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The power of Sanskrit. Lalita

I can’t reveal all of it

In Germany there was a trial what they found people who listened to Sanskrit had better memory

But this is one of the Best hymns – on Lalita. She is the highest. Multiple universes are here children. Even Ram krishna are her children.
She is simultaneously both shakti personal and impersonal

This is her hymn. Beautiful. Even if you don’t know Sanskrit one should listen to it once

Easy way to destroy bad karma

Padam’s power

One day when I [Narayana Iyer] was sitting by the side of Bhagavan I felt so miserable that I put the following question to him: “Is the ‘sankalpa’ (will or intention) of the jnani not capable of warding off the destinies of the devotees?”
Bhagavan smiled and said:” Does the jnani have a ‘sankalpa’ at all? The ‘jivanmukta’ (liberated being) can have no sankalpas whatsoever. It is just impossible.”
I continued:” Then what is the fate of all of us who pray to you to have grace on us and save us? Will we not be benefited or saved by sitting in front of you, or by coming to you?”
Bhagavan turned graciously to me and said:”…a person’s bad karma will be considerably reduced while he is in the presence of a jnani. A jnani has no sankalpas but his ‘sannhidi’ (presence) is the most powerful force.
He need not have sankalpa, but his presiding presence, the most powerful force can do wonders: save souls, give peace of mind,, even give liberation to ripe souls. Your prayers are not answered by him but absorbed by his presence. His presence saves you, wards off the karma and gives you the boons as the case may be, (but) involuntarily. Yhe jnani does save the devotees, but not by sankalpa, which is non-existent in him, only through his presiding presence, his sannhidi.

Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi recorded by Muruganar
-edited and annotated by D.Godman

This is very true. I have seen this many many times over

Only partly true

IT is the final steps he describes. It is important to know who he was talking with. If he was talking with a beginner he would be saying things differently

For the beginner, understanding and scripture are needed. After that the goal becomes clear
Once the goal is clear, then the how to reach there begins.
At that point the beginner is aghast how difficult it is. Many times it will seem impossible.
After the proper method is learnt and a Guru opens the ability to still the mind than slowly in small steps the disciple gets to the point of advaita
At that point what maharshi says will seem obvious and the only step

How to live

A nice pearl from Yogananda

Be alone within. Don’t lead the aimless life that so many persons follow. Meditate and read good books more…Once in a while it is al right to go to the movies and have a little social life, but mostly remain apart and live within yourself…Enjoy solitude; but when you want to mix with others, do so with all your love and friendship, so that those persons cannot forget you, but remember always that they met some one who inspired them and turned their minds towards

God.—Paramahansa Yoganada, “ Man’s Eternal Quest”

But I have no desire to inspire anyone.
But there is much joy within. Take your pick

Don’t let the senses force you outside against your will.

About temptation and desire

Once God or inner self is found, the challenges will still remain but becomes easier to go back within.

Even great saints were tempted till the last minute. Their challenges are harder. Why? Ordinary people often toil to get their desires fulfilled
Higher saints have only to think about it and their desire is fulfilled in hours to day’s
Thus they fall into the trap.

Such beings constantly realize this and are afraid to think of anything material, lest their thoughts turn into something material !

All questions about saints and God answered

This is very long. It is from God talks with Arjuna – a commentary on Gita by Yogananda

But so beautiful. So perfect

My take in the shloka is different and to me reveals the technique of finding God but that is a different topic

God Talks With Arjuna — Bhagwad Gita,
by Paramhans Yogananda

Youtube audio of the Bhagwad Gita, shlokas, chapter 4, verses 7, 8) for reference.

Bhagwad Gita

Chapter IV, Verses 7–8

yada yada hi dharmasya glanirbhavati bharat |

abhyutthaanam-adharmasya tadatmaanam srujamyaham ||7||

paritraanaaya sadhunaam vinashaay cha dushkrutaam !

dharmasansthapanaarthay sambhavaami yuge yuge ||8||

O Bharata (Arjuna)! whenever virtue (dharma) declines and vice (adharma) predominates, I incarnate as an Avatar. In visible form I appear from age to age to protect the virtuous and to destroy evildoing in order to reestablish righteousness.

This earth is a stage whereon a divine drama is being evolved. Whenever the majority of human actors misuse their God-given freedom, and by the creation of evil bring suffering and upset the divine plans concerning their fellow beings and their own destiny (plans intended to be carried out by man’s proper use of free choice), then God, the Cosmic Director, appears on the stage in a human form (an avatar) to instruct the amateur thespians in the proper art of living. God thus teaches man, made in His image, how to evolve by using free will, manifesting the divine nature inherent in the human nature.

The question is: Can God Himself ever incarnate as a human being? To say that God can not do a certain thing is to limit Him. But there are so many things that God can do, yet does not do—at least not as human beings expect of Him. God has never been known to have taken a human form called “God” and dwelt in it among men. (“Why callest thou me good? There is none good but one, that is, God,” Jesus said,11 to distinguish himself, an avatar, from God the Father, the Absolute, the Formless.) The Lord has condescended many times, however, to manifest Himself through the incarnation of a fully liberated being who, once an ordinary human being, has become a true reflection or “son of God.” God, who is almighty and can do anything, thus operates His Omniscience through the human body of an avatar. Just as the ocean of Cosmic Consciousness is aware of a soul wave manifesting on its surface, so the soul wave of an avatar is aware of the ocean of Cosmic Consciousness manifesting through its form.

The Nature of an Avatar

Great prophets and minor saints differ only in degree—the former manifest God fully through wide-open windows of their consciousness; the latter manifest God through small crevices of certain divine realizations. It can be said that the full manifestation of divinity in an avatar is greater than is the partial manifestation in a saint who has not yet attained absolute liberation.

All human beings are potential gods; the wise man and the ignorant one both are true image-incarnations of God. The Divine Omnipresence fills each soul-image even as the mighty ocean is present in each wave. However, unless a wave dissolves itself and becomes one with the ocean, it remains inordinately limited. Until a devotee is fully liberated, he cannot truly assert: “I and my Father are one.”

There is no “special” avatar or a “unique” incarnation of God (except as regards form, time, and place); any liberated soul may descend to earth or to other spheres as a full avatar or savior.

Partial and full manifestations of God’s consciousness in saints and avatars

From the study of earthly chronology it is evident that, like a person, every nation undergoes the necessary evolutionary stages of development. For the earth, these four successive stages are the material, atomic, mental, and spiritual cycles, termed such according to the predominance of physical, electrical, psychical, or spiritual qualities in the majority of people. However, in every age tenacious wickedness is more or less active, even when virtue is prevalent.

So whenever ignorance, selfishness, war, and misery are prominent, the Supreme Lord manifests through masters who, through many incarnations, have had earthly experiences as partially or fully liberated beings. They may appear on earth as minor saints or as great masters according to their degree of realization, to serve as living examples of virtue and to inspire spiritual aspirants to destroy their inward and outward evils. In this way Spirit appears through many liberated and partially liberated souls, shining more or less through the various degrees of unbefogged —clear and partially clear— mentalities of yoga-purified beings. Divine ones who are not fully liberated, or who come to earth to aid in the redemption of souls but have no obvious world mission, are called khanda avatars (partial incarnations).

But whenever the specter of vice stalks unexorcised on the earth, in every such age God incarnates as a savior (in the form of a fully liberated being) to resurrect fading virtue, protect the spiritual, help in the removal of evil currents, and destroy the evil propensities of the wicked. Such manifestations are called purna-avatars (full incarnations).

As every wave, if it were conscious, could feel the ocean beneath it, so every liberated being feels the entire Sea of Spirit behind his perception. As the ocean appears in part, then in greater and greater vastness as a person views it first from the shore and then from an airplane, so saints of various intuitional powers have lesser or greater realizations of Spirit. But fully liberated souls such as Krishna, Jesus Christ, Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswarji, and many others, are themselves full manifestations of God.

That is what is meant by the Bible statement: “But as many as received him (that is, fully manifested God through the purity of their intuition), to them (all liberated beings of all ages before and after Jesus Christ was born) gave he power to become the sons of God (the power to appear as full manifestations of God).”12 A veritable “son of God” is a true image of omnipresent Spirit.

As verse iv:8 is often translated to refer to “the destruction of evildoers,” and as many legendary stories in the Puranas also cite the annihilation of the wicked by holy beings, certain theologians claim that a Hindu incarnation of God comes to protect the virtuous by destroying evildoers, in contradistinction to Jesus Christ who came on earth to liberate not only virtuous men but malefactors! However, the truth is that virtue always causes the destruction of evil.

Divine virtue manifested by an avatar destroys evil

We read in the Bible that even Elisha, Elijah, and Peter were instrumental in the destruction of evildoers who had resisted the powerful vibrations of virtue. Swami Shankara and various saints of India have had similar experiences. An insulated wire carrying a million volts of current is harmless when touched, but an exposed live wire is deadly. When a person, in spite of warning, deliberately ventures to contact that powerful live wire without its cover, he is electrocuted. Similarly, God’s potent energy, present everywhere, is insulated from man by a cover of delusive ignorance.

Thus an ignorant man blaspheming God is not immediately punished; but a wicked man who is a contemporary and acquaintance of an avatar or a great master is inviting instant retribution if, after warning, he continues to defy the Spirit flaming through the pure vehicle of the Great One. For instance, Peter was able to perceive God without any insulation of delusion. The Holy Spirit was fully manifest in him, and when the married couple13—in spite of Peter’s warning—lied before the live Spirit, they were destroyed. Their willful evil collided with the omnipotent harmony of the Divine.

God or His saints seldom deliberately hurt anyone, and then only to mitigate the effects of that person’s bad karma, or to give a direct lesson to hasten redemption. Neither God nor His avatars ever turn Their omnipotence against any evildoers out of wrath or vengeance. People hurt themselves by manifesting unnatural evils. The knuckles of a person are broken when he performs the stupid or unnatural act of striking them hard against a stone wall. The stone wall is innocent of all evil intention, just as virtue is innocent when vice foolishly hurls itself against it.

The same principle is at work empowering the divine man, with or without a conscious act on his part, to bestow blessings on those who are receptive. Devotees who approach Divinity with the harmony of a pure heart and mind, attract instant blessings from the sight or touch of a holy person (darshan). For example, in the press of a great crowd, Jesus suddenly said, “Somebody hath touched me: for I perceive that virtue is gone out of me.” A woman had been healed instantly when with faith she came up behind Jesus and touched the border of his garment.14

Avatars such as Krishna and Christ have such power of the Almighty within them that they could open their spiritual eye and annihilate the wicked, even as God could destroy the universe in a second. Little does frail man realize the Power he pits himself against when he chooses to oppose Divinity! Yet he needn’t fear the wrath of a tyrannical God. Neither He nor His saints and avatars stoop to obvious human methods of either chastisement or compensation. God coaxes His children back to Him only by the attracting power of His love, incarnate in every atom of creation and in every soul. Similarly, His saints and avatars almost always use the mild method of spiritual persuasion to inspire the wicked to reform.

Man, made in the image of God with free will like His Creator, rewards or punishes himself by the results of his merits or demerits; he himself operates the exacting law of karma. Divine intervention, when on occasion it is warranted, expresses neither vengefulness nor favoritism, but is meted out for man’s highest good by a just and loving God, or through his equally compassionate incarnations.

Though fully manifest in an avatar, God is not limited to one form

Many thinkers posit God as infinite and impersonal, and that He cannot be finite and personal. This conception limits the almightiness of God. Just as invisible hydrogen-oxygen gas can be condensed into vapor, or water, or frozen into a solid as ice, so God the impersonal Spirit and invisible Cosmic Consciousness can and does materialize Itself into a Great Light, into an Intelligible Voice of any language, into any desired form, and into a finite personal body.

God, who has created all human beings and is secretly present in them, can be perceptibly manifest in saints, or can materialize a new human body that can be seen or touched or heard by an advanced devotee or by any number of persons. One can say with truth that the entire Absolute God is vibrating and manifesting in that newly materialized body, but it would be a metaphysical blunder to say that God is limited to that body.

The Infinite God can and does manifest in a three-dimensional form. He has appeared to many liberated souls in this way, in whatever concept they longed to see. But God is not confined to that form, nor has He adopted any such form as His sole personal image. The Infinite is infinite in His expressions; that is why God has never had a permanent definite form.

God prefers to employ His own Self-created law of limitation, the law of relativity, when He appears as a human being. He chooses to incarnate in the bodies of liberated masters. In this way, He appears in various costumes of flesh to suit the desires and needs of His devotees through the ages.

For example, as Jesus or Rama or Krishna or Babaji, and so on, He has been born in different forms to help the growth of virtue and the dissolution of vice in the world. God, being Infinite, can rematerialize any form, and does so at times. But He never allows a divinely manifested form such as Jesus or Krishna to be visibly present for a long period before the staring gaze of ignorant people. Therefore, the deathless Babaji, who has a human form at the present time, remains in utmost secrecy in the northern Himalayas near Badrinarayan. However, any liberated being can instantaneously materialize himself before an advanced saint or even (for special purposes) before a group of ordinary men, as did Jesus and Babaji.

Why does God prefer to manifest Himself through partially liberated and fully liberated beings whom He sends to reincarnate on earth (by “immaculate” or by ordinary sexual creation) to quicken the evolution of virtuous people and to dissolve the wickedness of vicious beings? Because such advanced souls were once ordinary human beings subject to all the temptations and delusions of Cosmic Nature. Such divine agents have sympathy, humor, and understanding; they can tell their fellow beings: “Behold, we were once bound by the flesh, just as you are now! By dint of self-control, discrimination, meditation, and spiritual labor, we have reaped the plenteous harvest of omnipresent Spirit. If we have done that, you too can overcome the weak, difficult flesh by a continuous expansion of consciousness and strengthening of the Spirit that is also within you!”

God could produce Jesus Christs and Babajis by the thousands by direct materialization or via the ordinary embryonic creation, and could have them act out their sacred lives as divine puppets. But could such beings, lacking past personal experience of the intricate compulsions of sense temptations, serve realistically as exemplars to teach human beings the art of conquering flesh allurements by natural human methods of self-control?

Devotees admire Christ because he came among men as one of them. He was humanly tempted, and he suffered at the hands of persecutors; but he overcame all human ordeals by will, effort, and love for God! A sacred puppet, acting out a divine drama of temptation and victory, would be only a spurious actor on the stage of life. But a human being who becomes a master is a spiritual artist who can show other fellow beings how to destroy evil and become divine.

The soul of an ignorant being and of a master are the same in essence, and are perfect, even as the one moon’s reflections appearing distorted in pots of agitated and muddy water, or undistorted in calm and clear water, are reflections of the same object—the moon.

When the water in the pot is muddy and agitated by a breeze, the moon reflected there appears distorted even though it is not so in reality; muddy minds agitated with the restlessness caused by the attributes of Nature similarly cause a seeming distortion of the soul. When, by yoga meditation, the muddied mind of ignorance settles, restlessness disappears; the clear soul is manifest.

As the moon’s reflection may be distorted beyond recognition in swirling water, so is the soul’s reflection grossly distorted in a materialistic man. As the moon is recognizably reflected in slightly agitated clear water, or perfectly reflected in completely calm clear water, so enlightened souls are either partial or full manifestations of God.

As calm clear water in various pots reflects perfectly the same shining moon, so all liberated souls manifest the same pure soul essence. When the pots are broken and the water released, the reflected images that had appeared to be confined in various pots become one with the moon whose light is spread all over the sky; similarly, all fully liberated masters who can separate their reflected souls from their bodies at will and yet live in bodily forms are perfect and equal soul-images of God. There is a delusive difference in the appearance, but when they dematerialize their bodily confinements they are the same One Omnipresent Spirit.

Belief that one liberated master is greater than another is dogmatic ignorance

Dogmatic disciples with their little minds strive to represent their own particular master as greater than other masters. Who may say with authority: “My master is a fully liberated incarnation of God”? Only he who has true intuition and is himself perfected in the wisdom of God-attunement.

Anyone who says, “My master is the greatest incarnation of God, or the only liberated master,” is unquestionably ignorant. The yardstick of judging fully liberated masters is possessed only by fully liberated disciples. A liberated disciple is completely loyal to his master, the guru who had shown him the way to liberation, but he always respects other avatars and masters. Masters and disciples who have achieved Self-realization after wandering through various bypaths of beliefs love all saints as one in God. Ignorant disciples, trying to glorify a certain avatar as supreme over other avatars, instead belittle that master through their bigotry, intolerance, hate, inquisitions, crusades, and religious wars.

In Omnipresence there is no labor foreman, no president, nor servant; no great, greater, and greatest. All are equal and one with the Spirit—a joyous conclave of Divine Amity.

How Spirit Incarnates in the Successive Strata of Creation

These stanzas of the Gita may also be interpreted as a reference to the history of creation. “Whenever there is a distortion of My Spirit (the protecting shelter or dharma of the universe) through the action of My delusory maya, then My Infinite Oneness is divided into finite waves of creation, colliding with one another in the evil of pain and disharmony. In order to bring back the harmonious goodness of My One United Being and to destroy the ominous evils of seeming relativities, My Spirit (limited when displayed as warring matter, minerals, plants, animals, and human beings) continuously incarnates Itself in repeated evolutionary influxes until, by dissolving the unsalutary clashing dualities, all recover the eternal blissful state of oneness.”

The above brings out two points:

(1) Spirit, by eclipsing Itself in cosmic delusion, appears as myriad ever-changing material phenomena. It is by this process, this malevolent delusive medium, that Spirit re-creates Itself from the macrocosmic Infinitude to infinitesimal, microcosmic, almost unendingly divisible ions of energy. “I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.”15 Cosmic energy flowing down from Spirit manifests the troublesome material nature (Apara-Prakriti; Maya, Satan).

(2) After outwardly projecting Itself as energy into atomic matter, the utmost density of delusion, Spirit sees the constant roil of the atomic forces of finite creation—colliding, uniting, warring, dividing according to laws of attraction and repulsion—as etheric, gaseous, fiery, liquid, solid forms emerging, dissolving, ever changing. Spirit, disappointed that delusive maya does not reflect Its perfection in creation, halts this outward repulsion and begins the process of reunification by incarnating Itself in progressively higher forms of life and expression. Asleep in the inert minerals of matter, Spirit begins to dream in the vegetative life of trees and flowers. Then Spirit partially awakens in the sentient mobility of the tiny amoeba and the mighty beast. Fully awake in man, Spirit’s discriminative intelligence reaches out as a conqueror of the delusive mysteries of life. And in the illumined man, Spirit’s incarnation is complete!16

At whatever period of eternity Spirit first created Itself into various forms of creation, including the first human beings, all Its manifested objects easily reflected Its spiritual quality during a Spiritual Age of 4,800 years. The original purity of creation evidenced its emergence from causal manifestation into astral and then material form.

Descent of humanity from original Golden Age

Adam and Eve, symbolic of the first human beings specially created by God, were fully conscious of their divinity until through the temptation of Nature they indulged in sex creation, causing their godly consciousness to descend from the higher cerebrospinal centers of spiritual perception to the lower channels of life identified with sensual mortal consciousness.17

After the Spiritual Age, reincarnating earthly beings and their cosmic environment, under the influence of the outgoing separative desire of Spirit to create (manifesting as Maya, or the Cosmic Delusive Force), began to descend to the Mental Age of 3,600 years, the Atomic Age of 2,400 years, and the Material Age of 1,200 years.

After the general populace on earth and the entire solar universe had manifested the vibrations of the Material Age, then Spirit—to stop Its creation from further devolution—created a magnetic upward pull so that the Material Age began to evolve into the Atomic, Mental, and Spiritual Ages again, covering 12,000 more years.

The Yugas, or evolutionary cycles of history

These downward and upward evolutionary cycles, each complete equinoctial cycle taking 24,000 years, have been gone through about 83,000 times during the two billion years that scientists estimate the earth has already existed.18 Whenever this earthly school has fulfilled its temporary purpose in God’s scheme according to cyclic timing, or whenever all the inhabitants have been fully educated in manifesting complete divinity, then, through a cosmic deluge, Spirit will not only release human beings but also the karma-tortured active atoms of the earth. In partial dissolutions, only certain areas of the earth are “dissolved,” such as the continent of Atlantis and the Land of Mu (Lemuria) in the Pacific. Plato recounts the legends of one such partial dissolution when (about 9000 b.c.) the land vibrated and trembled and great fissures appeared; Atlantis disappeared into the surrounding water with its multitudinous inhabitants.19

History could hardly record complete cosmic or earthly dissolutions! At such times a planet, for example, and all things on it are converted into diaphanous energy. Only liberated masters, through visions, have seen such cosmic dissolutions; and no one except God has kept a record of how many times the earthly school-building and its pupils have been entirely dematerialized into astral or causal form, or into mere seed-ideas in the mind of the Creator, and then brought forth again throughout the many “Days of Creation”—periods of manifestation, which are then followed by “Nights of Dissolution.”

With each reemergence of the cosmic schoolhouse, God begins anew to train its pupils—some who are newly arrived, and others who are repeaters (as Krishna explains in VIII:19). Advancing through the different grades of incarnations, they must ultimately pass the final examination of liberation. As the lifespan for a whole universe, according to ancient seers, is over 300 trillion years—an Age of Brahma—no doubt God (garbed as Krishna) declares: “Arjuna, I have attained all, I have nothing to attain, yet I go on working” (III:22).

The Infinite Spirit has been in ecstasy in vibrationless space, and active in vibratory space, for countless aeons of eternity. The Spirit thus divides Itself in creation by the declining-power of delusion, and then brings back to Itself all prodigal outgoing forms through upward evolution. At the end of the universal lifespan, the wandering organic and inorganic forces are transmuted as fluid energy into His Cosmic Consciousness. The storm of delusion is recalled; all waves of animate and inanimate creation become again the sea of Spirit. But that is not the end! After a time, the seeds of creation, carefully preserved in Spirit, are cast forth again to begin their productive cycle anew.

The Downward and Upward Evolution of the Soul

Lastly, these two stanzas of the Gita relate also to the evolution of the individualized soul. During an incarnation, whenever a devotee finds himself in delusion owing to sense identification, the Spirit manifests Itself in him by trying to foster his longing for soul bliss.

Man’s desire to seek salvation often arises out of the torturing power of affliction. However, many mortals suffer through a long period of incarnations without experiencing any awakening. A deluded man is finally roused through the indwelling divine aid that urges him continuously to attempt to regain the image of Spirit; he discovers Its presence re-created within him by each new effort.

Thus, as often as man’s body-identified or depraved nature (adharma) manifests, owing to the effects of the misuse of free choice, so often does the soul’s real nature (dharma) emerge through spiritual self-effort, stimulated by the inward manifestations of the ever awake, ever kind Spirit:

“I manifest Myself in the soul of man to rally his good qualities (the springs of good actions) to conquer his human demerits (the springs of evil activities). I infuse My power in the devotee who inspirits his noble qualities of discrimination and calm intuitive conscience, dispassion, life-force control, self-control, self-discipline to avoid unrighteous actions, and spiritual patience in adherence to meditation, renunciation, and austerity. With the advent of My Spirit and Its reinforcement, the stimulated virtuous qualities cause the dissolution of the human vicious demerits—desire, anger, greed, attachment, egoity, jealousy, hate, illusion and delusion.”

The final victory of the evolution of the soul—of “virtue” over “vice”—is the inner realization or experience of ascension into Spirit. The first two verses of this Gita chapter described the spiritual symbolical aspect of the various stages (Vivasvat, Manu, Ikshvaku, and the Rajarishis) through which the soul of the devotee has descended from the Infinite to the finite.

Emerging from Cosmic Consciousness, the soul enters the vibratory state of Cosmic Light, or Vivasvat. When it comes under the influence of the mind (manas) it becomes individualized, limited by identification with human consciousness in general, termed the Manu state of the descending soul. Thence it flows down into astral life and consciousness, or the Ikshvaku state. The soul then further descends into the Rajarishis, or sense-identified state.

During a long lapse of time, the soul remains identified with the body and forgets its union with the Spirit. The soul thus leaves the higher cosmic spatial palace of Omnipresence to descend the darkening stairway of limitations, and begins to wander on the low plains of materialism; “vice” (adharma) prevails.

It follows that every prodigal son, seeking to ascend by retracing his footsteps upward to Spirit, must attune himself to the inner urgings of Spirit—incarnate in his soul—and through proper yoga meditation leave behind him the identification with material habits and sense enjoyments (Rajarishis), intuitive perception of astral life and consciousness (Ikshvaku), the sum total of individualized human consciousness (Manu), and Cosmic Light (Vivasvat). Reaching the Spirit, the soul “breathes” a long sigh of joyous relief! Perfect “virtue” (dharma) is reestablished.

——(unQuote) ————————————

|| Hari Om ||
God bless us all, always

A common question especially in Indians

Q: Is there no benefit at all in doing japa with the mouth?

Sri Ramana Maharshi :

Who said there is no benefit?
Such japa will be the means for chitta suddhi [purifying the mind].
As the japa is done repeatedly the effort ripens and sooner or later leads to the right path.
Good or bad, whatever is done never goes to waste.

Only the differences and the merits and demerits of each will have to be told, looking to the stage of development of the person concerned.

Q: Is not mental japa better than oral japa?

Sri Ramana Maharshi:

Oral japa consists of sounds.
The sounds arise from thoughts,
for one must think before one expresses the thoughts in words.

The thoughts are form the mind.
Therefore mental japa is better than oral japa.

Q: Should we not contemplate the japa and repeat it orally also?

Sri Ramana Maharshi :

When the japa becomes mental,
where is the need for the sounds?

Japa, becoming mental, becomes contemplation.
Dhyana, contemplation and mental japa are the same.

When thoughts cease to be promiscuous and one thought persists to the exclusion of all others,
it is said to be contemplation.

The object of japa or dhyana is the exclusion of several thoughts and confining oneself to one single thought.

Then that thought too vanishes
into its source – absolute consciousness.

The mind engages in japa and then sinks into its own source.

~ From Be as you are book Of Ramana maharshi

Actually, it is a lot more complex than that. There is something like an awakened mantra. That is super charged. That takes over and the path is shortened

I saw a man in DC receive a super charged mantra and he immediately started receiving completed mantra. He was born and raised in America and he and his parents neither had any Indian language knowledge.
He spoke in Sanskrit verses for about 1-2 hours. Constantly.

What happened? The charged mantra took over him. He merely surrendered

So this is an example of Maha yoga – awakening of shakti.

But there are other methods also. Only a Guru can know all of them

Why everyone fails

You can’t stop your mine using your mind!

I give a slightly different example

You can’t stop the merry go round by sitting in the merry go round !

The mind is the merry go round. Constantly active. Thinking. Getting upset. Getting happy. Analyzing. Reading. Understanding. Drawing conclusions. None of those things will take you to God !

Silly isn’t it ? That’s all everyone does. Read. Read.

Of course some reading is needed. Only to reinforce. And get you convinced – meditate. Trust me. A very long battle

Then learning the right technique to meditate. Imagination – like think of an ocean won’t help. Or listening to a tape. That won’t help either. **There is a specific technique that helps. Some call it kriya yoga. But they have no clue how to do it properly. Just because you took lessons from A blog or subscription won’t help.
Others call it make maha yoga. I have never revealed the technique online **

Everyone calls it by a different name. People latch on to the different names …… and now they feel good. Important. Start teaching Others. And if life circumstances are good the credit goes to the technique

However I do not seek people like that. They are dime a dozen Those with the correct technique. Correct understanding. They have something different. There is something tangible. Life will continue to challenge you. After all karma will pursue you relentlessly. But karma should not change your inner peace

Many people lose peace. Why ? They hold on to desire. Desire is the single most thing that will destroy you. Now and in future.

A short prayer

Just say no to MR desire.

Mr Desire , you have been my enemy for many births. I no longer wish for your association. I would rather be truly alone without you. If you come knocking on my door, I know it is like Satan knocking on it. I will no longer talk with you. Or fall prey to your evil company. With Gods Grace and the company of enlightened ones, Mr desire I will be rid of thee. Enlightened beings I am in thy light. Please burn the desires quickly. I only seek the light of God

Subtle but true

This refers to loss of prana

Don’t joke all the time with each other. Be happy and cheerful inside. Why dissipate in useless talk the perceptions you have gained? Words are like bullets: when you spend their force in idle conversation, your supply of inner ammunition is wasted. Your consciousness is like a milk pail: when you fill it with the peace of meditation you ought to keep it that way. Joking is often false fun that drives holes in the sides of your bucket and allows all the milk of your peace to run out.

Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda

Don’t be proud / sad

The ultimate victor is time. It devours everything. Multiple saints and Gods have walked and are lost in the tide of time

But more subtle is your achievements and losses
When times are good you gain much. You become proud. And when times are bad everything goes awry.

This is the course of time. No exception. So why be proud or sad. Things will change.

But self consciousness is beyond it. The body may Be lost but never the pure self.

People get tired. Lose patience. But patience is what makes even time become weak. Patience Comes from faith.
Faith comes from inner purity. Inner purity is a gift from association of great souls

Hence rare blogs help.


योग वाशिष्ठ दर्शन।
अध्याय 23
ज्ञानोदयका उत्तम प्रकार।
पोस्ट 4

अंदर बाहर व्यापक है। जैसे दर्पण सभी चीजों के प्रतिबिंब का स्थान है,उसी तरह, मैं सभी प्राणियो के देह इंन्द्रिया आदि अनुभवों का स्थान हूं। चैतन्य रूप अंतरात्मा जिन वस्तुओं का संकल्प करता है वह चीजे तुरंत उत्पन्न होती है। आत्मा में स्थित यह कारण कार्यरूप जगत अनिर्वचनीय है। जिन लोगों का चित्त अति विमल हुआ होता है, केवल वे महात्मा पुरुष ही वेसे चिदाकाश का अनुभव करते हैं। मैं एक हु, सर्वव्यापी हु, सब स्थावर जंगम पदार्थो में साक्षी और नियंता के रूप में रहता हूं। जैसे कि जो पूरे शरीर को धारण करने वाला जोन के कारण मैं स्त्री भी हूं, मैं पुरुष भी हूं, मैं भी सभी वस्तुओं के अंदर भी हूं, और मैं सभी वस्तुओं के रूप में भी हूं। जैसा कि एक बच्चा खिलौने बनाता है, वैसे ही आत्मा ने इस अजीब वैविध्यपूर्ण सृष्टि की रचना अपने भीतर बनाई है। जो भी दृश्य है वह परिवर्तनशील, विनाशकारी, दृष्टा के अधीन है। मुझे वही मिला है जो मेरे लिए प्राप्त करने योग्य है। अब में अल्पात्मा नहीं रहा। अब मुझे पता चला है कि मेरे सभी पूर्वज मूर्ख थे, क्योंकि वे देहादिक पदार्थो के साथ अहंता को बांधकर विषय भोगो में पशुओं की तरह चिपके रहते थे। जैसा कि सभी दृश्यों के बाध होने पर जो अखण्ड रूप शेष बचता है, वह परम चैतन्य है, यही मोक्ष है।
आत्मा जो अपने अच्छे बुरे संकल्पों के रूप में गंदा है, एक पाश से बंधे पक्षी की तरह ब्रह्मरूपी चिदाकाश में नहीं चढ़ सकता। मेरा अपना स्वरूप अब बिना आवरण के पूर्ण चन्द्र जैसा हो गया है। मैं शरीर में रहता हूं, फिर भी मेद, अस्थि, मांस, मज्जा, खून आदि से अलग हूं। जैसा कि तिल में तेल है, दूध में घृत है, फूलों में सुगंध है, मीठे पदार्थों में मिठास, ओर नमकीन पदार्थों में लवणता है, उसी तरह सभी पदार्थों में आत्मा स्थित है, अहंकार रूप बादल मुझसे दूर हो गए हैं, मेरे दिमाग में आशारूपी अग्नि शांत हो गया हैं। मैंने कामदेव के रुप अग्नि से तपे हुए मन को मेने ज्ञान द्वारा शांत किया है। मेरा मन अब बिना काष्ठ के आग की तरह शांत हुआ है। में आसक्ति से मोह से रहित हो गया हूं। दृश्य वस्तुओं का वास्तविक स्वरूप मेने जान लीया है। मेरे मन में जो अज्ञानता रूप जड़ता थी, वह दूर हो गई है। जिस प्रकार जल और तरंग के भेद की अवधारणा विशुद्ध रूप से व्यावहारिक, असत्य है, वेसे आत्मा और परमात्मा के बीच की भेद की कल्पना मिथ्या है। (केवल उपलक दष्टि ही है)। जिस तरह सूर्य अपार आकाश में अविरत गति करता रहता है, वेसे मैं भी अब अपने अनंत स्वरूप में विहार करता हु। आत्मनिष्ठ होने के कारण अनुकूल या प्रतिकूल परिस्थितियों में भी, मैं अपनी समता को नहीं खोता। अविवेकी, अज्ञान ग्रस्त मनुष्यो का मन अतार्किक वासनाओ से भरा होता है। विवेक द्रष्टि से अजर अमर दिखाई देता हे आत्मा, तेरी जय हो; वास्तविक से मन के अविषय रूप दिखाई देता है आत्मा, तेरी जय हो। में तेरे दर्शन से शांत हो गया हु, प्रफुल्लित हो गया हु, ज्ञानशक्ति आनन्द स्वरूप हुआ हूं, जीवन मुक्त हुआ हु, विषयगत इच्छाओं से मुक्त हुआ हूं, और अब मुजे किसी प्रकार का बंधन नहीं है। मैं सभी माया का अधिपति हूं। मेरा न कोई जन्म है, न कोई मृत्यु है; अचल शांति मेने प्राप्त की है, मैं गुणातीत ओर द्वंद्वातीत हो गया हूं।


The English translation is very weak. But still conveys an impression

Yoga special darshan.
Chapter 23
Jñānōdayakā best type.
Post 4

The inside is wide out. As the mirror is the place of reflection of all things, in the same way, I am the place of the body of all the people of the The things which are determined by the soul of consciousness are immediately generated. In the soul, this is the reason why the world is unexplainable. Those who have a very vimal mind, only those mahatma men experience the same cidākāśa. I am one, omnipresent, I live as witness and captain in all when movable diverse. As I am a woman because of the zone that holds the whole body, I am also a man, I am also inside all things, and I am also as all things. As a child makes toys, so the soul has created this strange universal creation within itself. Whatever the scene is, the variable, destructive, under the vision. I got the one who is worthy to get for me. There is no longer an objection. Now I know that all my ancestors were fools, because they were glued to the dēhādika and glued to the topic. As the undivided form of the rest of the scene remains, it is the ultimate consciousness, that is the salvation.
The soul that is as dirty as its good bad resolutions, can not climb the brahmarūpī cidākāśa like a bird tied to a loop. My own nature is now like full moon without cover. I live in the body, still different from marrow, bone, meat, marrow, blood etc. As oil in the sesame, Aloe in milk, fragrance in flowers, sweetness in sweet substances, and salinity in salty substances, in the same way, the soul is located in all substances, the ego form clouds have gone away from me, in my mind Āśārūpī fire has become calm. I have silenced my mind with a fire as a cupid. My mind is now calm like a fire without wood. I have become free from attachment to attachment. I have known the real form of visual objects. The ignorance that was in my mind has gone away. As the concept of the difference between water and wave is purely practical, false, the mystery between the soul and the God is a myth. (only the upalaka is the only one). Just as the sun keeps on moving in the sky, I also live in my infinite form. I don’t lose my parity even in favorable or adverse conditions because of self-respect. Irrational, the mind of the ignorant man is full of illogical vāsanā’ō. The soul appears to be immortal by the vision of conscience, hail to you; the soul of the mind appears to be the soul of the mind, hail to you. I am calm down from your sight, I am hilarious, I have become happy, I am free, I am free, I am free from thematic desires, and now I do not have any kind of bond. I am the overlord of all maya. I have no birth, no death; I have received the real peace, I have become how and dvandvātīta.

Does diet matter?


Although Maharshi did not give an explanation, those who believe he was enlightened can take his word as gospel

You can use all the logic you have, but until you know the origin of matter you cannot comprehend

Maharshi said that very clearly when someone said plants have life. He said stones have life too!

Now how can we know “life”?

And what did Jesus say, let the dead bury the dead!

The final secret

This is the ultimate secret
But English being a weak language , there is a more secret meaning hidden
This sentence is both the goal and method

Be intelligent

Most people will quickly imagine they are a witness. They are the people who have time to write big books, impress people and feel self important

Those with a little bit of IQ – devotee their energy to getting something more profound and realize that this witness watches without the slightest concept of I

Now what is that?


One if the greatest person to walk on earth

He says

The Universe is in you
We struggle to even understand the length of a football field. Can you imagine what the self consciousness is with has the entire universe within it?

Now some very intellectual people will escape this logic by thinking its an allegory.

But my answer is – learn to meditate. Then find the truth.

Debate will neither help you or support your views

A sign of progress or just the beginning

There is a stage where the pure I emerges. This pure I emerges when all thoughts, emotions and the ego of body is forgetten

At that time the pure I ( And a few other things ) emerges.

And that is the first step !

Classic Veda

The world. We see multiplicity. Although all is GOd

That is the illusion. A rope looking like a snake

The key word

The saints have found that happiness lies in a constant mental state of unruffled peace during all the experiences of earthly dualities.

A changeable mind perceives a changeable creation, and is easily disturbed; the unchangeable soul and the unruffled mind, on the other hand, behold, behind the masks of change, the Eternal Spirit.

The man whose mind is like an oscillating mirror beholds all creation as distorted into waves of change; but the man who holds his mental mirror steady beholds there naught but the reflections of the Sole Unity—God.

Through realization, not mere imagination, he sees that his body and all things are the condensed consciousness of Spirit.

The mind, free of artificial excitation, remains centered in its native state of inner peace and soul joy.

~Paramahansa Yogananda
“God Talks with Arjuna: The Bhagavad Gita” p.205

People want to imagine this ! Why not enjoy the bliss by experience ?


Your ego says you know it
Your ego says I can do it on my own
Your body does not cooperate
Your ego does not want to surrender to a Guru

Where is the hope then?


Keep a diary of your spiritual life. I used to make a record of how long I had meditated daily and how deep I had gone. Seek solitude as much as possible. Do not spend your leisure time with other people for merely social purposes. God’s love is hard to find in company.

Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda

A few key words

Duration of mediation
Depth of mediation

Make sure you go deeper every time. If you have the same experience then you have not gone deeper

For example , you have the experience Of peace. Can you make that experience deeper. More profound that it stays with you? Or when you get up from mediation having a single thought becomes a huge effort?
Otherwise where is the progress?

Most people I know can’t write or say much about their experiences.

They get quickly limited to felt peace, enjoyed it , saw light of different colors, heard music, felt something touch etc. they are very good signs but why not go deeper. More profound in each one


Two does not exist

It is all one universal consciousness appearing as many – that fault of ours is ignorance

You can say all is god. You can even believe it.

But experience it ! Then you will know.

Why would I lie?

Superior or inferior

‘Become envious of anyone lower than you. You must become very small. In fact you must become nothing. Only a person who is nobody can abide in the Self.

Bhagavan often spoke to us about the necessity of humility. On another occasion he told me, ‘No one should be our inferior. One who has learned to be the inferior will become superior to all.’

  • Ramana Maharshi to Annamalai Swami in ‘Living by the Words of Bhagavan’

My reply was

Such words as others inferior or superior can only be given to those Who still see dvaita

Where was there two – once the mind dies – two does not exist

I hope I did not offend them

Ramana Maharshi

This was his first experience. He saw the body and he was outside it

That was his initial experience at a very young age

Later he had an higher experience. That was the end of all delusion


Not so easy to get rid of thoughts

64 Yogini

64 yōginiyōṁ have four major temples in India. Two in Odisha and three in Madhya Pradesh.

In Orissa, near bhubaneshwar, near hirapur and bōlanagīra, in ranipur.

In Madhya Pradesh, a morena is in the village panchayat mitāvalī in the police station. It is also known as ‘IKANTĒŚVARA MAHADEV TEMPLE’. The second temple is located in khajuraho. 875-900 e. This temple is built around the western group of khajuraho temples. The third is in the bhedaghat near jabalpur.

There are mainly eight yōginiyāṁ whose names are like this :-

  1. Sur-Sundari Yogini, 2. Manōharā Yogini, 3. Kanakavatī Yogini, 4. Kāmēśvarī Yogini, 5. Rati Sundari Yogini, 6. Padmini Yogini, 7. Yogini Yogini and 8. Madhumati Yogini .

Names of the as yōginiyōṁ :-

  1. Bahurūpa, 3. Tara, 3. Narmada, 4. Yamuna, 5. Peace, 6. Vāruṇī 7. Kṣēmaṅkarī, 8. Indravati, 9. Goddess, 10. Raṇavīrā, 11. APE-Mukhi, 12. Vaishnavi, 13. Enjoying, 14. Vaidyarūpā, 15. Carcikā, 16. Bētalī, 17. Chinnamastikā, 18. Vr̥ṣavāhana, 19. Flame Kamini, 20. Ghaṭavāra, 21. Karākālī, 22. Saraswati, 23. Birūpā, 24. Kauvērī, 25. Bhalukā, 26. Nārasinhī, 27. Birajā, 28. Vikatānnā, 29. Mahalakshmi, 30. His, 31. Mahamaya, 32. Rati, 33. Karakarī, 34. Sarpaśyā, 35. Yakshini, 36. Vināyakī, 37. Vindhyavasini, 38. Veer Kumari, 39. Maheshwari, 40. Ambika , 41. Kamini, 42. Ghaṭābarī, 43. Riches, 44. Kali, 45. Uma, 46. Narayani, 47. Seas, 48. Brahminī, 49. Jwala Mukhi, 50. Āgnēyī, 51. Aditi, 51. Candrakānti, 53. Vāyuvēgā, 54. Chamunda, 55. Maori, 56. Ganga, 57. Bagalamukhi, 58. Gandhara, 59. Sarv Mangala, 60. Ajita, 61. Sūryaputrī 62. Air Harp, 63. Aghor and 64. Bhadrakali.

A Guru is someone who knows all these paths and is a master

Most people have scant to no knowledge

A little misleading

The way to God is not through the intellect, but through intuition. Spirituality is measured by what you experience intuitively, from the communion of your soul with God. It is so simple if inside you are always talking to Him, ‘Lord, come to me!’

Why do you put up a barrier of doubt between yourself and God? If you love Him and inwardly talk to Him, and know He is with you, you will get much more result than from hours of just sitting absentmindedly in silence, supposedly meditating, with your mind wandering over everything but God.

~ Paramhansa Yogananda

Why is it misleading?

Because even a person who constantly has idle mind ravings will constantly deceive himself into thinking he or she is constantly praying or talking with a god

An attempt to silence the mind is far better than that

Sitting in mediation and letting the mind wander is not mediation

I have had many people tell me they talk with God. What they do is have a dialogue in their own mind – with God. This God can often be imaginary. Thus many fake misleading Guru have arisen

This is a very delicate balance.

The heart constantly wants to reach out to God. The mind wants to create an image of God. The ego will be in a haste and act out with the mental creation of our God

What is the solution? Simple. Be patient. Follow the wisdom of a Guru and scripture

It is not impossible as you May think.

A profound secret

Knowing this I remain free

What did he know?



Neither exist or neither is needed


Let there by mountains of challenges. What difference does it make?

I said enough!

A nice statement

Not sure if it has from Charlie Chaplin for sure

But love conquers. Power subdues

Is intelligence helpful in reaching the atman

Up to a point it is helpful

Later it is your enemy. Since tie intellect can’t compare with the wisdom of God

How do I know who is going on the path?

Desires are your enemy

Think it over

How do I know I had an experience

Goes by many names

Not choiceless But disinterested in anything that happens outside

And many others

Pretty accurate

Mind active and outward – lost in the world
Mind inactive and outward – deep slumber
Mind active and not in this world – dreaming
Mind inactive and turned within – atman or self. The highest


Very difficult to reach

It requires mastery in Kriya yoga

What is that mastery?

Kevali !!!!

There is no one in the 7 billion population right now who can teach that ! If they exist they are totally hidden. Not giving any lectures etc

Here’s a long synopsis from Yogananda on it

So long as even a little tremor of thought and mental restlessness is present, you cannot reach cosmic consciousness.

The Self-Realization Technique of Concentration* helps greatly to improve the quality and powers of one’s concentration.

It’s practice will save the earnest seeker from years of fruitless wandering on the subconscious plane.

That land you want to avoid, it is full of illusory and imaginative spiritual experiences.

One must reach the superconscious state to have real spiritual experiences and realizations of truth. ^

The world has a habit of much teaching and little practicing. You may hear a lecture on sugar a hundred times but you will not know its flavor until you have tasted it. Neither can the glory of any true teachings be known except by practice.

You have to live the teachings of the prophets and the great ones. Then their truths become your own and you realize that truth it’s demonstrable and universal.

~Paramahansa Yogananda
“Man’s Eternal Quest” page 165
*Concentration is a state of complete one pointedness and stillness of consciousness. The nature of creation is motion, the nature of spirit is motionless. “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalms 46:10 Concentration is therefore essential to divine communion. The teachings of concentration and meditation taught in Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons, lead to perfect attunement of human consciousness to divine consciousness.

^ The subconscious level of man’s awareness has its usefulness as the repository of memory and as the land of sleep and dream. But in meditation it can be a real deterrent luring the absentminded, imaginative, or psychically inclined aspirant into a realm of fanciful hallucinations that have no more reality or spiritual value then one’s ordinary dreams at night.

Scientific meditation techniques and the devotee’s own effort to practice them correctly, draw the mind instead to the superconscious state of self-realization and God-communion.


Four sons of a great Brahmin

The names of those four sons were “Deewari”, “Priyamedha”, “Sanskrit” and “Suvrit”.

Their constant penance to shiv was interrupted by an asura

Asura attacked the Vedas, Dharma, and Dharmatmas, which is called “Doshana” on Ratnamal Mountain. That Asura even got Brahma.

They then went to destroy the for Brahmin sons. Suddenly the ground opened up. There was a loud thunder
Shiv appeared. His immense light. It destroyed and made into ashes – the demon and his army

The story is about the steps in mediation

Thus Advaita

However there are a few steps before the mind merges in self

Similar for the intellect

Similar for the ego.

Not so easy to give up mind our ego


What is the truth?

We say there is karma. And we reap the effects of our karma. In the course of action there is bound to be good and bad karma
Bad karma – sin
Doer of bad karma sinner

The Bible emphasizes a lot of sin. And generally the churches remind everyone they are sinner. Ramkrishna did not like that

Hinduism gave karma and reincarnation to give solace to the grieving mind. It answers why me? Thus they talk about sin. This is for those who seek happiness in the world. It tells them to do good Good things will happen to you EVENTUALLY

Spirituality reminds you. Your the divine soul. You always were the divine soul. If this becomes permanent there is no place for the karma to stay. Ego of doership is gone. Illusion is gone. More About it later

What do those on the path to perfection do?

  1. Find a Guru he takes up much of your karma
  2. Give the burden of karma to God. This means give you ego too. With faith. Make god responsible. You created this royal mess Your problem. Once you give it to god do not take it back
  3. Do very very good work.
  4. Endure without the slightest bit of emotional grief. God gets very pleased and takes up all your burden instantly

There are a few other secret ways.

I wrote much more than what maharshi revealed.

Just a word of caution

O Father, when I was blind I found not a door that led to Thee. Thou hast healed my eyes; now I discover doors everywhere: the hearts of flowers, the voices of friendship, memories of lovely experiences. Each gust of my prayer opens a new entrance to the vast temple of Thy presence.

Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda

Now Paramhansa said all can be a door to God. That is true.

But first you must find the door to God through the spinal cord. Then once that is perfected, you can see God everywhere.

Without the road through the spinal cord, your inner eye can’t open. So when you think you see god in flowers – it is true. But what you are seeing now is partly conviction, partly imagination. But when you see that through the spiritual eye it looks very very different. I mean literally.

So don’t be in a rush to assume you have found another door to god.

Here is Ramana maharshi definition of end of pain

Activity of mind is bandhan.

Stop activity of the mind

It occurs in several steps

Fastest way is kriya yoga

Everyone thinks they know kriya yoga

But extremely few can do it perfectly.

Ouch ! But true

But it comes in stages.

One of my all time favorite statement and so true, something that gave me strength and hope is from Vishnutirthji Maharaj

He said not to worry! If you can go deep in mediation only for a few seconds, that is enough to keep your mind in mediation for the whole day!

It is written in devatma shakti. I have read that in the past a million times !

So how can one achieve this all day?

If you keep destroying thoughts as soon as it arises, a time will come when thoughts don’t come at all. Then something else comes – something divine. Those who have reached that state know what I am talking off

Amazingly said

Bryan Dyson former CEO of Coca Cola

We are constantly struggling in life with many different things

But his words helps us realize we should give the right priorities in life

Within our heart the priorities should be


For display purposes though – for others to see


Spirituality is kept hidden

The point of the video is – lost health, family, friends are hard to gain back
Spirituality can be regained but a life is wasted
Work – you can find another job and continue the journey ! But it give it your all when it is your work hours

Wake up!

Once a disciple was very dejected and disappointed. He was narrating Sri Yogananda ji about his difficulties with sadness.
Suddenly Yogananda ji started laughing boisterously !
“You really believe that all these difficulties are real. This is all a dream and God is playing a joke on you !!”
The disciple stood there, confused by the unexpected reaction.
And suddenly there were tears in Sri Yogananda’s eyes, “But you really believe in this dream reality and are suffering so much.”

This is the greatness of a Divine teacher. While fully established in Divine oneness , he still acutely feels the pain of those suffering from delusion and goes to great pain to free them of their suffering.

What more can be said?

Why suffer in a seemingly never ending dream? Why not make effort to wake up?

One thing I have learnt is God gave a lot to the human mind – but he took away the right of the human mind to feel offended or hurt. If you do feel offended or hurt – you invite ego a permanent residence. Constantly reaffirm I only want thee oh God

God has already solved our Problems even before we knew the problem came.

Why not have faith? Meditate deeper. Wasting time on emotions of joy, thinking of an imaginary future, takes us away from the goal

I struggled many years to learn this. I have given you a ready to bake cake. Now, You don’t have to learn this lesson the hard way

Effort is needed

“For more than three decades I have waited for you here—waited for you to return to me!’ Babaji’s voice rang with celestial love. ‘You slipped away and vanished into the tumultuous waves of the life beyond death. The magic wand of your karma touched you, and you were gone! Though you lost sight of me, never did I lose sight of you! I pursued you over the luminescent astral sea where the glorious angels sail.

Through gloom, storm, upheaval, and light I followed you, like a mother bird guarding her young.

As you lived out your human term of womb-life, and emerged a babe, my eye was ever on you. When you covered your tiny form in the lotus posture under the Nadia sands in your childhood, I was invisibly present! Patiently, month after month, year after year, I have watched over you, waiting for this perfect day. Now you are with me! Lo, here is your cave, loved of yore! I have kept it ever clean and ready for you. Here is your hallowed asana-blanket, where you daily sat to fill your expanding heart with God! Behold there your bowl, from which you often drank the nectar prepared by me! See how I have kept the brass cup brightly polished, that you might drink again therefrom! My own, do you now understand?”

“‘My guru, what can I say?’ I murmured brokenly. ‘Where has one ever heard of such deathless love?’ I gazed long and ecstatically on my eternal treasure, my guru in life and death.

~ Lahiri Mahasya describing the words of Mahavtar Baba Ji in Autobiography of A Yogi

Even with such a divine beginning of spiritual life, Lahiri Mahasaya had 10 years of very hard spiritual effort to reach perfection
His memoirs – his diary – has been written with great humility and love. They are an inspiration for common people – that with constant effort divinity is at hand

Lahiri mahasaya in his diary describes Kong’s period of time where he struggled with sexual desires, frustration, etc

Never get discouraged or give up

He used to say, banat, banat banjaya

Meaning about to happen, about to happen, DONE!

But the struggle is there for years to come.

The reward – out of this world!

An example of cryptic language

Nothing in the world is as divinely intoxicating as my beloved God. I drink unceasingly of that Nectar. “O aged Wine of my Soul, as I drink of Thee from the ocean within me, I find Thou art inexhaustible. Thou art a skyful of happiness that displays all the stars of the universe, ever throbbing within my heart.”

Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda

So was this poetic allegory ? Absolutely not

Drinking the nectar of intoxication
Skyful of happiness- where is that sky?
Stars of the universe in my throbbing heart – is he talking about the heart in the chest? A poetic reference to love? NO NO NO

So my friends, what did he mean?

How should Live life?

Life has only one purpose !

Discovery of one self. It takes time and sincere dedication.
No need to waste time – if a Guru is not readily there. Keep trying

At some point the illusion. The ignorance. The error of seeing the dream as real will be lifted.

And that is the life Goal.

After that…. there is the self. The joy. The divine play


Dear Ones, and my Dearest Guruji,


by Paramahansa Yogananda

(Excerpts from Do Souls Reincarnate? / The Second Coming of Christ / The Bhagavad Gita) Page 2 of 2

How to Recognize Souls You Have Known Before

There is a way that you also can recognize those whom you have known before. For example, we may associate with some people day after day, yet never really know them or feel close to them.

But there are others with whom we feel immediately a deep harmony the first time we meet. It is not anything physical. It is a memory of the past.

Many, many people that I have met in this country, and in India and elsewhere, I have known before. The friendship is even stronger now. It was not finished in past lives, and so it had to continue to evolve in this life. Friendship is the highest form of love.

As such, it is meant to evolve into the divine manifestation of God’s eternal love. Friendship is the highest relationship, because in friendship there is no compulsion; it is born of the free choice of the heart. It is God calling souls back to unity in Him.

If you can be a friend to all, unconditionally, that is divine love. Not many in this world find true friends; mere acquaintances are not to be confused with real friends. There is no attachment in true friendship, nor is it founded in selfish human love.

It is an unconditional relationship between two or more souls: they may be unrelated, or family members, or marriage partners. It is best formed between souls who are seeking God or who have found God. Such was the friendship that existed between Christ and his disciples.

Otherwise, relationships develop into attachment and remain on the plane of human love, taking the soul away from supreme friendship with God. True friendship may be developed between woman and woman, man and man, or man and woman.

The important consideration is that it be based upon soul qualities, not worldly qualities or attractions of the flesh. This can come only when you free yourself from the consciousness that you are a man or a woman.

If you are seeking such friends, pray to God: “Lord, lead me to those who are friends of the past, that I may continue with them the friendship that was interrupted through separation by death. Send such friends to me, because I want to help them with my thought of Thee.” That is a wonderful ideal, isn’t it?

To have friendship not for idle talk and useless pastimes, but to develop the ultimate friendship with God. Only on that plane of sincere friendship will you find lasting happiness with any other soul. Don’t engage in too many socials. They are all right once in a while, but frequent socializing takes up too much valuable time.

Enjoy divine thoughts with your friends. Use your time for God. If you find souls who will share that goal, then you can drink God together from the chalice of divine friendship. The highest duty God has given you is to develop His consciousness in yourself and to help true friends to do the same.

So long as life sweetly sings with God, it will bring happiness to you and to others. Friends that harmonize spiritually with you are therefore very important. No matter what difference of opinion there is between you and such friends, there is always understanding and communication. In that relationship, regardless of differing views, you have mutual respect and cherish your friendship above everything else.

True friendship established in God is the only relationship that is lasting. (…)

So, whenever you meet people, be watchful. Notice your first reaction to them. This tells you much about whether you knew those individuals before. It is not an emotion. When you feel in your heart a deep harmony with another person, then you know that you knew each other before.

Help Enemies of the Past

Through Love and Forgiveness Of course, I have also met some enemies of the past, but mostly friends. I remember another life centuries ago, when someone I loved very much was inimical to me and hurt me; but I triumphed over him. I met him again in this life, and again he became treacherous. But I have tried only to help him. He shall pursue me no more.

Forgiveness is more powerful than revenge. I have forgiven everyone who has knowingly or unknowingly tried to annoy or hurt me. I want nothing for myself any more. I have found such joy in my heart by giving everything to God and doing everything for Him. Those who do evil stew in their own evil.

They can’t really hurt you unless you let them. Even our enemies are all part of the tests of life. When an evil person tries to persecute you, remember that he has probably tried to harm you in some way in the past also. If you think of that hurt and how terrible that person is, that is a great mistake. When you give out hateful thoughts, that person receives them and hates you twice as much. Also, hate attracts, as does love.

You don’t want the magnet of your hate to draw your enemies near you. Never hate anyone. Love and forgiveness have a healing effect on yourself and on your enemies. And be grateful for all the wonderful friends God has given to you.

Never try to impose yourself, to force your friendship, on anyone. I give my love to all; and to those souls who are in harmony with me, I give my friendship unconditionally.

When I receive the same, I rejoice, because in that friendship is the manifestation of God. Seek God: He Will Show You Glimpses of Your Past I also recall my own past incarnations, beyond all doubt. In the Tower of London, for example, I found many places that I remembered from a past life, places the present caretakers didn’t know anything about.

Because I was once an Englishman, in my childhood in India I preferred to eat with a fork and knife. When my family asked why I wanted to use these instead of my fingers, as is the Indian custom, I said, “I remember this from the past.”

They didn’t understand, but I knew I had eaten in this fashion before. Such glimpses of past lives will be given to you as you advance spiritually. God will show them to you. And when you will be less curious about such matters, and your mind is filled only with God, you will know even more. Remember, you are sent on earth to strive to destroy the bad tendencies and habits you have brought over from previous lives, and to avoid creating any more in your present incarnation, so that you may find God. Then you can walk out of this life saying, “Lord, my life’s purpose is fulfilled. I don’t have to come back again, unless You want me to come to serve You.”

As Christ said, “Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out.” [Revelation 3:12.] You should seek God now; don’t wait incarnations to find Him. He can be known in this life—now. And the more quickly you know Him, the better off you will be. You are foolish if you don’t seek Him, because there is no other way that you will be satisfied. Having Him, you shall have everything. (…)

If You Make the Effort, You Will Find God

You are walking on this earth as in a dream. Our world is a dream within a dream; you must realize that to find God is the only goal, the only purpose, for which you are here. For Him alone you exist. Him you must find. And Him you can know by continuously seeking Him; by steadfastness in your mind, harmony in your life, evenness in your temperament; by finding fault not with others but with yourself; by schooling yourself in the path of wisdom; by being humble, ever loyal to your friends and benefactors, appreciating the sincerity of all hearts, cooperating always with good and resisting evil, helping others, giving strength and understanding along the way — this is the royal way of living, the real way that leads to God. The recognition of the world doesn’t matter; seek the approval of your own consciousness, and in that you will have the recognition of God.

To be self-satisfied and make little or no effort to improve is to become stagnant. But to try unceasingly to progress, until you are sure that you are with God, is the way to live.

When God Comes, the Veils of Delusion Drop Away This earth is a most imperfect place. When prosperity comes, war breaks out and sets mankind back centuries again. But don’t take the ups and downs of this life too seriously. No matter what happens, inwardly say: “It is all right. I am only dreaming in God’s dream—nothing can touch me. I am happy. Nothing holds me. I am ready every minute, Lord, to walk out of this dream, or to remain to do Your will.”

Then you will be free. That is a wonderful thought. Anything you do with the thought of God is much different than the same experience without Him. The other day I was taken to see a movie, and the first thing I knew, I was in samadhi. Someone asked, “Aren’t you seeing the picture?” “Yes,” I said, “it is all movies—a movie within a movie.” The theater, every motion, the people sitting around me—I could see them all as pictures on the vast screen of cosmic consciousness. (…)

“There is No Birth or Death or Tragedy.”

The tiger of death is after you, and you must reach Home. If you value your souls, you will make the effort. Study the Self-Realization Lessons, practice the techniques, meditate deeply; and if you sincerely persist for seven years with intense concentration, you will have such spiritual satisfaction in your life that you will never forsake or forget this path.

So don’t wait. I come only to tell you of that joy. And I ask nothing of you but that you tune in with me, so that I may give you that joy which is in me even as I talk—that joy of God. It is so personal and sacred, even to speak of it is sacrilegious but He knows I do not say it to extol myself, but to help you.

He knows I love Him above all else, and I know He loves me. Hold to the thought that this earth life is like a motion picture. It is not real. To think it is real is to doubt God, and to be shattered by torments and death. But in the movies there is no actual life and death in the play on the screen, merely electrical shadows moving here and there. The bullet that is fired and the man who is shot—both are nothing but electrical images. (…)

Many whom I loved and have missed, God has shown to me again.

So I sorrow no more. He is a wonderful God; you must know Him as I know Him. Once you see this life as God’s dream, or cosmic motion picture, you will say: “There is no birth or death or tragedy. I am not afraid of these delusive changes made of light and shadows, for I am Thine immortal child. I have seen life and its dramas played well. It is an interesting play, but no matter what my role in it, I am Thy child, eternally one with Thee, O Lord.”

(Do Souls Reincarnate? The Divine Romance, p.266-281)

The Principle of Reincarnation

The cosmic principle of reincarnation, with its dynamism of the law of karma (cause and effect, sowing and reaping), is a time-honored doctrine, embraced by the Hindus, Buddhists, the ancient Druid priests, the Essenes and Gnostics and many early Christian theologians; and also, eminent philosophers of the East and West.

Though for centuries it has been divorced by church orthodoxy from the common understanding of Jesus’ life and teachings, reincarnation is in fact evident in many passages in both the Old and New Testaments, including unequivocal statements by Jesus himself.

For example, from the Book of Revelation (3:12): “Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out.” Here Jesus distinctly refers to the doctrine of reincarnation, saying that when a soul overcomes by spiritual discipline his mortal desires accrued through contact of matter, that soul becomes a pillar of immortality in the everlasting mansion of Cosmic Consciousness; and, having found fulfillment of all his desires in Spirit, that soul has no more to be reborn on earth through the karmic reincarnating force of unsatisfied desires.

[“Understanding of the law of karma and of its corollary, reincarnation, is displayed in numerous Biblical passages; e.g., ‘Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed’ (Genesis 9:6).]

All souls come from God—individualized rays of pure Spirit— and evolve back to their native perfection by exercise of their God-given free will. The ignorant and the wise alike require equal opportunity from the hand of a just and loving God in order to fulfill this quest.

For instance, a baby who dies prematurely cannot possibly have used its free will to be either virtuous enough to be granted salvation or vicious enough to be damned. Nature must bring that soul back to earth to give it a chance to use its free will to work out the past actions (karma) that were the lawful cause of its untimely death, and to perform sufficient good actions to attain liberation.

Ordinary souls are compelled to reincarnate by their earthbound desires and effects of past actions. Great souls, advanced in wisdom through learning the lessons of many lifetimes, come on earth partially to finish their karma but principally to act as noble sons of God whose example inspires His lost children along their way to the Heavenly Father’s all-blissful home.

Masters and prophets, having graduated from the school of mortal life into the immortality of Cosmic Consciousness, incarnate voluntarily to serve, at God’s behest, as plenipotentiary agents of His millennial plan to shepherd all souls back to their eternal abode in Spirit.

(Discourse 2, The Second Coming of Christ p.36)

The Bhagavad Gita & Reincarnation

Just as an individual forsaking dilapidated raiment dons new clothes, so the body-encased soul, relinquishing decayed bodily habitations, enters others that are new. [The Gita II:22]

This stanza refers to the doctrine of reincarnation. Its lines remove the gruesome conception of a danse macabre in which a motley crowd of human beings is led to a chasm of destruction; death is here described as nothing more than the discarding of a worn-out garment for a new one.

When the body becomes diseased, old, or karmically useless, the undying soul forsakes it for a fresh disguise. The life span or durability of a physical body in any one incarnation is ordained by the law of karma (the law of cause and effect governing human actions)

. According to the natural order of evolution, the body should mature gradually over a period of many years; and then, like ripened fruit, fall voluntarily and without resistance from the tree of life. Transgressions against God and Nature—in the present or in past lives—may, however, cut short that normal span by disease or accident. Or virtue, also, may win the soul an early release.

In every case, the bodily dwelling is fashioned and destined to best serve, for each lifetime, the self-created karmic pattern of the indwelling ego-identified soul. Ordinary persons enjoy the rest of a peaceful death-sleep in the astral heaven. Virtuous souls alternate sleep with wakefulness in this land of blissful freedom and beauty. In time, again determined by their karma, their mortal inclinations, transgressions, and latent material desires draw them back into new physical embodiments.

As desire for life brings the sleeping man to the state of wakefulness, so subconscious desires for a lost physical body and for the earth environment act as vibratory attractive forces that reembody the soul again within a mother’s womb.

(God Talks With Arjuna by Paramahansa Yogananda p.217) More…

— Read more:

This is very long.
However the technique Yogananda has given is for those on the spiritual pathway. not meant for everyone with a very vivid imaginative power
So if you you have terrific imagination it may seem you know someone from the past but you could be mistaken

Nevertheless, here are the take home points

1. Finish your karma. There is not way around it
2. You will find an instant connection with past close friends. If you can try to increase the connection with past close friend who are on the spiritual path. There is no advantage in making a deeper connection with a close friend who is very friendly with alcohol or other substances. Best to do is pray that God guides them. Please don’t assume the egotistic and moral role of helping. No one can help better than God or a Guru
3. Enemies. When you meet them they well try to hurt you again. Forgive them. Move on. Otherwise you will come back again for them. Finish your karma quickly by forgiving them
4. Even the Bible acknowledges reincarnation. In a slanted Way. Sometime in the 4-5 century the Catholic Church was afraid that if reincarnation was declared people would not make a strong effort for liberation in one birth. So they deleted references to it in the Bible. Somewhere the original version is there and it may resurface again. ( not mentioned in the above. Just me fancy)
5. Book of Revelation (3:12): “Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out.” Refers to reincarnation

An advanced yogi knows his past acquaintances in a very different way

We can talk about it later

Who should read my blogs

I have no interest in having anyone read my blogs.
I want nothing from the reader. I don’t want anyone following me.

So who should read it?

Only those who want to have spiritual progress. It is not designed for those who want material things of the world

Those who need comfort from the trials life. Although it can help them if they learn from the trials of life – finding God is eternal peace / joy

Those who seek God

Those seeking understanding from the ambiguity of scriptures and seeking deep spiritual insight from the complex wordings

Find solace in problems

If you think about the words carefully, you will want many difficulties in life.
There is much hope in the words of Mother
Of course, this is true for those on the spiritual path. For them alone.

Those on spiritual path , want to endure the challenges without retaliation. Slowly learn not to get frustrated

Here are the words from Mother ( Aurobindo )

The nature of your difficulty indicates the nature of the victory you will gain, the victory you will exemplify in Yoga. Thus, if there is persistent selfishness, it points to a realisation of universality as your most prominent achievement in the future. And, when selfishness is there, you have also the power to reverse this very difficulty into its opposite, a victory of utter wideness.
When you have something to realise, you will have in you just the characteristic which is the contradiction of that something. Face to face with the defect, the difficulty, you say, “Oh, I am like that! How awful it is!” But you ought to see the truth of the situation. Say to yourself, “My difficulty shows me clearly what I have ultimately to represent. To reach the absolute negation of it, the quality at the other pole — this is my mission.”
Even in ordinary life, we have sometimes the experience of contraries. He who is very timid and has no courage in front of circumstances proves capable of bearing the most!
To one who has the aspiration for the Divine, the difficulty which is always before him is the door by which he will attain God in his own individual manner: it is his particular path towards the Divine Realisation.
There is also the fact that if somebody has a hundred difficulties it means he will have a tremendous realisation — provided, of course, there are in him patience and endurance and he keeps the aspiring flame of Agni burning against those defects.
And remember: the Grace of the Divine is generally proportioned to your difficulties.

The Mother, Questions and Answers 1921 – 1931 with Commentaries on the Dhammapada, CWM volume 3, page 143.

We practice this unknowingly


IMG 2956

One book.  Bhagwad Gita.  Many great saints have commented on it.  Yogananda, Gyaneshwar, Shankaracharya.  

Perhaps these are the most authentic commentary with each one taking a slightly different view.  All correct.


So in this verse, Shankaracharya Maharaj tells us to give ourselves up to God.  With an unwavering mind.  

Then he gives us the secret – the mind will wander out because of the senses.  You try to go to God but you hear something.  Or you see something.  And you break your connection.  This happens every split second.  If only you could extend that unwavering attention for 6 seconds, you will have a great experience

Now, we try to do this unwittingly.


We go to the temple.  We close our eyes? Why? To block the mind from going outward and stop it from wavering.  We say prayers the same way.  And knowingly or unknowingly, everyone has an intuitive knowledge of this and the knowledge that God is within.  Not outside

Knowledge and information

There is a huge difference between knowledge or gyana and information

I like the traditional Indian words and don’t like the translation

The word is gyana ( a lose English translation is knowledge)

That gives your liberation
What is the difference between gyana and information

You are the divine consciousness. That is information
Having the experience of being divine consciousnesses and forgetting the body completely without being in deep slumber is Gyana

So Gyana is the experience. Now do you see why the translation is faulty?

Now those who are true yogi know a deeper meaning to gyana. But that is a matter of discussion for another day

This is progress

Daya Mata speaks about Guruji:


The Master seldom made even the slightest preparation for his lectures; if he prepared anything at all, it might consist of a factual note or two, hastily jotted down. Very often, while riding in the car on the way to the temple, he would casually ask one of us: “What is my subject today?” He would put his mind on it, and then give the lecture extemporaneously from an inner reservoir of divine inspiration.

The subjects for Gurudeva’s sermons at the temples were set and announced in advance. But sometimes his mind was working in an entirely different vein when he began to speak. Regardless of the “subject for today,” the Master would voice the truths engrossing his consciousness at that moment, pouring forth priceless wisdom in a steady stream from the abundance of his own spiritual experience and intuitive perception.

Nearly always, at the close of such a service, a number of people would come forward to thank him for having enlightened them on a problem that had been troubling them, or perhaps for having explained some philosophical concept in which they were particularly interested.

Sometimes, while he was lecturing, the Guru’s consciousness would be so uplifted that he would momentarily forget the audience and converse directly with God; his whole being would be overflowing with divine joy and intoxicating love. In these high states of consciousness, his mind completely at one with the Divine Consciousness, he inwardly perceived Truth, and described what he saw.

On occasion, God appeared to him as the Divine Mother, or in some other aspect; or one of our great Gurus, or other saints, would manifest in vision before him. At such times, even the audience would feel deeply the special blessing bestowed on all present.

During such a visitation of Saint Francis of Assisi, whom Gurudeva deeply loved, the Master was inspired to compose the beautiful poem, “God! God! God!”

The Bhagavad Gita describes an enlightened master in these words: “The Self shines forth like a sun in those who have banished ignorance by wisdom” (V:16).

One might have been overawed by Paramahansa Yogananda’s spiritual radiance, were it not for his warmth and naturalness, and a quiet humility, which put everyone instantly at ease. Each person in the audience felt that Gurudeva’s talk was addressed to him personally. Not the least of the Master’s endearing qualities was his understanding sense of humour.

By some choice phrase, gesture, or facial expression he would bring forth an appreciative response of hearty laughter at just the right moment to drive home a point, or to relax his listeners after long and intense concentration on a particularly deep subject.

One cannot convey in the pages of a book the uniqueness and universality of Paramahansa Yogananda’s vivid, loving personality. But it is my humble hope, in giving this brief background, to afford a personal glimpse that will enrich the reader’s enjoyment and appreciation of the talks presented in this book.

To have seen my Gurudeva in divine communion; to have heard the profound truths and devotional outpourings of his soul; to have recorded them for the ages; and now to share them with all—what joy is mine! May the Master’s sublime words open wider the doors to unshakable faith in God, to deeper love for that One who is our beloved Father, Mother, and Eternal Friend. Daya Mata Los Angeles, California May 1975


This is progress. People mate the error of thinking they are advanced. But do you have experiences like this where great saints visit you or God materializes?

Then why do you carry ego? Why do you tell others what to do ? Or make comments?

You are the same as these great saints but carry the burden of ego and ignorance. Get rid Of it !

We want to feel and have others think we are great but why not just simply be great in secret and enjoy divine life? Others don’t need to know About it. Few have the destiny of walking that path

Totally selfless

This is the reason why those at the highest come back

My son asked me this question once

For the masters the world remains a child’s play. Such masters rarely expose themselves fully when they have a body

Many will follow them after they leave the body. But the benefit at that point I s trivial

People may choose Ramana maharshi or aurobindo or Vivekananda or Yogananda as their Guru

But what they can give while is body is infinitely more. If only you knew.

If they all could give it all without the body, there would be no need for another Guru.
Why would Lahiri or yukteshwar have to send Yogananda. They could do it all from there.

But they have limitations once the body is gone.

A guru in a body is needed. Such great people remain hidden even though in public eyes. Your mind and their behavior will constantly make you seek someone else. You will say oh he is very knowledgeable. That’s all

After such people leave the body the mind of those left behind suddenly realize oh he was a Guru. Why did I not surrender?

So follow Ramana maharshi or anyone you like. But without a living Guru full awakening in the body is impossible

Krishna needed a Guru. Ram needed one. ramana maharshi needed one.

The steps

I have copied this from Saundarya Lahiri written by Vishnutirthji Maharaj

An incredible book. Most people cannot understand it but the parts you can understand is worth reading

It is a. Very clear explanation of the steps to perfection

Such a long process for a simple truth

Volumes and volumes have been written
For those pure in heart all that is needed is a word from a Guru. Your the divine.

However, that purity is rare.
Ramkrishna achieved the highest in a few seconds from his Guru Totapuri. His guru wept. It took the Guru 40 years.

Yet Ramkrishna paid full respect to his Guru

So it is possible

However this simple fact gets murky. And many smaller steps are needed for the mind that desires many things in the world

That weak mind will again and again crave things. The same usual things. Food sex. Money. Fame. Oh I forgot SLEEP

As such none is needed for the pure consciousness

How do I identify a Guru

The presence of a Guru. If he wishes it, your mind notices changes.

But only if he wishes. Most of the time a Guru looks at it as invasion of your mind and will seldom affect it

Without a Guru very difficult to have a steady mind. Takes years

This is tricky. How to meditate

The question is how do you meditate with heart?

This is tricky. Meditate with heart
But not an emotional weakness or desperation
But firm. Secure. Steady love. That is the sign of a pure heart

This works the best

The only need of God

In one of His aspects, a very touching aspect, the Lord may be said to be a beggar. He yearns for our attention. The Master of the Universe, at whose glance all stars, suns, moons, and planets quiver, is running after man and saying: “Won’t you give Me your affection? Don’t you love Me, the Giver, more than the things I have made for you? Won’t you seek Me?” But man says: “I am too busy now; I have work to do. I can’t take time to look for You.” And the Lord says: “I will wait.”

Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda

However no one has love for God. If they turn to god it is for wishes to be fulfilled!

A rare soul turns to him for love !

Ramkrishna was one. We cannot understand such great people!

Problem with English and translation

The real word is not cosmic mind but Chiti

This is all her Lila. She is the ultimate creator and responsible for the creation. She is aware of all. Does all. Without any effort.

To remain merged in her is part of the holy trinity – Virgin Mary. In Hinduism – she is mahakali. She is lilavati. She is the Tripura sundari. All her greatness is described in
Lalith sahastranam

If you have not heard it even if you don’t know Sanskrit with listening

So this is the problem. English language has a very limited vocabulary. And the translator tried to give an English translation. Just keep the original Sanskrit word !

How can it be?

Here the word used is sage. In reality it refers to a perfected individual , Guru. Someone Or a higher power fully capable of creating universes!

Such higher powers do exist. They have been described profusely in Yoga Vasistha.

Who knows we are one of the many people in a universe created by such a power

For such beings – our worldly problems of death, emptiness is nothing. They can rid us of it – provided we want to wake up and not want this world

Not wanting this world is not Easy. Just a very bad habit of ours

Such is the greatness, vastness, Joy of pure consciousness. Don’t waste your time with worldly desires. Go for something permanent

Something higher

“In the pursuit of evil or of good, it is happiness you are always seeking. The former promises happiness and gives sorrow; the later may seem to offer sorrow by its requisite of discipline and will power, but will surely give lasting joy in the end. God is everlasting, ever new joy, and when you have found Him, you need no longer pursue the eternally elusive will-o’-the-wisp “something else” that has always eluded you in all fulfilled desires. God is that “something else.” Finding Him, you will need seek no further. In ever new Joy, you will have everything you ever sought.”

~ Sri Sri Paramhansa Yogananda
“The Divine Romance”

I personally like what Vivekananda said. Happiness comes wearing the crown of sorrow

Get beyond both

You will constantly seek a new method, New Guru, New teaching – until you have a few divine experiences – then you will intuitively know that the method and the Guru and the Guru is correct

However, like it is said in Mahayoga vugyana – your past life bad karma will very strongly try to take you away from the path create doubts why? Because many times in their past people have created hurdles in the path of others.

Krishnadas first meeting with Neem Karoli Baba

Even though I have heard and read this story dozens and dozens of times, I heard again this morning…

Krishna Das telling the story about the first time he met Neem Karoli Baba…

“I had these apples, I was told that when you meet Maharaji you bring apples, so I bought these apples and I polished them up, I shined them up. I entered his room and there is Maharaji in his blanket on his cot, I placed the apples on his cot and bowed, by the time I lefted myself up from the bow he is throwing the apples to other people in the room. I was like ‘What did I do, he doesn’t like my apples?’

Maharaji looked at me and said ‘Did I do right?’

I gave him a very holy answer, ‘Any thing you do is right.’

Baba answered “Dahhhhhh”

He then looked at me and said ‘When you have God you don’t need anything.’

I stared at him blankly.

He said it again, ‘When you have God you don’t need anything.’

I didn’t get it.

He leaned into me and said, ‘When you have God, you have no desires.’ — with Diane Jackman.

Krishnadas is on the east coast, Virginia I believe. He goes to many different places in the world and chants. Audiences love it and he is quite a good orator

Quite enjoyable. I am told. But there is an entrance fee to be there

So now finally the point of the story. Krishnadas went to Baba thinning he had likes and dislike and almost thought he would please him.

Baba in his great style said I have no desires what more is to achieve once your with God. Or what more to want?

A reminder of knowing who you are

So there are many many millions of fools who believe they have read the upanishad Gita veda and know that they are shiv or atman or infinite consciousness

Why are they fools – they have no experience. What should the experience be like? How do I know I reached there?

Here is the description above. Now you can freely blame yourself for all that went wrong in your life and the moment you realize your the architect of your misery your anger diminishes

But you can never reach there without a Guru. Smaller levels yes. But not the highest

This is the ultimate secret

This is what a Guru observes. For him to deliver anyone, give “moksha” is less than a second.
We are not ready. We cannot surrender fully to a Guru

I have known people who find will do everything as a slave to a fake Guru or concept or belief but even when told about a true Guru they doubt

You must have plenty of good past karma for that
You may think Bill Gates, Hollywood actirs, politicians have good Karma and they may have but compared to those who have a true Guru they are beggars

How can I describe the greatness of such an exalted Guru? The only concept you can have is by looking at the lives of some from the past. Look at Jesus or Gyaneshwar. Or kabir. Or Mansour. Or Neem Karoli Baba.

When you know a Guru intimately you will discover wonders.

Why give up the world?

In the final chapter when you wake up – you say oh. It was just a dream


Shivohum tirthji said, when god favors you, you get slapped so hard by the world you never ever want it again

And that is divine blessing

How do I know my prayers are reaching God?

Depends on the prayer. Foolish people in this world ask for material things. Every so often it gets granted. There you have an answer

Spiritual people don’t ask for material things. They ask for progress in meditation. They only want God. So how do you know God heard that prayer. **You know that prayer was answered when material things are taken away from you. Initially there is tremendous hardship until every fiber in your being says – no more. I will not come back every again. Nothing except God matters. Hold on to it. In time you will get an awakening. A tug of war ensues. You will get your wishes granted and you will crave the worldly desires. You fall. Once again you go through a dry spell. Until one fine day Satan or Maya cannot tempt you. Then you will progress super fast. **

Lastly there are those great individual you can no longer fall. How do they pray? They don’t. They merely have a thought. It instantly materializes. They never want anything in this world. But they may occasionally say I wonder what Krishna looked like. Krishna appears in person. Or Jesus

Isn’t that wonderful?

The body

So many people. You see someone famous. Someone good looking.
Your impressed

But inspite of their fame. Money. Good looks. Dressing so well

They all suffer from carnal desies. Food. Jealousy

Something so unpleasant

Why hold on to it. Let your eternal great self shine

Above these issues

Amazingly stupid

So there is someone quite popular in India. He is teaching and using words that are illogical

He talks about negative prana energy
He talks about sleeping is close to death so avoid it
He talks about death as inertia

Many many people follow and believe him
Few can grasp reality of pure consciousness

There is nothing new to add to traditional Yoga talked about by Patanjali

Yes the understanding can be much more

Someone asked his Guru how far have I Progressed ( he had read all shastras etc and was practicing yoga and pranayama etc for more than a decade)

Guru simply replied you have not even started

All people want is the ego of being called a yogi. Or being advanced. Or think they know it all. Satisfied in their practice

Want God. Keep practicing till you have him


Certain things at kept a secret

Your bank Balance
Your experiences in meditation
Your love for God

This is what Yogananda said

Let not anyone else know how deeply you feel for the Lord. The Master of the Universe knows of your love; don’t display it before others, or you may lose it.

Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda

Worth looking at

The Impermanence of Outer Beauty

Equally true for men also

It is the sad reality. At a younger age we are obsessed looking at the mirror while the hour glass of death is about our head and we remain oblivious to it.

At a later age we see death approaching but shocked

Someone smart drew this

But very few observers will wake up to this reality

Translation and understanding

I read the translation and explanation of Vigyana Bhairava

Extraordinary book. Original written 1200 years ago by Abhinav Gupta.

Translation is one matter. But to truly give an explanation you have to be a yogi with deep experiences

Otherwise you will mislead and misguide people

I am not at liberty to write the correct explanation.

Someone had a question when is a Yogi a Guru

My answer was

First one must have a clear understanding of who is a yogi and definition of a Guru
Right now , everyone has the misconception that they are a great yogi or Guru
Sad is the plight of the world when people want to be a Yogi or Guru.
Why do you care to be either?
Isn’t it enough to remain hidden in the love of God?
Achieve God first. His love is enough.

Your goal should only be God. Gyana mata life is worth remembering and emulating

Sanatana Dharma

That is what I follow. This is for those who label things

For those who are curious, sanatana is not properly described in the web

But feel free to look it up

How to pray

On the final step – pray without desire

In the initial stages pray to get liberation, to find a Guru , to have perpetual deep experiences in meditation


The true devotee’s heart is always saying: “My Lord, my Lord, I do not want to become ensnared in the delusory drama of Thy creation. I want no part of it except to help in establishing Thy temple in the souls of men. My heart, my soul, my body and mind – everything belongs to Thee.” Such devotion reaches God. That devotee knows God.

Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda

Yogananda tried to establish love for God. However he knew his indivisible higher self also

Why are there billions and billions stuck?

They want to be stuck!

Their choices are messed up because of that!

  1. We think our desires of the body will go away once we have a Guru or we have spiritual awakening or we know ourselves

Truth is you have to make a constant protracted perpetual effort of giving up physical desires before a Guru appears or you have a glimpse within!

  1. We will forego heaven and self realization for our ego generated wrong convictions. These convictions include – my religion is correct. My church is correct. My teacher or Guru is correct. My path of swaminarayana or Krishna etc is correct and I will be saved. My book is correct

Truth is God is above all books or dogma. And is much more than your puny understanding. For you to truly reach there your soul has to reach infinity. With that comes infinite understanding. Many many secrets will come out

And inspite of all this your intellect will say this seems right or wrong. Which is another door or block. Your ego and intellect prevents the divine self realization in dawning instantly

Yoga. Shastras. Upanishads. My blogs

The goal is there.
Described in detail. But written in secret code

Few know about them, fewer understand and even less practice it properly, hardly any finishes the journey

Fibonacci sequence

Here is an interesting ratio

Watch it. Entertaining

To a yogi this is duh. Obviously It will be true

This ratio is part of progress spiritually. It is Shakti in action.

It is his it is. The only one person who talked about it was Abhinav Gupta in the 9th century

He was one of the greatest yogi – follower of Shaivism

Once you study Shaivism, you will conclude it is the highest


I am not into any religion. It would be unfair of God if he said only those who believe in Christ gets salvation
That’s means all those who were born before Christ are lost. And anyone who has not heard of him is lost

Sadly there are many foolish people like that. Such dogma is present in ISKCon. They say the same about Krishna

Swaminarayan say that about Swaminarayan

Similarly in Islam

I stand away from them.

Santana dharma stands high and above all such narrow mindedness.

They came up with the name sacchidananda. Something that describes the attributes of God. Pure consciousness.

I can’t find God. What is my next option

Find and associate with a self realized person ! He is verily God. Don’t worship idols or icons in temples, etc.

Well I don’t know anyone like that – then find a true person on the path

I don’t know anyone like that – then go to some living samadhi in India

I don’t know of any such place – then go to a Sidha pith in India. The spiritual vibrations are very strong in some places

I can’t travel there – read scriptures from enlightened people. Those scriptures are living words of God.

I don’t believe in scriptures. I wonder about authenticity – no problem. Just pray daily with faith and devotion and purity. Lord I only want thee. I don’t want any pleasures of the world. If you like treat me by depriving me of the pleasures

There you have it.

You will not want the test – were lord deprives you of pleasures of the body. ( food etc )You will get depressed and bitter

If you remain joyful the lord has to appear in person

How to pray

Prayer in which your very soul is burning with desire for God is the only effectual prayer. You have prayed like that at some time, no doubt; perhaps when you wanted something very badly, or urgently needed money – then you burned up the ether with your desire. That is how you must feel for God. Talk to Him day and night; you will see that He will respond.

Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda

This is the best way to connect up God

But it should be selfless. Only wanting him. This prayer attracts the attention of great perfected Guru and then they send a messenger. This takes you to God very swiftly

Babaji sent Yogananda for maybe 2-3 people.

What a sacrifice! Such great people will come . Assume a physical body – if only there are 2 or 3 people on earth ! They don’t ask for many genuine people


So is there God?
Just the divine self?
Who casts the grace?

There is God when you don’t know yourself

This puny ego which you call your self needs that Grace.

Why disgrace yourself? Why get stuck in that ego? What a fool!

John 10:34

Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I have said you are “gods”‘?

Why stay stuck.

Once stuck you will need a reminder. Someone to help get rid of the Satan or darkness in you. Otherwise, desires for the flesh will keep you bound. We can’t get rid of the desires for the flesh. That is the breaking point.

God / divine self. Or the flesh.

We want the flesh desires. So unfortunate


So is there God?
Just the divine self?
Who casts the grace?

There is God when you don’t know yourself

This puny ego which you call your self needs that Grace.

Why disgrace yourself? Why get stuck in that ego? What a fool! Know ye not that your

Why do 99.999 % don’t make progress?

Because they have ego
The biggest ego is thinking they know and understand
Even these blogs – there is a sentence from day Ramana maharshi. Or Yogananda

What do I do ? I write an understanding / explanation / expound on what they say or meant. Worse still is when we try to correct what they said

And then I get likes or dislikes or a nod.

This is the truth. We have no qualification compared to them.
We can like what they say
We can only partially understand what they say
We can try to achieve what they tell us
But if it does not agree with our understanding we should not deny it. Rather say wish I could comprehend or achieve it. My intellect is not pure yet

In any of the above cases, our ego puts its ugly face out there

Perfection needs no addendum
If it did it is not perfect

But it may need an explanation for dim wits

That’s all

A good reminder

The Searcher of Hearts wants only your sincere love. He is like a little child: someone may offer Him his whole wealth and He doesn’t want it; and another cries to Him, “O Lord, I love you!” and into that devotee’s heart He comes running. Don’t seek God with any ulterior motive, but pray to Him with devotion – unconditional, one-pointed, steady devotion. When your love for Him is as great as your attachment to your mortal body, He will come to you.

Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda

What more can be said

Easy for the pure in heart.

Pure in heart – genuinely seeking God

If you can talk with God – your in the right direction

Talk with God. Not a prayer or monologue. A situation where god appears in front of you!

Not impossible. Be pure

Top 3 books by Yogananda

Someone assured this question

My reply was

Depends on what level you are at and what you seek

  1. Smoothest book – the divine Romance
  2. Wow book – how to talk with God
  3. Sheer Yoga – God talks with Arjuna
  4. Intellectual book – science of religion

Talking about books there is a nice book by Donald Hoffman on consciousness.

This would be for people who want to understand consciousness not experience it

The case against reality

My opinion. Why bother. Just experience it!


This is what Yogananda said

Why forgive one who wrongs you? Because if you angrily strike back you misrepresent your own divine soul nature — you are no better than your offender. But if you manifest spiritual strength you are blessed, and the power of your righteous behavior will also help the other person to overcome his misunderstanding.
The desire for vengeance is a karmic cage that imprisons both individuals and cultures into enduring suffering. If you carry a strong enough desire for vengeance into your after-life, you will have to reincarnate in circumstances where you can fulfill that desire.
But then your “victim” will have to get his chance for vengeance. On and on goes this terrible cycle until you can say “Enough, let God, not me be the judge.” You will pass a great test of karma if you truly pray that God forgive your adversary.

The latter half is from He was also a direct disciple of Yogananda

He did write it properly. There are a few deeper reasons for it. But that is not for public discussion.

Hypnosis – life regression

You CANNOT regress to learn about past life with hypnosis

This has been kept hidden and will remain hidden till your sufficiently advanced

Those who claim hypnosis as a tool to past life are liars

In fact regression even into childhood memories is inadmissible in court of law since it has been almost always a lie. How can you regress to past life ?

I know a few who know their past life. But that is an exception.

The ultimate secret

Kriyā Yoga is an instrument through which human evolution can be accelerated.

The ancient yogis discovered that the secret of cosmic consciousness is intimately linked to the domain of breathing.

This is an immortal and incomparable contribution that india offers to the flow of human knowledge. Vital Energy, which is generally absorbed in the maintenance of heart activity, must be released in favor of superior activities, using the method of calm and silence the uninterrupted demands of breathing. –

Swami Shri Yukteswar.

No editing or explanation to be given. That can be done by your Guru

Must read for the skeptics ?

You’re Still ‘Alive’ After Death Say Researchers, Who’re Studying the Conscious Mind

For the latest US and political news download The Epoch Times app now!

Having said that – epoch times is not a very reliable source
Neither is Dr Oz

What do a do?

I know he is great!

Someone asked me about Deepak Chopra. He has been on multiple national TV shows, has multiple books. Surely he is great

My answer to this question was

Being famous , popular, liked or rich does not mean there is anything of substance

Very similar to many politicians, singers, religious leaders, doctors – famous but no substance

The highest people are those that no one knows. There have been many tirthankars, sufis, saints that hardly 5 people knew

No one went to them or will go to them for advancement

People are generally comfortable with their ignorance and refuse to get out

Like Vivekananda said , they want to stay in their fish storage horse ( or pig sty)

They all mean the same

So many words seem different but they mean the same
Why do they appear different ? Ignorance. No experience

Be still
Love yourself
Love God
Know yourself
Knowledge ( experience )

But they can be known as the same only when you reach the final step. Before that – there are very subtle differences

Like the faces of an octagonal cone

A rare dialogue

  • Paramahansa Yogananda meets Sri Ramana Maharshi *

Swami Yogananda with four others arrived at 8.45 a.m. (29th November, 1935) He looks big,but gentle and well-groomed. He has dark flowing hair, hanging over his shoulders. The group had lunch in the Asramam.

Mr. C. R. Wright, his secretary, asked:

How shall I realise God?

Sri Ramana Maharshi.:
God is an unknown entity.
Moreover He is external.
Whereas,the Self is always with you and it is you.
Why do you leave out what is intimate and
go in for what is external?

Q.: What is this Self again?

Sri Ramana Maharshi.:
The Self is known to everyone but not clearly.
You always exist.
The Being is the Self.
‘I am’ is the name of God.
Of all the definitions of God,
none is indeed so well put as the Biblical
statement “I AM THAT I AM” in EXODUS (Chap. 3).
There are other statements,
such as Brahmaivaham, Aham Brahmasmi and Soham.
But none is so direct as the name JEHOVAH = I AM.
The Absolute Being is what is – It is the Self.
It is God.
Knowing the Self, God is known.
In fact God is none other than the Self.

Q.: Why are there good and evil?

Sri Ramana Maharshi.: They are relative terms.
There must be a subject to know the good and evil.
That subject is the ego.
Trace the source of the ego.
It ends in the Self.
The source of the ego is God.
This definition of God is probably more concrete and better understood by you.

Q.: So it is. How to get Bliss?

Sri Ramana Maharshi.: Bliss is not something to be got.
On the other hand you are always Bliss.
This desire is born of the sense of incompleteness.
To whom is this sense of incompleteness?
In deep sleep you were blissful:
Now you are not so.
What has interposed between that Bliss and this non-bliss?
It is the ego.
Seek its source and find you are Bliss.
There is nothing new to get.
You have, on the other hand,
to get rid of your ignorance
which makes you think that you are other than Bliss.
For whom is this ignorance?
It is to the ego.
Trace the source of the ego.
Then the ego is lost and Bliss remains over.
It is eternal.
You are That, here and now.…
That is the master key for solving all doubts.
The doubts arise in the mind.
The mind is born of the ego.
The ego rises from the Self.
Search the source of the ego and the Self is revealed.
That alone remains.
The universe is only expanded Self.
It is not different from the Self.

Q.: What is the best way of living?

Sri Ramana Maharshi.: It differs according as one is a Jnani or ajnani.
A Jnani does not find anything different or separate from the Self.
All are in the Self.
It is wrong to imagine that there is the world,
that there is a body in it and that you dwell in the body.
If the Truth is known,the universe and
what is beyond it will be found to be only in the Self.
The outlook differs according to the sight of the person.
The sight is from the eye.
The eye must be located somewhere.
If you are seeing with the gross
eyes you find others gross.
If with subtle eyes (i.e., the mind) others appear subtle.
If the eye becomes the Self, the Self being infinite,
the eye is infinite.
There is nothing else to see different from the Self.

He thanked Maharshi. He was told that the best way of thanking
is to remain always as the Self.

Later the Swami Yogananda asked:
How is the spiritual uplift of the people to be effected?
What are the instructions to be given them?

Sri Ramana Maharshi.: They differ according to the temperaments of the individuals and
according to the spiritual ripeness of their minds.
There cannot be any instruction en masse.

Swami Yogananda.: Why does God permit suffering in the world?
Should He not with His omnipotence do away with it at one stroke and
ordain the universal realisation of God?

Sri Ramana Maharshi.: Suffering is the way for Realisation of God.

Swami Yogananda : Should He not ordain differently?
Sri Ramana Maharshi.: It is the way.

Swami Yogananda .: Are Yoga, religion, etc., antidotes to suffering?
Sri Ramana Maharshi.: They help you to overcome suffering.

Swami Yogananda.: Why should there be suffering?

Sri Ramana Maharshi.: Who suffers?
What is suffering?
No answer!

Finally the Yogi rose up, prayed for Sri Bhagavan’s blessings for his own work and
expressed great regret for his hasty return.
He looked very sincere and devoted and even emotional.

~ From talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi book ,Talks : 106,107

Yogananda displayed a lot more powers. Ramana maharshi rarely did. But he always remained in Advaita

Yogananda did not. Staying at a slightly lower level he talked a lot about ways to progress. Depending on flaws of individual he changed methods to teach

Proper attitude


 You need not drown in the river of life when you encounter the strong storms of trials. Learn to be an expert boatman and you can row across this tumultuous river to the safe shores of God. "He that endureth to the end shall be saved" (Matthew 10:22). As you work and plan, remember that it is God who is working through you. Your mind should be charged with joy and detached from all unpleasant experiences. Be active, but not constantly active; relax completely when not active. Strenghthen your will power so that you will not be controlled by circumstances, but will control them. Develop your will power by striving to do things that you thought you could not do. Work for others. Thus will you develop endurance and strength.

A “Para-Gram” by Sri Paramahansa Yogananda

However it is difficult We have become like a Pavlov dog, trained by circumstances to get depressed, anxious, angry and pessimist

Yogananda has given us the right attitude. The best way to develop that attitude is by deep meditation


Love for someone else is inferior. And is binding.
Love for yourself – here yourself refers to the higher pure consciousness which is the true self – is true self.
However without mediation you will think and only know yourself as Ego. Loving that ego brings destruction. Why? You will not be able to find or surrender to a true Guru
Foolishly, purple think of information as knowledge or progress but that is not so

How do you know you have reached that true consciousness? There is love for others. Instantly. Equally. You will love your every as much as you love your kids or husband and b much more than your desire or love for food sex etc

This is very rare

A human life is rare? Human population is 7 billion

Insect population – 10 quintillion
Fish – 3.5 trillion
Bacteria 5 million trillion trillion

Human life is relatively rare.

This brings the question of rebirth – some may agree. However, many will not be able to believe in rebirth as an animal

The only way to know for sure is by deep mediation. Or having faith in the words of shastra or enlightened people like Yogananda.

Since your own mediation is extremely weak – meaning you have not experienced yourself as pure consciousness without any body ( gross or subtle or causal) – you cannot grasp or accept.

With trillion of people on earth hardly less than 100 have true strong desire for that divine experience. We may think we have that desire – but it is contaminated with other desires of food, sex, money, fame

True desire for that experience includes a strong desire of that experience alone

Those who have that kind of desire that will certainly find a Guru. Such Guru are rare. It will be difficult to hold on to such a Guru though. Your mind will betray you with doubts.

I have written a lot but hardly one has understood. Or asked for more. Few ask where can I find such a Guru

What a tragedy !

It’s already too late to ask

How to meditate

Simple isn’t it?

Just don’t think

Try it!

Not sure about this

I suspect this was not translated properly. Here instead of work, use the word money.

If your not destined to make money you simply won’t. However, you must make the effort

If your destined to make money, you will make money at the right time. Meaning there is no need to steal, or do other illegal activity – the money will come looking for you

A hidden message

Now in this message there is a hidden trick given. However few can grasp it and fewer will know how to use it

You have to learn it from someone

Stop your thoughts!


D. If I go on rejecting thoughts can I call it vichara?

M. It may be a stepping-stone. But really vichara begins when you cling to yourself and are already off the mental movement, the thought-waves. off the mental movement, the thought-waves.

D. Then vichara is not intellectual?
M. No, it is anthara vichara, inner quest.

D. That is dhyana?
M. To stick to a position unassailed by thoughts is abhyasa or sadhana, you are watchful. But the condition grows intenser and deeper when your effort and all responsibilities are taken away from you; that is arudha, siddhi state.

  • Sat Darshana Bhashya and Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi

Finally we have clarity. Here Ramana Maharshi states clearly what ( vichara ) thoughts are. He does not call the superficial thinking and emotions we have daily as thoughts. He refers to something much much deeper. To this he uses the word vichara Since there is no English translation, the occurred of calling it as thoughts.

He calls vichara as the single first thought or wave that created the universe. That thought which created the universe is vichara and that is the one he wants us to observe and remove

A yogic secret

“They both listened silently to the water, which to them was not just water, but the voice of life, the voice of Being, the voice of perpetual Becoming.”
Hermann Hesse – Siddhartha

Guruji – Lake Chapala, Mexico 1929.

Yogananda quoted this in the past

The water is a secret yogic technique which creates life

I cannot say more in public