The scriptures have very deep meaning everywhere

This can only be understood by yogis

Rest of the world will try to have an intellectual or allegorical meaning

For example the avatars – as suggested by a German philosopher many decades ago – thought it referred to evolution. Some Indian then adapted the meaning and out of emotional weakness for the need of fame put his label on it. It now circulated on what’s app

But did you ever ask a yogi what it means?

Yogananda often gave very deep meaning to these stories


I am not sure if I wrote the story of Nandi

Nandi was a very pure person. He was so pure that Shankar bhagwan turned him onto a bull. And gave him the blessing that if anyone want to see me, they have to go to you first. You will be at entrance of my temple. Moreover, people should first see me between your ears held together

It’s a beautiful perfect story. Only a yogi can explain it. What part of our personality is a bull????

What is the right question?

Some people do google searches – what are the benefits of Kevali pranayama? Or benefits of a certain type of asana ? Or a mantra? Or kriya yoga?

The correct question is – what is kebali? Teach me how to do it If those two things are done you know the results better than any scripture , Upanishad Or you know what is in Upanishad and more !

Same for other things. Problem is no one wants to find someone who can teach. Even after taught it takes many years to learn it.

If your impatient for results you will never get it.

Why is there so much confusion?

There is a lot of confusion in spirituality. Partly because of Sanskrit language and the same word having multiple meanings

I suspect god wanted it this way , so that a disciple realizes he has to go to a guru for further progress.

Take the word kriya yoga ! So many people have taken it in a million different ways!

Some look at it as a type of pranayama : with five levels

Other look at it as awakening if kundalini and spontaneous action

Some look at it as a form of action

Then some people make impressive drawings and draw chakras and give a very lucrative descriptions

All is wrong but that is all people will grasp. Since what was meant by Babaji has been lost. Yogananda write it clearly in god talks with Arjuna

Sad. But good luck in your search

Finally ……..

After many months I wrote my blog. If only.

The good thing is my web pages are less often seen in google search. This is wonderful.

How do you argue with stupidity? Yesterday , someone argued Vivekananda was not advanced. How foolish! Little do they know that 30 years after vivekananda left his body, when Aurobindo was in jail isolation, Vivekananda guided him every day with deep spiritual wisdom? Or he appeared almost 80 years later also !

Jesus appeared a few days and then a few years later. So did Vivekananda. Do you think it is ordinary?

How arrogant are we ?

Very arrogant

If Krishna came down and explained the Gita people would argue with him and not believe him

Yogananda is considered to be an avatar of Arjun. He wrote a long book on Gita. Explained many things about what is really meant in Gita.

Yet fools will debate him, argue and go on in their own foolish ways.

The book is called God talks with Arjun

Everyone wants an easy way out in life.

Everyone want to enjoy life and call them self a yogi. A guani. A guru. A wise man. A muni

The punishment for such is harsh. Just look at the poverty in the world !

This is why true guru hide. The signs of progress are hard to understand


How do I know I am ready for a true guru?

When life ceases to be interesting, when you are tired of the mundane existence and your looking fir something higher

How you cannot say your ready when your depressed and have problems in life

Simple !

Very few are ready.

Very difficult

It’s very difficult to escape the clutches of maya

Every birth your own logic will keep you bound. Stupid logic – accompanied by ego. Ego that you understand. Ego You have analyzed Gita and bible. Ego I am doing the right thing. Ego that I meditate properly

There are 7 steps to freedom. If you read and understand all spiritual books or one spiritual book – you still have not taken the first step.

Read the Gita. Or bible or upanishads. It does not matter

You still have not started

Over the weekend I heard a lot of discussions. Many classmates tried to discuss things in Gita. They spoke a lot of shlokas. And debated with success about their understanding

I did not say a word

Children discussing calculus. But they don’t know their numbers yet. What can I say ? No desire to correct them or teach them or help.

You can only feed someone hungry

I don’t understand

I used to read Gita, upanishads, parts of bible. I don’t anymore

Truth be told I am incapable of understanding them.

So no one should read these blogs. Find someone who can understand it. This is not the right place for you to understand

I write very little. Why waste time here ?

Good luck on your journey elsewhere

Destroy karma

Since karma is perpetual , the results will be never ending. Hence no one can escape from re birth

However we know that is not true. Some people escape from it. How did they do karma so they don’t have to bear results ? The followers of Gita say I give up the results of my karma But that does not happen. Always there is a desire for some results. Eat and you desire to either enjoy taste or live Don’t eat and you desire results of tapa or liberation.

In Uttar Gita , Krishna describes the secret – meditate in this way and in a fraction of a second millions of karma are destroyed instantly

So that , in my opinion is the correct way. There are many steps in between. God plays in mysterious ways revealing things which only the pure hearted can grasp. Rest of them , those with ego, will only imagine they understand and be firmly convinced their imaginative understanding is correct. That is the terrible price of ego

A smart person would relinquish ego and go to a great person and ask for guidance – recognizing the fact they are still totally submerged in ignorance. Reading and understanding this blogs have not made anyone more experienced. Understanding is not knowledge. Experience is.

Fools will stick to understanding

Experience comes very slowly. On the way, you realize how god upholds multiple universes, and he is so far from there