana

Hastily he returned to the Guru and complained ! The Guru smiled and said ” your still a child ”

But Sir, I did exactly what you told me!

The Guru replied, “you did exactly what you thought I said! I told you to be a master of Sanskrit. And what did you do? You learnt the language ! I was not talking about the spoken language Sanskrit”

The disciple became dejected. He somewhat understood his flaw.

Part 2 to follow. Maybe

Most of the readers fall in this category. I write things and in general they believe they understood what I said but they miss their mark.

Certain things are very easily misunderstood. Master Sanskrit is not the same as learning the language or mastering it

Love for God

The easiest way is to love God. And God more than anything in this world

Ain that situation the results are immediate. But it is not easy to love God. Something unseen. Unknown. And the mind constantly doubts am I doing the right thing?

Now there are some confused souls. They hear about God. Based on books. Or their guru. And they develop a concept. They believe that concept and fall in love with that concept. That is not love

How do I silence my mind?

Meditation is the art of silencing the mind. When the mind is silenced, then live for God arises. Till then Bhakti does not start.

Doing mantra, kirtan , going to temples, discussions, reading books DO NOT HELP. In those situations, the mind creates and image of God and then it worships that image. It is still a very good thing but it is one step short of actually talking with God directly.

Mantra given by a siddha is very helpful. Discussion with a siddha helps clarify the wrong beliefs. Reading books written by a siddha helps in a similar way.

However meditation is the most direct way. Those who cannot meditate and those who cannot silence their mind have to resort to other methods like above

Thus silencing the mind and meditation is a skill. For an adept yogi , it is as simple as turning off the switch. All he does is close his eyes, his inner purity and the gift of his Guru gives him a direct perception of God and his mind is silenced. That’s all !

A guru loves it when he can find a disciple of that caliber. Such a disciple is very rare. One in a billion or less.

Books will tell you to silence mind and absorb in God but they won’t show you the method. For this you must spend time with a Guru, repeatedly use his help to silence it – and this will take years and years of learning the finer millions of subtle steps – till it becomes a simple technique

Why are you here?

Most people will live a meaningless life – only seeking enjoyment in this world. Of course it is not meaningless but from a spiritual standpoint – since no effort has been placed to find your own consciousness- it lost its purpose.

It is very important to spend some time -to figure out what consciousness is. The answer is NOT found in books or talking but is found in deep meditation only. Once this central core is reached – many answers are automatically revealed and discussion with other ceases. For what avail is discussion.

The consciousness exists in all dimensions – 11 of them. It is always fully aware of it in all dimensions. How can an enlightened person explain consciousness or the experience in other dimensions. It is to be experienced ! Even if I tried to explain it – you will only imagine it but not reach it

Hence Guru are silent ! Who can they tell what it is ?

Chapters in Gita

The chapters in Gita are arranged in three groups

1) 1-5 describe Kriya Yoga. Every sentence , in my opinion , describe kriya

2) 6-13 Describe what should happen when kriya is perfected This includes vishva Darshan

3) the remaining 5 chapters talk about the forces that prevent you from perfection. Here he talks about three gunas. But Lord Krishna omitted certain levels above three Gunas

Moreover there are certain chapters in Gita that have been lost but available to a few select Guru / Yogis

Of course this is my belief. I prefer no one believe me or follow me. There are many other Guru more suitable for you

It reminds me – swami Gangadhar tirrhji had only one disciple. Ramkrishna had only a few disciples – I believe some people used inner circle for it

A worthy disciple is very rare. Even yogendra Vigyani – the guru of Vishnu tirthji maharaja said – who knows if there ever will be a disciple worthy of higher diksha in Kaliyuga