So, when the world was very young, people in general were very confused. They had no idea what is the norm and how they should live. In India, there was a very pure person named Nandi. He was so pure, it was easy for him to go to Lord Shiv and talk with him. So the people appointed him to go and ask Lord Shankar, how often they should bathe and eat.

Lord Shankar guided him and said, that simple. Bathe 3 times and eat once. So, Nandi kept reciting it and did not want to get it mixed up. Unfortunately maya had it in such a way, Nandi forgot and came back and told the people, eat 3 times and bathe once!

There, now you have it. This is how people became obese.

PS : Nandi was so pure that Lord Shankar gave him the body of “pothiyo” a bull. The tradition is the bull is always outside the Shiv temple. Before entering one has to touch the back of the bull and then look at Lord Shiv first between the two ears of Nandi and then one can enter.

It is a wonderful story about how to meditate. It is delightful to understand the real significance of it

Btw : This is a great you tube video which could help us understand how one can lose weight.

It is very educational.

A dialogue with Ramana Maharshi

I have copied this dialogue to show how we cannot understand and often accept the great people

From ~~~ Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi, Talk 272.


There are widespread disasters

spreading havoc in the world e.g.,

famine and pestilence.

What is the cause of this state of affairs?


To whom does all this appear?


That won’t do. I see misery around.


You were not aware of the world and its sufferings

in your sleep;

you are conscious of them in your wakeful state.

Continue in that state

in which you were not afflicted by these.

That is to say,

when you are not aware of the world,

its sufferings do not affect you.

When you remain as the Self,

as in sleep,

the world and its sufferings

will not affect you.

Therefore look within.

See the Self!

There will be an end of the world

and its miseries.


But that is selfishness.


The world is not external.

Because you identify yourself wrongly with the body

you see the world outside,

and its pain becomes apparent to you.

But they are not real.

Seek the reality and get rid

of this unreal feeling.


Can you accept his answer ? For what Maharshi was saying is something after all your karma is destroyed. So even when you read his answer you will not be able to accept it – it appears very selfish.

These great saints – when they see suffering – they remain unmoved – even with their own suffering. But at the same time destroy the karmas of others by absorbing it. They are the most caring.

I have witnessed this many times in such exalted saints



If you think going to huge yoga conventions, lectures by people who “wake Shakti”, or going to gatherings with meditation training you will miss the boat. If you really wish progress sincerely pray to God to send a guide. Don’t waste time with other activity. When even taking a breath is painful because you don’t have such a Guru, then and only then does God send a guru. The intense passion and need for finding a Guru must be there!

Otherwise the guru can be right in front of your eyes and you will walk away with nothing! He can only help when you want to wake up! The moment you think you can wake up on your own, you can use book knowledge or blog knowledge to wake up he lets you continue your efforts – and smiles. He sees a child playing with his toys.

So much has been written. No one asks !

Why do I not progress?

Gods Grace is everywhere. He really wants you to come back

If die some reason there is a delay – no problem. Find a guru. He can tell you exactly where your stuck. If you follow his wisdom progress is very fast

However your firm ego will prevent you from following his wisdom

Recently someone sent me a chart of the lineage of Babaji. Such lineage are promoted so the existing people can look great

I have scoured the world to find someone extra ordinary. They exist but not on public lime light. They remain totally hidden from everyone – but Grace the world constantly – saving the world million times over – and they at times they come out to help an advanced truly aspiring disciple. So advanced that he knows that all he knows and experienced was false or wrong

We are not there yet. We have strong beliefs which we cannot get rid of

Belief that you have a body. Etc

Very rarely do people come out like Yogananda or Vivekananda – or Ramtirth. Spread the word and disappear. Their mission was to spread awareness. Not really disciples.

I see many people trying to get there. But they already know too much. They cannot be helped. Sad.

That’s true for most of the readers here. I look back at realize I perhaps was the most ignorant, egotistic , worthless disciple ever. Those mistakes will not happen again

How great was Gurudev that he tolerated me knowing someday the diamond may come out

I will work hard for that

I know your faults. I have committed then a million times over.

May the blessings of the great ones fall upon all – for they alone sustain the universe

A deep message

Clothes on top of clothes Oh! What a joke!

Remove one Live life in shame

Shed two, there’s no one like you.





Flowing water creates heat

Stop the flow and live in peace

Thats my home but the rest roam

They live outside , in bitter cold

Five layers of clothes , yet chilly cold

Take your pick heated home or cold

Gurus Grace , cut Bhavin lace

With surrender he hears the thunder

Foolish urge to make lineage look great !

Many disciples are lost. Confused. They feel the need to listen to the greatness of their lineage – almost like they need it to continue on that path

Many stories are there. Like that Kabir reincarnated in 20th century as Lahiri

Or Babaji was Krishna

Or Shirdi Sai baba belonged to a path

Or there are immortal saints in another path

This may or may not be true. But what is true it’s that your ego – thinking I belong to this path with many great saints will only hurt you. Good only wants your love

It is sad. When you have full surrender to your living Guru you will realize he is greater than any of the stories above. You will quickly know the true path others had in the past

Until then feel happy in happy in stories. When ready work on knowing your true self

Kudos to modern day neurophysiologists

Here is an excerpt from a recent article

Based on the observed behavior of the entities that surround us, from electrons to atoms to molecules, to bacteria to mice, bats, rats, and on, we suggest that all things may be viewed as at least a little conscious. This sounds strange at first blush, but “panpsychism” – the view that all matter has some associated consciousness – is an increasingly accepted positionwith respect to the nature of consciousness.

The panpsychist argues that consciousness did not emerge at some point during evolution. Rather, it’s always associated with matter and vice versa – they’re two sides of the same coin. But the large majority of the mind associated with the various types of matter in our universe is extremely rudimentary. An electron or an atom, for example, enjoys just a tiny amount of consciousness. But as matter becomes more interconnected and rich, so does the mind, and vice versa, according to this way of thinking.

Source :

Written by Tam Hunt. Psychology , University of California Santa Barbara

This is what all Vedas, Upanishads, Gita and other Indian scriptures said thousands of years ago

Maybe , some day I will elaborate.

In Hanuman chalisa

I wrote about it earlier. Thank you he

In Hinduism, eight siddhis (Ashta Siddhi) or Eight great perfections (mahasiddhi) are described as follows

  1. अणिमा Aṇimā: reducing one’s body even to the size of an atom

  2. महिमा Mahima: expanding one’s body to an infinitely large size

  3. गरिमा Garima: becoming infinitely heavy

  4. लघिमा Laghima: becoming almost weightless

  5. प्र्राप्ति Prāpti: having unrestricted access to all place

  6. प्राकाम्या Prākāmya: realizing whatever one desires

  7. ईशत्व​ Iṣṭva: possessing absolute lordship

  8. वस्तव Vaśtva: the power to subjugate all

the nine nidhis are

  1. mahapadma “great lotus flower”

  2. padma “lotus flower”

  3. shankha “conch”

  4. makara “crocodile”

  5. kachchhapa “tortoise”

  6. kumud “a particular precious stone”

  7. kunda “jasmine”

  8. nila “sapphire”

  9. kharva “dwarf”

However they are hard to understand. It is a variety of experience in meditation.

In a public forum no more interpretation can be offered

How stupid can you be?

So , in youth or even till you are about to die – we see someone handsome or beautiful and we start feeling good.

Social obligations may prevent you from actively pursuing that person but nevertheless the thought is there

So why crave the body of another ? Why do you even want to offer your body to another?

If it was the body that you liked – would the same thought process of craving occur it that person you crave was dead. In that case surely it was not the body that you wanted

So what we it ? You can’t say it was really personality – since most of the times portray themselves as nice caring as part of an elaborate plan to be looked. To look good!

Then what did you really want?

To be continued. If there is interest

Merely a minor beginning

This is just a minor being called Titiksha. Difficult to do. Part of Yama and niyama

Let’s try it !

A nice quote – hard to understand

Ramana Maharshi gave up school

Many others did that too. But they were off the highest order. They include – Kabir, Mirabai, Narshinh Mehta, Anwar, Reva Bharati, mohangiri Maharaj, Gurudev, many other saints who sang the highest poems ( greater than any scripture you can think of ).

In contrast there are educated speakers who sound good but have nothing of value to give

The highest is given – seemingly in puzzles – but Crystal clear to those who meditate and it gives them great pleasure – just like all the fairy tale stories in Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bible.